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Eat, Drink and be Merry
« on: August 31, 2010, 11:22:54 pm »
The Patriot had made it through her engagement with the Romulans at Mauo relatively unscathed. Commander Yanar had excelled with repairing the ships systems and was proving to be a useful acquisition, even if his presence still caused concern among the crew.

Now that the Nebula Class Starship had arrived at Kepler Station, Commodore Tal was being escorted to the Station Commander’s ready room.

“Here you go Commodore. Commodore Blake should be expecting you.” The escort, a young male Petty Officer, nodded in respect to the senior ranked man and bid farewell, leaving Tal to ring the door chime for entrance.

"Come in," Gregory called out as he exited his en suite bathroom. The faint smell of freesias clung to him as he met Commodore Garen Tal. He answered the strange look on the Bajoran's face with, "I grow flowers in my bathroom. Take a seat."

“I’ve heard of people growing flowers... but never in their bathroom.” Tal smiled as he took the offered chair, the smell being quite pleasant once his Bajoran nose had got used to it.

Gregory dropped down into the chair, taking care not to even look at his desk, lest it remind him of the awful activities from the night before. Instead he stared straight at Tal and asked, "What happened with the Romulans?"

“Where do I begin?” Tal sighed, watching his Human counterpart take his seat. “Turns out it was all one big Tal Shiar operation to try and activate the Iconian Gateway we discovered.” He got comfortable and continued. “We held our own and in the end, we blew the gate. We weren’t prepared to let it fall in to Romulan hands despite the chance that we could have used it.”

"If all else fails, blow it up," Gregory agreed. "What did they have to throw at you?"

“One Valdore class Warbird luckily enough. Thankfully we had our Fighters aboard or it would have been a different story.” He shuffled a little, the smell of the flowers still getting to his sensitive nostrils. “The Gateway was easier to deal with than I expected actually. The explosion from the Romulan reactor destabilized the shields and once they were down, a couple of strategically place tri-cobalt devices did the trick, although I’m sure I’ll have to explain all this to Bassenthwaite. Where is she anyway, I half expected her here to demand an explanation."

Gregory grunted at the mention of the woman. He couldn't help but glance at the wall to the right of Tal. "Off harassing my crew and plotting evil," he said. "She'll corner you when she wants something."

“How exciting.” The Bajoran feigned a look of delight before his face dropped again. He hadn’t met the woman before but had heard so many different tales about her. It was one thing he was not looking forward to.

"Do you play poker?" Gregory asked.

“I’ve dabbled in the past...” Tal began before looking at Blake suspiciously. “Why do you ask?”

"Come with me," said Gregory as he stood up and led the way out of the ready room, through the operations centre and into the turbolift. "Deck one," he instructed the computer.

Tal dutifully followed the Commander of Kepler Station out of the Ready Room and to a turbo lift. As the lift traveled, the pair stood in silence. They hardly knew each other so to expect them to chat about everything and anything was unrealistic.

A few moments later the turbolift doors opened and deposited the pair of very senior officers onto the Treehouse Lounge. The Lounge occupied a good portion of deck one and overlooked decks two and three, which were open to the arboretum below.

“Do the Prophets deceive me?” Tal let out a quiet gasp as he stepped forward a few steps, taking in the sights of the arboretum. “Starfleet Stations never cease to amaze me.” He smiled, turning back to Blake. “So, I hope there’s more than just me and you for this poker game?”

"Every CO that's managed to get his arse here in time for Bassenthwaite's meeting tomorrow," Gregory told him. He glanced at the chronometer over the main bar and added, "We're early. Game is in the back room. It's a private function."

Wow. Tal hadn’t been in the region that long and had been a member of Task Force 47 for even less time but he was already going to get to meet the CO’s of the Task Force. “Private functions are best. More chance for greater winnings.” Tal rubbed his hands together with glee, walking over and following Blake.

The back room turned out to be rather decadent, with leather side chairs, a faux fireplace, wood paneling and lush carpets. There was a small bar off to one side which was manned by a Cardassian and a young Asian girl who was chattering away to him. Gregory nodded his head to the pair before asking Tal, "What's your poison?"

Looking around with constant surprise at what this Commodore had to offer, he shrugged. “Continue to surprise me Commodore...” he said quietly as he wandered around curiously examining the lounge. “I like surprises...”

JP brought to you by:

Commodore Garen Tal
USS Patriot

Former CO Gregory Blake


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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2010, 09:20:25 am »
In an explosion of light and sound, the damaged hull of the USS Ajax shot through the night and into range of Kepler Station.  Although the crew had done a marvelous job of repairing the sabotage done by the enemy stealth operative of the Tal Shiar, the Ajax was still pock-marked by several explosions, and one of the Warp Nacels was still venting plasma into space. 
The Ajax's chief engineer had insisted that he could do all of the repairs himself,
T. Malcolm Gemini St. Cloud, Commanding Officer of the Ajax had decided that they would head to Kepler Station a little earlier than expected instead of waiting in the middle of nowhere for the engineering crew to finish the repairs.

As the Ajax drew closer to the station, Commander St. Cloud COMMed the Ops aboard Kepler and informed them of his ships status and his desire to re-supply at the station.  He was confirmed a low approach vector and was also relayed an invitation to join the stations CO at a party that was apparently being held for all the Federation CO's within the Gavarian Frontier.

With the Ajax finally in orbit around the lowest section of the station, St. Cloud made his way to the transporter and beamed aboard the station, along with his Chief Engineer and Second Officer.  St. Cloud sent his two officers off to secure the supplies they would need to repair the Ajax while he went off in search of the bases commanding officer, one Commodore Gregory Blake.

St. Cloud had a short conversation with one of the Ops officers aboard the station and confirmed that Blake was up on deck one in the station lounge, named the Treehouse Lounge.  St. Cloud quickly made his way to the lounge and was immediately impressed by the massive amount of greenery that assaulted his senses as soon as the turbolift doors were opened.

