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Boy Who Cried Wolf
« on: June 11, 2013, 06:58:03 pm »
|Engineering Offices, Deck 19
|1003 Hours, MD 1

"Computer, begin preliminary scan of vital connections to the data core, please."  Cadet Rexus Spokar asked as he tapped a hyperspanner against his cheek.  The installation had been simple enough, though the fittings had, of course, needed to be jury rigged.  Kepler was decades behind the stuff Terra was sending them. 

"All systems compatible."  Came the disembodied response. 

"Awesome."  The cadet chirped as he thumbed the display to turn on the display, then plugged in his fifteen character code to begin the program.  "Good Morning, Hal."

The buzzing sound of photons aligning within a force field had barely resided when Hal became aware of his new surroundings.  He took note that indexing had already begun of the main computer, but it would be a few hours more before he could have perfect recall over all system specifications, inventories, and modifications.

"Good morning, indeed."  The hologram noted the installed modules within his matrix, Engineering... he thought to himself, It's been awhile. Other bits were filling themselves in as time progressed when he noted the Cadet standing nearby. "Status report?"

"It is currently, Friday the 10th of April, 2387."  The young Angosian grinned.  "Kepler Station is at of yet, unexploded and still in the Alpha Quadrant... but don't hold your breath.  Things are fluid here.  Welcome aboard.  I am Cadet Rexus Spokar, Operations Trainee."

Hal blinked. "You mean it's location in space is unexplored, not the station itself."  His tone resembling a question as much as a statement; his first installation wasn't going as smoothly as he'd like. "I'm afraid you have me at a disadvan..."  Hal's jaw dropped in a moment of clarity as damage report records came flooding in, "What the hell happened here?!"

"Well.... that part of the Station did explode off."  Rexus mused, projecting his best nonchalant look as he crushed his nails on his tunic.  "Poor Kepler, we do look like a dilapidated little three-leaf clover out in the middle of nowhere.  Thankfully, its been... what, thirty-four days since our last disaster?"

Hal did some quick calculations, "You can do a linear trend analysis on the system casualty reports with statistical relevance, it happens so regularly!" The hologram took a seat in a non-existant chair. "How long have you been without a fully manned engineering department?"

"I believe three years ago back, two space-time jumps ago.  Please, don't ask.  I have no answers for that."  The cheeky cadet boxed his lips in thought.  "But yeah.  Definitely before my time."

The hologram arched a single brow, "Relativistically speaking."

Rexus clicked in humor at that and shot the hologram a wry look. 

"Touche."  He remarked.  "Anyhow, it should take you some time to..."

"So it's true," Holly said as she popped into existence right beside Rexus, interrupting what he had been about to say.  "You are cheating on me with another hologram," she teased.  Turning towards the photonic male took the amusement from her tone and she found herself blushing slightly.  Which was a stupid impulse that had been triggered by some of her more base subroutines.  Her original programming wasn't always easy to ignore.  Without looking away from the new hologram she reached out to touch Rexus' arm slightly impatiently, "aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?"

"Errrrrrrrrr...."  Rexus blinked, but recovered shortly.  "Holly, meet Hal.  Hal meet Holly.  Holly is a friend of mine."

Taking a moment to forget about his engineering troubles, Hal all but frowned. "How many other holograms are on this station?" The fact the Cadet seemed relatively comfortable with this sort of interruption lead the Chief Engineer to believe that sort of thing happened more frequently than he may like.  But, Hal also had to admit the thought of other holograms on the station represented a less hostile work environment than the Academy ever was.  The Lieutenant decided he'd just have to get used to it--and with any luck, it would be less work than it appeared.

Holly tried not to take the lack of greeting personally and then pursed her full lips in thought.  "That depends on whether or not you count our brothers and sisters serving in the Holosuite."  She pointed out.  "Because then the answer is thousands.  But if you mean living and working around the station, then there are five, including yourself.  Although Niscar is the Tokyo's EMH and the station's EMH doesn't get activated much.  I guess it's because people like Doctor Yale so much.  And Brentley stays to himself."

Brothers and sisters? Hal was reeling. Life on the frontier obviously had done a number on the station and its crew. Perhaps there would be more adjustments than previously anticipated.  "You'll have to excuse me, Holly.  I've just been brought online and my matrices are still forming interdependencies... Well, I'm sure you understand.  I'm still calculating the man-hours of repair work I'm liable to complete--Which," turning to the Cadet, "current figures just broke a man-year."

Holly tried to suppress a frown.  She had been expecting to get along with Hal as well as she had with Niscar but it seemed that was too much to ask.

"Behind the curve?  You'll get used to that here, I suppose, Lieutenant."  Cadet Spokar hedged, patting the redheaded woman's shoulder.  "I imagine you'll find time to all hang out, though.  Holly gets lonely."

"I have plenty of friends," Holly countered with an elbow to Rexus' ribs.

"You never sleep."  He countered, though it sounded like a playful complaint.

"And neither will I, it seems." Hal sighed. He planned to leave it at that, but words from his assessment officer had boiled their way to the surface of Hal's memory buffer. It was after his first few weeks in the Academy and he was already being singled out by his peers, prompting a review.  The assessment officer, a psychologist, recommended that Hal be more 'relaxed.' 'No one likes a stick in the mud. She said.  He wasn't sure how it applied to the current situation, but history was telling him that he was being a stick in the mud.  Whatever that entailed.

He regarded Holly a bit differently, knowing he'd have to change his approach to his new assignment if he had any hopes in avoiding repetitious history patterns. "Perhaps..." Hal ventured, hoping he was being neither too forthcoming nor awkward, "you could show me around if you have any spare sleepless hours."

Holly smiled, "that sounds like a good idea.  There's always something to keep us occupied on the parts of the station with emitters."  Glancing towards Rexus she added, "I should let you both get back to your work.  Sorry for the interruption, Lieutenant."

Nodding, "It was a welcome one." Hal began to recall Kepler's operational status as more and more systems were filled out in his core.  He waited for Holly to go before turning back to the Cadet.  "I need to see the Captain about this station."

"Good idea, Lieutenant."  Rexus agreed.  "But hey, if you need someone to talk to, look me up."

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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|Replimat, Deck 8
|1201 HRS, MD 1

“I still miss Doctor Martin,” Jemima continued as they made their way towards their usual table with lunch trays in tow, “but Doctor Grayson has certainly made things a little less hectic for us around here.  How they expected poor Cassi to handle so much in her condition I’ll never understand.”  The blonde Nurse arrived at the table first so once her tray was down she pulled out the chair for Kara.

“Oh, she seemed real sweet from what I could tell.” Kara replied then cheerfully added, as she took her seat. “Cassi’s a very strong woman, she’s handled a lot! Especially in her condition, blessed be.” She said in a very agreeable manner. “Every hand counts, can never have enough in medical!”

Jemima nodded as she sat down, “ain’t that the truth!”  She offered a warm smile to the dark-haired woman and then shifted her attention to her meal.  “Anyway, enough about work.  I want to know why you haven’t been around to see me after work in so long.  Got a fella?”

Kara started to giggle. “A fella?” She looked at Jemima and teased. “Oh yes of course I have plenty of time for that, no, no- nothing of the sort.” She told her friend in assurance. “My sister came by and we spent some time together- then we got extra time thanks to the quarantine.”

“Y’all weren’t the only ones who were happy with that,” the Head Nurse replied thoughtfully.  Her life had changed quite a bit since making the decision to adopt, at least in the technical sense, Quequao after he remained six years-old.  Nothing she had heard about the man he used to be made sense when compared to the cheeky little boy he was now.  They had both needed to make some adjustments but were settling in well.

“Y’know, I think I might pick up Evie’s shift tomorrow. It’s been awhile since I’ve pulled a double, and we haven’t had anything organized in ages.” Kara noted with a smile.

Jemima looked up at her thoughtfully.  “If you switched with her, and had tonight free, then we could have a girl’s night.”  She tried to keep the hopefulness, or desperation, from her tone.  “I heard that there’s a karaoke shindig tonight on the Promenade.  Nothing says harmless fun like cheap drinks and bad singing!”

Kara couldn’t help but laugh and admit. “That actually sounds like a lot of fun, and I just wonder who's gonna be doing all the singing. Puck always hides when I sing.”

“Well, he can stay with Quequao and the sitter,” Jemima replied with a laugh of her own.  She popped a cherry tomato into her mouth and brushed her hair back.  She liked wearing it down when she wasn’t having to follow regulations.  “And we can sing as badly as we like.  Or at least until they throw us out.”

“Oh, Puck would love it! I really haven’t had time to play with him.” She said enthusiastically and turned her attention to the Ceasar Salad before her. After taking a few bites, she politely waited and then asked. “Y’know I think, you are in luck. My sister left some of my nephew’s things here, I guess because she hopes that it might push me to have children, but Quequao can have them. Just some toys, and clothes that Devon’s outgrown.”

“Really?”  Jemima smiled.  “That would be much appreciated, Kara, thank you.  Everything that Quequao owns is from his former life and not exactly suited to a six year-old.”  She grinned, “he still laughs about the ‘blue lady’ telling him he was a restaurant owner.”  Legally that was true of course, but he wasn’t going to be much use to the business for some years.

