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Honey, I'm Holm!
« on: April 04, 2011, 09:14:20 pm »
Bridge, USS Endeavour

“USS Freya has broken off mooring and is departing on her own power, Admiral,” the young woman at Operations said. “Captain Holmes wishes you luck and good fortune in the Expanse.”

Admiral Jeremiah Holden smiled widely, and replied “Send the same sentiments back, Lieutenant. Trust me when I tell you she’ll need it.”

He rose from center seat, and straightened out his uniform. He took a sweeping glance around the bridge of the Excalibur Class Starship. When he’d resigned his commission half a year ago, he’d never expected to be sitting center seat in one of the most massive, impressive starships in Starfleet’s manifest. It had been a shock when he’d been served his ‘return to active duty’ mandate, and even more of a shock when he was told where he would be stationed. He had been expecting to be sent to some wayward backwater station out beyond the Expanse, and had instead been given command of the Endeavour.

He turned to face his XO, Commander Cole Lockwood. He’d been impressed with the man’s service record, and over the past few months, he had begun to feel that they had developed an easy rapport with each other.

“Commander,” he began. “I’ll need you to prepare the daily review for the senior staff meeting. I have a pressing engagement with the Doctor for a physical, and you know she doesn’t like to be kept waiting for any reason.”

The man nodded, and pulled out a PADD, getting quickly to work.

“I’d like to get a rotation going where we can get through these physicals as quickly as possible. Let’s prioritize the medical staff’s attention on that, seeing as there’s nothing pressing happening in the...”

Holden’s comment was interrupted by a brilliant white flash splaying across the bridge, and the ship rocking hard to her port side. The inertial dampers kicked in seconds later, righting the ship again.

Bracing himself against a nearby station, Holden shouted out “Status report!”

“Spatial anomaly forming 100 kilometers off the starboard bow! Never seen anything like it before sir. Sensors are trying to capture it now,” the officer at science shouted.

“Red Alert!” Holden shouted, sitting back down in center seat. “Bring it up on the viewscreen.”

Holden watched in awe as the bright flash subsided and a rupture appeared in it’s place. It stretched, like a crack on a fine sheet of ice, snaking it’s way across the viewscreen. Holden watched in fascination as it grew larger and larger, and began to open like a yawning chasm.

“Admiral?” Lockwood asked.

“Hold,” he ordered.

Another bright white flash spread across the viewscreen, accompanied by a deafening crack. Holden gripped the armrests of his chair tightly, leaning forward with rapt attention. Astral anomalies had been one of his majors at the Academy, and he’d never seen anything like this one. He looked down for a moment at the sensor stream running across his terminal. The data looked all too familiar.

“Polarize the viewscreen,” he said with as calm a voice as he could muster.

The brightness faded away quickly, and on the screen floated a small Regula Class Station that had not been there mere seconds before. He stood, his attention fully devoted to the situation.


“Off the scale, sir! I can’t get any readings!”

He turned quickly to the Ops officer, and said “Open a channel, all frequencies.”  She turned and nodded to him to signify that he was broadcasting.

“Attention unidentified station: This is Admiral William J Holden of the USS Endeavour.  Please respond on any frequency available to you, and advise if you need assistance. Holden standing by.”

Post written by:

Rear Admiral Jeremiah William Holden
Commanding Officer / TF92CO
USS Endeavour
Former CO Gregory Blake


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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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|USS Endeavour
|Main Engineering
|Status/Briefing Station

“So as you can see sir, I think by shutting two out of the five anti-matter injectors we can clea...” Jack’s sentence was cut off in mid stride by a sudden rocking of the ship. Lieutenant Elias Maxwell grabbed the main briefing station with both hands to steady himself. All around the main engineering bay a klaxon sounded Admiral Holden’s voice came over the intercom “Red Alert”. The lighting changed to a slight crimson and Jack started running checks on all systems and backups. Seeing everything in order he looked up to Maxwell, “Sir, everything is still in the green. All primary and secondary systems are functioning and the inertial dampening system is kicking in. Structural integrity is holding.”

“Thank you Ensign. Let’s get to our stations people, this isn’t a drill!” Turning away, Lieutenant Maxwell started issuing orders to the engineering crew. Jack looked back down and began a report for the bridge. He then, as per SOP’s, began running checks and triple checks on all critical systems to make sure they were in top operating order. Stuck down in engineering with no eyes and ears on what was going on it was best to make sure you were ready for any contingent. Elias made his way back over to the briefing station and Jack handed him the status report for the bridge. “Once again, thank you Ensign.” Raising his voice to be heard over the red alert, Maxwell gave a report from the bridge. “Okay people, a spatial anomaly has formed in front of us and deposited a Regula class space station directly in our path. Admiral Holden is attempting to find out more information so for now let’s keep our heads and be ready for anything. Ensign, deliver this report to the bridge.” Signing off on the report and handing it back to Jack, Maxwell went to the status display of the ship and began punching in commands.

Turning and heading for the corridor that would lead to the turbolift to the bridge, Jack straightened his uniform. He had never been to the bridge before and he was more than a little nervous. All of the senior officers as well as Admiral Holden would be there attending to a serious situation. He wasn’t even sure who to hand the report to when he got to the bridge, but he decided that it would most likely be the executive officer. Sighing he entered his destination into the turbolift computer and listened to the quiet hum as he passed deck by deck. Finally the hum stopped and Jack straightened his posture as the doors to the bridge opened. It was huge! Jack was sure that it was easily the size of main engineering. Exiting the lift, he looked over as the executive officer stood and motioned him over. Jack walked over and handed the report over. Reading it over, the XO signed it and nodded in thanks. Jack then moved back to the lift and left the bridge. It was odd, his first trip to the bridge and there was a quiet expectation in the air and it left him curious.

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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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It had been a while since Lieutenant Apres Lana had felt such emotions prior to meeting with a senior officer.  The last time was no question, and she could remember to the minute the time and date when she last saw him and told him she was leaving for good.  This time, though, the dynamic was more uncertain, and the redheaded Bajoran was not yet sure of her own sentiments.

She hated being unsure.

The door chimed to inform Commander Lockwood that he had a visitor.  He looked up from the padd in his hand, glanced over at the chronometer and knew it would be Lieutenant Apres.  She was always punctual.

"Open," he instructed the computer and set the padd aside.  He smiled.  She looked as petulant as ever.  "Take a seat Lieutenant and tell me how I can help you today."

Uncharacteristically, Lana had not carefully anticipated the conversation prior to arriving.  She found herself momentarily at a lost for words.  Though it was likely barely a full second, it felt as though an eternity before her brain caught up.  The redhead hoped the XO hadn't noticed, covering any remnants of insecurity with bluster.  As usual.  "The transfer orders, Commander.  I understand if you have been otherwise occupied and not yet reviewed the latest personnel assignment summaries, but I believe you will agree this is simply unacceptable."  The lieutenant thrust the PADD into Lockwood's hands like a bloody dagger, evidence of some heinous crime.  "A Task Force flagship simply cannot be expected to operate without a full compliment.  Fleet cannot keep draining our resources and expect us to satisfy both our administrative and operational missions.  Sir."

Cole leaned back in his chair and regarded her for a moment before he answered.  Instead of putting her out of her misery however he pushed her further into it.  "I know about the orders, Lieutenant.  I made them.  At the request of the Admiral.  Now do you have a problem with any transfer in particular or your own?"

Lana ignored the implication that her reservations were anything short of professional.  "I realize that Kepler and her crew have been put through a lot, sir, but Fleet... you cannot expect this ship to run without the key staff you want to put toward repairing the station."

Cole frowned.  While he agreed with her he still had to be seen to support his CO and these were his orders.  "I'm pretty sure that you're not insinuating that the majority of this crew are incompetent.  For the most part these are temporary transfers to help get Kepler back on its feet.  Once that objective has been met... well I suspect most will return to Endeavour after her current patrol mission.   Will that appease you Lieutenant or will we resort to name-calling again to resolve this problem?"

Lana winced at the reference.  Even after all these years away from the emotional scars of her youth, and even after some preliminary efforts at reconciling with her surviving family, the anger still burst forth unexpectedly, and Lockwood had been the last person she wanted to appear to as a loose cannon.  "Sir.  I apologize again for the prior incident.  I do not think that you are... the things that I called you."

"Good, cause I don't either," he said and smiled to show the past was forgotten, at least for now.  "As for the orders.  The Admiral has already signed off on them.  Your... opinion is however noted and also welcome.  If all goes well, we should be back on Endeavour in a month, two at the most.  Now, unless there's anything else, I'll meet you in transporter two, in three hours."