"Amazing," St. Cloud muttered as he strode through the lounge.  "Donnovin would certainly love to catch a glimpse of this."

St. Cloud made his way back past the lounges main area and into a smaller room where he found two men talking to one another.  Standing off to one side was a pretty little slip of a girl who was holding a drink tray, obviously an employee of the lounge.

From his place in the doorway, St. Cloud announced in a loud voice:

"So I hear there's to be a party.  Looks to me that I've come to the right place!"



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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2010, 10:03:34 am »
The last of his official duties done for the day, Julian left the Wanderer in the capable hands of his engineering team, and made his way back onto Kepler. At some point tonight he still had to visit the requisitioning office, but he knew that could wait.

The Treehouse Lounge was one of the first places he had discovered when he'd arrived at Kepler, and he'd instantly fell in love with it. The sheer amount of work that had to have gone into making it, not to mention it's upkeep, was a staggering thought to him.

The turbolift door opened with a swish, and Julian tugged the top half of his uniform downward, a habit he'd picked up on his previous ship. He walked with a soft smile in his face to the room he had always presumed was reserved for private events. Three men were already gathered around a table. One he recognized as Commodore Blake, the man he'd been ordered to report to, but hadn't yet had a chance to meet. The other two's identities were lost on him.

Grabbing what looked to be a martini from a young woman serving drinks, he took a small sip, and walked to where the three were gathered.

"Commodore Blake, gentlemen," he began. "Lieutenant Julian Durand, USS Wanderer."



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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2010, 01:06:08 pm »
"There it is, sir."

Standing up from the back of the Type 9 shuttle, Clay looked out the window and saw a station out in the distance, no bigger than his thumb at this distance. Resting a hand on the pilot's chair, the commander muttered, "I'll be damned."

Turning around, the pilot, which looked Human with a bit of Vulcan in there said, "We'll be there in a few."

Moving awkwardly back to the rear of the shuttle, Clay picked up the only thing he had brought with him by the neck, and a few strings vibrated as a result. Several minutes later, when the shuttle touched down, the hatch opened and the pilot let Clay go out first, "That's all you brought, sir?"

"Sure as hell is. You play, son?"

Shaking his head, and looking down, the ensign said, "No, sir. I played for a bit when I was a kid, but I was too young to really appreciate the guitar."

Not quite accepting that, Clay tilted his head and asked, "So you never decided to pick up the guitar after that?"

"Well... No, I always considered it, but--"

With a wave of his hand, Teller had stopped the ensign from speaking anymore. "This station has replicators. Get yourself a guitar. A J-45 should suit you just fine." Raising his hand again preventing any interjections, Clay added, "And I wanted you to learn these four chords: C, D, and G major, along with A minor. When I get back and we head back to the Viking, I want us to jam a bit," He finished with a smirk. A nod was all he got, but he took that as a yes.

Swinging the strap around his back so he could have both hands free. Exiting through the nearest door, Clay looked around the corridors. "Computer," the commander spoke. When he heard the beeps in response, Teller spoke, "Where the devil am I supposed to go?"

The computer responded with it unable to comply, so he sighed, "Tell me where to the task force commanding officer's meeting is being held."


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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2010, 03:00:44 pm »
In a flash the Tomcat appeared at the edge of the Acticulo system.  Several minutes from Kepler station at maximum impulse.  Lucius was running late, or so he thought, after his latest adventure that had a dead Cardassian diplomat, a deep cover section 31 agent as his aide, and a Bajoran prisoner that evaded capture after she escaped.  After leaving Deep Space 9 he was surprised he was still in command of a starship.

After several minute at full impulse the Tomcat arrived in orbit of Kepler station.  Several ships were also in orbit of the Regula one class station.  Maybe he wasn’t late after all.  Leaving his ready room he made his way over to the turbo lift.  As he walked he looked over his shoulder towards his right hand woman.  “Hingly make sure you have my items ready for transport when I ask for them.”  The young Trill Ensign gave her commanding officer a nod.  A smile appeared on his face, “I am going to have fun one way or another.”

Making his way down to the transporter room he ask the enlisted man on duty to request his transport over to Kepler.  After tapping in a few commands on the console in front of him the man gave his CO a nod indicating that his request was approved.  Stepping onto one of the pads he gave the chief a nod of his own.

Appearing a few seconds later in the transporter room on Kepler Lucius stepped off the pad and made his way out of the room.  Quickly getting lost he managed to find a lift.  Boarding the lift he asked for his destination and it began to move. 

Getting off the lift he got lost again in no time and spent several minutes looking for the lounge.  But like any older person they eventually find their way to where they are going.  Entering the lounge he looked around for other officers.  Seeing Commodore Tal meant he was in the right place.  Finding the bar quickly, the only thing he can find quickly, he ordered himself a pint of Andorian Ale.  He then made his way to the meeting area and raised his glass to those already there.


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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
« Reply #5 on: September 01, 2010, 09:14:12 pm »
The shuttlecraft thouched gracefully down, a small miracle when one looked at the state it was in. The USS Odyssey was in a bad shape, it looked like many different ship patched together. It had looked perfect the day Leon Portnoy had been given command of her, but after a run in with the "lovely" Gavarian Frontier had made the old bird a bit broken down.
It had been repaired as much as currrent rexcources would allow, but it still was a big patch work.

Portnoy found himself staring at the Odyssey as the hangarbay doors closed again. He sighed, maybe if he was lucky he could convince one the admirals to give him a new one. He smiled at the thought, this could be a big chance for him.
He ran a finger along the three golden pips on the collar of his uniform. "Yes... A very big chance..." He mumbled low for himself. Then he turned around and walked to the party.



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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
« Reply #6 on: September 02, 2010, 08:13:33 am »
The trio shook hands and seated themselves at one of the tables when a fourth appeared, a Lieutenant.  Gregory gestured to an empty chair and started introductions.  He finished with, "Lieutenant Durand is the officer in command of USS Wanderer.  It's a Wallace."