“You are very welcome.” She said with a smile. “I’m pretty sure he’ll enjoy having you for a Mother. You’ve had plenty of practice with the nurses here!” She joked and then took a few more bites of her salad, and then a sip of tea. Setting the cup down she added. “I was thinking about having another dog, just someone for Puck to play with since I’m not always around, and I don’t know any other dog owners on the station, at least not yet. K’Tanya says she’s getting a Mastiff from Qo’nos- but she always says that.”

“They have Mastiffs on Kronos?”  Jemima asked with an amused smile.  “I don’t really think there are many critters on the station to be honest.”  She admitted.  “Violet Matthews has a Degosan Twin-tailed Gecko,” she added with her lips pursed thoughtfully.  “And Doctor Martin had Bergie, her cat.  And I suppose she had John too, but he was more of a handful than the cat.”  She laughed softly and then felt a little guilty since Sarah and John had been forced to be separated by so many light years.  “I think the Assistant Security Chief has a dog... I heard someone saying she liked to take something hairy running and hoped I hadn’t missed the punchline to a dirty joke.”

She laughed with Jemima and added. “Well a Jackal Mastiff, she says its cute, and I suppose it is. Mhmmm, maybe I should ask the Yeoman to petition the Captain for a pet day here on the Station.” She thought over it for a few moments and then shrugged it off. “Or I could probably ask Chief Lail, she might ask too.” Kara said in reference to the Station Chief who was the head honcho of the enlisted. “So where is this karaoke thing happening?”

“Actually,” Jemima put her form down and looked at the part-Betazoid thoughtfully.  “I don’t remember... Might have been that Piano place, um... The Grand Piano?  I heard they were trying to expand since business wasn’t going so well.”

“Really? I thought things were going fine, especially with the quarantine.” Kara admitted. “Although I did overhear some contractors talking about a new store, I wonder if thats the spot they were talking about.”

Jemima shrugged, “dunno.  There are still a few disused spaces but I think the EOA have been tightening the regulations to make it a little more difficult to get a license.  No one has been forced to close yet but I think new merchants interested in setting up are having trouble.”  It was amazing the sorts of things you heard in Sickbay on a daily basis.  “The Grand Piano was trying to be upmarket though, sort of the opposite end of the spectrum from Crazy Eights I suppose.  Which might be why they’re struggling.  With the drinking restrictions to those of us in Starfleet it’s the quiet nights out at places like that which end up being ruined.”

“I suppose, but the Lion and Rose has gotten a lot of business.” She commented. “Oh and Kozo’s is always good, when I have the pay for it.” Kara ignored the idea that EOA would purposely try to dissuade new merchants. “Oh I’m sure they’re just looking out for the best of Kepler, after all we’re the last stop to nowhere!” She said in a semi-jokingly manner.

“Probably,” Jemima agreed with a nod.  “But that doesn’t mean that what they’re doing is the best option available.  After all the provisional trade agreements made it clear that merchants from neighbouring powers were to be included.  I don’t see many examples of that being put into practice.”  She smiled and added, “not that I would by designer Breen helmets or anything if a kiosk opened up.”

“I can see that point of view.” She stated as she finished her salad. “Still. We’ll just have to hope for the better.” Kara then looked at the time and then back to her little bowl of chocolate pudding. She then smirked. “I wouldn’t want a Breen helmet, but I sure could go for some Bajoran pastries.”

“Then you need The Muffin Man,” Jemima replied with a grin.  “I could swing by there on the way home tonight and then when you come over to get ready we can ruin our waistlines with treats from around the Alpha Quadrant.”

“Now that sounds delightful!” Kara exclaimed with some happiness. “What time do you want me to go by?”

“Any,” the blonde replied simply.  “I’ll take Quequao to his sitter before dinner time, otherwise he gets ornery, and then either pick him up after or in the morning.”  She put down her utensils, her meal finished, and then added, “so it really depends on how soon you want to start partying.”

“I’ll drop by around six.” She told Jemima thoughtfully as she stood to move toward the waste receptacle.

“It’s a date,” Jemima replied with a teasing smile.

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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|The Grand Piano, Deck 9
|1903 Hours, MD 1

“I’ve never sung in public before...” Judith said quietly to Nora as they entered the Grand Piano arm in arm.  She had expected Nora to want to spend their last night on Kepler in the Holosuites or back in their Quarters but the idea of enjoying a group event, even if most of them were coming individually, appealed to her.  The large, mostly open space, was full of dark wood and brass in an attempt to emulate 1930’s Earth culture.  It worked quite well and seemed the perfect setting for the upmarket dance hall that it was supposed to have been.  “Actually, I might have been in the background of a school play when I was seven.  I’ve repressed the memory”

Nora kept her arm around Judy’s waist as they walked in. “Don’t worry you’ll be okay.” She told her girlfriend in reassurance. Giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“That’s easy for you to say,” Judith countered, “you have the look of a sexy 1930’s lounge singer who has all the men drooling in their fedoras and wingtips.”  To emphasise her point she gave Nora’s bum a slight squeeze and then laughed softly at the surprised look on her face.

She laughed lightly and squeezed Judy’s butt cheek. “Don’t sell yourself so short, hotness.” Nora escorted her girlfriend to the table and like a gentleman she held out the chair. “Beauties first.”

Judith smiled at her warmly and then when Nora sat down she reached over and took her hand.  “Oh,” she picked up a small PADD in the other.  “Looks like we get to pick from a selection of songs.”  They were listed by genre and planets of origin.  “Any suggestions?”  She asked nervously.

Sitting down she scooted over and leaned to see the PADD. “Mhmmm.” She hummed and then stroked her chin like a smooth criminal. “How about... something from Earth.” Nora stated as she flipped through the selections. “Here we go, Journey... we’ll do this one.”

“We?”  Judith asked, sounding relieved.  “I thought you were going to make me sing by myself.”

Nora scoffed at the idea. “What? No!” She said with some laughter. “Hey, I wasn’t part of the Academy’s Show Choir for nothing! We beat the Trill Science Academy!” Nora then took some time to elaborate that she and Aurelia had been part of the said show choir was more or less a diversion away from their academics, and yes they enjoyed athletics but not nearly to the extent of singing.

“Now you’ve made me more nervous,” Judith laughed awkwardly.

Nora chuckled. “C’mon it’ll be fun, hey I bet you, Aurelia is gonna be singing in this one too. Just watch.” She said with a wink. “I’ll lead and you can follow.”

Judith nodded.  “Okay then.”  She pressed the button and entered them into the set list.  “Doesn’t look like many people are singing duets tonight.”

“Oh when music crawls into my blood, it likes to stay there.” She whispered into Judy’s ear. “Just wait until we get to my house. My brother and I use to rock in the living room.” Her voice was a little lustful as she planted a kiss on the crook of Judy’s neck.

“I mostly sing in the shower,” Judith replied with a soft giggle as Nora kissed her.  She might have found such an open display embarrassing in the past but she had become a lot less squeamish now.  And the restaurant was dimly lit enough to offer a small amount of privacy.

“If you’re feeling nervous, I can help you with that.” She said as she slowly rose from her chair.

“W...what are you going to do?”  Judith asked nervously.

“Well it’s obvious, you need some help, and maybe you need a lesson in rock.” Nora stated in a sing song pattern. The music started up as she made a nod to the host and she took Judy’s hand in hers.

Judith nervously took her hand and stood up.  She was led towards the small stage, which seemed to be designed for the usual holographic band that played rather than for people singing karaoke, and then stood staring at the shapes of people through the bright lights.

“Whooh!” Nora started, her tight black jeans hugging every curve, and her Indian Jacket swaying with her movements. “Ah ha ha, yeah.” Giving Judy a wink she climbed on the stage. “Now listen... not a dime I can’t pay my rent.” Then as she shook her hips she continued. “I can barely make it through the week, Saturday night I’d like to make my girl but right now I can’t make ends meet!”

She jumped down and slid across the piano top. She strutted toward Judy, her tight black shirt, holding on to every muscle. “I’m always workin’ slavin’ everyday, gotta get away from the same old, same old.”

With so many people watching Judith was even more nervous but, as she watched Nora start to move around, full of confidence and enthusiasm, she tried to loosen up.  Swaying to the music, she smiled and kept her attention on the beautiful part-Bajoran rather than all the other eyes in the room.

“I need a chance just to get away, if you could hear me think this is what I’d say!” Nora sang as she let her hair down and faced Judy. “Don’t need nothin’ but a good time, how can I resist, ain’t lookin’ for nothin’ but a good time, and it don’t get better than this.” Those black combat boots making for a good stance as she went into the next verse.

She pressed the mic between her and Judy and sang. “They say I spend my money on women and wine, but I couldn’t tell you where I spent last night, but I’m really sorry about the shape I’m in. I just like my fun every now and then.” Then she pulled Judy into a kiss and then coaxed the chorus out of Judy.

Feeling a little stunned by the unexpected kiss, Judith looked down at the screen which displayed the lyrics to the song and leaned towards the microphone a little.  “D...don’t need nothin’ but a good time,” she sang meekly along with Nora.  “How can I resist?  Uh... ain’t lookin’ for nothin’ but a good time, and it don’t get better than this.”  Although nowhere near as strong as her girlfriend, by the last line of the chorus both voices could at least both be heard by the audience.

