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Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station
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OOC: And now we begin mission 2

[Bridge - USS Discovery]

"Sir, we're being hailed by Kepler Station docking control," came the voice of someone from behind Prith who was manning the tactical station.

"On screen," the Andorian ordered smoothly and abruptly the screen changed from an image of Kepler Station rapidly approaching to one of a blond woman in flight control on the station. "This is USS Discovery."

"Kepler Station to USS Discovery, proceed to docking port two along the assigned approach vector. We are sending the coordinates now. You are free to dock immediately and the station will lock a tractor beam onto your wayward nacelle. Kepler Station out."

That was abrupt, Prith thought to himself as the woman's image winked off of the viewscreen to be replaced by Kepler Station once again, and he made a mental note to have a little chat about etiquette with the officers working in docking control. "Bring us in at one quarter impulse," the Andorian ordered.

"Sir, protocol directs that only maneuvering thrusters be used while docking," the helmsman chirped up from their position.

"I'm aware of the regulation, one quarter impulse Ensign," Prith replied. If Kepler wanted to be a bit rude in their handling of the docking maneuver then he would ignore the regulations and come in under impulse instead of thrusters. Slowly the Nova-class starship eased into her berth on Kepler Station.

"Docking in five, four, three, two, one," the helmsman called out, their words underscored by the sound of a dull thud that reverberated slightly through the ship as the airlocks and docking clamps between starship and station linked up. "We're now docked with Kepler Station."

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Re: Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station
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O'Brien glanced up at the ping on her computer.  There was the announcement she'd been expecting.  USS Discovery was docking, with wounded who had received treatment, but still needed care.

"Cara," she called to her Physician's Assistant.  "I'm going to the docking port to meet the new doctors coming off Discovery.  Now that the station population is expanding, I think we're going to need them.  Will you handle the Sickbay-to-Sickbay transport of the wounded who still need care?  I don't think there's anyone for the morgue."

"No problem, Lieutenant."  She moved toward the biobeds to be sure all was ready for patients.

"How many times am I going to have to tell you to call me Liesel?"

"About 101 more, I believe, ought to do it," Cara responded flippantly.  "You know how I feel about familiarity with superiors.  It's entirely right for you to call me by my first name.  The reverse is not true."

Liesel shook her head.  "Have it your way . . . today, anyway.  I'll be back, after I've done a quick medscan of all the people coming off Discovery.  "

Cara waved her on her way.


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Re: Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station
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[Executive Officer's Quarters - Arboretum]

Prith looked at the meager number of his possessions as they sat in his quarters on his new posting and knew it would not take all that long to get them all unpacked and squared away. Regulus, the Saint Bernard that Prith kept as a pet, was already bedded down in a corner on his cot, lying on his side and dead to the world and snoring softly. Clearly the dog enjoyed his new surroundings rather more than he had liked Utopia Planitia or the Discovery. Prith had also already seen to making sure the computer was programmed to automatically deal with any of solid waste the animal produced in the arboretum, so he could not see a good reason to not allow the dog to roam free in the area since he had trained the animal well and knew it would never dream of biting anyone.

As the dog snored on, Prith began unpacking his clothing and getting it sorted away into the proper drawers or into the closet as was warranted. All in all it was not a task that required a remarkable amount of time given the limited amount of clothing options that the Andorian possessed. Next, he pulled from a box a dilithium crystal that was cracked down the middle and this he set on what he would be using as a dinner table, to be used as a center piece. Next was a set of sparring equipment that he used when ever practicing thann'ta, one of the three major martial arts on Andoria, and the subject that had been the focus of his advanced combat training at the Academy. Aside from those things there was little else that would have been of interest to anyone aside from Prith, other than the two award boxes that Prith slid onto the shelf in his closet out of the reach of the dog.

Content that his quarters were as in order as he cared for them to be, Kepler's new Executive Officer felt it would be best to go and report in to the station's commanding officer and inform him of the change in his command staff and report for duty as protocol dictated in these situations. It would also be good to discover just when he was supposed to take his first duty shift and to examine the current roster rotations to become familiar with the staff and officers that he would be working with for the foreseeable future.


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Re: Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station
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|Former Quarters of the Despards / Despard Quarters, Kepler Station

Jon'a woke up the next morning to find his wife asleep on the sofa. She actually moved in the night so that she didn't have to sleep with me? Does she know? He got out of bed with a slight feeling of guilt welling up within. His belongings were already packed, and he noted that Marissa's were too.

The computer let out a little alert to let the occupants of the room know that the ship was docked. It was only the slightest of sounds, but it was enough to wake Marissa up. She took a few moments to realize where she was, and then stood and walked into the bathroom without a word or even a moment of eye contact with her husband.

She knows, he though worriedly, I know it...I just know it. He went about his morning rituals in such a way as to not be in the same room as his wife for just a moment. Just her presence made him feel more and more guilty. Not to mention, he was showing early morning signs of arousal that was an obvious result of the previous night’s dream that was becoming more and more vivid in his memory.

Marissa looked at her husband only when he wasn't looking. Her gut felt all twisted up inside. Xander is still right. I need to tell him. I need to talk to him. She finished getting dressed and started to do her hair.

Jon'a, as always, was done a lot sooner than his wife, and he waited quietly and patiently at the door with his luggage. His head was downcast and he scuffed his left foot backwards and forwards on the carpet of their, soon to be, old quarters.
Without a word being spoken between the two of them, Marissa picked up her belongings and plastered a smile on her face. She walked out the door with her husband and headed for their new home on Kepler Station.

The walk was a rather long one. The turbolift had other occupants which provided a reason for words not to be spoken, but there was only one reason for the silence the rest of the time. That reason was hurt. They finally approached their room and entered their access code to be allowed in for the first time. They went separate ways automatically. Marissa went straight to the bathroom to sort out everything that she needed for the mornings, and Jon'a took the bedroom. It was the same routine for every new place the lived. They did it like clockwork.

Marissa finished her work in the bathroom and walked to the replicator to get herself a drink. She needed something warm to sip so that she could mentally prepare to talk to Jon'a. "Green tea. Warm," she said quietly. They were the words that broke the silence that was soon totally destroyed by a sparking and hissing replicator. Marissa jumped back with a start as her husband came quickly around the corner.

"Are you ok, Marissa?" he called out.

"Yes, yes...I'm fine thanks," she replied without looking.

"God, I had this horrible feeling that something had had happened to you," he said sincerely.

Marissa turned to face her husband, and saw a man that was honestly concerned, and relieved all at the same time. There is still something there? She thought. She decided to seize the moment. "Jon'a we need to talk, but if it is here I will just get mad and loud and say something stupid. Let's go somewhere, and just talk things through. I have some things I need to say, and I think you do too," she said quietly.

Jon'a's insides twisted up. He was convinced she knew about Vera and what had happened last night. But what could he do? "OK, Marissa. Let's do that," he replied through a strained voice.

A Fresh Start in the Making?


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Re: Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station
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Backpost to after Captain's last post:

Jade was ready to drop with exhaustion when the all-clear alert sounded.  The release of tension went through the club like a visible wave.  Reon looked toward her for permission, which she gave him with a nod, before sliding back the door of the lounge.  People began to drift out, even those who'd found a spot on the floor upstairs.

One of the serving women sat down at the bar in front of Jade.  "I am beat!" she exclaimed, rubbing the arch on one foot.  "I hope we never have another night like this."

Jade grinned tiredly.  "Bet tips were good, though."

"Oh, yeah.  Haven't counted, but there were a lot of them, in spite of the circumstances, and the 3 free rounds you provided."  She looked at the screen on the computer at the near end of the bar.

"Hey, look at that!   The all-clear has barely quit, and that Caroline Post has Bits and Pieces up!  I wonder where she spent the last 18 hours.  Not locked in working, I'll bet!"

Jade followed the gossip bits Caroline posted, sometimes even giving her one discreetly, something that couldn't hurt anyone.  She turned with interest to the screen, and clicked the list of comments up on the screen.