Julian nodded, and said "Please, Julian or Jules. If I get to be the odd man out at this little shin-dig, I'd rather not feel like the extreme low man on the pole by being referred to by my rank and title all night long."

"I'm off duty," Gregory told him, happy to oblige.  "As off duty as you can get around here."

"Good to hear," St. Cloud jovially spoke up, offering his hand to the three other men.  "T. Malcolm St. Cloud, Commander of the Ajax.  Mal to my friends."

Turning to the cute little waitress, St. Cloud motioned her over. "Scotch," he told her.  "Single Malt, Eighteen years or older. And leave the bottle here, please."

Violet looked at the man with a raised eyebrow.  That was a peculiar thing to expect them to have in stock considering how isolated Kepler was.  But then again this was a party full of Commanding Officers so she had been expecting those types of requests.

"The Eclipse CO brought a crate with him," Gregory explained.  He raised an eyebrow at Violet and said, "It should be behind the bar.  We'll have that."

"Oh," Violet nodded in response to Blake's comment and then turned back to the man who had placed the order, "coming right up, sir."

St. Cloud gave the girl a little wink before sitting down at the card table with the other men.  

"Gentlemen," St. Cloud said, nodding to each.  "It is nice to finally meet you."

Tal offered a hand to St. Cloud and nodded at the other newcomers around the table. “Commodore Garen Tal, master and commander of the Patriot.” Tal got comfortable, taking off his uniform jacket and placing it on the back of his chair. “You guys play poker much?”

"Ive been known to gamble a little," St. Cloud replied, shaking Tal's hand with a smile.  "I suppose doing so with cards can be a nice change of pace."

Gregory had been about to lie through his teeth and say not often, but he'd just spied a familiar frizz of blonde hair as the owner slipped into the private function room.  "Excuse me gentlemen," he said as he stood.  "We have a gatecrasher that needs kicking out."

Tal nodded and watched as Blake left the table. Picking up a pack of cards, the Bajoran began to shuffle, waiting for the participants to sit and join in.

"Your scotch sir," Violet said as she sat down the glass, pre-poured, and then placed the bottle beside it.  "Hope you don't mind it being nineteen years old," she added with an amused smile, "I'm not allowed to serve anything older than me."  For a moment she had almost said 'anyone' but decided not to risk offending people who were paying her boss good money for the use of the lounge.  Joking on the other hand was encouraged if it increased the chances of further sales.

With an amused gleam in his eye, St. Cloud accepted the drink and smiled at the slip of a girl.  "I think it will do." he told her, tossing a slip of latinum on her tray as a tip.  Sipping the scotch, St. Cloud relished the smokey flavor of the single malt.  He nodded his approval to the girl before returning his attention to his fellow commanding officers.

"Okay, Mr Durand, care to take the lead?" The Bajoran Commodore asked, holding out the deck of playing cards to the Lieutenant opposite him.
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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
« Reply #7 on: September 02, 2010, 04:43:58 pm »
Eva stepped out of the turbolift in time to hear a shaggy haired man in a red uniform ask, "Tell me where to the task force commanding officer's meeting is being held."

"In the conference room," Eva informed him as she looked him over.  The guitar slung across his back caught her attention so she smiled warmly at him.  "The poker game however is tonight, but the Admiral won't be there.  I can take you there if you'd like.  My name is Eva and you are?" she asked, her blue eyes shining brightly.

Turning toward the sound of the voice, Clay smiled at the blonde haired woman. "Why hello there Eva," Teller said in response. Putting his hand on his chest, he spoke, "I'm Clay. Fairly recent captain of the Viking." Sticking his right thumb through the strap of his guitar, Clay's sign of either liking the company he was around, or where the conversation was going, or both, he then said, "Poker? Never been my thing, but I've never been known to turn down a fun game." He took a few steps forward, hoping that was enough to let Eva know to lead the way.

Eva's smile grew as he approached.  She turned back to the turbolift, slipped her hand around his elbow as if they were good friends and led him in.  "Deck one, please," she instructed the lift and a few moments later they stepped onto the Treehouse Lounge.

Looking around, Clay couldn't help marvel at what had been done with an arboretum. He almost forgot that Eva was there. Looking down at her, he spoke, more softly than he would have thought, "To this day, Starfleet still does things that amaze me. I can see what's so appealing on this base." Sighing, Teller looked around the bar, the tables, everything in the lounge. "It's been decades since I've been in a place like this with a guitar," Clay chuckled to himself before finishing off with asking Eva, "So where are all those important people I'm suppose to meet with at?"

Eva supposed she could forgive him for not finding her as appealing as the Treehouse Lounge.  It was rather pretty.  "This way," she said and with her hand still firmly in place around his elbow led him into the back room.  "You'll have to play for me.  I always enjoy being with musicians."

Shaking his head, while failing to suppressing a smile Clay said, "Sure, I don't mind playing for individuals. I enjoy the," Teller turned toward her again, letting himself loosen up a bit, "intimacy of it."

"Do you like margaritas?" she asked.

Before he could answer though, the tall figure of the station commander strode towards the couple as they reached the bar.  "Gregory Blake," the man introduced himself to Clay.  "Let me get rid of her for you," he said and nodded at the petite blonde hanging off the Commander.

"Ah hell," Clay shrugged, "I don't mind. Been a while since I've been in the pleasurable company of a cute woman. But," Clay adjusted the strap, "judging by your collar, I'm guessing you, Commodore, are an important person around these parts. So," the commander bowed slightly, "I'm Clay Teller, captain of the Viking."

"He's my date," Eva put in helpfully.  "A musician."

Gregory looked the pair over and replied, "So I see.  I told you you weren't invited though."

Eva pouted.  "I won't be any trouble.  I'm just going to have a few drinks with Clay here.  You won't even notice I'm here."