“You see I raise a toast to all of us.” Nora sang and turned her attention to the audience. “Who are breakin’ our backs every day, if wantin’ such a good life is a crime.” Nora paused a moment as she finished off strong. “Lord, then put me away! Here’s to ya!” She shouted, and then turning to Judy she encouraged her as they sang the chorus again, and then twice more.

The audience started clapping and the host came over to shake Nora’s hand before then doing the same to Judith.  “Did you enjoy that ladies and gentlemen?”  He asked the room as he gestured towards the ladies.  “Thank you...” he lowered his voice to ask their names and then continued, “to the lovely Nora and Judy for this a wonderful start to the evening.”

Nora held Judy’s hand and took a bow as she stepped down with Judy.

Judith grinned at Nora.  “That wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be,” she said as they made their way back to their table.

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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| Deck 10: Captain's Ready Room
| MD 1: 1300

Hal had just finished crunching through the various Engineering logs and still could scarcely believe the state the station had found itself in.  He even took a trip to the missing module just to confirm it with his own visual recognition subroutine . . .

|Deck 25: Module C
|MD 1: 1200

"But...It... HOW?!" He interrobanged. Hal just stood there, speechless while staring into the vast void of space.  The hologram, accustomed to having all things in their place (particularly sections of starbases), could feel that space was staring back. He pictured the void clinging to every surface of the station and whispering, "That was just a snack!"

"It was a terrorist attack, Sir." The tech specialist that Hal forced to accompany him stated it plainly as if it were okay that the void of space had a right to be peering in through a four-deck-sized hole.

"I know how. It's just..." Hal couldn't finish his sentence. Instead, he gesticulated with his hands at the bigness of the missing-ness of it all.

. . . He definitely had his work set out for him.

Hal pressed the intercom system to chime his arrival and idly rapped his fingers on the PADD in hand.  There was much to talk about with his new Commanding Officer.

The door opened to reveal the Trill Captain carrying a few PADDs under one arm.  "Ah," he offered a polite smile to the young man and then stepped out into Ops.  "You must be the new Chief Engineer."  To be honest Nikolas was still somewhat sceptical about the idea of a holographic crew member, especially after the recent issue plaguing the new emitters throughout the station, but Ensign Robertson assured him that 'Hal' was going to be a good addition to the crew.  And he had always been keen to implement new technology.

Which may or may not be a cursed title . . . Hal did his best to quell the thought.  "Aye, Captain.  I am here to report that I am fully installed and operational for duty."

"Excellent," Nikolas replied with a nod.  "Can I assume that you are already aware of our rather... strained resources then?"  He asked with a suppressed sigh.  Hal was the third Chief Engineer to have to deal with these problems.  It wasn't what most of them signed on for when they joined the Academy.  Although perhaps the hologram would be different.

Hal all but began to roll his eyes at the thought of just how strained those resources were.  "Painfully aware, Captain." Deep in the recesses of his algorithmic processes, Hal computed the statistical probability that he could successful negotiate a transfer. . . less than 5.2% . . . Committing himself to the task at hand, the Lieutenant redirected, "But then again, I would be naive if I thought my installation here was precautionary--I hardly see the utility in a supplemental, extensible, holographic crew if you were fully manned and resourced."

"You thought that you would be a shiny new toy for us to bring out and impress the neighbours?"  Nikolas asked with a slightly amused smile he hoped would take the bluntness from his words.  "No, no.  I will admit that not everyone is keen about your presence here, but I once met a young Lt. Commander who received the same sort of reception and he turned out to be a remarkable Officer.  You will be treated just like every other Engineer on this station, Lieutenant.  And I'm afraid that means a lot of elbow grease is required."

Hal cocked his head in concerned curiosity. "Not keen, Sir?"

"We recently had an incident that involved the newly installed holographic system," the Trill explained.  He disliked the fact they were currently having what amounted to a sensitive conversation in the doorway so gestured for the hologram to follow him.  His Ready Room was unfortunately not currently equipped to meet the Chief Engineer's needs.  "Suffice it to say that a number of disturbances, ranging from minor harassment to full-scale fighting, occurred over a few days that will have left a large portion of the population... skittish."

"Ah." Hal furrowed his brow in projected thought, "I had thought the situation was more... open... to my arrival. Nevertheless, I can limit my interactions to a few personnel and the Engineering and Operations team if you think it would avert any potential conflicts.  I could also save the bulk of non-emergent repair and maintenance for the night shift."

Nikolas shook his head slightly, "That won't be necessary, Lieutenant.  I just wanted you to be aware of the situation.  I'm confident that you will find most people welcoming."

The holographic engineer nodded in finality, "As you wish, Captain."  Raising his eyebrows, Hal moved to hand his PADD to the Trill. "If I may, here are my estimations for the repair and overhaul of Kepler--including necessary requisitions." Hal paused briefly before adding, "But if you ask me, it would be simpler to replace the whole station."

"Where's the fun in that?"  Nikolas asked with a grin.

Hal grasped his hands together behind his back.  "Oh, believe me Sir, I'm always up for a challenge.  But I wasn't certain if you would consider multiplying my matrices over 10 shells, to work 24 hours a day, for an entire year, was too much fun."

"I'm not sure even our fancy new InfoDyne system could quite handle that," the Trill replied thoughtfully.  "But if you believe that your particular skills are required in multiple places then I'll leave that to your discretion."

"I could always start by replacing the emitter array to meet Starfleet specifications," Hal suggested with a smile.

"I think you'll find they exceed standard specifications," Nikolas replied thoughtfully.  "But I will have you brought up to speed on them as well.  Mrs Spokar has understandably limited the number of people privy to the workings of their intellectual property however a number of technicians have been trained in how to maintain it."  They rounded a corner and came to the Briefing Room.  "Are there any other areas you wanted to discuss, Lieutenant?"

"Just one more thing, Sir." Hal crossed his arms in contemplation before continuing, "I was not privy to the justifications used for my requisition, Captain; but it isn't everyday that a HALO program is deployed to the field, let alone with all available departmental programmatic modules.  I'm not one for speculation, however all signs are pointing to the fact you need more than just a Chief Engineer."

"Lets just say," Nikolas said with a small smile.  "That in an area of space where one tiny, completely under resourced, and out-dated station could use a few aces up its sleeves."

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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|Docking Lounge 1, Deck 25
|1559 HRS, MD 1

Procedures had become a little more strict since Kyle Stewart had last visited Kepler Station but he didn't mind because the anticipation of what was to come had his spirits far too high to be brought down by mild inconvenience.  Besides, he and the band had visited both Kronos and Cardassia Prime and security there had been insane.  Most of the questions he'd been forced to endure before stepping foot in Docking Lounge 1 had been about spatial distortions and how old he was supposed to be.  Either might have sounded strange had T'Vei not told him so much about what happened on Kepler.

Slinging his guitar case over his shoulder he joined the line of processed visitors moving towards the large door that separated Docking Lounge 1 from the station proper.  Once inside he would be able to see T'Vei in the flesh again and tell her the good news he had managed to finalise on the last league of the trip.  Although he was a little nervous about seeing her after weeks of only communicating via messages and recordings.

T'Vei stood in place in Docking Lounge 1, waiting for Kyle. Waiting to see his face again after so many weeks. Messages did not count to the half vulcan, who despite her calm exterior, her hands were clasped tight in front of her. Her eyes darting to each face as they entered the lounge until they landed on the one person she was excited to see.

Her face lit up in a smile as Kyle's tall frame entered the room, for a moment she hesitated, a little worried before gliding up towards him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I missed you." T'Vei said.

"I missed you too, T'Vei," Kyle said as he dropped his bag and wrapped his own arms around the beautiful woman.  "I wish all my welcomes were this nice."  It took a lot of restraint to leave their greeting at a hug but he was still honouring the agreement he had made in the form of a contract.  And they had quite a bit of ground to cover before either of them really knew where they stood.

With a sigh, T'Vei broke off the embrace, she wanted to kiss Kyle, to be as aggressive as Tori was with her, but knew they should hold off, he must have questions for her, he may not feel comfortable. "Screaming fans are not enough?" T'Vei teased. "I'll walk you to your quarters."

"Screaming fans hold nothing on you," Kyle assured her.  Picking up his bag again, he slipped his arm around her shoulder as naturally as he had done on their first day together and nodded.  "I would be most grateful for your company.  As long as I'm not keeping you from something more important?"

"I took an early shift today so I could have the afternoon and evening off with you." T'Vei explained. "There's a Karaoke party on tonight, I thought you may enjoy watching us untalented folk attempt to sing."

"Untalented is not a word I would use in relation to you," Kyle said with a soft laugh.  His fingers lightly caressed her shoulder as they walked.  "But karaoke sounds like a lot of fun.  As long as I don't have to sing my own songs," he added with a grin.  "You know... I would love to sing with you, if you're interested in a duet?"

"I'm not sure if I could live up to your voice." T'Vei blushed. "But I'll give it a go."

Kyle smiled, "honest singing isn't about how good you are, T'Vei."  He explained.  "It's about the feelings behind the words.  If you sing with your heart and really believe in it then your voice can only possibly be beautiful.  Just because I can carry a tune doesn't make me any better than anyone else when it comes to that."

"I'm glad to hear that. I hope you are saying the same thing later tonight after you hear me sing." The two had reached Deck 7, and she lead Kyle to his door. "Here we are." She said opening it and walking in.