"Transporter... too?"  Lieutenant Apres was not one often found with her mouth gaping, but she looked completely befuddled right now.  "It really is not necessary for you to see me off, sir..."

Cole's smile grew.  "I agree, but I'll be going with you, Lieutenant."

"You will be..."  Her confusion extended as she processed the information that she would be indefinitely detailed to working closely with the Commander before it turned back to the much more familiar outrage.  "The Admiral will have no Executive Officer!?  This... this is unacceptable!"

"Lieutenant Commander Hahn will be Acting XO while I'm away," Cole explained.  He pushed back his chair, rose to his feet and escorted the Bajoran to the door.  "He is qualified.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have to pack.  I'll see you in three hours, Lieutenant.  Don't be late."

JP by Sarah and Elisa
Former CO Gregory Blake


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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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Stardate: 63547.47
Personal Log: Chief Petty Officer Thomas Stuarde
Posting: Kepler Station

Start log entry:

I can’t believe this happened.  Okay, I know I need to get my thoughts out before I write my report.  The fact that we moved half way across the quadrant is still sinking in, but I guess I’ll get to that.

Alright, so, as best as I can figure, considering that most of the computer systems went down, the station was attack at about 4 in the morning.  I had just come up duty, I’d stayed on an extra shift in order to attempt to write up a report for Commander Rae.  I’d been trying to convince the commodore that the station was in potential danger from an irregular force but he just wouldn’t listen to me.  He finally shunted me off to his XO, but I think he’d just expected the issue to vanish.

At the time of the attack, I getting ready to bed down.  After exiting the shower, I was thrown across the room by the impact.  I was able to make contact with Petty Officer T’Raia and we began to make our way toward the command deck, armed with my side arm and hand lights.  We were forced to climb through the lift shafts as far as the promenade, but we couldn’t make any further progress toward the command deck.  From this location, we were met by Lieutenant Reynolds.  We began to believe that the station could be under a continued attack and decided to use the Jeffries tubes to reach the armory.

Again, we managed to meet much of the rest of the crew that had been gathering at the armory and the decisions were made to split into teams.  The three of us opted to move toward the shuttlebay in the hope that a runabout would be intact and that we would be able use it as a makeshift transport pad, which we were fortunately able to do.  On route to the position, we were ambushed by a group of bajorans.  I’m still trying to understand why John would leap into an open hallway with enemy combatants firing, but I can’t argue with results.

We managed to get the captives the terrorists had taken out of the command deck from there.  After this point, we’d just been trying to put the station back together and get our reports out and some calls for reinforcements.

And that wasn’t all!  I don’t know what happened, I really don’t, but here we are, right?  This damned station just wouldn’t be happy leaving us with just one crisis to recover from, would it?  No, now the USS Endeavor is outside and we’re stuck wondering how we moved from one side of the Cardassian Empire to the other and lose six months in the process!  Somewhere in there, Commander Rae asked me to help take some her load off, so now I’m doing my normal duties and acting as an operations officer.

AND NOW, I have to get a new set of reports ready for a new CO while Blake’s off duty.  Oh yeah, let’s not forget that, the commodore has been removed from command and we’ve got a new commander from Endeavor to try put things back together.  You know, I just don’t get it.  I wonder if I can get a transfer yet...
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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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"Personal log, stardate 63210.27"

The room was pitch black and the lone occupant sat on the corner of his bed staring down at the floor.  He felt numb yet to describe him as such hardly did it justice... he felt like someone had opened his veins and poured ice water inside his very being.  The small photograph clutched tightly in his hands was damp from tears that had begun almost the instant the doors had closed behind him and he'd been alone.  Alone... that had a whole new meaning now.

"My daugh--" he closed his eyes tightly and tried to stop himself from choking up again.  He could barely wrap his head around it.  "My daughter."  Once again his voice failed to provide him with the words he was searching for.  "About an hour ago I was informed that my daughter, Violet, has been..." his voice grew faint as he said the one thing he wished more than anything wasn't true, "killed along with the men and women living on Kepler Station.  Details are sketchy at best but it is assumed that the destruction is a result of the attack they sustained a few hours prior... for the first time since my demotion I'm pleased not to be heading up the Department.  I can barely pull myself together to make this stupid log... let alone function on duty..."

Forcing himself to his feet Harrison slowly crossed towards the bathroom and turned on the tap before splashing some cold water on his face.  It wasn't helping.  Nothing was.  How could anything possibly make losing his daughter easy?  He clenched his fists tightly until the knuckles had turned white and his palm stung from the effort.  What kind of bastards would kill an innocent girl further their cause?  Before he really knew what he was doing he had smashed the bathroom mirror, blood trickling from the wounds, and was already throwing drawers and their contents around the room.

Finally after he had collapsed from exhaustion the Assistant Chief Security Officer broke down again.  She was nineteen... barely old enough to have even enjoyed life and now it had been taken away from her.  And she had been taken away from him.


"Stardate 63250 *hic* point 04.  Want to hear something hilarious?"  Harrison laughed bitterly as he stumbled towards the small kitchen area.  His quarters were only slightly less trashed than they had been for the past few weeks.  He himself looked like someone who had barely slept in that time.  Fuelled on by a mixture of alcohol and coffee.  A mixture that leaned more towards the former than the latter.  "I've been put on 'suggested bereavement leave' for the foreseeable future."

Grabbing hold of the fridge door he flung it open forcefully and reached inside for another bottle of beer.  Before Violet's death he hadn't been much of a drinker but since receiving the news in March he'd taken every opportunity he could to stock up on the real stuff.  "Can't believe the fucking audacity of that bastard Lockwood!"  He continued as he pryed open the bottle and downed a swig.  "I lost my only child and that prick treats me like the badguy!"  Dropping down onto the couch he leaned back and let out a long sigh.  "I might have started that fight but I wasn't on duty so what the hell's the problem?  Then that putz Vidarr got involved so I've got to see him on a regular basis..." taking another pull from the bottle he managed to calm himself down a little.  "If it weren't for Apres I probably would've been suspended... guess she's not so bad after all..." his eyelids began to grow heavy until finally he'd fallen asleep, tipping the remains of the bottle over both himself and the couch.


"Personal log... uh... stardate 63509.20 I think..." Harrison rubbed at his temples lightly as he stepped up to the bathroom mirror.  The broken one had long since been replaced by Operations along with everything else he'd broken back in March and then again in April.  Anger had been his closest companion the past dozen weeks.  "To be honest I've not been keeping track of time lately... but I do know my shift starts in about an hour.  They've finally agreed to let me perform light duties until I prove my drinking is under control..." that had taken a lot of persuasion on his part.  Not that he blamed them for being skeptical considering his mood swings since Violet's death.

Even the trip back to Earth for a Memorial with his family hadn't helped matters.  If anything that had only made him angrier.  She wasn't in Starfleet yet because of an attack directed at the Establishment there was no body to burry.  They knew that might be the case for him, and his neice Sienna who also served in the Fleet, but they were never prepared for it with Violet.

"I suppose if I could take a minute to think about this from their perspective, which isn't always the easiest thing to do, they've been really lenient on me..." he picked up the small razor and began shaving the three months of growth he'd been ignoring until now.  He wasn't a fan of facial hair but looking after himself hadn't exactly been a priority lately.  But this second chances from the higher ups wasn't something he took lightly so he needed to look the part.


"Stardate 63547.44," Harrison glanced towards the rear wall of his quarters, where a selection of framed photos had been put on display.  "despite feeling like nothing good will ever come into my life again I've been taken off probation... looks like they trust me to keep them safe again."  He laughed sadly, "ironic when I couldn't protect my little girl..." Heading towards the door he ordered the computer to turn off the lights.  "Guess we'll have to see how things go today.  Maybe there'll be a silver lining I overlooked somewhere..."

"Computer, end recording."  With that the doors closed and the room was enveloped by darkness except for a small light directed towards one of the pictures on the wall.  A happy, smiling, nineteen year-old girl was somewhat impatiently waiting for her father to take the picture so they could get onto the transport and head off on the long trip to the Delta Quadrant.  Where they could start a new life full of excitement and adventure.  Beneath the frame were small engraved letters and numbers; 6 October 2366 - 18 March 2386.