Sensing the two weren't exactly strangers, but not quite pinning it down, Clay spoke up, "I'm the one who needed a guide around here. If Eva here acts out of line, I'll take responsibility for it, commodore." He turned and smiled at Eva before facing Blake again.

"Just keep your hands to yourself," warned Gregory before he strode off to greet another arrival.

"Yes, sir" Clay said. Turning toward Eva he asked, "Let me guess. Ex?"

Eva wrinkled her nose and said, "Let's just say the man used to change my diapers and leave it at that.  And after that traumatic thought, I very definitely need a margarita.  You're paying," she said brightly.

"For a lady, always," Clay remarked.

JP by:

‎Eva Blake with
Commodore Gregory Blake
Commanding Officer
Kepler Station



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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
« Reply #8 on: September 02, 2010, 10:51:32 pm »
Tad sat in the ready room of the Steadfast and still felt like a fraud.  The ghost of the ship's rightful captain, David Rolandson, still lingered in every pore and surface of the room.  It didn't help that Bardra refused to allow him to so much as move a PADD stylus three inches to the left - to be more out of the way so that Tad could get about the business of commanding the ship until that ghost because solid flesh once again.

"You are overdue," Bardra said, fixing him with an absolute neutral glance.  Then, pointedly, she looked at the stylus.

"I know, but so far we've only been given permission to dock, my crew hasn't been granted permission to remain on the station yet.  We've not finalized resupply arrangements and -"

"Those are things for your crew to take care of," Bardra said, glancing at the stylus then three centimeters back to the left.

Tad sighed and moved the stylus.  How did she expect him to do his acting job if she wouldn't let him do anything different then Rolandson did it?  She lifted a brow and Tad smiled, wondering if she had read his mind.  "Besides, I believe the CO of the entire station will be at this meeting.  I'm sure he'd be more amenable to reasonable requests in person."

"You're just trying to get me off the ship," Tad said, smiling.

"Yes, I am," Bardra said.  "For a little bit.  And if any emergency messages come in, I'll be sure to send them right through."

"Am I that transparent?"

"In this instance, everyone would  understand."

Tad forced the smile this time.  He had been avoiding the departure for the station because of fears of missing any subspace communications from his wife.  But Bardra was correct, he could get them aboard the station just as easily as he could the ship.  And he understood that his fellow commanding officers were supposed to be in attendance.  Well, he supposed the region's commanding officers and one acting commander.

He picked up several PADDs then sighed and set them back on the desk at a subtle click of the tongue from Bardra.  Leaving the ready room he stopped, to avoid running into another person who was walking down the hall, staring at a PADD.

"Lt," Tad said calling out to the security officer.  Jeremy stopped and turned, frowning as he glanced down and away from the superior officer.  "Where are you headed?"

"Nowhere in particular, sir," Jeremy said, stepping back as Tad came up to him.  He pressed his back against the wall.  Tad sighed.  He had hoped that the combination of therapy and medication would be more helpful.  Tad felt the discomfort and unease rolling off the security officer in tsunamis.

"Do you have any plans for shore leave?" Tad asked, falling into step with the officer.

"Shore leave?" Jeremy asked, sounding to Tad as if the very concept was foreign to  him.

"Yes, time on the station?  Away from the ship?"

"I wasn't planning on leaving," Jeremy said.  "My time on space stations tend to be...they don't go well."

Tad stopped outside the transporter room.  "Lt., I want  you to reconsider that.  When I'm able to give the clearance, I want all the crew to spend time away from the ship.  It's been a long two months and we've still got some leads to track down with the smugglers, but for the next week, I want the crew to relax for a bit."

Jeremy stood still, staring at the floor.

"If you need to," Tad said, "Consider that an order."  Tad slipped through the doors to the transporter room and onto the pad.  "Energize," he said, wondering how he could command a starship when he couldn't even convince one man to take shore leave without making it an order.

*     *     *

Tad found the way to the Lounge with the computer's help and stopped.  For the first time since his last trip home to Betazed, he felt at ease in an environment.  "Nice," Tad muttered staring around him.  It also brought a pang of regret.  Baeta would have loved this place, to be surrounded by such lush greenery, but she was stuck back on Starbase Bravo.  He had wanted a transport to bring his family the area but his wife had been unable to travel due to the complications of pregnancy.  Maybe, right now, though it would be better this way.  Dahlia still wasn't fully recovered from their merging to stop the spread of the mental mob that had set his ship adrift.

Tad took a deep breath of the humid air, breathing deep of the loamy earth around them.  And smiled.  Somewhere around here were Betazed starlilies.  He opened his eyes and was looking around for them when he was approached. 

"Commander Rolandson?"

Tad sighed.  "I'm afraid not, Commander Rolandson has been...delayed.  I'm his second in command, Lt. Commander Thaddeus Mealani."

The hostess seemed to frown for a moment, then her face smoothed into a pleasing smile.  "This way please."  She indicated he should follow.

Tad stopped as he was led to the private room and he saw the rank of those assembled.  "Hello," Tad said, "Lt. Commander Thaddeus Mealani of the Steadfast, reporting for Captain Rolandson."  He looked around the room, wondering where to salute first.



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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
« Reply #9 on: September 03, 2010, 09:00:56 am »
[USS Ares, Captain’s Ready Room]

“Max, don’t make me pull rank.”

Leaning back in the chair behind the desk in his ready room Max hung his head.  “But Brandon I don’t KNOW anyone there.”

The warm face of Max’s friend and mentor furrowed into a momentary frown as he called up details in that incredible memory of his.  “Didn’t you recently fix up the USS Odyssey?  I’m sure Commander Portnoy will be happy to see you.”

Max smiled as he remembered the ambitious commander of the USS Odyssey.  It would be good to get to know Leon better.  Turning back to the Admiral on the screen Max gave him a defeated shrug.  “Alright I’ll go.” 

“That’s a good lad.  Now, I didn’t just call to chat.  I have a surprise for you.”  Brandon looked ready to burst, and Max decided to let him stew for a minute. 