You can do the same in your quarters on Kepler Station:


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Re: Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station
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[Sickbay - USS Discovery/Kepler Station]

=/\=Sickbay USS Discovery to Sickbay Kepler Station.  We have two patients to transport directly.  Are you ready to receive?=/\=

Cara's head came up from monitoring the little boy recuperating from flu.  He was almost ready to go home.

"Yes, transport directly.  Is there a doctor coming with them?"

I'zzad paused to think about this for a few seconds. The voice on the other end of the comm line was definitely female, he was sure of that. The Caitian had no desire to come into close proximity with a potentially gorgeous woman so soon after finally being rid of the one that had nearly given him a heart attack the night before.

On the other hand, he knew that as the transferring physician he needed to brief the doctor's on Kepler of the condition of his two patients. He sighed, knowing what he was going to have to do. "Yes," he replied, "I'll be coming with them."

"Excellent. You can brief me on them before going off duty, then.  This is PA Cara Reynaldi.   The Chief isn't here right now; she'll be meeting Discovery at the docking port.   Transport when ready."

A few seconds later the telltale whine of the transporter filled Kepler Sickbay, and three forms materialized, two on biobeds. Glancing quickly around, I'zzad was relieved to see that Cara was nothing like as attractive as that security officer from the night before had been, and he let out a sigh of relief. "P-Petty Officer I-I'zzad R'pas," he said by way of greeting.

"Great to meet you and all that,"  Reynaldi answered, looking at the first patient.  "Looks like she's recovering from shattered bones?  What's the other one?" she nodded toward the second bed.

I'zzad nodded at the woman's assessment of the first patient who had toppled from one of the railings on the upper deck of engineering during the attack. "Yes, Crewman Danos sh-should be fine in a few days," he replied, moving to the bed of what appeared to be half a man because it was, in fact, half a man.

"Ensign Jankowski on the other p-paw," I'zzad continued, then shrugged. "I d-did all I could for him. Poor man was sawed in half by an emergency forcefield during the attack on the Discovery."

Cara winced as she came around to the second biobed.  She pressed a button and an overview of the man's condition came up on the screen above the bed.  "Doesn't look good.  He's in a coma, but how he's managed to survive this long, I don't know.  However, Doctor O'Brien has done some work with limb regrowth.  If most of his vital organs are still there, she might be able to work a miracle.  If you believe in that sort of thing."

She shook her head.  "I'm not entirely sure I'd . . . " she trailed off, remembering what the doctor always said about not knowing, even in these enlightened times, how much of what went on around a patient was transmitted to the brain, even when they seemed totally out of it.  "Well, I'm sure the doctor will think of something.  She'll be back soon, if you want to wait to meet her.  Or you could get settled into your quarters and come back in the morning.  I believe she has a busy afternoon, and these two will mean more work for her."

"Jankowski is my p-patient," I'zzad replied, bristling a little bit. "I'm to be the Chief Surgeon on this station and Jankowski is, clearly, a surgical patient," the Caitian continued in a slightly territorial manner. Then again, doctors could often times be very territorial about their patients. "He lost his bladder, a kidney, and part of both of his intestines right now he's only alive because he's in a stasis field. It is my recommendation that he return to the Alpha quadrant. Simply put, I do not believe Kepler has the necessary facilities to provide him with the treatment he needs."

"Keep your shirt on, Charlie.  You can work it all out with the boss.  She *is* the boss, you realize?  And a Lieutenant, as well.   Besides, this station is lucky to have her.  She's one of the best Starfleet has.  She's only here because of her Marine.  Otherwise, she'd be in a much bigger research facility.   But, no skin off my nose.  Go all territorial with her if you want."

Cara shrugged to indicate her complete lack of interest in what the new man decided to do.  "You can leave him in stasis, I won't touch him."  She turned away to go back to her previous patient.

"My shirt is on," I'zzad replied, terrified at the thought of being shirtless in an environment where he might come into contact with women and completely ignoring the rest of what Cara had said. The thought of being shirtless reminded him of the previous evening with that drugged security officer. She had been shirtless. It was not a pleasant memory.

Cara gave him an odd look.  "Yeah, whatever.  You probably need to go find your quarters and have a nice nap.  I'll tell Lt. O'Brien you'll be in tomorrow, first thing."  She used the doctor's rank to remind this popinjay that he had a boss.

I'zzad nodded in response to the woman and beat a hasty retreat from her presence to go and find his quarters and get settled in.


A JP from:

Cara WhatsHerFace


Izzy, still having flashbacks from the night before


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Re: Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station
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|Kepler  Station
|Immediately after USS Discovery docks

Doctor O'Brien hurried from Sickbay toward the now docked USS Discovery.  Discovery had been attacked, whether accidentally or not was unclear, and she wanted to be on hand for a couple of injuries which needed to be sent directly to Sickbay, as well as to check new arrivals for permanent duty on Kepler Station.

"Liesel!" She heard her name called as she neared the docking port, and looked around.  Caroline Post  was standing  where she could see who came off Discovery.  She waved the doctor over.

"I haven't seen you in a while," the reporter said.  "At least, it seems like forever since the dinner at your place."

The lieutenant grinned at Caroline.  "And lots going on.  I've been following your articles and newsy bits, though.  I was amazed you got out the scoop on the Borg drone!  Blake must have been livid!"

The reporter smiled smugly.  "Yeah, but wait until he reads the next one I file on his treatment of a news anchor during the emergency."

"Uh-oh!  I'll keep an eye out for that one," Liesel answered, turning toward the opening as people began crossing the iris from Discovery to Kepler.  "Hey, we'll have lunch at Jade's place in a day or two, when things settle down.  Good to see you again."

Liesel moved toward those entering Kepler.  She stood to one side and scanned each one briefly as they went by, but there didn't seem to be any problems.  She wasn't sure why one man had a spot of blue hair, though, and there did seem to be quite a few children coming aboard. She listened to their excited chatter and wondered if Olivia would be glad to have some new companions.

Mike and Pili stepped onto the deck of their new home. Mike looked around as he adjusted the strap to his carryall; on the whole, it looked a lot more modern than he'd expected it to, considering it was a Regula class. He noticed a young woman standing to the side eyeing the new arrivals. The blue uniform helped him narrow down her role, but the tricorder at her side clinched it. He'd seen more than his share of medical tricorders in the last 18 years to be able to tell them apart from his standard scientific ones.

He knew most people didn't stick strictly to procedure when they first arrived anymore, but having just resumed his commission he figured it would be best to stick to protocol. "Pili, wait here for me a minute. I should get our records turned in to medical."

He approached the...'Lieutenant,' he noted as he caught sight of her pips. He ran his hand through his hair, trying to make sure it was presentable. This, of course, only served to remind him of the blue stain he hadn't had time to remove.

"Damn," he muttered to himself, "very smooth, Mike."

He did what he could and at least smiled, "Pardon me, Doctor? Ensign Makani Freitas reporting in. I've got the files for myself and my son." He nodded toward Pili and held up the chip containing the medical information. He looked a bit sheepish as he added, "and I'd appreciate it if you'd point us in the right direction. It's my first time on one of these stations."

Liesel put her hand out automatically to take the chip.  She plugged it into the side of the tricorder and downloaded it almost instantly. "Doctor Liesel O'Brien," she informed him.  "Thank you."  She returned his documents.  "That saves me a little hunting around."

She looked at him again.  "Did you know . . . ," she started.  Of course he knew!  Who would have a spot of blue hair and not know it?

"That is, if you can wait for a few moments, I'll take you either to the captain's office, or quartermaster's office, whichever you prefer.  There are only a couple more people scheduled to disembark from Discovery."

“Of course, Doctor,” Mike looked over his shoulder to Pili who headed over to join them. Turning back, Mike added, taking in the blond woman standing with the doctor, “and thank you, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Trying to smooth the blue lock of hair back into place again, Mike’s smile went a bit lopsided. “I think the quartermaster might be more in order until I get this taken care of. It’s not generally blue; I had a bit of an…accident shortly before we docked.”

That’s when Pili piped up, “Come on, dad, you should keep it! Blue’s one of the better colors. It’s that saline reagent you like. At least it wasn’t that one you used to use with the fresh-water samples. Now THAT looked weird.”