"Thank you very much," Kyle said with a broad smile as he took his bag and guitar over to the opposite wall and set them down.  "Oh," he looked up and started to open the side pocket of his bag.  "I nearly forgot; I have something for you."  Producing a small box he stood up and crossed back towards her.  The cute way she slightly bit her lip as she looked at the box brought another smile to his face.

T'Vei's chest began to pound when Kyle produced the box, her eyes darted up at him, filled with curiosity and surprise as well as excitement. "What's this?" She asked.

Opening the box, Kyle revealed a small, polished gold star on a chain.

"Kyle... it's beautiful." T'Vei said letting the smile out. She took the necklace out of the box and held it in her hand, the star was simple yet beautiful. "I love it." She added, handing the now unclasped chain to Kyle and turning so that he could place it on her. "Thank you." She added when he bent over her shoulder.

Slipping the delicate chain around T'Vei's slender neck he revelled in their proximity and said, "I spotted this out of dozens at a stall on Dreon."  Doing up the clasp he then ran his fingers under her long dark hair to make sure it didn't get tangled in the chain.  "They told me that the gold came from a meteor and it made me think of you coming into my life from out of nowhere."  He explained with a grin, his lips inches from her ear.

T'Vei leaned back into his chest, a small laugh escaping her lips at hearing how she appeared to him. "Let's hope I don't destroy everything that's in my path." She added, but sighed. Maybe that wasn't the right thing to say after Karik and Tori. "I'm sure you had a long trip, you must be tired. I can come back later and we can grab a bite before Karoke begins?" She suggested.

Running his hands down her arms, Kyle smiled.  "It was a long trip," he agreed.  "But I've spent more than enough time resting on the transport vessel and, you see, I have this new friend and I was sort of hoping that she and I could catch up before she takes me out to karaoke later."  Slipping around her, he didn't break contact as he looked into her eyes.  "You already told me you're not working so you can't weasel out."  He teased.

T'Vei let out a sigh and broke off the eye contact between them. She moved to the couch and sat. "You are right. I know you have questions, I'll do my best to answer them."

"Actually," Kyle said gently as he came over to sit down beside her.  "I'm not so sure I do have questions..."  He tossed the empty jewellery box on the coffee table and then directed a smile toward the part-Vulcan.  "You explained your reasoning in your message and I respect your decision."  The smile deepened and he took her hand.  "I would like to ask one thing though..."

T'Vei tensed suddenly, her eyes darting to Kyle, a worried look on her face.

"Are you okay?"

"Fine. I'm sorry, what did you want to ask?"

Kyle burst into laugher and then leaned his head against hers.  "That was what I wanted to ask."  He squeezed her hand and smiled.  "I wanted to make sure that you were alright after such a big decision and under pretty complicated circumstances."

T'Vei cracked a small smile and leaned her head against Kyle's shoulder, her body relaxing. "It's been difficult." She admitted. "It opened me up to a new wave of thinking, of perception... I won't lie, I have changed because of it."

"I can't imagine what you must have gone through," Kyle replied softly as he wrapped his arms around her.

T'Vei sank into Kyle's chest, absorbing his scent, taking a long deep breath in, then out. "Seeing you again has helped." She whispered, wrapping her arms around his chest. "I really missed you."

"Me too," Kyle said as he gently rubbed her back.  "I'm so sorry that we could never manage to talk real time.  Alan had us showing up at every event he could find to make the most of our time on Dreon.  I probably saw more of the planet in those couple of weeks than the locals ever do."  He reached up and brushed her hair back from her face and smiled.  "On the bright side though, it seems my last trip out here inspired a couple of the others to want some time off.  Hal and Guy have both been talking about doing some solo stuff."

"Time off?" T'Vei raised her head. "Are you staying?" She asked hopefully, a smile retuning to her face. Imagine, having Kyle here on a long term basis. A real relationship, would they get tired of each other? Fall in love? The idea made the half-vulcan excited though she tried to hide as much of it as possible until she knew for sure.

Kyle nodded, "I am."  He smiled and added, "in fact you're looking at the proud new owner of Kepler Station's number one music store; Music Moon."  The smile grew into a grin and he asked, "you don't think Kitt will mind working for me, do you?"

T'Vei's face broke off in a wide smile, unable to control her feelings any longer she planted a deep and passionate kiss on Kyle's lips. "She won't mind at all." T'Vei replied, breaking apart from the kiss for a moment to say this before moving in for another one.

Needless to say that Kyle hadn't been expecting that sort of reaction but he recovered quickly and kissed the beautiful part-Vulcan back.  One hand moved to her shoulder as the other cupped her chin.  "I didn't know business ownership was such a turn on," he said breathlessly with a goofy grin as he worked his lower lip across the top, savouring the lingering taste of T'Vei on them.

T'Vei gave a soft blush at her forwardness, thanks to Tori, and leaned back into the couch, giving Kyle the opportunity to come at her this time. "I'm excited that you'll be staying more than just a few days." She said simply, her hand moving into his and giving it a soft squeeze.

"I'm glad," Kyle told her with a warm smile as he leaned forward and brought their lips together again for a firm kiss.  "I want you to know, though, that I still don't expect anything from you, T'Vei.  I admit that my interest in Music Moon has more to do with the location than my interest in branching into other avenues of the industry," his smile deepened and his fingers snaked through hers.  "But even if you want to stick to our contract and remain friends I'll still be here."

"No, I'm ready to void that contract and become you girlfriend... if you are?" T'Vei said. "Kyle, every time you're around, I feel comfortable, I'm able to relax, be myself without worrying how you think of me. You have no idea how long it's been since I could act like that. You mean a lot to me and I want to expand on the friendship we established on your last visit here. I'm not sure how much Music Moon is going to help your profits, but the gesture is not lost on me." She curled into his arms, feeling content and secure. An odd feeling that her vulcan mind began to analyze, but she quickly shut that off. She didn't want to analyze her feelings in this, she just wanted to experience them and enjoy Kyle's presence in the flesh.

"I don't know what to say, T'Vei..." Kyle admitted.  "From the moment we first spoke there was something about you that captivated me.  And the more I get to know you the more I want to be in your life."  He smiled warmly.  "I would have found a way to be content with friendship, but there's nothing I would like more than to be your boyfriend."

"You know..." T'Vei smiled. "I know very little of the dating rituals of humans. I hope you will be patient with me and let me know if the pace is not right." Her smiled turned into a grin. "I do have some activities planed, I didn't know you were going to be staying so long so we can spread them out if you like."

Kyle laughed softly.  "Okay."  He stroked her hand softly and said, "well rule one... never tell a guy to set the pace.  That's just asking for trouble.  You want to make sure that you're comfortable and then drag him along until then."

"Translation is that I get to make the rules?" T'Vei asked inquisitively. "I think I'm going to like dating..." she mused to herself. She moved her head over again and kissed Kyle, gentler this time, but still holding that passion as she lingered her lips just barely touching his.

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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|Crew Quarters, Deck 4
|2114 HRS, -MD 1

Working the Taras wood brush through her long platinum hair with slow strokes, Nilari glanced at the reflection of her empty Quarters in the mirror and her antennae dropped.  Had she grown so accustomed to being around Bruiser during the mission on board the Dacoit that even a small amount of time apart affected her?  While it was true that her species were very social creatures solitude had been a far greater commodity in her life.  Learning that a large portion of that was in fact due to her parents tampering with her genetic make up did not remove the sting from painful childhood memories.  Memories of children whispering behind her back, an added insult to Andorians, or constantly finding excuses for why she couldn't take part in kochek games or kharakom matches.

It was difficult to be angry at parents she could barely remember though; time had ravaged what few memories she had been able to shelter since they were killed.  Looking down, Nilari sighed and lowered the brush.  Aside from precious few memories and pictures the simple wooden brush was all she had that once belonged to any of her family.  She remembered her Zhavey taking the brush from a similarly designed box and then telling her stories while she brushed the knots from her hair.

Tears started to well up in her hazel eyes and she put the brush in the top drawer and closed it.  It seemed that the closer they got to Cassi's due date the more she found herself thinking of her parents.  Would they be proud of her?  Had they planned for her to meet a Human and fall in love?  Maybe their research and experimentation had been meant to reduce the number of Andorian genders and not for something like this... Did that mean her parents would have reacted the same way other Andorians will to her children?  Would their lives be filled with memories of living as an outcast?

"Never!"  She told the empty room emphatically.  Her children would not be outcasts.  They would know a warm and loving family.  She and Bruiser would see to that.  And her children would learn to embrace their duel heritage and display it proudly.  Perhaps they would struggle, just as she had, but they would never do so alone.

"Computer, Faridd."  Nilari instructed as she stood up and padded out to the kitchen in bare feet.  Bruiser always complained the tiles were cold but he would not make such comments if they ever spent time on Andoria.  Then he would beg for the mild temperature of their kitchen floor.  Picking up the freshly replicated carbonated beverage, Nilari walked over to Bruiser's favourite chair and settled down on it.  "Computer," she leaned back a little and then took a sip of her cola.  "What is the current stardate?"

"Stardate six four two five nine point three seven two."