“Oh you do? But I don’t have time to sit and chat, I’m going to be late for the party.”  Max gave Brandon an evil smile and slowly got up to move out of picture. 

“Wait! I need to tell you this.  Starfleet command is promoting me to Sector SCE Commander and Task Force 47 Chief of Staff.  I’m coming to live on Deep Space Ten!” 

Max immediately sat back down.  He beamed at the Commodore.  “That’s great! We’ll get to actually see each other once in a while!”

“Yes we certainly will.  But enough chit chat, go to your party.  Leary out.”  Max’s console screen flashed to the Starfleet Command insignia before going to black.  With his mind racing Max stumbled in a daze out of his ready room. 

[Kepler Station, Treehouse Lounge]

By the time Max made it over to the party he had decided that having his old friend and mentor close by was a great thing, and it put him in a wonderful mood.  Commodore Brandon Leary was an old friend of Max and of his family.  Brandon served as Assistant Chief of Operations on the starbase where Max grew up, and helped the Chief of Operations, Max’s mother Alisha Flint, watch the little terror while Max’s Dad was off on an expedition to Vulcan.  They had brushed shoulders a couple of times when they were both serving in the SCE in R&D.  In time a strong monitoring relationship formed that ax suspected had some influence in his getting command of the Ares. 

The Computer had informed Max where he could find the Station Commander and the rest of the Task Force Brass, and Now Max was approaching a doorway blocked by a nervous looking Officer.  Max walked up beside him and patted him on the back, remembering when, not too long ago, Max had been the young Lieutenant Commander receiving his first command orders.  Taking the man’s hand and giving it a firm shake Max put on a warm smile.  “Reporting for Captain Rolandson eh?  So you must be from the Steadfast.  Welcome.  I’m Captain Maxwell Flint from the Ares.” 

<tag Mealani>


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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
« Reply #10 on: September 03, 2010, 04:51:13 pm »
[USS Sagan - NCC-79813]
[Deck 01 - Main Bridge]

[Near Kepler Station]

At the edge of the station containing Kepler, there was a small flash of light as the surveyor Sagan emerged from warp speed.  Her white hull was caught and made to shine by the system's star.  On the bridge, Captain Knox was sitting in the solitary command chair in the middle of the gleaming and pristinely-white bridge.

"Captain, we are secure from warp speed," reported the helm officer on the starboard side of the sunken console at the forward end of the bridge.

"Very well, Mr. Marks.  Set course for Kepler Station, all ahead full," he ordered, in his crisp, formal tone.

"Aye, aye.  Impulse engines all ahead full, captain," Staff Warrant Officer Marks reported, as the ship's impulse engines engaged.  The bridge crew was pushed back gently into their seats as the inertial dampeners absorbed the ship's acceleration to .25C. 

"Executive Officer, have all departments prepare for arrival, and have the shuttlebay and transporter rooms readied for crew transfers," Knox continued, nodding over to his temporary executive officer, the Andorian JAG Commander Thoris, who was sitting at the tactical station. 

"Aye, aye, captain.  I'll see to it," Thoris said, as he began typing in orders to various departments.  The Sagan was operating with only 75% of its normal crew, and was to pick up the remainder, including Commander Thoris' replacement at the starbase.

"Estimating 15 minutes to transporter range, Captain," Mr. Marks reported, when the ship had completed accelerating. 

"Very well.  Operations, please hail the station," the captain ordered.

"Aye, aye," came the response from the gold-shirted Lieutenant at the operations console.  Shortly after, the standard Starfleet tone that indicated a connection had been made sounded on the bridge.  "Connection open, sir."

"Kepler Station, this is the starship Sagan, requesting permission to enter parking orbit," Knox said.

"Sagan, you are clear for approach.  Transmitting traffic pattern information.  Kepler out," came the curt response from someone working in operations.

"Not chatty," Knox muttered.  "Helm, adjust course to match pathing data."

"Aye, aye," reported Marks, as he adjusted the course of the vessel, slightly.  Captain Knox demanded a certain level of formalism on the bridge that other Starfleet captains did not, such as the double aye, which signified that the command was both understood and intended to be followed.  However, he was not terribly inflexible, and was generally well-liked by his crews.

15 minutes later, the ship slowed and found itself in a parking orbit around the station with numerous other Task Force vessels.  5 minutes later than that, Captain Knox was on Deck 5 of the ship, boarding the ship's Waverunner runabout. 

"Computer, begin preflight start-up," he ordered, as the hatch closed behind him.  He smiled, as he entered the living quarters and saw his wife and two younger children already present. 

"Ready, Captain Knox?" Linda Knox asked, with a smile, as she gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Yes, Captain Knox," Knox replied with a grin, as he rested a finger on her newest pip.  She was the Chief Medical Officer on Starbase 7 in the Terra Nova system, one of Starfleet's oldest and largest shore facilities, and had recently been promoted.  Knox's glance was drawn past his wife to his daughter Ashley, age 17.  "Ash, by the time we reach the station, I better see a longer skirt on you, young lady," he said, sternly.  He did not enjoy the new rebellious stage his daughter had entered into, nor did he approve of her new fashion habits. 

"Is that an order, Captain?" she asked, sarcastically, as she tugged at her hem a little.  Knox raised his eyebrows, and she understood enough to retreat, grumbling, to the bedroom.

"That child...," Knox said, exasperatedly

"She's almost an adult, you know," Linda replied, as she followed him to the cockpit.

"That's the scary part," Knox said, with half of a grin, as he took the helm station.

"Preflight checks complete," the computer reported.

"Beagle to Bridge, requesting departure clearance," he said, after tapping his commbadge.

"Permission granted, Captain," the operations manager reported.  With that, the magnetic docking clamps disengaged and the Waverunner slipped out of the docking cradle on the bottom of the saucer section.  A few minutes later, it sat down in one of the shuttlebays on the station.