From the Personal Log of:

Chief Petty Officer Harrison Matthews
Assistant Chief of Security
USS Endeavour, Taskforce 92
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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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Personal Log
Stardate 63210.15

Earlier today we held a funeral for those killed as a result of the terrorist attack of two days ago. Excluding the terrorists themselves, the final death toll stands at 9. While a comparatively small number, I'm sure those who knew the dead are feeling the loss.

At the funeral I was a member of the honor guard, somehow it just seemed the right thing to do. During the (Romulan) War, we rarely held proper funerals. As in the many wars of old on Earth, during a lull in the fighting many of the fallen were buried where they fell. Ironic how many didn't even know many of the planets existed before the outbreak of hostiles and yet they found themselves fighting, dieing and being buried on these planets.

I only have base level training in psychology but I almost think those deaths were easier to deal with than those that recently occurred here on Kepler. When talking with the others from the Neptune, I discovered we all have the same idea. The consensus is that the deaths during the war, while equally tragic, were more expected. Kepler on the other hand was a relatively unassuming station on the edge of Federation space. It was not expected that we would be randomly attacked by terrorists who seemed undiscriminating in who they targeted. Perhaps that is why Kepler was the target of the attack. They, whoever they were, were not after Kepler specifically. Instead they wanted certain information and Kepler provided an easy way to gain that information. I just hope that if Kepler is targeted again, we are able to better repel any boarders. Security is wanting to train the other departments in basic combat which should increase our chances should something like this happen again.

Personal Log updated Stardate: 63547.7

Fate must like playing jokes on me as I once again find myself thrown into the future. Somehow, through means we have yet to figure out, Kepler station and her inhabitants have shifted both positions and transported 5 months into the future. As with the Neptune, we were declared MIA and many people thought we were lost. I don't yet know how others will deal with the transition, it's not as drastic as what affected the Neptune but it is hard to suddenly lose part of your life regardless of if it's 5 months or 200 years. Perhaps I should pursue a degree in Temporal Mechanics, it might come in handy in the future.

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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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|USS Endeavour
|Transporter Room 1, Deck 4

Harrison burned with an impatience he hadn't felt in years.  Like a child on Christmas morning who had to stare at his presents until an agreed upon time where everyone would gather to open them.  The hell of the last few months felt long forgotten as he neared the Transporter Pad.  "Ready when you are."  He informed the operator.

|Kepler Station
|Transporter Room 2, Deck 10

"Welcome to Kepler Station, Chief."  Kepler's Transporter operator greeted him with the usual politeness required of someone in their place.  Unfortunately for the poor woman Harrison wasn't in the mood for pleasantries right now.  He took off towards the quarters he and Violet had been assigned last time he'd been here.  It wasn't until he was half way there that he remembered she had been living with Lt. Commander Rae since then...

"Computer, where is Violet Matthews?"  He asked while looking around for any signs of someone who could help him out.  The station was eerily quiet.  He supposed that was to be expected given the small amount of crew assigned here.  Even the ones from Endeavor wouldn't boost the total much.

"Violet Matthews is currently in Doctor Sarah Martin's quarters."  Answered the computer simply with its usual monotone.

"Who the hell's Sarah Martin?"

"Please restate the question."

"Never mind!"  Harrison replied with a sigh.  After wandering around aimlessly for a few more minutes he finally spotted someone.  "Hey," he called out to the young man as he jogged over towards him.  "I could use some help finding my way around, would you mind--" noticing the rank insignia he added, "--Cadet?"

"Uhm, yes Chief?"  Cadet Rexus Spokar turned to regard the older man and took a quick glance at this collar just in time.  Adjusting the phaser on his belt and straightening up his slouch, the Angosian grinned.  "Ah, from the Endeavor right?  Where did you need to go?"

"Yes that's right,"  Harrison replied with a nod, scolded himself for not introducing himself first; it was only polite.  Especially with all the new faces walking around while Endeavour was hanging around.  "I'm looking for Doctor Martin's quarters.  I've only been here once so can't remember where the Officers are situated."

"Ah, Doc Martin!"  Rexus beamed as he felt himself filled with a sense of purpose, however small.  "Here follow me.  Its not far." 

The Cadet walked the Chief Petty Officer toward the turbolift and followed him in, plotting the deck number.  As the doors slid shut, Rexus prattled on.

"We're real glad to have some reinforcements.  After this whole terrorist thing the other day... well months ago for you... the time/space shift is going to take some time getting used to..."  The young Angosian shook his head ruefully.  "But in a odd kind of way, it kinda helping us come together.  I mean, I've been making friends with folks I usually don't talk to normally.  Sometimes its a good thing to have a pub that serves real alcohol to vent our griefs over."

Harrison tried not to laugh at the younger man's eagerness.  He had probably been much the same when he was in the Academy.  "Make sure you don't let that vent turn into a full blown rupture, Cadet.  Some things are harder to make up for than others."  He would probably spend the next year making up for his own recent slump.

Over his lifetime he had always managed to keep it together...

When his parents had died, while he was away at Starfleet Academy, it had been hard to remain focused yet he still managed it.  Twenty-odd years later when Lucy had left him alone to raise an infant daughter he hadn't skipped a beat.  Even just over two years ago when that little bastard had used his daughter... well maybe not then actually.  But that time he had only made sure to give the punk the scare of a lifetime.  This time he had jeopardized his entire career by allowing the despair he felt over losing Violet to consume him.  And here he was five months later on his way to see her.

Life could be strange.

"Oh, we do fine.  'That which does not kill us only makes us stronger'.  Some do well alone.  Some of us are becoming couples.  Heck, I might have a girlfriend after all this."  Rexus mused with an almost conspiratory hush.  "You said you're meeting Doc Martin?  You'll probably hear this pretty soon anyway, but she's been hanging out with The Security Chief here, Lieutenant Reynolds.  They're probably an item.  I hope you're not a suitor of hers..."

Harrison raised an eyebrow slightly at the statement.  "I've never met the woman."  He said simply as he watched the young man's reaction.  He was in a Yellow trimmed uniform but that didn't reveal which department he was from.  "And I never said I was meeting her.  I said I was looking for her quarters."

The doors of the turbolift opened, distracting Rexus from putting the information together in any sensible fashion.  They exited, making their way down the corridors toward the Officer's Quarters.

Harrison smiled to himself as he began to peice a few things together and when he realised the kid was oblivious to who he was looking for.  The eagerness to see his daughter again was all that kept him from correcting the mistaken assumption.

"We're almost there."  Rexus had etched the route to Doctor Martin's in his brain.  With Violet staying there, he had to come around a couple times.  First to pick her up for that "kind-of" date and later to drag her to the Medical Bay for Cassiopeia.  Of course, then she wasn't dressed to recieve visitors... Rexus had to grab some pants for her and lend her his jacket that he still hadn't gotten back...  "Oh shoot!" 

The last thing he wanted to do is embarrass Violet because he brought a visitor for Doc Martin, first thing in the morning.  She was probably still in her nightie crashed out on the couch.  When they crashed together at Cassi's place, she had a tendency to drop her trousers to sleep.  If he hadn't been so dog tired he might have had some trouble sleeping that night.  He began to pick up the pace and turned back to address the older man.

"Oh, sorry, I need to run ahead a little to make sure they're decent before I bring you in.  One of the girls there has a tendency to run around half dressed."  Rexus wore a real foolish grin on his face as he obviously was reminiscing about something, quickly he pulled away.  "Not that I mind, I mean, I guess I'm used to it by now... but I worry for her, y'know?"

The slight smile on Harrison's face dropped and he glared at the Cadet's back.  It was a good thing he hadn't been drinking in a number of weeks or that might not have gone down so well.  "She's alive."  He reminded himself quietly, "that's all that matters!"

Getting to the door a good bit before the guy from the Endeavor, Rexus prodded the door plate to the quarters. 

"Hey there, Violet!"  The young Angosian chirped.  "Wake up, there's a visitor for Doc Martin!"

The door opened after a moment and Violet stepped up to the threshold to address the visitors.  Despite Rexus' comments, and hopes, she was dressed and had been up and about for a couple of hours.  "Sarah's at some department head briefing.  Dunno wha--" her mouth dropped open as a tall dark-haired man stepped up behind Rexus.  The all too familiar smile had the instantaneous affect of making Violet cry.  "Daddy?"  She was barely audible as she pushed passed Rexus and leapt into her father's arms.

"Hey squirt."  Harrison squeezed her tightly as he used the force of her jump to carry them around in a full circle.  Burying his face in her hair he started to cry as well.  Both had completely forgotten about the presence of the poor Cadet who had led him to the door.