The Andorian nodded her head thoughtfully.  "Alright... Computer, open a new directory entitled 'Emvaiir' and begin recording."  The shrill tone indicated it was ready and after a moments thought she began.  "My beautiful children.  I hope that when you listen to this your father and I will be with you.  However..." Nilari paused and closed her eyes for a moment before continuing.  "However, if this is not the case then I want you to know that even long before you were born we loved you both with all our hearts.  You may never fully understand all that has transpired to make you both possible but I would endure it all again for a chance to be with you and your father.  Although we are not a traditional family by the customs and beliefs of Andoria, and many will not accept our union, The First Truth, as spoken to Quads on their Fomel, or wedding, states that “One alone cannot be Whole" and I strongly believe that your father makes me whole.  He is what Humans call my 'soul mate'.

"We first met about a year ago but it seems like I have known Bruiser forever.  He and his fellow crew from the SS Dalliance were fighting against terrorists who had attacked our station to gain access to Starfleet intelligence.  He handled himself masterfully, like a true warrior.  And I could not forget him even as the chaos caused following the attack--not to mention our temporal displacement--drew my attention toward my duties."  Her pale blue lips curled into a smile.  "As the saying goes though, we certainly made up for lost time.  I am not too ashamed to admit that I do not remember good portions of our first date.  My metabolism may be higher than his but your father is no lightweight."  She laughed softly and took another swig of her cola.

"Andorians and Humans have vastly different ideas of what is taboo... We are much, much more open and honest about sexual relations than they are.  I must admit though, did not tell Bruiser until later that venturing outside our species is frowned upon at best.  Our species are not supposed to be genetically compatible so neither of us thought to learn more about each other's culture until our relationship had grown.  By the time we discovered that I was pregnant we had already reached a point that would be grounds for betrothal on Andoria.  As frightened as I was of what might be to come I could not help but feel content in the knowledge that we could start a family together.  Your father put any fears I had to rest when he proposed to me.  He can be exceptionally romantic and I will never forget that dinner."

She raised her hand and toyed with the engagement ring slightly.  "Human jewellery is not something I ever considered before but this ring is more than polished metal.  It is the symbol of our commitment and a metaphorical link to Bruiser in a similar sense to the shapla.  I do not know what form our wedding may take, or which customs will be more dominant, but I am glad that Bruiser wished to follow Human customs with this ring because it reflects him.  We will both have to find a balance, especially when raising you both, but those are challenges for the future."

Finishing off her drink, Nilari contemplated her next topic when she heard the door open.  "Computer, end log."  She said as she leapt from the chair and sprung into Bruiser's arms.

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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Doctor Takagi's Office
MD 1 - 0800 Hours

Kara had been working only three hours, having come in early on Alpha Shift. She didn't really have a reason other than someone asked her too, so they could go do something. Kara didn't remember what it was, but knew that part of her task today was to inquire on Doctor Takagi's condition. Everyone else seemed so nervous, she never understood why. Shrugging she walked down the hall, slipping charts into the other Doctor's doors. Ringing the chime she waited for her orders to come in.

"What do you need?" Maya inquired, her tone neither welcoming nor grumpy, as the young nurse entered.

As the door closed behind her she knew most of the- okay all of the other nurses were gossiping her death already. In her head she was humming a playful Betazoid tune, one her grandfather would sing to her as a child. "I came in to check on you, just the basics." She told Maya, and mentally checked off Maya's Follow Up in her head and proceeded to go through another lists for the day and then hummed in her head.

"Why exactly are you checking on me?" Maya inquired. "I've already scanned myself today. Everything is fine."

She thought for a moment and she could give her the long answer or the short answer, and then sighed to give a little of both. "It is simply routine, firstly, and second after your encounter, you require a follow up, and doing one on yourself- doesn't count." Kara told her with a smile, and it was just as genuine as any other. "Typically this would have been done much sooner, but it would seem- this task has been neglected."

"Fine." Whatever got the kid out of her office sooner. Maya stood up and crossed around the desk to sit at a small reclining chair. She rolled up her sleeve so that Kara could take a blood sample.

As much as Kara wanted to say, physician heal thyself, she refrained and only then did she hear herself hum, that little Betazoid song. She walked toward Maya and set her kit down and began to work. While the equipment settled in to do their work she noted. "On the bright side, once this is done, you won't have to see my face again- well, relatively speaking.  You'd still see me around the department." After a few moments she ran a few more tests and said. "All done Doctor, have a good day."

"And what are your findings?" Maya inquired.

Kara gave her a warm smile and said. "I'd tell you how healthy you are but, you did your own assessment, and here is mine they should match up quite well."

"Look a little closer, Nurse Xetan," Maya advised. "Particular at the levels of psilosynine. Within the normal range for a Betazoid, correct? But you will also find a significant increase in serotonin and adrenaline, if you compare them with my previous set of scans. This suggests an irregularity."

She didn't need to explain physiology to the nurse - who could easily surmise that Maya had taken some sort of medication within the past few hours, either to increase or decrease telepathic sensitivity.

"Now, having conducted the necessary examination, you can file this information away and go on with your day."

Nurse Xetan smiled and said. "Thank you for pointing it out doctor, I'll be sure to make a big  note in your file, for you." Her smile was very wide, almost like a Cheshire cat. She collected the kit and inspected it. Taking a deep breath she sighed and told the Doctor. "I know you don't do personal things, but - just as an open invitation, if you ever want to have coffee, talk things out, I'm here. I know everyone else practically scatters when they hear your name." Putting her finger to her lips she shrugged happily, spun on her heels and walked out of Maya's Office.

"Hello Connie!" She greeted a passing nurse as she headed for Cassi's Office to put away files and charts.

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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|Corridor, Deck 5
|1510 HRS, MD 1

With so much happening in the last couple of weeks, Security had been stretched thin.  Which unfortunately meant that Nilari had not spent as much time with her loved ones as she would have liked.  Slipping her arm as far around Bruiser as she could managed, she rested her head on his bicep and smiled.

“I am not certain that Cassi will be as keen as we are to have all four of us go out.”  She said softly.  The idea had arisen after her interesting conversation with the age reduced Ethel Scott the prior night but now doubts were beginning to surface.  “If she wanted us to know about their relationship then she probably would have said so.”

“Maybe it’s not a relationship yet,” Bruiser answered, planting a kiss to her platinum hair.

Nilari nodded thoughtfully, “maybe.  But Miss Scott was awfully upset over Eugene’s decision to ‘turn his back on his family and friends for a woman whom he could fall out of love with any day’, to paraphrase her words.”

Bruiser gave a thoughtful growl.  “Maybe it’s not a good idea then.  I don’t want to cause her any turmoil.”

Nilari stopped and turned Bruiser slightly so they were looking at one another.  “Neither do I, my love, I want her to find the same sort of happiness I have.”  She caressed his chin with slender blue fingers.  “She is as close to me now as a Quad sister...”

“And this guy is good for her?” he looked skeptical.

“I do not know,” the Andorian admitted.  “He is much like Lieutenant Reynolds.  I believe him to be a good man.”  That was about as much as she could say without spending more time with Eugene.  Which had been part of her reason for suggesting this in the first place.

“But if he’s not going to be faithful,” Bruiser’s concerned expression deepened, “then I don’t want to build false expectations.  It would be better to invite only her.”

Nilari nodded and slipped her arm through Bruiser’s.  “We seem to have come to an impasse...” she thought aloud.  “Perhaps,” looking up into his eyes with another smile, “perhaps we could leave the invitation open and allow Cassi to decide for herself?  And support that decision.”


Cassi stopped at her door, greeting Eugene with a smile, and when he was close enough, a kiss.  “Nilari invited us to dinner...” the door opened and she stepped inside.  She kicked her shoes into the corner before asking, “Did you want to go?”

“That’s cheating,” Eugene said with a laugh as he followed Cassiopeia inside like a puppy.  “You’re not supposed to offer bribes before asking me things like that.”  He smirked and leaned in to kiss her again.  “Will that huge scary guy be there too?”  He asked in his best attempt to sound macho and not like a nervous little wuss.

“Bruiser?  Of course he’s going to be there.”  She ran her hand through her hair, pulling it off her face.  “Does that mean you don’t want to go?”

Eugene shook his head and grinned.  “You’ll be there to protect me.”

She checked the time, “We have to be there in an hour then.  I want to change out of these scrubs.  Did you need anything first?”

“You look cute in your scrubs,” Eugene countered.  “And totally outshine those adorable rollie pollie pandas.  Unlike me who will need the whole hour to make myself look presentable.”  Taking her hand he kissed it lightly and then traced his fingers around hers.  “I actually have something to confess if we’re seeing Nilari.”

“Confess?” Cassi took a step back.  “That doesn’t sound good.”

Eugene smiled slightly, “maybe I should lay off the Security terminology a little.“  He looked into her big blue eyes and regretted the poor choice of wording instantly.  “It’s nothing bad really, just sort of embarrassing.  I took Ethel out to that burger place to tell her about us and she caused a scene.”  He shook his head and laughed awkwardly.  “I guess I figured because she was mostly her normal self she would be above throwing tantrums.”  Although the fact he had picked a public place said a lot about what he had expected.

“I’m not sure I follow... why would you need to confess that?”

“Because I lost her after that and needed to call Security.”  Eugene explained.  “Nilari responded and then helped me track her down.  But after she tried to calm Ethel down a bit, she just ran off again... so I don’t know what Nilari might think of me.  And I don’t want my stupidity to reflect badly on you.”

“So, you lost a kid?”  Cassi smiled, “That’s not a crime.”