Mike reddened a bit. This wasn’t the impression he’d imagined making on the first officer he’d met on the station. “This,” he sighed, “is my son and tormenter, Pili. And Makani’s a bit of a tongue twister for most people. I go by Mike.”

Caroline smiled at Pili.  "Keep it up, kiddo, you're performing a fine service for your dad.  Keeping him from getting too full of himself.  That's why people have children, to help them stay focused on the important things."

Liesel grinned at Mike's blushes, as she scanned the last bodies through the door.  "It doesn't look bad, just different.  Sort of startling at first glance, but not bad.  Come on, I'll show you to the quartermaster, now."  She turned to Caroline.  "Unless you'd like to do the honors?  Caroline interviews all the newbies on station ~ helps people get to know them."

Caroline agreed, "And helps me keep everyone straight.  Sure, follow me."  She held out her hand to Pili, who gave her an odd look.  "Oh, sorry, I guess you're too mature to hold hands with an old lady like me," she said.

Mike smiled at the two of them. He understood his son’s reaction, but it wasn’t anyone else’s business, certainly not that of a reporter. “Thank you, Doctor. And if you don’t mind, ma’am,” he said to Caroline, “we would appreciate a guide. I’d be happy to answer anything about myself you’d like to know, so maybe it wouldn’t be a complete misuse of your time.”

He adjusted the strap on his shoulder and turned to follow the reporter as she started off. Reviewing what he’d just said, he thought he might have over-committed himself. “What sort of interview did you have in mind?”

"Nothing that needs to worry you, so don't fret," she answered, as she led them to the lift. "Deck 10," she requested, after they were all in.

"You'll want Deck 28, but I'm not sure whether it's Module B, C or D, for Science offices.  I know A is all medical, so that rules out 25% of your hunt. I haven't had any reason to go to that part of the station yet."  They got out on Deck 10 and she led them down a corridor of administrative offices until they came to the Quartermaster.  There was a short line they'd have to endure.

" Here you go!  Safe and sound.  I hope you enjoy your stay on Kepler.  The interview is just to get acquainted. You've been traveling a while, though, and I think you'd probably like to settle in with your son and get to know your boss. A station is a little bit different from a ship.  We'll save the interview for tomorrow, or the next day."

Brought to you by:

Dr. Liesel O'Brien, pulling double duty as
Caroline Post, intrepid reporter


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|Kepler Station
|Docking bay
|Mid day

Dr. O'Brien watched Caroline and the new scientist walk off, then turned back to the docking area.  The one person she had expected to see hadn't come aboard yet.  Where was her new doctor?  She knew several people had been transported directly to Sickbay and received by Cara, along with Dr. R'pas.  Maybe Doctor Imenand had gone with them, too?

Raoden walked out of the ship into the docking area. It took a bit longer than the rest to leave the ship, as he fell asleep and woke up a tad later. He had hoped that he didn't have to go present himself at his department till a bit later, so according to him he still had time.

As he got into the docking area he saw someone staring in his direction. The person was a female ... wearing a blue uniform, ... and, as he got closer to her, he saw that she was a superior officer... in his mind all the details came to one logical assumption...

"Dr. O'Brien?" he asked shyly, as he put on an innocent smile.

"That's right, and you must be Dr. Imenand.  Welcome to Kepler," she said briskly.  "I've arranged officer's quarters for you on Deck 5, closest to Medical in Pod A.  Sickbay is Deck 25 in A-Pod.   But you still have to go down a lot of decks.  There's a cot in your office, but I don't expect to see you using it frequently.  You have a job, but you must also have a life.  That's an order, Ensign."

She led him to the lift and when they entered, she requested, "Deck 5."  As the doors closed, she leaned comfortably against the wall and asked, "So, what's your favored area of medicine?  Who, or what, do you like to see more than anything?"

"Well, first of all, thank you for greeting me, Dr. O'Brien, and for not getting angry because I came off the ship later," Raoden said, smiling and letting his bag drop down to the floor. Rolling his eyes, thinking a bit, he continued.  "I can't say for sure. I like medicine per total. I like to help people, no matter what their problem is," he said, and waited a moment to think a bit more.

"But If I were to pick a certain area, it would be Internal Medicine.  I find it fascinating how the human body works so perfectly.  The way each organ works, I tend to believe that this is not something that evolved by chance." He laughed briefly and looked at her. "As for your second question, more than anything I would like to see you smile."

Liesel was surprised into doing just that.  "You've surprised me, Dr. Imenand," she laughed.  "That doesn't happen often.  I guess I might have sounded like a grump, but it has nothing to do with you, trust me.  I'm generally a cheerful person.  It's easy to get along with me, especially if you are cheerful and competent in return."

The lift deposited them on Deck 5, and she led the way toward his quarters.  "It sounds as if you are a spiritual person, doctor.  That's a good thing, I think.  We need a little more of that on the station.  We have an awful lot of people who seem to think that the way to solve their problems is to pickle them in alcohol, along with those internal organs you mentioned."

"At least I was right, you do have a wonderful smile. I must admit, though, that some of my former chiefs weren't quite fond of my cheerful attitude. Actually, I had to apply for a transfer once because of that - it seemed that my chief considered smiling and trying to cheer up a patients as very unprofessional. Though the patients usually tell me otherwise."

"He was a jerk.  You smile, you joke, you laugh all you want with patients here.  Laughter really is the best medicine.  It's  been proven over and over!"

Raoden took his bag, as she left the turbolift, and followed her. "Well, I am not religious, but I like to believe that there is something there that makes everything work and keeps things in balance. As for the other part, I do not drink."

As they walked, he looked at her and, with a slightly evil grin, he asked: "But now it's your turn Dr. O'Brien -- what's your favored area of medicine and who, or what, do you like to see more than anything? And please call me Raoden or Rao or Ra this time, any of those work for me... Doctor Imenand doesn't suit me, the name is a nickname given to me as a second name... it means <the hidden one>."

"I know there's an interesting story there!  I'll bet my friend, Caroline Post, gets it all from you before I have a chance to find out."  She smiled at him as they drew up in front of his quarters.  "Truthfully, I love counseling the best.  I have a dual MD, PhD in psych.  However, the station needs a CMO more, so I don't get to do much of it these days."  She decided to ignore the other part, for now.

"Well, here you are, and I know you'll need some time to settle in.  I heard you were quite busy after the attack on Discovery.  It's late today, so take tomorrow morning off, find your way around the station,  and see me in Sickbay at 1300."  She held out her hand to shake his.  "It's nice to meet you Rao.  Call me Liesel.  I'm informal in Sickbay, even around most patients."

"Thank you for showing me where my quarters are. I have changed enough ships in a short time, I don't need time to settle in." Raoden said and smiled, and then with a laugh continued, "As for sleep I got to sleep a lot after the attack. I helped around as much as I could, but at some point, when things cooled down, I left, as I was already tired when the attack happened. I hadn't slept in 35 hours, so I wasn't fit to help out with more serious injuries."

Raoden looked at the door and then turned back to look at Liesel. "You know, you could find out any gossip story you wish before your friend Caroline finds out," he laughed shyly.   "Would it be too bold of me if I invited you to the Lounge for a non-alcoholic drink?"  He looked at her, a bit nervous now, "Provided you lead the way, as I have no idea where it is."

"Oh, I wish I could," Liesel replied.  "I am still on duty in Sickbay.  Another time, I'd love to.  Orchids & Jazz is one of my favorite places, and you'll like Jade, the owner.  If you like smooth jazz, from around 450 years ago on earth, it's a great place to spend some time."

"It's alright then. In that case I will go look around for a bit and then go to sleep." he replied and smiled. "I'll drop by the Sickbay to visit before I present to duty as your ACMO." He looked towards the door and then back to her. "I shall see you later ma'am." He saluted and entered his quarters as Liesel turned and left.