Rexus freaked.  He had... in front of her dad.... oh crap

But then, watching Violet being held by her father seemed to be the best thing in the world.  She had been through a lot in these last couple days and she needed someone that Rexus wasn't.  The thought of it stabbed his heart a little.  He had always been aware about his insecurity, his inadequacy to help Violet out.  Yet now, he knew she could release all her demons without worry.  Suddenly, the young Angosian felt like he was intruding on something private. 

As quietly and stealthily as he could manage, Rexus left the Matthews' family to their selves.   

Harrison went to set Violet back down on the ground but she refused to let go, wrapping her arms around his neck.  He smiled softly and carried her into Doctor Martin's quarters where he sat down on the couch, with her on his knee and gave her another hug.  "I came as soon as I could."  He said after a moment.

Violet looked up through tear filled eyes and offered him a smile.  "It hasn't been as long for me, daddy."  She hoped that made him feel better.  Knowing that, as horrible as it must have been for him, it had been less time from her perspective.  In fact she had only found out about the station moving from other people because it had occurred during a rare moment of sleep on her part.  Which was also why she hadn't realised the Endeavour was here.  "I didn't even know you were here."  She added with a soft laugh as she rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes.  She had wanted her dad back more than anything in the last couple of days and now here he was.  It was ironic that over the last year or so she had been trying to get him to treat her like an adult when all she wanted now was to stay on his knee like a little kid.  BUt it was safe here.  Safer than anywhere else.

"The station popped up in front of us."  Harrison replied with a new onset of tears, "like something out of a holo novel.  I thought--" he could barely speak through the tears, "I thought I'd lost you..." he said quietly.  When she didn't respond he looked down and smiled.  She was fast asleep.  And for the first time in five months everything felt right with the world.  There would be time to deal with that Cadet later.

But for now he just let his daughter sleep peacefully.

Brought to you by:

3rd Year Cadet Rexus Spokar
Tactical Cadet Trainee / Dead man walking
Kepler Station, Taskforce 92


Chief Petty Officer Harrison Matthews
Assistant Chief of Security / Relieved father
USS Endeavour, Taskforce 92


Violet Matthews
Waitress / Daddy's little girl
Kepler Station, Taskforce 92
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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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Personal Log: Cadet Rexus Spokar
Posting: Kepler Station
[Day of the Attack]

Worn out tired.

That’s what I am right now.  I just got back from my little adventure in the crawlspaces and the gunfight in the Command Center.  I’ve been told that the Commodore and Violet have been safely received by Reynolds with that last second snatch and grab we pulled against the terrorists.  I have no idea what they wanted, but it seems that some got away.  I’m glad I’m not the one who has to interrogate the survivors. 

The Astro Module is blown right off.  The Station is in various states of being up, power is splotchy.  I ran into countless doors that didn’t open and stumbled in several darkened corridors.  I’m just glad none of the grav or atmosphere failed, I didn’t think to wear a vac suit during my little campaign across the Station. 

After securing the baddies we stunned in the Command Center, Hough let me go rest.  It was a rough night and I know I only have a few hours until I need to get up and see if they pulled me off of my day off for emergency stuff.  I can’t complain.  At least I’m not an Engineer.  They’ll be busy for the next couple months or so, I heard. 

I’m kinda in shock.  I can’t really put any emotion to what I’ve done and what’s been going on around me yet.  Now that the adrenaline is out of my system, I just hurt all over.  Okay, that’s all.  I need to get some sleep.

Personal Log: Cadet Rexus Spokar
Posting: Kepler Station
[Day After the Attack]


Its morning. 

What the hell happened yesterday?

Oh.  Yeah.

Personal Log: Cadet Rexus Spokar
Posting: Kepler Station
[Day After the Attack]

Violet got tortured.  I’ve never felt like killing a person in my life, but when I heard that…

I’m glad I wasn’t on Brig duty right now, or I’d be tempted to do things that would ruin my career in Star Fleet.  People have been whispering things about the Commodore.  I don’t care.  He did the right thing in my mind, Star Fleet is there to protect people.  Immediate needs, not some theoretical possibility like Ahab’s Moby Dick.  If vital information was taken from the Commodore, then we need to be just one step ahead of them, now that we know that they have it.  For the moment, all we have are the people we care for… the people we’re with now.  Blake made the right choice.  I don’t think he thinks that.  We saw him in the Lounge…

Busy day so far.  Ran off to check up on Violet and spent some time with her.  It was kinda a date.  I can't brag about it, we just ate and stuff.  Met up with Dex, Halley, and Hide also and spent some face time with them.  I’ve been plugging them with questions about relationships in general.  They all have good advice, but in the end, its going to be all about me dealing with it one day at a time.  I just found out something about Cassi from Hide and need to go find Vy.  She needs to know… Cassi had some complications with her pregnancy and I think Vy needs to know.

Personal Log: Cadet Rexus Spokar
Posting: Kepler Station
[Two Days After the Attack]


Its morning.

Why am I sleeping in the same place with Cassi and Vy? 

Oh…. Yeah…..

Personal Log: Cadet Rexus Spokar
Posting: Kepler Station
[Two Days After the Attack]

Took Vy and Cassi to the Memorial.  Nine dead.  Maxine Gaius was one of them.  That was still a bit of a shock, I had just seen her not long before we parted ways and found out it was terrorists that had messed with us.  It was hard seeing the coffins there.  Super surreal.  I don’t think its really sunk in. 

Cassi was taking it hard.  I can’t even imagine.  I’m just glad that Violet is there for her, and I guess all I can do is try to be there for Violet.  Both of them are trying so hard to be strong, while I’m just a big marshmallow.  I really need to try to do… something. 

I’ve set up some training.  Extra training, on top of what we’ve got as Sec/Tac already.  Next time something goes down, I want to have a fighting chance to make sure nothing happens to the ones I care about.

Personal Log: Cadet Rexus Spokar
Posting: Kepler Station
[Right after the Time/Space Shift]

This is pretty friggen ridiculous.

I finally get time enough to get back to my quarters and try to watch some thing to take my mind off this crazy last few a days and we get all queasy and kinda like a small earthquake and POP!  Were in the Alpha Quadrant with a Federation ship challenging us.  I kept on top of the situation as best I could through the information feeds, but the software was having issues. 

Evidently we jumped 5 months in the blink of an eye. 

Dammit, I’m really close to turning 21 and I still haven’t…. taken care of business.  Dude I’m such a loser. 

This sucks.

I had to go on duty immediately, but  made sure to check in on Violet and Cassi.  They seemed to be okay.  Violet had slept through it and I had to explain what happened, though I think I forgot to tell her about the ship parked outside, oh well, it shouldn’t bother her… she’s not Starfleet.  Cassi was doodling or something and she didn’t seem phased.  I guess she’s used to the different varieties of crazy that Kepler throws at us.  I don’t think it will ever get old for me. 



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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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Computer, commence recording. Personal log, 3PO Grayson - ah, Halley. Grayson. Stardate... 63547.7?


There are new stars out my viewport. Everything that's happened to us, and that's the biggest difference it makes to me. New stars. I wish I had Spearhead here, or even close - I could go take a closer look. If there are stars, there are people, and if there are people, there's something needing doing.

But I'm not any closer to our little ship than I ever was, and I can't run from here even if I had the means. For one thing, they need me here, and that's the cardinal thing, as ever. Go where you're needed, stay until it's right to leave. That's what I know to do.

I'm not sure I should be writing this. I've never liked to keep a log. Doesn't feel right somehow - or entirely safe. But they said it might be good for all of us to have our thoughts out where we can see them before our new counsellor takes us apart. Probably I'll translate this out of Aj-Safir and into Standard before I have to show it to him. Or I might delete it and make something up.

Heavens know what he'll make of me anyway. "How are you dealing with the time-shift, Mr Grayson?" And the answer is, as always, what difference? I'm alive. Others aren't, and that's as sad as it should be, but I am, and it's not because I deserve it any less or any more than they did, it's just because I am. Five months missing... well, it's - ah. It's. Not... really a concern, is it? I didn't notice it. The only people who know or care where I am on a regular basis are in charge of paying me - not the most personal of relationships - or are with me now. I suppose they'd miss me if I didn't turn up for my shifts and the occasional round at the bar.