<Tag Anyone who would like to greet the Knox family>

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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
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OFF:  Hello!  I am Alex, the mind that guides and misdirects Cadet Rexus Spokar, Kepler Station's resident post-teen/young-adult tactical trainee.  I've been given permission to escort you and yours from the hangar to the Temporary Quarters.  He will then be nearby for whatever one would need a cadet on standby for. :)

[Kepler Station]
[Deck 15 - Hangar Bay]

Rexus Spokar stood in the crisp uniform of an Academy cadet, awaiting the doors of the recently landed Waverunner-class shuttle to open.  Seeing the hatch unseal and the Captain of the Sagan disembarking, he prodded the surface of his PADD to confirm his acquisition of his charges. 

Kepler Station had been his home for a very short amount of time, but he felt comfortable here.  Several old hands on on Kepler made it their duty to fill his idle hands with tasks and exercise to keep his worry-filled mind focused on his responsibilities.  Suddenly, he didn't have time to wonder if he would fit in or not.  When it was let known that the Station was to host a gathering of Task Force 47's commanding officers, that bubble of self-confidence popped and the nervous demeanor of an inexperienced midshipman began to seep into the Cadet's gumption.  Brass made him uneasy, though pretty much anything taller than a toddler set off his internal proximity alarms, and there weren't many toddlers on the Station.

The blue-eyed face loaded in Rexus' PADD matched that of the man striding toward him.  Captain Jonathan James Knox and his family approached.  The others confirmed his studies, Captain Linda Knox, Ashley Knox, and Joseph were following the Captain of the Sagan.  Sucking in his confidence and straightening his shoulders, he threw on his typical half-crooked smile and prepared to greet the newcomers.   

"Captain Knox!"  Rexus' voice cracked slightly and he paused to clear his throat.  "Welcome to Kepler Station."

OFF:: [Will send a starter for JP, immediately.] 


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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
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Since I'm itching to post, I'm gonna move on from that JP for the time being.

After buying Eva a margarita and tipping the bartender, Clay politely excused himself and walked over to an empty table. Pulling out a chair, Clay brought his Kingman around, pulled the pick out from in between the top 3 strings. Sitting, the commander brought his legs up and rested them on top of the table.

He had no doubt that his stance would gather attention. Maybe from that Commodore again, but he didn't imagine that would start until he did what was next. Letting his head hang back, Clay closed his and his fingers, through decades of practice and muscle memory played what came into his head. Moving across the pentatonic blues scale, playing notes and chords, Clay started playing a fairly generic blues piece. Not wanting to disturb anyone, he hummed quietly while lightly playing the strings, so only those within a table or two away would be able to hear.

Maybe that little Eva girl would come back around, given the way she practically threw herself at him, but Teller was post 60-years-old, and felt he was a bit past flings with girls. A woman, perhaps more so, but a girl around the same age as his daughter... It had been years since he had heard from Rachelle, slightly less so with his son, Cameron. But Teller didn't mind that much. Their mother chose to take them away from the life of an irresponsible father who was more interested in a career that looked to be going no where and cared more about music than his own family, and none of that was false. Clay and his kids were never close, but he hoped when they inevitably heard about his new-found command, they would surprise him with a message, congratulating their father at the very least, maybe even saying that they're proud of him.

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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
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Violet leaned against the bar to take the weight off her feet for a moment.  They were aching and her shift was far from over.  What was it about CO's that made them so much more demanding than regular customers?  The eighteen year-old scotch at the start of the night had been the simplest strange request all evening.  She was sure that half the drinks ordered tonight had been invented just to annoy her.

"Can I get you a top up?"  She asked Eva Blake who had just been escorted to the bar by some old guy and was finishing off a margarita.  Violet knew Eva was old too, or at least older, but she still didn't understand what the other woman saw in the men she hung around with.

"Always," Eva told the girl and held her glass out.  While it was being topped up, she kicked her sandals off onto the floor and her leg under herself.  "So what do you think?" Eva asked, "any of them take your fancy?"

"My father always told me if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."  Violet replied with a slightly amused smile.  She was probably less than half the other woman's age so doubted their tastes were even remotely close.  Besides since the whole Bradley incident Violet wasn't sure what her taste in men was.  They only created drama.  "I'm sure of one thing though," she added with at slight wink at Eva, "none of them will be anywhere near as great as they think they are."  She had observed enough Commanding Officers during her life to know that it required a large supply of ego.

Eva threw her head back and laughed.  "Not just COs, dear.  All men are like that.  Some women are too.  The Admiral for instance, as lovely as she is, might think of herself as superior and untouchable.  But underneath it all, she's a woman.  And they're still men.  So which one is giving you the most trouble?" Eva asked and turned to survey the men on offer.

Violet shrugged, "they haven't actually been too bad."  She glanced towards Rautha and then back towards Eva.  "Might be because the new boss scares them."  She suggested with a grin.  While she had no doubt the Cardassian lounge owner could take care of himself in a fight he had never given her any indication to believe he was like the stereotypes.  Of course most of the CO's present would have fought in the war so even if Rautha were the most innocent Cardassian in existence some would still judge him by the actions of his previous government.

Her own family descended from parts of Earth that were involved in what history called the wrong side of the second World War, so Violet could sympathise a little.  Not that she would ever be held accountable for something that happened hundreds of years ago.

"There is one guy," the teenage waitress added as an after thought, "I think they called him St. Cloud?  He's probably been the worst."

"Which one is that?" Eva asked.

Violet raised herself up on the bar slightly to get a better look at the people around them.  "That one," she said, pointing to a reasonably tall man with somewhat spiky brown hair and a short ragged beard.  "Mr. Eighteen year-old Single Malt.  But like I said they haven't been too bad.  I was expecting a lot worse given what I've heard about Mr. Blake--" it was too late to stop herself from finishing that sentence once she remembered whose sister she was talking to.

Eva noted the man in question.  Reasonably attractive, she noted.  She turned her attention back to Violet, amusement in her eyes and asked, "Oh?  What have you heard?"