“I’m more worried about what that ‘kid’ could have told her in the few minutes they were talking.”  Eugene corrected with a soft laugh.  “She knows most of my dirty secrets.”  He added with a grin.  “Can’t impress your friends if they already think the worst of me.”

That caught Cassi’s attention, her curiosity grew, “Do I need to talk to Ethel?” she teased.

“How ‘bout we just skip to Bruiser squashing me?”  Eugene suggested.  He rubbed his chin and made a note to trim his beard.  “I don’t intend to keep things from you, Cassiopeia.”  He assured her.  “But we’ve all done things that we might not do again.”  Grinning he corrected that, “or at least only plan on doing again with the right person.”

“Hmmm,” she nodded.  “Okay...”  Rounding the corner, Cassi pulled her scrub top off before looking for a clean shirt.  Very little hid the bulge of Nilari’s twins despite all efforts.  “How’s this?” she asked, rounding the corner again after changing her shirt.

“You look gorgeous,” Eugene answered after giving her the once over.  Twice.  “Oh wait,” he crossed over to her and leaned in.  “You’ve got a little something--” kissing her softly he smiled and then finished his sentence, “--here.”

“Well... now I do,” she rubbed the kiss in.

Eugene grinned.  “Now I’m not so sure I’m ready to go...” he gestured at his own attire which, although not too shabby, hadn’t been picked with the idea of a double date in mind.  “Think a tux is too much?  I feel like I’m trying to impress your parents or something...”

“My parents are farmers.  To impress them, you’d need dirt under your nails.”  Cassi pointed out.

“I toiled in a Cardassian labour camp for a while,” he offered with a thoughtful smile.  “But I’m probably pretty pampered compared to the boys back home.”  He realised this was a subject that she probably didn’t really like and took her hand.  “Anyway,” offering her his best smile, “as much as I want them to like me the only opinion that matters is yours.”

Cassi took a step back and turned to the table where a pair of shirts were folded.  “If you want to change, I’m almost certain these are clean.  But, to me, you look perfectly presentable.”

“You’ve been stealing my shirts?”  Eugene asked with a grin.  Then he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her gently.  “Pretty sure I’ve never been called ‘perfectly presentable’ before.  I like it.”  He absentmindedly rubbed the small bulge of her stomach lightly as he kissed her cheek.  “So, where are we going?”

“A Taste of Terra,” Cassi answered, sounding not entirely certain.  “It’s a newer place.  I don’t know what the menu looks like.

“Going by the name I’d guess Human.  Which seems like a strange place for an Andorian to choose.”  Eugene thought aloud.  Then again most of the restaurants on the station were some variation on Earth, or Earth descendant, cuisine.  He doubted any blue-blooded Andorian would be caught dead going to that Klingon place which only left the frozen Jum'ja place.  And that was hardly designed for meals.  Even if Cassiopeia could probably pack away a few dozen at the moment.  He thought wryly and then tried to hide the smirk.  “I suppose there aren’t many options,” he said instead.  “Anyway it’s the company that counts, right?”


Bruiser followed the women into the restaurant and pulled out Nilari’s seat before looking back to see that Cassi had already been seated.  He looked at Eugene, still trying to get a feel for the man.  Nilari seemed to like him which gave him an increased base score.  On the other hand, Cassi was, essentially, a kid and that put a different score on the card.

“Thank you both for the invitation,” Eugene said somewhat awkwardly as he tried really hard not to fidget under the scrutiny of the big guy with the intimidating name.  Most people weren’t called ‘Bruiser’ because they liked to arrange flowers.

Nilari smiled and patted Bruiser’s hand tenderly, “you’re welcome, Eugene.”  After her talk with Bruiser about Eugene she was a little concerned that maybe she had been too quick to like him simply because of how happy he seemed to make Cassi.  She didn’t quite agree that the situation with Ethel meant that Eugene wasn’t trustworthy but it certainly did add complications.  Something that Cassi hardly needed more of.  “I wanted us to get to know each other a little better and this seemed the logical choice.”

Eugene nodded thoughtfully.  “I suppose a good place to start is; what are we having?”  He asked with a slightly forced smile.  Getting to know each other wasn’t going to be easy if he couldn’t tell them much about himself.  At least not until he knew what story Takagi would be expecting him to stick to.

Cassi picked up the menu from the table, looking over the appetizers but quickly found the entrees. 

“That looks good,” Eugene said, reading over Cassiopeia’s shoulder just for the sake of it.  “Although there are a few too many healthy things for my liking,” he added with a smile.

“You sound like the Lieutenant,” Nilari said with an amused smile.  “I remember having to listen to a debate once, between him and the hologram who ran the Lounge when we were both serving on the Archimedes, about the ten reasons why anything green should stay in the garden and off his plate.”

“You don’t like to eat ‘healthy?’” Bruiser asked as he broke off a piece of bread and offered it to his fiance before taking a piece for himself.

Eugene shrugged, “I prefer to eat things I like.”  He answered honestly.  “I have a pretty active training routine so whatever I can’t balance with nutritional supplements I can keep off.  From what I can tell, you guys have even more options when it comes to that.”  He looked to Cassiopeia for help, “the replicators dish out daily requirements and stuff, right?”

“Ahh,” she looked up from the menu, distracted away from the description of lasagna.  But Bruiser asked another question before she could process the first.

“What do you mean ‘you guys?’  You didn’t have replicators on your last assignment?”

Trying not to look like he had when his parents had caught him sneaking the neighbour’s daughter out his bedroom window, Eugene laughed as if he had once again forgotten what day it was.  “Well our systems are pretty old,” he answered.  “In a lot of ways you’d have thought Starfleet had disbanded twenty years-ago if you’d seen where I had to work.”

“Kepler is almost as bad,” Nilari interjected in an attempt to divert the topic a little.  She had almost forgotten that she only knew the truth about Eugene because Lieutenant Reynolds had briefed the department in case an issue ever arose from having two of them around.  The automated systems had a difficult time distinguishing between them which could be exploited.  “It was almost a year ago that Module C was destroyed and Starfleet Command has still not sent us the resources to replace it.”

“How long are you on Kepler?”  Bruiser swiped a piece of bread through the butter before eating it.  Bread crumbs remained on his fingers and he brushed them off, then broke another piece of bread, preparing for his next bite.

“Oh well...” Eugene mulled that over for a moment.  “To be honest... I don’t know.”  He answered finally.  It seemed like this would go more smoothly if he was as up front as he could be.  “Part of my uh, assignment, was to help deal with the entity that was lurking about.  Now that problem has been sorted I’m slightly superfluous to requirements.”  That was one way of putting it at least.  He looked from Bruiser to Cassiopeia and then his tone became a little more determined.  “But, I’ve been talking with that bald--I mean Lt. Commander McAllister--to try and make some longer term arrangements.”

The waitress came by to collect drink orders before Bruiser could continue his interrogation.  Which left him quiet for a moment as he pieced together what he knew.  “Do you have any plans for the rest of the evening?”  Cassi’s question cut through his thoughts.

“I thought we might take a look at the karaoke event I heard about earlier today,” Nilari answered with a slightly warning look at Bruiser to at least pace himself between questions.  It was cute that he was being so protective but Cassi was an adult and probably wouldn’t appreciate it quite as much.  “It sounded like fun.”

“Karaoke?”  Eugene smiled slightly.  “I haven’t done that since shoreleave on Risa back in ‘85.”  He looked at Bruiser suddenly and then tried backpedaling, “that is to say our carefully structured and brief--really brief--stay on the planet.  Hardly remember it at all.”

“Because you drank too much?” Bruiser asked.  Suddenly the questioning was fun.  Double dating was a great idea.

“I walked right into that,” Eugene muttered under his breath.  To Bruiser he said, “no, not because I drank too much.  I don’t need to drink to enjoy myself.”  This was going to be a long dinner.

“Risa isn’t a place to be forgotten,” Bruiser countered.  “Are you afraid of admitting the antics you got up to?”

“Antics?”  Eugene snorted slightly.  He shook his head and tried his best not to let Bruiser bait him.  “I’m not afraid of admitting anything,” he answered.  “But there are some things that aren’t appropriate topics for polite dinner conversation, don’t you think?”  Maybe that would shut him up for a few minutes.

“So you didn’t forget then?  You could have said that,” Bruiser suggested. 

“I’m sure you have a wonderful singing voice, Nilari.”  Eugene said as he blatantly ignored the question.

The Andorian managed to hide her smile but Bruiser knew her well enough now to know what the various movements of her antennae meant and right now they were facing each other, and almost touching, in amusement.  “You should reserve judgement until later,” she suggested.

“I’m not sure if I want something with an alfredo sauce or a red sauce,” Cassi looked at Bruiser.  “What are you having?”

“Macaroni with chicken,” he answered, picking something randomly from the menu.  “What do you do outside of work, for fun?”

Eugene contemplated a few sarcastic answers but decided against them.  “Actually,” he smiled at Cassiopeia before saying, “I’ve been doing a lot of puzzles lately.  Otherwise I’ve mostly been keeping up my exercise routine or helping wherever Security will let me.”  Deciding to turn the tables on Bruiser he asked, “what about you?  I heard you were captain of a courier vessel.”

“For the moment, but once the politics are worked out, I’m leaving in favor of staying where my children are.”  Bruiser linked his fingers with Nilari’s on the table.  “I want to provide them with a stable family from the start.”