But really, what difference is it, Mr Phantom Counsellor? Everyone I love - well. Everyone I loved. They're all right where I left them, and will be for as long as the dirt on them holds them down. Iau included, if metaphorically. Not, of course, that I could possibly expect her to care. If she's looking for me, she knows by now I'm back, and I haven't heard anything. So it doesn't matter. It can't matter. That was the deal.

It's always the deal.

Gods help me, and all of us under their skies, but it's a lousy way to have to survive... and yet. It works. I'm still here, and I'm still strong enough to go on, alone, like always. And there's nobody dragged through grief by my temporary... lapse of existence. Heh. Reports of my death being, as usual, greatly exaggerated, and the status being rather obstinately quo.

Grayson-samzi, only son, only clan member, just as it's been since Safir, no matter if I sometimes thought differently. That was youth.

I sound ridiculous. Gods, listen to me - "that was youth", like some small-coin street poet. I think I'm glad that no-one here would understand this even if they were listening in right now. Blathering on. What troubles of mine are there that are newer or more painful than anyone else's? What point in scraping over them again when I might just as well be of some actual use by helping someone else? Doctor Vidarr will just have to accept a shortened, more topical version. At least that way the only person who's wasted their time on this exercise is me.

Computer, delete this log entry.
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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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A pillow under her stomach propped Cassi up on her bed as she ran her pencil across the paper.  The pillow served a double purpose, actually.  The pressure of the angle helped press away the severe cramps.

She took a breath, studying the outlined picture of two horses, a yearling with his mother in a grassy field.  The field wasn’t overly grassy yet, but a few pencil strokes hinted at the intention.  She smudged a pencil line with her finger thoughtfully.  A moment later, a tear drop hit the page where her finger had finished the smudge.

It wasn’t a good sketch, she lamented.  The eyes weren’t right and the angle of the mare’s ears seemed off.  It wasn’t fair... She wrote that across the top of the page.

“It’s not fair.  I’m jealous of farm animals.  Even in complicated farm deliveries, the babies rarely died and yet when it comes to my life or the life of the fetus growing inside of me, it’s always me that has to keep going.  I feel guilty for not wanting to be pregnant in the first place.  I feel guilty because I told people who found out that my baby wouldn’t survive.

“But I really, REALLY wanted to be wrong.  It’s hard pretending that I don’t care.  I hate that someone else decided what should happen to my body and I hate even more that my body couldn’t hold on longer.  But I knew...  I tried to relax through the false labor pains.  But when the lights went out, I panicked.

“I’m such a wimp.  A complete failure.  Nothing I do ever turns out right.  I should never have left the farm...

“Things were wrong on the farm too.

“I would have loved this baby... Daniel.  I wanted to name him Daniel.  I wanted to name him after my best friend, my best brother.  But naming a baby after a dead brother maybe wasn’t a good idea either.  Now both Daniels are dead.

“And I have no one.”

The words filled the page, crossing over the sketched horses, ruining the picture.  Cassi tore the paper from the sketch book, crumpled it and tossed it on the floor next to her bed.

The sheet in front of her was clean.  She bit her pencil in thought.  Slowly, she tried the sketch again, starting with the mare’s eyes this time.
Lieutenant Commander Isis Rae
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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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Ensign Hideyoshi Shimura's Personal Log
Stardate 63548.25

I don't quite know where to begin with this.  They always say the best place to start is the beginning; but the beginning of what?  Much has changed since my previous entry just over a week ago.

Oh, right, five months ago.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

What started out as a surreal dream quickly progressed into a rather true, and horrifying, nightmare.  The station came under attack by a group of Bajoran terrorists in the middle of the night.  I was thrown from bed from the initial strike, which unknown to me at the time was the majority of the Science module being torn from the station.  Through the dark I stumbled and managed to retrieve my ancestor's blades, which were thankfully returned unscathed to my quarters after the event, and rendezvoused in the corridor with several other crewmembers.  We eventually met up with Lieutenant Hough and Dr. Martin and split up into three groups to try and retake Kepler.  I don't wish to go into any further detail, but I was wounded before we were able to liberate main Engineering.  A disruptor blast to the chest is not something I want to experience ever again.

Why did Cassi insist on coming with my group? If she would have gone with Sarah and the others would her son still be alive?  And why the sudden heroics on my part?  Perhaps she would have been better off taking the blast herself instead of living on and having buried her unborn child.

No, that's not fair.

A memorial was held this morning, but five months ago, for the fallen.  In total we lost 9 people to the attack, including Ensign Gaius and Petty Officer Blue.  While not a fan of Maxine, no one deserved to die that way.  I cannot imagine the effect Blue's passing has taken on his sister; can a Bynar survive long without their 'twin'?

Upon my return to sickbay there was an indescribable moment where I felt as if my body was being torn into a million pieces.  Just as quickly as it came upon me it was gone.  And the station was transported almost an entire quadrant away.  And five months have passed.  Five months that our families believed us to be dead.  My poor Mother, the look on her face when I appeared, alive and well, on her viewscreen...

*a sharp intake of breath can be heard*

I fear I must end this log short, Petty Officer Grayson warned me from becoming emotionally stressed.  My lungs cannot handle the burden just yet.


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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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|Evening, MD 1

Shivani leaned against the railing and looked down on the empty promenade.  It was a mess from the attack; broken windows and scorch marks marred the setting.  Bruiser had pointed out the spot where Doc Joe died to her the day before but her focus was determinedly elsewhere.

“Penny for your thoughts?”  John asked as he slowly approached the area where Shivani was standing.  “Not sure what a ‘Penny’ is though, but the expression still gets used a lot.  By the way, I’m not on duty so don’t call the dogs on me.”

“Dogs?  You mean Bruiser?” she looked over to the security officer with mild amusement.

“Yeah.  I’d ask you not to tell him I said that but I can’t really annoy him much more than I already have.”  John replied with a slight laugh.  “Then again you could probably do just as much damage as him if you wanted to.  Is it safe to come over there?”  He grinned slightly but didn’t move towards her yet.  Life was getting overly complicated but that didn’t stop him wanting people to feel comfortable around him.  And maybe seeing Cassi at the Memorial had reminded him that sometimes the uniform made that difficult for some people.

“The railing is structurally sound,” she answered.  “But maybe you should check with your girlfriend first.”  Shivani teased him with her tone but her facial expression hadn’t changed from her distant study of the messy promenade.

John looked confused for a moment, “who Sarah?”  But then realisation set in, “or was that a dig at Chief Petty Officer Stuarde?  Because I don’t think I’m his type; too foot-loose and fancy free.”

“I don’t understand what happened,” Shivani changed the topic with a pout.  “It took me over two months to make the Dalliance ready to go.  And I don’t have anyone I can yell at - stupid ass went and got himself killed.”

The topic of betrayal was not one John felt comfortable discussing given he himself had been in Jozef’s position.  The circumstances were different but it still cut pretty close to the bone.  “We don’t know what really happened yet...” John pointed out, although he sounded resigned to the fact their suspicions had merit.  It was the only solution that checked all the boxes as to how they had managed to get on board in the first place.  “And as for someone to yell at, I’ve found that people seem to really enjoy yelling at me.”

Shivani considered his offer, “I don’t have anything to yell at you about.  And I highly doubt now is the time for me to be making bad impressions.  I have no way off the station.”

“Nothing?”  John asked with a grin, “I’ll need to try harder then.”  He closed the rest of the distance between them and leaned his elbows on the railing.  “I’m sorry I can’t be more help... I’m really kind of crap at making people feel better.  Always have been.  Might be part of the reason I try so hard when it comes to that, the way I figure it if you go overboard you have a higher chance of at least getting something right than barely trying and not achieving anything.”

“I don’t need you to make me feel better.  I need my ship back.”

“Yeah...” John sighed, “I sort of know how you feel...” he glanced towards the dark-haired woman expecting to see a frown of disapproval on her face but she still seemed distracted.  “Before I was on Hippocrates, and then Kepler, I was assigned to a Nova-class ship.  Archimedes.  Tough little bugger, like most of the crew.”  His tone and whole expression lightened as he spoke about his previous ship, “we had what seemed like far more than our fair share of problems but always seemed to come away mostly unharmed... until probably the last year.  My gir-- my friend left for a better posting and we lost a good man protecting children from our own people... that’s pretty complicated though...” he laughed sadly, “I suppose it all is really.  But the point is through all of that Archimedes was our home.  It was really the first place I had ever associated as such.”  Turning to look at Shivani directly he continued, “and it was destroyed while I was away tracking down a criminal.  Thankfully my friends survived but that didn’t change the fact my ship, my home, was gone.  But you know what?”