A Join Post between:

Lieutenant Liesel O'Brien
Chief Medical Officer


Ensign Raoden Imenand
Assistant Medical Officer


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Re: Rutherford's Fork: Kepler Station
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|Kepler Station
|Outside the Treehouse Lounge
|Mid Day

Raoden stood outside the Treehouse Lounge looking a bit stunned at it. A treehouse on a Federation Starbase, somehow Raodens mind had difficulties with this situation. In a sense he could picture this actually happening, even though he was looking at it. He had a certain vision of how a Federation Starbase looked like on the inside and what it contained, and this shouldn't be here, or so he thought.

For anyone looking at him right now, Raoden looked like a puppet that resembled a medical or science crew member placed to stare at the treehouse. He didn't move and he didn't even blinked, he just stood looking at it.

Jael walked slowly and silently up to the tree that held the lounge she had heard about. She mentally acknowledged the man standing a few feet to her left and a step or so behind where she was standing. The temperature on the station had enabled her to wear anything she desired, and today it was a tight fitting dark blue dress that loosened as it went passed her hips and bustled about in the artificial breeze of the arboretum.

She sighed as she readied herself to try and acquire a job at the establishment before her.

Raoden let out a disappointing sigh and decided to go in to see how it looked like on the inside. As he took a first step towards the treehouse his gaze lowered and stopped on a strange figure, another thing Rao thought he would never see on a Federation Starbase. He stopped to look at the woman in front of him for a moment. She looked, interesting. Raoden was curious  what she was doing staring at the treehouse.

"Hello there." he said on a half shy half joyful voice as he approached her from behind.

Jael turned towards the approaching man and smiled almost dismissively. "Hi." She went back to looking at the lounge above them.

"I know, it's weird to find something like this aboard a Federation Starbase. I've been saying this to myself for quite a while now, and I still can't get used to the idea." Raoden said smiling, staying to her right as he too looked at the lounge.

Jael suppressed a smile and a snide remark. How people can be be so presumptuous as to know what another is thinking was completely beyond her, but she was used to all manner of individuals and knowing how to please them. For this man it was obvious that being able to assume he knew what another was thinking was his thing, she wouldn't deny that of him. "It is indeed unique," she said with a whimsical smile.

Raoden showed a small smile as she replied to his long remark. He didn't know much when it came to women, he had never been in a real relation, but he had a hint that being himself wouldn't scare anyone. "You know that staying here in this position isn't quite a good exercise. But what do I know? Before you interrupted my contemplation of this unusual thing, I had the intention to go and check how it looks on the inside..."

Jael turned to face the young officer. Arm dangled by her side, while the other was held high as she casually curled her hair around her fingers. She smiled sweetly as only a woman of her experience could do. "I am here on business," she said as she glanced up at the building, "And you are here for pleasure?"

Raoden glanced at the lounge a bit more and turned towards her. He kept his hands behind his back and smiled. "I am here out of curiosity. I heard someone mention this place and I came too see what is all the fuss about." He looked at her a bit more, not taking his eyes away from her face. "So, you are here on business? What kind of business if I may be so bold to ask?"

Jael turned to face the treehouse revealing her curvaceous figure. She rested both of her arms at her side, and spoke casually about her profession. "I am a jama'na. Trained from my youth in the ways of jamamharon and numerous other techniques from numerous worlds and cultures," she said softly, and then looked at the man with a beckoning smile, "I am from Risa."

Raoden looked at her with wide eyes. "Oh my..." after a moment he began to laugh. "I never imagined I would meet a jama'na." he looked at her and showed a big smile. "Well I picked the perfect girl to have a crush on. I got to hand it to the great forces that work in this universe, they have a weird sense of humor sometimes." He looked at the lounge and then back at her. "I am a terran from Betazed, the name is Raoden. Raoden Imenand." 

Jael's smile turned into a seductive smirk as she looked the young man up and down. He was definitely a fine specimen and someone she could happily do business with at sometime. "A crush. How sweet," she said as she turned her attention back to the lounge above her, "if you would excuse me, I must be going, but by all means let us finish this conversation some other time. Perhaps we can arrange something? After the fine tradition of my people...'All that is mine is yours'.  Just stop by and ask for Jael...farewell for now." She gave him one more look and smiled to herself before walking to the turbolift to take her up to the lounge.

Raoden smiled as he looked after her. She was something, that was for sure. He waited a bit to be sure she got into the lounge and went on with what he had to do. He thought of her, yes he had a small crush, and who knows, good things will come if he was careful and played her game. Rao was not the adventurous kind but he liked to chase after strange things, and she was strange all right, in a good way. With these thoughts in mind he grinned and decided right then to return some other time. He turned his back to the treehouse and left towards the Sickbay.

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|USS Discovery
|Last night
|Guest quarters

Vinny spent time replicating all the right ingredients for his masterpiece before he even began the work. He'd only been able to make the whole meal from scratch on one occasion, but he still preferred to replicate the ingredients and make it that way than just replicate the whole dish. When you were entertaining a smart, attractive woman you took as few short cuts as you could. And this dinner needed to be as near perfect as he could make it.

He was just putting the finishing touches on the pan of Chicken Parmigiana and sliding it into the oven he'd checked out from MWR when the chime on his door announced his visitor.

He moved over to the door as quickly as he could without dislodging any of his careful preparations. And when he was satisfied the room was sufficient, he opened it. "Bellissima," Vincenzo greeted Ayel with a huge smile. "Please, come in."

Ayel felt a little silly as she stood at his door. She would only admit to herself how nervous she felt. She did a very good job at hiding it, however. She had dressed in a nice pair of dark jeans and a pretty purple blouse. Her makeup was very light and natural looking and she had brushed her hair out. Her outfit was completed with her issued workboots. They were just so comfortable and, practical.

When the door opened, she couldn't help but smile back at him. "Thank you," she said softly, and then the amazing smells of the dinner hit her. She stopped just inside the door and turned to Vinny. "It smells absolutely wonderful." She wanted to ask if he was cooking it, really cooking, however, she didn't want to embarrass him if he hadn't. It just smelled so delightful.

"I'm glad you like it," Vincenzo nodded as he stepped aside. He was overdressed as usual and he sighed. The dark olive slacks were offset by a deep burgundy silk dress shirt and a satin olive, silver and black tie. And apron of sorts covered it partially to protect the clothing from tomato sauce spatters, and just across the room a matching olive suit coat rested on a hanger so as not to get creases.

"I'm making Chicken Parmigiana," he told her as he chastened himself for the way he was dressed. She'd seemed so reluctant to leave that he dressed as though it was a big date. Now she'd feel uncomfortable because he misread her intentions. "Also a Romaine and spinach salad with black olives, red onions and tomatoes; a nice soup with sausage, peppers, mushrooms and baby red potatoes - and just wait for dessert."

"Wow," Ayel smiled brightly, completely surprised by his efforts. He was really good looking, AND he cooked! She couldn't help but keep her eyes on him. He really looked nice. He cleaned up very well. "I can't wait to taste it, it sounds amazing. And you cooked! I'm... wow." He looked really cute in that apron too. "The desert!? Oooohhh a surprise, I love surprises." She then realized just how under dressed she was. She instantly wanted to run down to her room and change... how silly would that be? "I feel under dressed. I'm sorry, I didn't... actually... I can go change quickly so I don't feel so..." she bit her bottom lip, not sure what word she wanted to use.

"No, no bellissima," Vincenzo insisted. "If you feel uncomfortable it is I who needs to change. You look lovely Ayel, and I should have asked what you were planning to wear so I could match you."

The helmsman sighed and moved across the room to the small table he had set up. It was covered in black and emerald tablecloths with gold candles surrounded by lilac petals. "These I'm afraid were replicated," he admitted. "Is it too much? I imagined this was a date, so I might have overdone things I'm afraid."

"Neither of us should change. You look wonderful. I just didn't realize I should have dressed nicer," she said, running her hands down the soft silky material of her blouse. She really liked the name he kept calling her, though typically she didn't like men that used such nicknames for women, it felt nice coming from him.

Ayel felt her face flush, all the way to the tips of her pointed ears. She was blushing more this day than she had in a very, very long time. She stopped next to him at the table and took it all in with a smile.