It wouldn’t have surprised Eugene if Bruiser had tried to twist that around to make some kind of test out of it but it seemed the subject of his children mellowed the man out somewhat.  “That’s admirable,” he said with a slight nod.  “I was really impressed when Cassiopeia told me what she was doing for you both.  It must be an unusual situation but you all seem to be handling it really well.”

“She is a remarkable girl,” Bruiser agreed.  “And I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to her - ever.” he added.

Cassi blushed, “Maybe just spaghetti... Oh, look, there’s a Mexican themed page on the menu... I didn’t see that.”

Eugene snorted with laughter again.  It was beginning to be an embarrassing habit today.  “She doesn’t like it when people point out her good qualities,” he said without looking away from the woman in question.  He should have probably realised that Bruiser wasn’t just being difficult for the sake of it and wondered how he could prove that he would sooner cut off his own arm than hurt Cassiopeia.

“No, she doesn’t.”  Nilari agreed with a smile of her own.  “Perhaps we should give her a brief reprieve and order?”

“Do you want to have children?” Bruiser asked without hearing Nilari’s suggestion.

The question came like a phaser blast out of nowhere and caught Eugene completely off guard.  “Me?”  He asked in a slightly higher voice.

“Bruiser,” Nilari scolded him as she watched Cassi to make sure that the question hadn’t touched a nerve.  It seemed that her fiancee had forgotten just how difficult that subject might be to their friend.

At the same time Nilari was scolding Bruiser, a piece of bread hit him right above the eye.  He looked to the direction of the throw and saw Cassi scowling at him.  “It was just a question,” he made a face at her.  It was quick and out of character for him.  And so the question didn’t go unanswered, he asked it again.  “Either you do or you don’t,” he added.

“It isn’t necessarily that simple,” Eugene replied thoughtfully.  “I know that Cassiopeia has had difficulties in the past.”

“I didn’t ask if you wanted to have Cassi’s children,” Bruiser noted and smiled at the waitress as she came over to take their order.  When she had left again, Bruiser returned to his questioning.  “The question is: do you want children.  Do you want to be a father?  Do you see that in your future, or does the thought of little people demanding attention frighten you?”

Eugene frowned and felt himself getting more annoyed by this question than any of the others.  “No,” he answered through gritted teeth.  “The thought of ‘little people demanding attention’ doesn’t frighten me.  Kids are great.  In fact I like them more than most adults I know.”  His tone made it clear that Bruiser was one of them.  “But, considering what my parents were like, the idea of being a father doesn’t exactly thrill me.”  Letting out a deep breath he added, “when I said it wasn’t necessarily that simple I meant it.  And for the record,” he leaned forward slightly to avoid raising his voice, “even if I wanted them more than anything in the Quadrant, if Cassiopeia didn’t then it wouldn’t be an issue.  I can’t have them and spare her the whole process and I would never expect her to go through it unless she was comfortable.”

“So you see yourself planning a future with Cassi?”  Bruiser wasn’t turned away by the attitude and continued to press.  “Do you see a future with Eugene?” he asked and was rewarded with the flash of a smile from the doctor.

“Are you planning my wedding?”

“Not yet,” Bruiser answered.

Cassi needed her menu and wished the waitress hadn’t taken it away after they had ordered.  “I’m not sure,” she answered after a pause.  “I don’t know how long he will be on Kepler, so I don’t know what the future will hold.”

Nilari kicked Bruiser under the table and frowned at him.

Eugene wasn’t paying attention to Bruiser anymore... Cassiopeia’s was the only opinion that mattered to him at the moment.  “Cassiopeia... I didn’t want to get your hopes up until I knew more,” he said as he reached over and took her hand in his.  “But I went to see Takagi about making sure that I can stay here.  Permanently.  Even when they find a way back.”  Squeezing her hand, Eugene looked into those beautiful blue eyes and smiled.  “I meant what I said; leaving would be far harder to do.”

The quick smile returned, “You do realize, I’m pregnant with Bruiser’s children, right?”

“I’m not staying for him...” Eugene said quickly, looking a little confused.  “But I had noticed you were pregnant, yes.”  He added teasingly.

“Then, you want to get married?”  Bruiser asked, rubbing his leg at the point he’d received the kick.

“Will he shut up if you threaten to keep those two as hostages?”  Eugene asked, only half serious, with a gesture to Cassiopeia’s stomach.  He didn’t answer Bruiser’s question.  Instead he kept looking into her eyes.  He needed to put her concerns to rest.  “I’m not expecting anything from you and I’m certainly not promising that everything will work out perfectly and we’ll never have problems.  But I will promise to do my best to make you happy.”

“Could we maybe skip any more difficult, life altering questions for the rest of the night?” Cassi asked Bruiser.  He shrugged and nodded.

“Good idea,” Nilari agreed.  She wanted to be annoyed with Bruiser but she couldn’t after watching Eugene and Cassi together.  Her hand slipped under the table and sought his.  “I for one am starving.”

Double Dating

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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|Promenade, Deck 8
|1857 HRS, MD 1

“You know,” Kyle said softly as he and T’Vei made their way down the stairs to Deck 9, “as many stories as I’ve heard about this station I never expected something so...” he tapped his chin trying to find the right word.  “Phenomenal to happen between my visits.”  It felt wonderful being able to finally hold her close as they made their way through the station.  To feel the heat from her body as he leaned even closer to give the appearance of an intimate conversation despite the crowd.

“You were lucky it didn’t happen while you were not here. I do not think the Orangatangs would like their lead guitarist deaged to that of a child.” T’Vei replied back. “As I’ve said, Kepler has it’s oddities, and draws unusual phenomena towards it. I expect you’ll experience more of it now that you’ll be staying longer.” She added with a grin, her hand stroking his arm.

“As crazy as it might make me sound, I’m looking forward to it.”  He said with a laugh.  “How many times can you say something like that happened in your life?”  They descended the stairs and merged with a group who were heading towards The Grand Piano as well.  “For the record,” Kyle added with a grin, “I was an adorable kid so the band could have done worse.  From what I’ve heard Hal was raised by Targs.”

T’Vei gave a laugh at this. “Be careful what you wish for.” She added with a mocking tone. The two, along with a group of others entered the Grand Piano with all it’s splendor. The Karaoke was set up and it sounded like there were already people singing, off tune but enjoying themselves.

“It’s busier than I thought it would be.” T’Vei said, looking for a spar table for the two to sit at.

Having managed to corner  decent table with a good view of the stage type area Vilgi leaned back on his chair slightly looking forward to a good night. He leaned Into Sha Shan slighty "looks like this is going to be a full house or close to. Im kinda liking the uncertainty of not knowing when were gonna be draged up to do a number." He glanced out for a moment and spied TVei with a man who he had not seen before. A little curiosity and wanting to catch up prompted him to start waving disretly in their direction eventuality catching her attention and pointing to the table with his usual grin.

Over the crowded room, T’vei noticed a blue hand waving in the air, she could only assumed it belonged to Vilgi and took Kyle’s arm leading him through the thong towards his table. “Vilgi, you’re looking well.” T’Vei said, her eyes moving over to Sha Shan giving her a smile as well. “Are these seats taken?”

"Likewise TVei, seats are spare feel free." He gestured to the empty chairs. "Sha Shan this is TVei, and the other way around." Vilgi said starting the introductions of " and I'm assuming this is your date. Excuse me for not knowing your name buddy."

“Kyle Stewart,” the guitarist replied with a polite smile.  He had anticipated meeting more of T’Vei’s friends now that they had time but not quite so quickly.  “It’s nice to meet you both.”

Sha Shan didn’t point out that most people on the station had met T’Vei, at least in passing, and offered the couple a friendly smile.  “Are you both signing up tonight?”  She asked curiously.  She had already added herself to the setlist and was looking forward to it.

“Yes, we have.” T’Vei answered taking a seat with Kyle across from the other couple. “I thought I’d entertain Kyle with my own attempts at singing.”

“I’m looking forward to hearing you sing,” Kyle said with a warm smile as he settled into his seat.  “What about you two?”  He asked to be polite.

"We're going to give it try, aren't we?" Vilgi responded with a glance at Sha Shan, "her idea; she twisted my arm." He added with a cheeky grin. He was about to ask Kyle if he was givingi it a go when he got a vague recollection. "Hang on, the Kyle Stewart? You’re in a band whose name escapes me at the moment."

“That’s probably me,” Kyle agreed with a small smile.

“Oh yeah,” Sha Shan nodded.  “You were playing the promotion party,” she realised.  “I hope you’re singing!”  She added with a grin.

Kyle looked at T’Vei for a brief moment and smiled back, “well I didn’t think that T’Vei would let me come and only listen so I agreed as long as I didn’t have to sing any of our stuff.  I do enough of that.”

“I’m sure he’ll find a cover to sing.” T’Vei said, as another performer took the stage.

“There’s usually a menu of options, right?”  Kyle asked.  “I guess I could pick one on the fly,” he thought aloud.

"Yeah they've got a PADD or three doing the rounds of the room one will end up being passed across or near to our table soon enough." Vilgi commented then shifted about on his chair seeing if he could spot one. As it happened all three were in use with pairs and groups in various stages of decision. "Its a good call this place putting on karaoke,  its great cause it's small and tucked away, but that stage area it perfect for a bit of vocal warming. But i already had a bit a soft spot for this place." Making a little small talk.