She gave him a considerate look that asked him to continue without speaking the words.

“It doesn’t matter.”  He said simply.  “Life is what matters.  And as long as you’re alive you can build another ship.  A better one.  One that won’t let someone use it in their pointless schemes.  And one where you can feel at home again.”

“Or I’m stuck on Kepler as it travels across time and space again and again.”  She sighed and adjusted the lay of the fabric over her shoulder.  “Might not be so bad if I can stay anonymous though.  There’s a huge turn over of staff here, isn’t there?”

“You make it really difficult to have a conversation with you when you ask things like that.”  John laughed.  “I’m the Chief of Security and you’re acting as if you’re a wanted felon.”  He turned back towards the railing.  “I’m not going to pry but that doesn’t mean I’m not curious.  Just so you know.”  After a moment he sighed and answered her question, “yes, with Endeavour here for a day or so there will be a number of people coming and going.”

“I’m not a criminal,” she answered and folded her hands over the rail.  “But staying in one place too long is dangerous.”

“I didn’t say you were,” John countered.  “Just said you were acting like one.”  He turned himself towards her, leaning on his side somewhat.  It wasn’t very comfortable, with the rail digging into his rib, but it presented a casual appearance and that might help her open up.  “You’re not going to take me up on the offer but that won’t stop me making it.  If you need help I’ll do what I can.  But think about your situation for a minute, you just leapt over a good portion of Federation space and lost 5 months as far as the rest of the universe is concerned.  Doesn’t that warrant taking some time to think before you do anything like run off from the only place you know you have friends?”

“It’s really hard to run away when I don’t have a ship to use.  Sort of makes me stuck, doesn’t it?”

“Don’t get cute with me.” John replied with a smirk.  “You’re just playing semantics.  Running is running whether you actually make it somewhere or not.  Take it from me, your problems have longer legs and always make it there before you do anyway... would it really be so bad to give staying in one place a try?”

Shivani gave John her full attention.  “Years have passed, but the danger is still there.”  She paused, “Maybe it’s not as great as it once was, but sweet little me has made several more enemies in that time.  Bruiser’s intentions are good.  He’s like a cross between a big brother and a scary dog.  You should give him a chance.  He deserves it more than me.”

“I admit I’ve probably been a little hard on him, but he did try to break my face.”  John conceded.  “I’m going to do my best to get this cleared up so you can all get on with your lives.”  He added in a firm tone.  “I’ve had reports back from people in my department who were with you during the attack and they’ve given me no indication to believe any of you were involved.”  His tone became somewhat gentle, “if the doctor was involved then that would be all they needed, right?  It’s not like you need the two top ranking officers for command override or anything like that on a ship like--well on a small ship.”

Shivani frowned, “One person can screw up the lock down.    I wouldn’t have pointed the finger at Joe though.  But if he could do that, he could have sold us all out.”  Her frown turned to a sad smile, “So, I guess it’s a good thing he didn’t know all of my secrets.”

“Maybe...” John sighed and stopped himself.  He didn’t want to defend Jozef’s actions just because he hoped someone connected to Jespen would forgive him one day.  But finally he gave in and said it anyway, “maybe he thought he was doing the right thing?  Maybe none of you were supposed to be put in danger but things got out of hand.  We really don’t know what went on here.”

She wasn’t ready to speculate, so Shivani did what she did best: changed the subject.  “So, say I do decide to hang around... what do I do?  There’s a reason I didn’t apply to the academy.”

“To stick it to the man?”  John asked with a wry grin.  He could take the hint to change subjects.  And frankly he was pleased to be away from the topic of betrayal.  “What skill sets do you have?  Maybe I could get you a job without too many questions being asked... perhaps something in the entertainment industry?”  He teased.

“Well, I have been told I’m really good at sex,” she returned.

John laughed, “what about Engineering?”  He asked, trying to be serious for a minute or two.  “Maybe I can set you up as a civilian contractor or something?  That’s close enough to the truth after all.  Wouldn’t be too hard to assume your information was lost along with your ship...” it bordered on breaking the law but John still felt like Starfleet owed Shivani and the others for the mess they had been dealt after the Hippocrates attack.  And to be honest he wouldn’t have felt right leaving them to the wind even if he wasn’t feeling guilt by proxy.

Shivani shrugged, “Sex is easier and when it comes to teams, I do much better as a solo player.  Maybe when you’re inquiring though, you can see if there’s any room for Bruiser and Ka’ar and Schass?”  She gave John a sideways glance and a sly smile.  “They have skill sets beyond fist beatings and short sentences.  Though I can’t make any promises about Schass.  He’s a through and through ass.”

“Hey, if I can get a job there’s hope for everyone, right?”  John pointed out sarcastically.  “I could always use some extra hands in my department but the question is whether they’ll follow orders.”  With a slight grin he added, “my orders.””

“Maybe an interview would be in order then?”

John shrugged, “I suppose it can’t go much worse than the last one.”  He wasn’t sure if the new CO would be alright with these suggestions but it was worth a try.  “How are the quarters you’ve been assigned?  I hope Operations didn’t lump you all together or something.”

She shrugged, “Considering I don’t have anything to fill the room with, the quarters are more than adequate.”

“Yeah,” John stood up straight again and looked out over the railing, “I know the feeling.  My last... four or so quarters have been empty.  Don’t know how anyone finds enough junk to fill them.”  It helped if they’d remained in one place long enough to collect belongings in the first place.

“The only thing I’ll miss are my tools.  Replicating new ones never are the same... eventually they’re okay but it takes a while.  Can you mention that I like to work outside... when you talk to whoever you’re going to talk to?”  Shivani asked.

“Outside?  Like in space?”  John asked with a confused expression.  “I suppose that’s a peaceful work area if nothing else...”

“It’s quiet,” she agreed.  “And the station has a lot of external damage, from what I saw down in engineering the other night.  Not a lot of engineers actually like working outside.  Tools don’t respond to gravity very well.  But it’s my specialty.”

John nodded, “Too quiet for me.  I can be really annoying when I’m bored!”  He added with a laugh.  “I’ll keep that in mind though.  Even with the influx from Endeavour I doubt they’ll turn down a skilled pair of hands.  But I haven’t met the new boss yet so I’ll have to get back to you after the briefing tomorrow morning.”

“Sure.  Let me know when you figure something out.  Thanks for your interest.”  Shivani gave him a grateful smirk.

Brought to you by:

Shivani Vilina
SS Dalliance


Lieutenant John Reynolds
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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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|Kepler Station, Ready Room
|0900 Hours, MD 2

Commander Cole Lockwood had arrived to the introductory meeting with Kepler's Department Heads early.  Although he and Lieutenant Commander Rae had briefly met upon his arrival earlier with Lieutenant Apres, he wanted to inform her of the change in orders before everyone arrived.  Her reaction however was unreadable.  He had no idea if she welcomed the news or was internally seething.  No doubt he would soon come to learn what she was thinking, it just took time to learn people's tells.

The telltale noise of the door quietly opening had the two senior officers looking up from their quiet discussion to see who was punctual.

Vidarr was first in the door. He took a seat about middle of the table and facing towards the entrance. Seeing people as they entered would be important to them. It was vital that he get their 'first impression expression' most people did not put as much stock in it as the Gideonite did, but he was never to fussed with norms.

Sarah wasn't far behind him, a slight feeling of trepidation as she walked into the room.  She wasn't sure what it was going to be like without Blake overseeing things, and it was going to be... different.

Seated at Commander Lockwood's right hand, Lana nodded curtly at the Counselor's entrance, and then at the Chief Medical Officer's.  She had not gotten off on the best foot with Vidarr, to say the least, and she was not particularly sorry to see him transferred to Kepler... at least until she realized she would have to suffer aboard this station alongside him, exiled from her dream ship as she was.

John strolled into the Ready Room with the ease of a man who, despite the craziness of recent times, was in a good mood.  And why wouldn't he be?  He was in a relationship with the most wonderful woman he'd ever met and yet another bastard CO had been put in his place.  It didn't make up for the loss of good men and women but it was enough to put a smile on the Chief Security and Tactical Officer's face.  In fact he was in such a good mood he didn't notice a certain redheaded Bajoran seated with the members of the Endeavour crew.  He took the seat next to Sarah and offered her a friendly greeting, trying not to act like a school boy passing notes in class.  It wouldn't pay to get called into the principal's office on the first day.