"Oh no," she looked up at him from his side. She placed a hand on his bicep and spoke. "It's lovely. Don't change anything at all." She drew in a breath and smiled. "I haven't been on a date in a very long time. I'm sorry... I just didn't know what to expect... and really... I wasn't sure if you were thinking of it as a date. I didn't want to embarrass myself if your intentions were different from what I was hoping." She felt a rush of heat over her pretty face and imagined that she was as red as an apple.

"Aha," Petty Officer Labolida smiled at her. "I wasn't clear then. Of course I'll try to be clearer in the future."

Vincenzo walked around the table and pulled out a chair. "Would you care to sit?" he asked.

She was so glad that he didn't make mention of her blush. She could still feel the redness in her ears and was glad her hair was down. "Thank you," she said, but hesitated for a moment. "I'd like to help you, if I can? Or is it all ready?"

"Almost ready actually," he said with a smile. "I started hours ago and the chicken should cook fast in the oven I checked out. I'll just look and see."

Vinny walked over to the oven and checked the meter. Sure enough the food was ready to come out. It had barely taken any time at all. He grabbed his mitts and pulled the dish out, and then placed one chicken breast on each plate. Finally he poured them both a small bowl of soup and added salad on the side.

He began humming a tune as he brought first one plate, and then the other to the table. "I didn't give either of us much to start," he explained. "Because the dessert is quite rich and I wanted you to enjoy it."

Ayel found herself smiling more than she had in a long time. She felt a little silly for it and tried not to, but it was hard. She sat down and waited for him to return. She could hear the sweet little tune he hummed from the other room. She wasn't sure if he wanted her to hear, but, her hearing was much more acute than most.

The food smelled divine as she drew in a lung full. "I can't wait to see what you have for desert. This looks amazing. I still can't believe you cooked it all for little ol’ me." She placed her napkin on her lap and waited for him to sit. She took a sip of the glass of water sitting at the table in front of her. "I'm going to enjoy it all, Vincenzo. She waited for him to sit before she would take a bite.

Vincent sat and took the amber colored bottle set in the center of the table. "Do you drink at all, Ayel?" he asked tentatively. "I have something else if you don't, but this is an Italian Liqueur so I feel it ties me to my family in some way."

"Yes," she said without thinking about it, then shifted uneasily in her seat. She'd remembered what happened the last time she drank something alcoholic. Someone had slipped her drugs and intended on doing very bad things to her. Her eyes shifted to the bottle and her smile faltered for just a second. No... he wouldn't do that to her. Vincenzo was not that type of person... he couldn't be going through all of this effort to do something terrible to her.

The flight officer noticed Ayel's smile slip and he frowned. "No, no," He responded to the look, not entirely certain what to make of it. He poured himself a drink and sat the bottle down. "It's okay; you don't have to feel obligated."

Then he decided to Change the subject. "You said earlier that you prefer to eat in," he said with caution, "and then that you would explain why at a later time. Care to tell me now?"
Dinner for Two
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|USS Discovery Docking Port 2

Of the stream of people currently disembarking the USS Discovery, only one was wearing the bottle green tunic of the Marines.  And she was a woman.  Emileen Carlisle was tall and slender with dark hair and eyes. From her shoulder hung a ubiquitous Starfleet holdall.  It contained all the possessions she wanted to keep.  A few civilian clothes (dated in their cut and colour), a hologram of her messing about on shore leave with her fellow marines, and her most prized possession of them all: her flight wings.  To Emileen - indeed any pilot - these were more than just a piece of jewelery.  They represented four years of blood, sweat, tears, heartache, and joy.  That little saga had run the whole gambit of emotions. Even rage.  She had earned them the hard way and they would have to pry it from her cold dead hands before she'd let it go.

Reflecting on the events that brought her to this place and time, Emileen could not recall a more interesting, if not frightening, passage to a new duty station.  Locked in her guest quarters during a red alert, she could only sit on her hands a few minutes before she volunteered to pick up a phaser and join the ship's security detail.  After all the mantra in the manual said she was a marine first and pilot second.  Let's get priorities straight.  She would have preferred to go down fighting anyway.  Fortunately, she had had her fun and arrived to her new home still in one piece.  

After going through the routine of having her encoded ID and destination orders verified Emileen stopped to examine a station schematic trying to work out her next destination.
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| Kepler Station
| Holosuite 1
| Shortly After Docking

Ferengi love scenes are always so gaudy, Vera thought to herself.

Photons of light, emitted by the holosuite matrix, danced around her, creating a display that she hoped no Ferengi would be able to resist.  She sat, perched dutifully, on the edge of a soft mattress, itself resting atop an ornate, latnium plated bed.  The golden walls surrounding the room bore images of Ferengi from the past, great businessmen who traded, cheated, and lied to make their way to the top.

At least the men were held in mutual respect by her and Morg, the Ferengi she waited patiently for.  Of course, he would not be spending a lot of his time gazing at the wall, she hoped.  She had ensured she would be the focus of his attention, a soft body perched in naked abandon, covered only by black satin undergarments and a transparent black, lace blanket, thrown over her shoulders.

She saw the holosuite door materializing.  Quickly she tossed a strand of her flowing blonde hair that had fallen out of place over her shoulder, and waited.

The small trollish man entered, a nefarious grin on his face.  Morg was not an eminently successful Ferengi businessman, but he was satisfied with his life.  There would not be a grand ceremony when he entered the divine treasury upon his death, he would have to bribe a lowly watchman at a side entrance to gain admittance, but this he was content to do.

After years of questionable business dealings, he had finally earned enough capital to lease a small lounge on this Federation station, Kepler, on the outskirts of known civilization.  It was a frontier location, but it was now his, and he was intent on turning this “Treehouse Lounge” as the humans had called it, into a profitable enterprise.

Running a bar had many perks, he thought to himself, especially this very custom interview process he had instituted.  He slowly walked around the bed, taking care to view his new asset from all angles.  He did not want to waste a pay cheque on a flawed employee.

He had been surprised when she had contacted him while en route to the station, via the Discovery.  Individuals rarely decided to move to the outskirts of civilization without a job or a plan in mind.

Vera sat perfectly still as the short man travelled around her, taking care to size him up carefully herself.  He hadn't changed at all.  Short, stupid, and unprepared, this would be easy.

Satisfied with her appearance, the Ferengi came to a stop in front of her.  “So you want to work in my bar.  What skills do you bring?” he asked, lewdly.

“I can waitress, I can work the Dabo tables,” Vera replied in a soft, smooth voice, taking care to elongate each syllable.  “I’ll promise to take very good care of your customers.”  She dropped the lace throw from her shoulders, leaving herself covered only in her revealing satin lingerie.  “Ferengi, you prefer your women to be undressed, correct?

Morg smiled, barely able to contain his excitement as he began to lick his lips.  “Very much so.”  He reached for his belt buckle, and began to undo it.  “Might I suggest that we progress to the second stage in the interview process?”

Vera smiled, this was too easy.  Standing up from the bed, she hovered to the night stand, where she pulled out a mechanical lobe massager, while keeping her other hand concealed.  She moved behind the short man, applying the device to his left lobe, as she felt the man shudder in pleasure beneath her.

“I would love to move to your second stage, but I fear it would be a bit too repetitive for me,” she said, a cold undercurrent in her voice.

“Repetitive, how?” the man murmured breathlessly.

“Oh, but Morg, you’ve already screwed me once,” she said, laughing as she dropped the massager to the ground.  Before the Ferengi had a chance to react, Vera had swiftly brought a small knife, concealed in her other hand, to his throat.  “Miss me?”

The Ferengi stood perfectly still, feeling the sharpness of the blade at his neck.  “Who are you?” he ordered, through clenched teeth.

“Don’t you recognize your old business partner when you see him, or her,” she said, jovially.  “Ataz has missed you.  I've missed you,” she whispered with menace.

“Enyck is dead, I saw his body myself,” he said, frantically scanning the room, trying to make a plan to escape.

“Enyck is dead,” she coldly replied, as a smile crept onto her face, “but Ataz lives on, you knew he was a Trill.”

“That bastard wasn’t joined, he would have never made it pass the symbiosis commission’s screening process,” he replied in disbelief.