"Oh... you know... stuff..." Violet replied in a desperate attempt to backpedal.  For the most part she didn't think Eva would care what rumours had been circulating about her brother, but Violet was more worried about being reported as a source of those rumours to the man in question.  He already disliked her without adding to it.  "I hear a lot of things people are talking about.  Doesn't mean anything..."

"Of course not," Eva said and took a sip of her drink.  "Mmm...  They are fun though.  My favourite one, is that he keeps a woman locked in his ready room en suite.  Yours?"

Violet could feel her face turning a light shade of red.  "A woman in his en suite?"  She repeated sounding as dumbfounded as she was.  "I uh... I hadn't heard that one."  She added sheepishly.  If even half the rumours floating around the station were true it was no wonder Isis was driven out of her mind trying to keep everything running.  Feeling a little emboldened by the fact Eva had started the ball rolling she answered the question, "I guess the one I found the funniest was that he gets married once a year."

"Always a possibility," Eva said with mock seriousness.  "What I want to know though is what he does with them afterwards."

"Maybe they're all in a vault somewhere secretly powering Kepler on treadmills or something?"  Violet suggested with a laugh.  "Rumours are almost never based on fact anyway, they're based on the lack of facts.  People filling in the gaps with whatever pops into their heads at the time."  Shifting the foot stool she used for reaching things around, and dropping down onto it, Violet moved somewhat closer to Eva.  "I once heard people saying they thought my father had given birth to me during a transporter accident and it took him months to convince me otherwise.  I think I was seven before I used the transporters again."

"That's funny and sad," Eva said and patted her on the hand.  "People can be so cruel sometimes, without realising it.  They can ruin lives and careers.  There was a rumour that I was having an affair with my mentor.  I loved the man dearly, because he was my mentor and he was truly gifted in his art, but not in a sexual way.  I suppose he was like the father I never had.  We just understood each other, you know?  Which is funny because he has so many more morals than I do.  Anyway, it nearly ruined him and his marriage."

Violet nodded and then with a frown she said, "People are too quick to judge."  She had accused her father of that with Bradley and refused to listen to him on the subject.  Unfortunately there were just about as many times when people were right as wrong.  But either way that was why Violet had always tried to come to her own conclusions about things.  "I hope we can learn to get past that one day."

"Yes, they are," Eva agreed.  She lifted the margarita to her lips and gulped back the drink.  "Another please.  Get one for yourself and don't worry about this lot.  They spend all day every day being uptight and stressed out, having to worry about the lives of their crew and fate of their ships, otherwise known as their wives.  This is one of the few times they get to let their hair down and be with their peers.  It's hard work being a CO, so Greg tells me, they can't be perfect all the time."

As Violet poured another drink for Eva she looked out at the group of Commanders.  "I guess it's like being a parent except you have more kids than you know what to do with," she thought aloud.  "Did you ever think of joining Starfleet?  I know people keep expecting me to because of my father, is it the same for older brothers?"

"He's never mentioned it," she replied.  While Violet had been pouring, Eva had noticed one of the COs looking her way, with a familiar look on his face.  She smiled coyly back and slid the hem of her dress a little higher.  "I think we both know I'm not Starfleet material.  I can't even commit to getting out of bed at the same time every day.  In fact I'd be surprised if I even have a job when I finally manage to get back home."

"Oh?"  Violet placed the drink in front of Eva and then poured herself one.  She didn't really drink but one wouldn't hurt.  "Well I'm sure you'll find something, you're not exactly slow."  She assured the older woman with a friendly smile.  "I feel the same way about Starfleet though.  I couldn't handle all the repression required to wear one of those uniforms.  Not to mention how badly designed they are!"

"I'd rather go to work naked," Eva agreed about the uniforms.  "And speaking of repression, most of these men will be very repressed."

Violet wasn't sure what she meant by that so instead of responding to the comment she took a sip of her drink.

"As for work?  I boarded Kepler when it was still in the Delta Quadrant," Eva explained.  "Greg's already tried to set me packing once and well... you heard about the Hippocrates, I'm sure.  So I've been gone quite a few months now.  I hope someone fed Herbie while I was gone.  He's the plant I have in my office.  Holographic, but still programed to die if he's neglected.  I don't trust myself with real plants and animals.  You?"

Programming a holographic plant to die seemed a bit much to Violet but she just smiled.  "Isis has a bunch of plants, I think she collects them.  I've just got my Degosan twin-tailed gecko, named Indigo."  She explained before adding, "dad got him for me on my tenth birthday.  Come to think of it that was the first time we'd been living on a station... I prefer Starships personally but I don't get to choose."

"Why not?" Eva asked.  She ran her fingertip slowly along the rim of her glass and cast another glance at the CO who had been checking her out earlier.  It seemed he was still interested, so she put her alcohol moistened finger in her mouth and sucked on it before returning her full attention to Violet.  "Oh, you still live with your father?"

Violet noticed the strange behaviour but couldn't tell who Eva kept looking at so she dismissed it and took another sip of her drink.  "In theory.  In practice he's in the Delta Quadrant and I'm here.  He's Chief Security Officer of the USS Endeavour, which was supposed to make regular stops here.  Which was the only reason he agreed to letting me stay."  She didn't want to go into details but since Eva's mind seemed to be elsewhere that wasn't likely to be an issue.

"You must be younger than I thought," said Eva.  "I first left home at sixteen.  Well, it wasn't really home.  My mothers left me with Janette, our sister, so they could go to some... thing.  I don't remember what.  So I ran away," she said with a shrug.

"I'm nineteen," Violet protested, "and besides he's all the family I have apart from some cousins on Earth."  Skulling the remainder of her margarita the teenager leaned over and put her glass into the dirty dishes tray under the bar.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Eva said apologetically.  Before she could offer any further words of comfort, another of the Commanding Officers approached for a drink.  He smiled at the two women.  Eva smiled back but took the opportunity to slip off her stool, with her drink and after waving goodbye to Violet, left for the main poker table.