As was her usual practice before a new assignment, Lieutenant Apres had tried to memorize as much of the crew as she could, beginning with the Senior Staff.  So it was not a surprise when John entered the room.  Nonetheless, Lana found herself momentarily tongue-tied as she watched him stare with clearly smitten eyes at the CMO, so much so that he did not even notice her presence.

Thomas walked in, ducking his head subconsciously as he cleared the  threshold.  He muttered under his breath just below hearing as he came  in.  "Stupid station, moving again.  I've been on starships that didn't cover as much space as this thing."  A PADD occupied his attention as he moved toward the table, only looking up once he got near a seat.  As he pulled the chair out he paused and looked back up, focusing on the officers at the end of the table.  "Sir," he greeted with a short salute before taking up a stance behind his seat.

Lockwood looked the tall intel man over.  Enlisted.  Interesting, he thought.  "Take a seat, Chief," he said out loud.

Thomas nodded his head once and pulled the seat out the rest of the way, "Thank you, sir."  He set an array of PADDS in front of him and sat down.

Once the final couple of members of the senior staff sorted their seats, Rae stood and began the meeting.  "First, I'd like to introduce several new people.  Commander Cole Lockwood," she indicated the man to her right, "is from the USS Endeavour.  His transfer here is temporary and appreciated as we sort through another change in location.  The Commodore will continue to remain away from active duty until cleared by medical.

"Next to the Commander is Lieutenant Apres Lana.  She will be assisting with Operations."  She nodded in the direction of the Bajoran woman.  "Also joining us from the Endeavour is Lieutenant j.g. Vidarr," Rae motioned to the man seated at middle ground.  "He is a counselor.  Please welcome him warmly.  Kennedy Monroe has decided to take leave of Kepler."

"Lieutenant Bradley Halifax, Chief Engineer," for the benefit of the Endeavour crew, she introduced the Kepler Crew, "Lieutenant John Reynolds, Chief of Security and Tactical officer.  Lieutenant Kathanara Hough, Chief Science.  Lieutenant Sarah Martin, doctor, Chief Medical officer.  Chief Petty Officer Thomas Stuarde, Intelligence," she finished the introductions.

"Our most pressing concern is the stability of Kepler.  Unfortunately, at the moment we are extremely vulnerable.  However, Engineering teams are working around the clock to stabilize all systems and structural integrity; and with the aid of science, hopefully there will be no more tears in space-time.

"Doctor, will you please work with Lieutenant Vidarr, and recommend a schedule of appointments?"

"Of course," Sarah said, offering him a smile.  "Welcome aboard, Counselor."

"Any questions?  Concerns," Rae asked of the remainder of the room.

John tried to find his voice but the fact his throat had gone bone dry since Commander Rae had introduced the Endeavour crew, or more specifically one Lieutenant-- he was so proud of her for the promotion which only made him feel more confused--Apres Lana, that was a slightly difficult task.  "Ca-- *achem*, excuse me-- can my department expect some reinforcements from Endeavour, sir?"  He forced himself to look directly at Commander Lockwood and not at Lana.  It took more effort than he would have liked to admit... How long had it been now?  A year maybe?  Well that was excluding whatever amount of time they'd jumped over of course.  But then again did that really change things?  "Any help you can offer would be appreciated."

Lockwood finished entering commands into his padd and then smiled curtly.  "I have arranged for a number of temporary transfers from Endeavour to Kepler, including a handful of enlisted security personnel.  As I understood the situation, engineering and operations were the main priority and have made assignments accordingly.  At this stage there are no permanent transfers, however I will entertain requests from next week.  If you would all check your padds, I have sent you the information on personnel and resource transfers," he explained.  "If you require anything else then I expect you to go through the chain of command and utilise Commander Rae.  Please be quick though as Endeavour will only be here for another eighteen hours," said Lockwood.

Seeing the senior staff nod their heads in understanding and some perusing their padds he continued.  "There will be an investigation conducted into the recent... happenings regarding Kepler Station.  This will concern the space/time anomalies and the course of action undertaken by the Commodore.  Intel will be leading this investigation and reporting directly to me in this matter.  I expect the full cooperation of everyone here as well as those who were directly involved."

"I know that everyone here is busy so unless anyone has anything urgent to bring up with the group, I'll let you return to your duties."

Brought to you by:

Commander Cole Lockwood
Executive Officer
USS Endeavour, Taskforce 92

Played by:

Commodore Gregory Blake
Commanding Officer
Kepler Station, Taskforce 92


Lt. Commander Isis Rae
Executive Officer
Kepler Station, Taskforce 92


Lieutenant Apres Lana
Chief Operations Officer
Kepler Station, Taskforce 92

Played by:

Petty Officer Dex Maidali
Security Operator
Kepler Station, Taskforce 92


Lieutenant Sarah Martin
Chief Medical Officer
Kepler Station, Taskforce 92


Lieutenant John Reynolds
Chief Security / Tactical Officer
Kepler Station, Taskforce 92


Lieutenant JG Vidarr
USS Endeavour, Taskforce 92


Chief Petty Officer Thomas Stuarde
Chief of Intelligence
Kepler Station, Taskforce 92

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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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|Sickbay, Deck 25
|1000, MD2

Sarah sat in her office, trying to make sure that the final ends were tied up so she could release her last patients from Sickbay.  She always liked it better when things were slow in Sickbay--fewer people meant nothing bad had happened.

In the meantime, she'd lost her counselor, when Kennedy had decided that an attack and skipping five months ahead in time was more than she could stand--and who could blame her.  Sarah had sent messages to her parents and her brother to let them know she was all right and was expecting a message from her father via subspace at any moment.  He would undoubtedly be back on his "you need to leave Starfleet" rant.

But without Kennedy, and with the possibility that Cassi wouldn't be ready to go back to work, it left her, Grayson, and the EMH in Sickbay, so she would be staying where she was.   The new counselor wasn't a medical doctor, so he wouldn't be able to fulfill double duties the way Kennedy did in emergencies, but he was a counselor, and that relieved Sarah quite a bit, because she didn't feel remotely qualified to handle the dearth of counseling cases that there were going to be following the latest Kepler misadventures.

A station was not exactly what Vidarr would have requested when he asked for a challenge, but having read the case summaries of the crew alone (not to mention the actual mission reports) the Gideonite psychiatrist could see that he was wrong. It was going to be at least two lifetimes worth of challenges that would soon confront him.

Walking down the curved hallways of the station only served to remind him of the limited confines of being in space. With all the vastness surrounding you, you could really touch so little of it. Sure there was not really anything to touch, but that was not the point...right? Anyways, Vidarr knew that he was going to be in for a bumpy ride trying to get people to open up to him. Endevour had been hard enough.

"Greetings," asked the tallish man as he entered the sickbay. His accent echoed that of Victorian England's aristocracy. "You are the Chief Medical Officer...Sarah Martin?" He asked after spying her pips.

"Yes," Sarah said, rising from her desk to greet the man, since she hadn't had a chance to say hello to him during the staff meeting.  She held out her hand.  "Welcome aboard, counselor.  We've got a lot of work for you."

"Indeed," he replied whilst firmly shaking the Doctor's hand, "I have reviewed several mission looks like this place is a veritable feast of space oddities...keeps you busy, yes?"

"You have no idea," Sarah said. gesturing for him to take a seat.  "Have you had time to review any of Dr. Monroe's counseling logs?  I know you can't have had much time to prepare before heading over this way."

Vidarr took the offered seat gladly. "It may sound bad, but no, I have not read her files yet," he said before raising a hand to indicate he wasn't done, "I thought it was better to gain an over all understanding of the playing field before trying to understand the players...though if you have any pointers I would be grateful."

Sarah grimaced.  "Right now?  We've got some serious counseling problems you're going to have to deal with and a couple of cases approaching emergency issues.  Morale is at an all time low right now, given that from our perspective, we've just been through a horrific attack that killed six of our crew, and now we've been yanked five months into the future.  And then you've got some individual cases that are quite troubling.  Do you want to hear about them now?"

Vidarr got the impression that 'yes' was the wrong answer. "No," he said with hands held up in surrender, "perhaps we best start off by simply getting to know each other."

"Fair enough," Sarah said.  To be honest, her own admittedly biased point of view probably wasn't as helpful as Kennedy's notes, though she would have to discuss Blake with him, since Kennedy hadn't had a chance to deal with him post-attack.  She smiled.  "I'll let you ask the questions first, since I'm guessing that you're better at it."