“Oh, but Ataz wasn’t his surname, it was a symbiont’s name.  You should know that if you bribe the right people, you can get whatever you desire, even a slug to live in your stomach,” Vera explained.

“What do you want?” Morg asked, annoyance in his voice.

“I want to talk, I want to reminisce, about the old days, about my old body,” Vera taunted.  “Remember all those ships we used to raid in the Cardassian sector, stealing supplies, and taking important passengers hostage?  It seems like the owner of one of those vessels we raided, a particularly nasty Cardassian, wasn’t very fond of me.  I guess you know how the rest of the story goes, I lose a body, and I gain a new one.  Now you know why it was important that no one know I had a symbiont.”

“Yes, that’s wonderful, partner.  Will you take the knife away from my throat?” Morg asked gruffly, attempting to cover the fear he now began to feel.

“All in good time," Vera said whimsically.  "This host, she’s truly remarkable.  She had such untapped potential before we joined.  She’s helped me make some delicate inquiries into your safety in the past few years.  The Cardassian murdered me, he was quite ruthless.  Considering you were my partner, as you can imagine, I was so very concerned for your health.”

“I was quite safe before you placed this knife at my throat," Morg muttered under his breath.

“Patience,” Vera scolded, laughing.  “I say we were partners, but you were always a junior partner at best, my little Ferengi gopher.  Still, though, you were a close enough associate that I was positive the Cardassian would want you dead, as well.  And yet, after two years, you appear to be quite alive, and not only alive, but you seem to have earned enough latinum, despite your propensity for terrible investments, to buy yourself a bar.  Congratulations, my friend.  It seems like I was holding you back.”

Realizing where this was heading, Morg became deathly quiet.  He swallowed a lump growing in his throat, and mouthed breathlessly.  “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry, for what?” Vera asked, incredulously, a glimmer in her eyes.  “There’s no need for a Ferengi to feel sorry for making a healthy profit,” she paused momentarily, “unless of course, your profit came at my expense.”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Morg began blubbering.  “The Cardassian threatened me if I didn’t give him your location, he wanted to know...”

“Shut up, you stupid troll,” Vera said, roughly pushing him onto the floor.  “I’ll take it, as a sign of your deep regret for betraying me.”

“Take what?” the frightened Ferengi asked, looking up at her?

“The bar.  I’m tired of moving, I need to set up a stable front.”  Grabbing a PADD from the nightstand, she tossed it to him.  “It's a bit isolated, and knowing you I'll definitely need to decorate, but it'll do.  Transfer the lease to me, and I’ll let you leave the station, alive.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he said, frantically transferring everything to the account listed on the PADD.  This woman may not be his Enyck, but she was still Ataz, and that was enough to terrify Morg.  Completing the task, he passed it back to her.

“Good,” she said, reviewing the PADD, and ensuring everything was in order.  “You'll be booking passage on the next transport leaving the station.  I'm not sure where it's going, but I think you have a sudden, unquenchable desire to go there.  You should leave, now.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank...” Morg kept repeating, as he pulled himself up from the floor, and moved quickly to the holosuite doorway.  Before he had a chance to exit, Vera grabbed him by the right lobe.

“My symbiont, the fact that I’m still alive, let’s keep that our little secret” she said, staring him directly in the eyes.  “However, should anyone find out about Ataz...”

In a fast, sweeping motion, Vera brought her blade down through Morg’s right lobe.  At the moment just before the blade would have made contact, slicing through Morg’s lobe, the blade vanished, itself just a part of the holosuite matrix.

“The next time the safety controls won’t be on,” Vera said, grinning deviously.  “In fact, I think I'll start carrying around a real one of these, it could prove useful."


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|USS Discovery
|Last night
|Guest quarters

Ayel was caught in her thoughts for a few moments. Though she heard what he was saying, it took a moment for her to react to it. Her eyes were locked onto the bottle. She blinked, then came back to reality. "Um," she began, drawing in a breath. She blinked again, then met his eyes. "It's not that I don't enjoy eating out. I do, actually." She nervously slipped a section of her hair behind her ear then shook her head. "It was... I..." how did she start this, how did she tell someone what happened? She was so extremely embarrassed.

"Last night, I went to have dinner and a drink. Someone... a man slipped something into my drink. Nothing happened, but it almost did. Luckily, there was a doctor there and he noticed how I was acting and how the... the... man was trying to get me to leave with him." She couldn't keep eye contact with Vinny while she told the story, quite humiliated by it. Ayel was not a person who enjoyed being out of control of anything.

"I made a complete fool of myself, however, I don't remember. The doctor observed me, took me back to his quarters and took care of me. That's why I'm not on active duty until we dock. He wants to make sure I'm completely ok." She hadn't realized while she told the story that she was fiddling with her fork.

"That," Vincenzo declared with a slight growl to his voice, "was no man. You should report him, or better, tell me who it is so I can teach him not to betray women in such a way." His hands clenched involuntarily into fists and his jaw tightened.

"Please, Ayel," he insisted in soft tones. "I would never break your trust that way. I know what it means to feel helpless."

Ayel drew in a deep breath and let it out very slowly. She was quite surprised by his reaction. She had known him for a short amount of hours and he was already willing to defend her. She reached across the table and placed a gentle, warm hand on top of his tight fist. She squeezed softly and kept her eyes on their hands as she spoke.

"The doctor saw to it that the man was taken into custody. I've thought about visiting him myself..." she paused a moment. "I could get my fellow security officers to turn a blind eye. Go get coffee... as they say. I've thought about teaching him a lesson..." She squeezed his hand again and this time turned her pretty green eyes up to meet his and studied them for a long, quiet moment. "I trust you."

Vincent relaxed at her touch and leaned forward. "You must understand, Bellissima," he explained as though he needed to. There was so much he felt he wanted her to know, and yet too much too fast would likely frighten her away. "There was a time I was like a rabid dog in the streets of my home. But I never, and I would never, treat a woman with such disdain. I took very few things that my parents taught me to heart because I was only about six when they died. But that much I remember."

The man took a drink and then leaned back. "And you are . . ." he started, suddenly searching for words to describe the torrent of thoughts rushing inside him. "You deserve more."

She squeezed his hand again when she noticed his reaction to her touch. The fire in his eyes scared her just a little, however, she knew he meant every word he said. She could tell, even though she hadn't known him for long, that he was a man of his word. She wanted to know more about his past, more about him in general, but she knew it wasn't time yet

It was her turn to stiffen when he paused... speaking about her. When his words filled her ears, she couldn't help her reaction. In a sense, the beautiful woman was broken. It was extremely difficult for her to believe the words he spoke. She pulled her hand away from him and placed it idly on her lap. Sometimes... more often than not, she didn't believe that she would ever have more. Though she thought she deserved happiness and a perfect man. A wonderful life. So far, she hadn't found anyone that could accept her enough to even date her for an extended period of time. "Our dinner is getting cold," she said with as much of a smile as she could muster... which wasn't much.

Vincenzo Labolida nodded. "Let's eat then," he smiled as he took his utensils and cut a piece of the chicken. He waited patiently for Ayel to take her first bite. If she didn't like it . . . no, he was a good cook. She would like it. "If it's too cold I can heat it again for you Ayel."

Ayel regained herself after a moment and was glad that he didn't ask any more questions. She cut her chicken and took a bite. She smiled. It was beyond words. Shaking her head a 'no' as she chewed, she swallowed and smiled. "It's perfect. Amazing, actually, Vincenzo." She took a second bite then reached for the brown bottle. She poured herself a drink then filled his glass as well. Once she was done with that bite, she took a sip of the Italian alcohol. It was good too. This had potential of being a very, very good evening.

Vincenzo took a bite then, and another sip of his drink. He was conscious of the time passing in silence as the two ate, but he couldn't stop watching her. The way she moved, her smile, even the way she tucked her hair back behind an ear on occasion all were like pages of a book for him, and they were written in a language he couldn't decipher yet. Finally when the silence seemed to stretch just a bit too long he shifted to lean forward. "If you will permit me," he said in soft tones. "I've picked some music. It's old, very old earth music, but calming and a little romantic."