Violet had been about to say something to Eva when she made her exit.  Instead she shifted her gaze to the newcomer, "Hi, what can I get you?"  She asked with a friendly smile.

Brought to you by:

Eva Blake
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Commodore Gregory Blake
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Kepler Station


Violet Matthews
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Lieutenant John Reynolds
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Re: Eat, Drink and be Merry
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Tad stopped as he was led to the private room and he saw the rank of those assembled.  "Hello," Tad said, "Lt. Commander Thaddeus Mealani of the Steadfast, reporting for Captain Rolandson."  He looked around the room, wondering where to salute first.

Standing up, Commodore Tal offered a hand and welcomed the newcomer to the table. “Greetings Commander. Forgive me, but we were expecting Captain Rolandson. I hope all is well?”

The warmth and sincerity of the Bajoran Commodore washed over Tad, even with his shields raised and in place.  Tad found himself smiling as he took the other man's hand.  "As well as can be expected when the admiralty gets a burr up their..."

He stopped, again realizing the people he was in the room with.  The man who's hand he was shaking was only a hair's breadth away from being an admiral himself.  He swallowed, wondering if it were possible to get athlete's throat from sticking your foot in your mouth and then smiled.  "It'll be well.  We had some - diplomatic - problems followed by a rather nasty vole infestation which caused a riot and nearly destroyed a quarter of the Avalon Fleet Yards.  His insistence on sticking up for his crew meant that we were ordered to the Gavarian sector while he stayed behind to clear up the mess."

But, asking about the captain reminded Tad why he had come in the first place.  "Commodore, I'd like to talk to you about my ship's crew being allowed quarters on the station during the next week or so?"

Tal already liked the honesty of the tables newest occupant. As he released the man’s hand, the Bajoran took his seat once more. "That would be Commodore Blake you need to speak to. But all in good time, Commander. The night is young and there is a game to be won. Care to join us for a hand of poker?" Tal went around the table. "Meet Commander T. Malcolm St. Cloud of the Ajax, Commander Leon Portnoy of the Odyssey and Lieutenant Julian Durand of the Wanderer." As the Commodore took his seat again, he caught a glimpse of a young woman sitting at the bar. Attractive, short and blonde, she was very easy on the eye. Shaking his head with a little smile, he pulled his attention back to the men around the table.

"Nice to meet you," St. Cloud said, raising his glass to the newcomers.  "Pull up a chair and join us for a drink and a game."

Tad was prepared to ask to have Blake pointed out to him when he heard the invitation to play poker.  His eyes narrowed as he tried to sense if this was part of some larger joke or ruse.  "Really?  You're asking me to join you for a game of poker?"  He chuckled as he pulled out a chair.  "By all means, Commodore, deal me in."

He said a quick greeting to the others at the table.

Leon studied the man who just joined them. "Be ready to umm.... How to put it, not win?" He said, smilling a chilling smile. As the cards was dealt he stared at Mealani, cast a quick glanced at the hand dealt to him before returning his gaze to the XO.

Tad considered the other man for a second before allowing himself to smile.  "Well, sir," Tad said, keeping his tone light and respectful.  "I was a junior diplomat for far too long so I am used you so eloquently put it...not winning.  A lot.  This will just be another example of that."  He left his cards on the table, unviewed.  He glanced at the others, people who had actual commands under their belt, and waited for the first round of betting to begin.

Julian left his cards unviewed, still laying face down on the table as he tossed a few credits onto the table. He whirled around briefly, flagging down the young woman carrying the drinks and ordered another martini.

"Alright gentlemen," he said, smiling, "time to fleece an Admiral. It's to you, sir. Lets see if your luck holds true."

With the same self-sure smirk on his face, he nodded to Tal, and crossed his arms over his chest.

St. Cloud impassively glanced down at his cards, then up at the pot. He tossed a few chips into the pile then picked up his glass of scotch and sipped it thoughtfully.

Tal glanced down at his cards and contemplated for mere seconds, the look on his face never changing. A good hand, but not the best. He decided that it was good enough to stay in the game. "I’m in." Ante's had already been placed, time to up the stakes. "And I raise you 10." He tried his best not to look over at the bar and the beautiful blonde he had spotted, but her beauty was captivating. He could share his concentration between both the game and the woman couldn’t he?

Portnoy immediately jumped in. "Leon Portnoy doesn`t not resist a challenge. I see your ten, and raise you 5..." He leaned back with a satisfied smile, while stroking his beard.

Tad, glancing around the table, allowed a small smile to curl his lips.  "Well, sorry about that, but a little too rich," he said.  He took his cards, which he still had not looked at, and threw them to the center.  "I'll fold this hand."  He watched as the rest of the hand played out.

"I'm game," St. Cloud informed them, tossing the chips into the pot.  He looked at the remaining players before giving a wry grin.  "Alright then, lets see what you've got."

Texas Hold’Em was a game Tal loved to play, even though he wasn’t always good at it. On the table before him lay five cards – ace of hearts, jack of hearts, three of spades, eight of clubs and ten of hearts.

That left several possibilities. Looking at his own cards, he placed them on the table face up. “Three of a kind.” It wasn’t the best of hands, but not the worst. The jack of diamonds and the jack of spades was the best he could conjour.

Leon flipped up his cards showing his hand. "Two pairs. Ace and eight..."
He looked at the admiral. "Next time"

St. Cloud tossed down his own two cards, the eight of diamonds and the eight of hearts, with a grunt of disappointment. 
"Looks like it goes to you, Commodore," St. Cloud informed Tal.

Julian tossed his hand down on the table face up, and said "I fold, gentlemen. I'd ask 'who dealt this crap,' but I believe it was me..."

Leon laughed. "Quite so. One more game?"


A JP between Commodore Tal, Commander St. Cloud, Commander Portnoy, Lt. Commander Mealani and Lieutenant Durand.