A slight nod was proffered. First question was a simple one. "After have a choice of beverage to help you unwind," he started eyes narrowing with a little humour added to his tone, "what is it? And why?"

Sarah raised an eyebrow.  For some reason, she'd been expecting something more clinical or casual--either "how are you doing after all this stress?" or "where are you from?"  "Bourbon," she said, "sometimes with ginger ale.  It reminds me of home.  My mother was usually off on a starship somewhere, and my father would fix a bourbon for himself when he got home.  My brothers and I would crowd around the comm unit with him when we got home to talk to Mom.  It reminds me of family time."

"It goes without saying then that family is a big deal," he said before leaning forward, "I am guessing...perhaps...maybe...a family tragedy that brings the link even closer in your mind? So much so that everyday acts like taking a drink bring the memories flooding push those memories towards something that is more pleasant...I could be wrong though."

That was entirely too insightful.  She raised an eyebrow, measuring him in silence for a moment before answering.  "Yes.  My older brother was killed during the Dominion War."  Had she agreed to a psych evaluation?

"I'm sorry," came the hushed reply, "after all the crazy things you have been going through here do you get much family pressure to return to...where are you from originally? Earth?"

How typical. Forget to ask the basic questions first. Vidarr mentally kicked himself.

"Mars," Sarah said.  "And yes, I get pressure to leave Starfleet and return home from my father quite often.  I can only imagine what he's going to say after this latest misadventure."

There was a slight smirk. "I dare not imagine," he replied leaning back again, "but Starfleet beats out family in most cases does it? Are you a lifer?"

Sarah sat back and sighed.  "I've thought about leaving the service on more than one occasion.  I was offered a position at Utopia Planitia General about--" she did some quick calculations, adding in five months "--about a year ago, I suppose, but I turned it down."  She'd thought long and hard about it though, after the Archimedes had been destroyed.  "I like the Fleet.  I like what Starfleet does, mostly.  Some of us have to be idealists."

A great big smile spread across Vidarr's face. "Indeed we do!" He said with a spark ignited by the statement, "the challenge of Starfleet...the great unknown...Kepler shows us that you don't have to be in an actual moving vessel to be thrust into the unknown far too often. It is intriguing really...but! I am not here to delve into your psyche, too much, your turn."

Sarah couldn't help but smile.  "You're the first Gideonite I've ever met.  How did you make your way out here?"

"Ah, well I don't know how much you know of our people," he started, "but a few generations ago the leader of our world made a big decision...he introduced disease into a disease free world in order to control the planets population. To that point our life spans were nigh on eternal...death was introduced into our society. This had a profound affect on the psyche of our people, as you could imagine. I was earmarked as one with particular gifts in understanding gideonite behavior, and as such was sponsored to be the first gideonite to study on earth. I wanted to know how people that had lived with the concept of death in their society for so they...well...survived."

"Because it's part of life," Sarah said simply.  "In Earth's past, mourning rituals were intricate and involved, but it was a natural part of life.  As our medical technology advanced, we lost part of our ability to deal with death.  To be honest, I don't know that anyone knows how to deal with death until it happens.  But we survive by living each day as--" she struggled for a word for a moment "--as vibrantly as we can."

The corner of Vidarr's mouth curled up. "I like that. Though it differs from species to species. The Klingons have a fascinating view of death...the Vulcan's a little cold for my taste, but each to their own. I guess the thing that I have learned so far is that everyone deals with it differently, and should be allowed your life as though you are dead is never the answer."

"No, not at all," Sarah said, and then paused.  "Actually, Vidarr, that brings me to a case you need to know about now.   Are you aware that I relieved Commodore Blake of duty?"

His expression did not change. "That, I did read," he replied, "there is more to what the report said though...isn't there?"

"Not anything that I can put definite proof to," she said.  "I put everything concrete that I knew about into the report, but there are a few things that I've picked up here and there, rumors mostly.  You know how scuttlebutt gets around a small installation like this.  To be honest, he'll be lucky if he escapes without a court-martial for dereliction of duty.  He's living in a bottle, he's using holograms as sex toys, and he's ignored recommendations of his officers.  All of this--" she gestured around her, as if they could see the missing station module "--might have been avoided if he'd been sober.  Not to mention that there have been red flags regarding his interesting relationship history for years now."

"Ah, behind the gleaming badge of Starfleet lies occasionally the sad truth of the man or woman that wears it," he said sadly, "I am sure that he will be my biggest project...perhaps we can salvage something of him before Starfleet wises up and takes action. You said...relationship history though...does that include his crew?"

"I believe it has in the past," she said, "though I don't think he's involved with any of the crew now--it's practically impossible to keep a relationship secret on a station of this size.  I'd also like you to see if you can try forging a relationship with Cassi Yale.  She's one of our civilian doctors, and she's had a particularly difficult time of late.  I went through her file, and it was worse than I knew."  She found a PADD in the pile and slid it over to him.  "And I'm sure this is incomplete, given that she is a civilian from a loosely affiliated colony world."

The PADD's information scrolled past him. Vidarr could not keep his eyebrows from rising. "" It was all he could say for a time. Finally, the information ended. "It looks like I am going to be very busy."

"Then I'll let you get to it," Sarah said.  She rose, holding her hand out to shake again.  "Welcome aboard, counselor."


Lt. jg Vidarr
Kepler Station


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Re: Honey, I'm Holm!
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Sickbay-After the move
(Slight backpost)

Hide sat on the edge of the biobed slowly inhaling and exhaling as Grayson ran a tricorder over him several times.  His mind was elsewhere; the station had been sucked through some time/space rupture and deposited half a quadrant away on the opposite side of Cardassian space.  Not to mention five months later.  His brain was still reeling from the implications, as soon as he was released he would have to contact his family.

Grayson nodded at the readouts in front of him. "Looks good. Mostly. You're still not going to have a hundred percent of the lung capacity you expect to have - that'll take a while longer, and don't strain yourself or you will end up back here. And as nice as you've been to have around -" Shimura had been a model patient, so this wasn't flattery on Grayson's part - "I'd really rather not be seeing you here any time soon. Gentle exercise is probably fine; I know you are very much into martial arts, but I'm thinking... nothing much faster than Tai Chi, yeah? We can probably work on designing you a fitness program if you'd like to make sure whatever you plan to do will help, rather than hinder, your recovery."

He paused for a moment, and made a small grimace, as though he didn't really want to say what followed: "I should also counsel you to try to avoid emotional stressors, as well as physical ones, as much as you can. I know this is terribly inconvenient advice right after finding out that all your loved ones have spent the last five months thinking you were dead, but it's unavoidable. Getting emotional is hard on your breathing." He gave a small, mostly-facial shrug. "Of course you're welcome to talk to Dr. Vidarr, the new counselor - or any of us, if you like." A fleeting half-smile crossed his face. "From what I hear I'm probably less intimidating than Dr. Vidarr, and I have more free time."

Hide had been paying little attention to what Grayson had been saying though he did catch the name of their new counselor.  A visit would have to be made to him immediately as part of Starfleet's conditions for allowing him back on active duty.  He cringed slightly at the thought of having to explain the situation to yet another counselor.

"Yes," he said mostly to himself, "I'll have to see this Dr. Vidarr."  He glanced up seeing Grayson's smile quickly disappear and realized what else the man had said.  "Oh, uh yes.  I suppose I could bend your ear too," he added awkwardly. 

"No need to feel obliged," Grayson said quickly. "Just putting it on the table, as it were. And speaking of tables, you can get off that one. You're free to go. Just take it easy for the next couple of weeks - Dr. Martin will probably want to see you briefly at that point, as you'll have to have medical approval to be cleared for full active duty. Shouldn't be a problem if you're careful." He set his tricorder down and pressed his thumb to the corner of the PADD that held Shimura's medical records, authorising his release. "And in the meantime, we're here if you need us."

"Thank you," Hide smiled as he hopped lightly off the biobed, "It really does mean a lot.  I suppose I need to report to Lieutenant Hough and let her know I'm released for light duty only."  He really didn't care to deal with the woman right now though.  "I think that can wait, however, until after I've contacted my family and let them know I'm still alive."

"I would say those are sensible priorities," Grayson said, with a smile. "See you... later, then."

"Goodbye and thank you," Hide said as he made his way from Sickbay.  There was much to do now that he was released, but he would have to keep from overexerting himself.  "Where there's a will there's a way, right?" he muttered to himself out in the corridor as the doors of Sickbay closed behind.

JP by:

Petty Officer 3rd Class Halley Grayson
Kepler Station