Ayel tilted her head to the side with a curious glance and smiled. After she finished the bite, she spoke. "I'd like that." She really liked the idea that he was looking at this as a date, and, that he wanted to set a romantic mood. "To be honest, I was afraid that you... I... I'm glad that it appears you too were thinking of this as a... romantic date. Next time, I'll dress more appropriately."

Her plate was nearly cleaned off, one or two more bites of salad left. She finished them off then placed her fork and knife down. The dinner was amazing.

With a tentative smile he reached out and lit their candles. "I thought a little music," he told her as the four wicks blazed with pure light, "Some dim lighting, and a nice dessert. And we can talk about whatever you wish."

He rose from the table and moved over to the console where he stopped. "Computer," he commanded, "play selection Vincenzo 3, please."

Soft music began to play in the background as he walked over to his makeshift kitchen. He pulled the dessert out of the place he hid it and brought the two slices over. "This is called 'death by chocolate', " he told her with a proud smile.”I believe it meets all of the requirements you gave me earlier, but I should warn you it is very rich."

Ayel smiled softly and closed her eyes for a moment. She was stupid happy from the amazing dinner she had just eaten. Everything about the evening so far was way beyond any expectations she had. The music was soft and pretty. She could hear his footsteps as he came closer and she opened her eyes before he entered the room. Her eyes went wide and her smile was beyond any that she had shown him so far. "Death by chocolate. What a way to die," she said with a giggle. She rubbed her hands together in a child-like eagerness. She sat up straight in her chair and sunk her fork into the cake. She stabbed the large piece with the fork but waited for him to sit before she'd take a bite. "I can't believe you went to all this trouble. For me. I'm honored."

"Well," he admitted with a tilt of his head. There was little point in being partly truthful at this point. "I did have ulterior motives to be honest. The first was to make this night memorable so you might agree to do it again. And then I thought if I did this well enough, and often enough, you might agree to cook for me at some point. Add to that I get to share the evening with someone exotic and beautiful, how could I not put my best foot forward?"

At the mention of ulterior motives, she raised an eyebrow. His next words would very much so make or break this arrangement. She had to laugh at what came next. "I see. However, you set your standard very high. How do you expect to beat this?" She raised the cake to her lips, and then stopped a moment. "Me, cook for you? Well, I can try, however, I will guarantee whatever it is I make for you will not be as delightful. Cooking was not one of the things I was good at. Hence, the schooling in security protocol and self defense," she laughed.

Vincenzo laughed as well. "Okay," he shook his head as he raised his hands up. "Perhaps I can teach you some cooking? I don't mind replicated food actually, I just wanted our first date to be incredible."
Dinner for Two
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|Treehouse Lounge
|Kepler Station
|Sometime after midday

Jon'a and Marissa had wandered around the station looking for a suitable place that could provide the privacy they desired. At each location that was busy and full of life, there was a silent agreement between them that it was not right. Finally, they walked into the Treehouse Lounge. As they looked around they noticed that it was in the midst of renovation and that there were few customers, and a number of spots to sit that were secluded enough to have a private discussion.

Jon'a looked at Marissa and raised his eyebrows as if to say, "Is this ok?"

Marissa caught the look, but did not respond she just walked in.

From a perch behind the new bar, Vera couldn't help but notice when he walked in.  He hadn't contacted her since transferring over to the station, but wasn't that what she wanted, she had told herself.  He had effected her in ways she didn't want to reflect on, but that didn't stop the dreams she had been having, every night, since the evening they had spent together.

Vera watched intently as a hostess greeted them, and led them to a table.  She could almost feel Jon'a's rough hands running up her legs, as she sat perfectly still, savouring the imaginary touch.  Biting down on her lower lip, she decided she had to talk to him, even if it was only as a waitress.

She waited for the hostess to come to the bar with his drink order.  She would tell the girl that she wanted to wait this table personally.  The girl may not know who Vera was, she had just taken possession of the bar, but this shouldn't be a problem.  The girl worked for Vera now, and she could be replaced.

The hostess made her way calmly to the bar. With a slight nod at her new boss she looked towards the barkeep. "Two green teas, please," she said in a clear voice. The barkeeper looked at her with raised eyebrows. "Hey, I just ask for what they ordered. Obviously, they don't want to get even close to drunk."

The barkeeper obliged and started to get the unlikely drinks ready.

Two drinks?  In her single-minded pursuit, Vera hadn't noticed the woman that had entered with Jon'a.  The wife, most likely, Vera thought, unless he's already found another mistress.  She couldn't deny that the woman was beautiful, even if all she could feel was irrational contempt.  Enyck left me shattered, but he was dying, Vera admitted.  What excuse does this woman have for what she's done to Jon'a.

After telling the hostess that she was going to handle this table, Vera took the drinks from the bartender, and slowly walked towards the couple.  Years of training had taught her to dampen any physical expression of nervousness in her body, but still Vera wondered if maybe there was a slight tremor in her hands, as she carried the drinks on a tray.

Laying the drinks down on the couple's table, Vera's eyes caught Jon'a's, a sense of momentary shock shared between the two.  Pulling out a PADD, she adopted a veneer of professional indifference as she introduced herself.  "Hello,  welcome to the Treehouse Lounge.  Have you had an opportunity to view your menus?"

Jon'a froze. Oh fuck! NO! This is terrible! Oh my...oh no...please...what the hell does she think she is doing? His face remained stoic, but his eyes betrayed his nervousness about the sudden appearance of the woman that filled his daydreams. He heard words, but his mind was too occupied with flashbacks from the night before to fully understand the meaning of them.

Marissa looked up to the newly arrived waitress. She smiled sweetly. "Hi, I haven't but all I want is your best pasta if you serve it." Marissa didn't notice Jon'a's reaction. By the time she turned to see what he was going to order, he had gotten his act together.

"I'll just have what my wife is having," he said with a slight emphasis on a certain two words.

Marissa gave him a slightly odd look, but brushed it off as nothing.

Vera could barely resist jumping and ravishing him, in front of his wife.  Seeing him again, the sensory overload, it was too much for her.

"Two orders of our best pasta, then," Vera said, swiftly tapping the PADD in her hand.  "I'll let our chef decide, a little freedom will let him go wild," Vera said, a soft grin sneaking onto her staid expression, as she walked away from the table, her mind awash with conflicting emotions.

Marissa was oblivious to the tension that was going on between her waitress and her husband. She was only aware of the tension between herself and Jon'a. She looked thoughtfully down at her drink as she plucked up the courage to say something. All that she could her was the nervous tap of her husband’s foot on the floor as his leg bounced up and down. "Jon'a," she said and then paused for a few awkward moments, "you were talking in your sleep last night."

Oh no...what the hell did I say? The dream! OH CRAP! "Oh really?" he tried to say nonchalantly.

"Yes," she said with a certain amount of forcefulness to her tone, "you said that you loved said that you loved.....Vera."

The name dropped like a lead weight in Jon'a's heart and on Marissa's face. Was it true? Did he really love her? Or was it all a fantasy built to help him escape his crappy marriage? "I...I...I." It was all he could manage.

"Who is Vera, Jon'a?"

Jon'a fumbled around mentally and showed signs of it externally with a mouth that would open as if about to say something and then close again. The truth! Yes! You have to tell her the truth...but I can't! It would destroy us...we are already destroyed. I want Vera. want happiness, and you were happy with Marissa, but she changed. You have to find out why! NO! She is not worth it anymore! Tell her the truth...but a different truth...she will be mad...but it is not as bad a sort of mad as the real truth!

"I have something I need to tell you," he said quietly as he watched the remaining colour in his wife’s face drain.

"What?" she whispered.

"While I was training on Bajor, I met someone. We started seeing one another, and things got pretty serious for a while," he said with a slight pause between each statement. "I left her, but occasionally think about her. I have thought about her more and more in the last few months. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

Marissa actually looked relieved. What he had said was nowhere near as bad as she had expected. "Well, ok...I guess...that is somewhat understandable...I have not told you about all my other relationships, and wouldn't expect you to tell me about all of yours, unless of course you wanted too. May I ask why you left her?"

Jon'a was so caught up in the fact that Marissa was not furious that he answered the question without thinking it through first. "Oh, I found out she was pregnant," he blurted, but with a significant decrease in speed of speech on the last word as he realized what he was saying.

Marissa spat her tea back into her glass. "She was pregnant!?"

"Yes," replied Jon'a somewhat sheepishly.

"And you never thought that it would be a good thing to tell your wife that there was a little Jon'a running around the galaxy! Damn you are stupid sometimes Jon'a! Do you ever think?"

"Hey, calm down Marissa. Remember where we are," he said calmly.

Marissa looked for a moment like she was going to tell him to shut up, but then decided against it and took a deep breath. "I sure hope that kid didn't get your intelligence level."

"Damn it, Marissa," he said quietly, "this is what always happens. With the smallest thing you go off your rocker...or go into silent treatment mode. You have changed, Marissa....why? What did I do?"

You think after holding this back from me that I am going to fucking tell you what you want to hear! You have another thing coming you bastard, she thought.

"Marissa, please settle down. You are the one that wanted to do this here remember?"

"Oh, are you going to remind me of everything I've done wrong as well? Jon' should have told me...I am so absolutely pissed at you. You should have told me...end of story," she said quietly, but with rather grand hand gestures of frustration. "So, do you love her? you?"

She was easier to love than you are right now, he thought. "No, I love you Marissa."

"I'm sorry Jon'a but you are dreaming about this woman and not me...your wife!"


"Save it Jon'a. Let's just eat and get out of here."

Jon'a looked over to see his food coming to the table in the hands of a woman that was looking more and more attractive by the moment.

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|USS Discovery
|Last night
|Guest quarters

Vincenzo Labolida stopped a moment and shook his head. "Listen to me," he said with a sigh. "I am going on like a young boy with his first crush. I apologize, bellissima. This night is very important to me for reasons I can't begin to comprehend, but our conversation in the holodeck was . . . it was something I will not soon forget."

Ayel wondered if he could hear how her heart fluttered and how her pulse quickened. However, he was merely human so she was quite sure that he couldn't. However, she could hear them quite well and it was making her embarrassed. She hadn't felt this silly since she was in High School. "It is incredible." She lowered the fork with the cake still stuck to it from her face and watched him intently as he spoke. "Don't apologize," her voice quaked a moment. "I feel the same." To break the incredible tension between them, Ayel finally put the gooey, warm and amazing cake into her mouth.

She closed her eyes a moment and savored it in her mouth a moment before she chewed. "Mmmmm..." she moaned softly, a smile spreading across her entire face as she chewed. She took a long time in savoring the taste before she swollowed. It reminded her of the amazing cake her mother used to make. But, this was better. It was baked for her, by an amazing man. With her eyes still closed, she spoke. "I don't think I could ever... forget this."

Nor could I, Vincenzo thought without speaking. She was strong and fast and easily a match for him on the mats. Perhaps even better he was willing to admit, though the jury was still out on that. He had managed to survive eleven years in some pretty brutal circumstances.

But more than that there was an obvious fragileness to her that lay just beneath the surface of the strong attractive woman. And there was a hole in her nearly the same place as the hole that haunted him. They were both searching for a piece of a larger puzzle, and he might be able to help her with that.

“I’m glad you are enjoying it,” the helmsman grinned as Ayel spoke with her eyes closed. He took a bite of his own and smiled. It was almost perfect, but he could do better. “Is there anything else I can get you?”

Ayel looked down at her plate and stabbed another piece. She put it in her mouth and chewed. The amazing chocolate flavors exploded in her mouth, causing another moan to escape her lips. "No, oh no, I have everything I need, right here," she smiled and took another bite. However, inside her head, all to herself... she could think of a few other things he could get her... very inappropriate things. He had found her weakness... but she would deny it.

"Then," the contented son of Italian immigrants declared. "I am happy. My sister used to make this before we lost out home. At least, this recipe it the closest to what I remember."

He felt guilty just watching her there, but he lost all interest in his dessert. "Do you have any siblings?" he asked, hoping to force himself to concentrate on something else.

"No, no I don't have siblings," she said as she took another bite. The cake was insanely good and she noticed that he hadn't touched his yet. "Is it just you and your sister?" she asked as she continued to eat. "Vincenzo, you haven't touched your cake. Is everything alright?"

"It's fine," he told her. "I'd just rather watch you enjoy yours. My sister is missing. Some suggested she might be dead, but I don't think she is. She's been missing since I was ten."

"So in a way," he pointed out, "We are both without brothers and sisters. But that is a depressing thought, isn't it? I'd rather not spoil this evening."

Ayel stopped as he spoke, sadness ripping through her as he spoke about his sister. "I can do everything in my power to help you find information on your sister. I'm sure I have access to things most people dont..." she spoke, then drew a deep breath in. He was right. She didn't want to spoil the evening. "It's unfair. You watching me when I can't watch you enjoy your cake." Hers was already gone, even the last bits where she used her fork to smash them all together.

"I'm pretty sure my sister knows where I am actually," he said with a shrug, "Or at least she did. I received a message on my birthday a couple of years ago that leads me to believe she is out there. And as for the cake. . ."

Vincenzo smiled at Ayel and took a bite. It was good he had to admit, though chocolate didn't hold him in the same passionate embrace as it did her. "It's very good," he commented, "not my best, but you enjoyed it so much that I was entranced. I'll finish mine now, and we can sit and talk if you'd like."

"When we get settled on ship, we can see about trying to find her then." She said so as if there were no doubt about finding her at all. Ayel rested the fork against her tongue and grinned as she watched him eat. It was time to play just a little coy... a little flirting was never a bad thing. "Oh really?" she raised an eyebrow. "Entranced you say? By little ol’ me?" She sat back in her chair and watched him.

"Yes," Vincenzo responded. "You were obviously enjoying the cake, and I've never seen a woman enjoy chocolate so thoroughly."

Of course, he hadn't actually entertained many women either, so it could well be that this happened all the time. "To be honest," he continued with a slight flush to his cheeks," It's just very nice to have someone to share the meal with. The Mess hall is so impersonal; I've never enjoyed eating there. Everyone rushes about, and no one taking the time to enjoy what atmosphere there is. It's sterile and bland and it sucks the joy out of the meal."

Ayel felt herself blush, yet again. It caused her cheeks to warm even further when he flushed a bit. She felt like slinking down in her chair, embarrassed by her reaction to the cake. But it was so good. "I usually eat there, but, I haven't had anyone around to share my time with in a very long time." She placed the fork on the empty cake plate and reached for her glass. "I can't remember the last time someone went to this much effort, for me."

"Well," Petty Officer Labolida suggested, "from now on we will take out meals together as schedules allow. I don't know how things will work out on Kepler, but you are welcome to work out with me anytime as well."

Vincenzo leaned forward and tilted his head a bit. "It it's not too forward Bellissima," he added. "I like you very much. So if it seems I am trying to find excuses to have you around, I am."

Ayel was slightly frightened but she didn't let it show. When she had to, she could be a very hard book to read. She loved the attention that he was giving her, but, she just wasn't used to it being real. "I like you a lot too, Vincenzo." She paused a moment. "I'd like to be around you. It's going to sound silly, but I feel like I’ve known you for quite a long time now, even though it has only been mere hours." She then smiled. "Should we clean up our plates?"

"Hmm," Labolida answered with a thoughtful look. "Everything into the reclamator I suppose. I was going to suggest that this was your date, and you should relax while I clean, but I get the feeling you might not like that."

He stood and collected part of the dishes and placed them into the reclamator. "It does save some work though," he mused as he stepped aside to allow Ayel access to the machine. "Next time we will cook together, and I can teach you some of my secrets."

"I'd like that," she grinned as she came up next to him with a handful of dishes. "And you're right. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had to sit and watch while you did everything. Just think though, with us both working, we'll be done faster. That also means, the sooner we can sit and enjoy the rest of the evening." She smiled and bumped him with her hip as she placed the dishes into the machine.

Dinner for Two
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