“Hopefully they won’t change it too much,” Sha Shan said thoughtfully.  Their date here had been extremely romantic and she would hate to think no one else would get that opportunity.

“Sometimes one off gimmicks are enough to entice people back,” Kyle pointed out.  “It would be a shame for such a nice place to close.  It probably shouldn’t be surprising to find something like this on a station like Kepler.”  He smiled at T’Vei, “it’s full of hidden gems.”

T’Vei struggled to keep the blush off her face. “Has there been any good singers yet?” she asked Vilgi and Sha Shan seemed to have been here longer, they must have heard more people.

“They’ve only just started really,” Sha Shan answered.  “Ensign Reagan jumped the cue by the looks of things,” she added with a gesture toward the stage.

Kyle glanced over and saw a couple of women getting ready to sing.  One looked about as confident as the other did nervous.

"Surprising i didn't think she was aware of what down time was." Vilgi said a little carelessly, up to now he'd only encountered Reagan on duty and had found her a challenge to work with. He checked himself, looking a little guilty. "Okay that was a bit mean." To cover himself he shifted topic slightly.  "But you know what's next. The imminent start of calling of names, accusing glances and dry mouths. It's fun honest. " Vilgi added in with a grin. "Speaking of which anyone want a drink? I'll get the first round in as soon as I can snag someone."

“Uh, sure, thanks.”  Kyle answered with a friendly smile.  “I’ll have a Ktarian beer, if they have any, please.”  He said before turned towards the most beautiful woman in the room and asking, “what do you feel like, T’Vei?”

“Mojito please.” T’Vei asked.

“I’ve have a Gamzian wine please,” Sha Shan requested.  “Red if they have it but white or green is fine too.”

Another quick glance around, Vilgi pushed away from the table. "Bar it is. Back in a few." He threw a last glance towards Sha Shan, deliberately crossing behind her and tracing his fingertips across her shoulders and the back of her neck before weaving through the crowd to the bar.

“So, Kyle,” Sha Shan smiled brightly at the young couple.  “Did T’Vei tell you that she was aiding the Science Department during the recent incident?  Lieutenant Tillman tells me the data she gathered gave them a lot of headway in their efforts.”

Kyle looked at T’Vei with an intrigued smile, “really?  That sounds exciting.”

“It wasn’t that much headway,” T’Vei said, sounding humble. “I only used the information from Dr. Scott’s notes to track the entity... then went on a ghost chase...”

“Sounds like fun,” Kyle thought aloud.

Vilgi returned a short while later bearing a tray with all three requested drinks, plus an andorian ale for himself. Squeezing sideways he slid the tray onto the table. "Okay drinks are up. Got them all of them, just." He passed them out as he slid back to his seat.

“Thanks Vilgi,” Kyle said as he took the mojito and passed it along to T’Vei and then reached for the frosty glass of beer.  “I haven’t had a beer in ages.”

Sha Shan took a sip of her wine and then looked up at the guitarist.  “You don’t drink on tour?”

“No ma’am,” Kyle answered with a brief shake of his head.  “I like to experience everything and enjoy the places we visit.”  He laughed softly, “besides Guy drinks enough for both of us.”

"I'm guessing you must have been to some interesting places." Vilgi commeted before poseing a favored question of his. "How many places/worlds do you reckon you've been and performed at? or have you lost count."

Kyle grinned, “I’ve lost count.”  He glanced towards the stage and realised the duo were wrapping up.  “Just on this last tour I think we covered most of Dreon.  Although I only actually see one or two locations each time unless Alan, that’s our manager, has arranged some photo shoots or meet and greet.”

"Nice, I've heard Dreons city areas are quite built up. But theres a lot of undisturbed landscape out there as well thats suposed to be quite a sight, quite rugged in places, but still worth seeing. Vilgi followed up, before taking a draft of ale.

“Well the Bajoran refugees who settled it are bound to be pretty focused on protecting the environment,” Sha Shan pointed out.  She noticed the host gesturing to her and put down her wine glass and smiled excitedly, “ooh, it’s my turn.”

“Good luck.” T’Vei said to the woman as she jumped off the seat to sing her song. “Vilgi, is she a good singer?” She asked.

"Go on darling, knock 'em dead." Vilgi encouraged taking hold of a free hand and squeezing it affectionately as she left. Watching Sha Shan walk to the little karaoke stage, he just caught the end of TVei's question.  "Hmm. Oh I would say she is, I've heard her humming snatches of tunes. Particularly when I was ten, about three weeks ago." He responded casualy with a grin. "Also Sha Shan told me she has sung in the past, guess I'm about to find out properly."

“We all are about to find out.” T’Vei said with a smile, turning her head to the stage and Sha Shan.

Sha Shan brushed her hair back from her face as she climbed the steps up to the stage in a couple of quick hops.  As she picked up the microphone the guitar riff started and she spun to face the audience with an energetic smile.  Her head bobbed in time with the beat and she waited on the cue.  She had purposely asked for an extended opening to get people into the mood.

“One waay or another,” she began excitedly, “I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna getcha--getcha--getcha--getchaa!  One waay, or another I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna getcha--getcha--getcha--getchaa!  One waay, or another I’m gonna see ya, I’m gonna meetcha--meetcha--meetcha--meetchaaa!  One day, maybe next week, I’m gonna meetcha.  I’m gonna meetcha--” she pointed to Vilgi and grinned, “I’ll meetcha!”

Leaning forward, Sha Shan’s voice went lower and she panned around to look at as many people as possible.  “I-I-I-I-I Wiiiiilllll driiive paaaast yooouuur hooouuse, aaaannd iiiif the liiiights arrreee aaalll doooowwwnnn, I’ll seeee whooo’s arouuuu-oouunnnddd!”

The Engineer turned, flipping her hair back and singing over her shoulder as she slowly walked across the stage.  Each step was slow and pronounced.  “One waay, or another I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna getcha--getcha--getcha--getchaa!  One waay, or another I’m gonna win ya.”  She waggled her finger suggestively, “I’ll getcha!  I’ll getcha!”

Turning on her heels, Sha Shan started back the way she had come.  “One waay, or another I’m gonna see ya, I’m gonna meetcha--meetcha--meetcha--meetchaaa!  One day, maybe next week?  I’m gonna meetcha, I’ll meetcha-ah-ha!  Aaaannd iiiif the liiiights arrreee aaalll ooouuuttt, I-I-I-I-I fooollooow yooouuur buuuss downtoowwnn, see whooo’s hangin’ ooouu-oouuut!”

She blew her hair from her face and took the brief moment that the music took over to catch her breath.  “One waay, or another lose ya, I’m gonna give you the sliiip--a slip of a lip or another, I’m gonna lose ya, I’m gonna trick ya-I’ll trick ya!  One waay, or another lose ya, I’m gonna trick ya-trick ya-trick ya-trick ya.  One waay, or another lose ya, I’m gonna give you the sliiip!”  Sha Shan bobbed her head again to the beat and slipped the microphone back into its stand.  When the next part of the song started she gripped the stand and walked on the spot, “I’ll walk down the mall--stand over by the wall, where I can see it all--find out who ya call.  Lead you to the supermarket checkout,--some specials and rat food--get lost in the crowd.”

Pulling the mic free again she closed her eyes and sung the last of the lyrics, “One waay, or another I’m gonna getcha ya, I’m gonna getcha--getcha--getcha--getchaa!  One waay, or another I’m gonna getcha ya, I’m gonna getcha--getcha--getcha--getchaa!  One waay, or another I’m gonna getcha ya, I’m gonna getcha--getcha--getcha--getchaa!  One waay!”

Grinning from ear to ear throughout the whole performance, Vilgi loved to see Sha Shan having a great time. He let out a rather shrill whistle but cheerful at the same time, shortly after she hit the last note and the music stopped. This was going to be a good night.

Sha Shan grinned as she breathed heavily from the exertion.  That was even more fun than she had expected it would be.  Putting the microphone back, she stepped off the stage and then walked briskly back to her table to sit with the others.  “I can see why you do that for a living,” she said to Kyle, “it’s heaps of fun!”

Flinging an arm around Sha Shan as she sat down, Vilgi pulled her close long enough to plant a kiss on her cheek. "You were bloody brilliant darling, you really were and I got to hear you sing properly."

“You can hear me sing whenever you want,” Sha Shan reminded him with a grin.  “But thank you,” she added.  Her breathing was still a little ragged as she took a sip of the win to help cool down.

“You were terrific Sha Shan.” T’Vei said, impressed with the woman’s musical voice.

“Indeed you were,” Kyle agreed.

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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|Lt. Takagi's Quarters, Deck 6
|1551 HRS, MD 1

"...given that I brought you a brilliant geneticist capable of saving the Andorian race, I believe this request is a very simple ask," Maya stated to the shadowy figure on the display.

"Adjusting and creating records is a simple ask. Bringing over beings from an alternate dimensional space is a complicated request bordering on ridiculous," Porter replied over the secure channel, her tone twice as condescending than Maya on her best day.

"He's already here," Maya reminded her. "I would simply like to keep him here, in the expanse, rather than having temporal investigations ship him off to a new life far away."

"And why are you so concerned about this man?" Porter asked, intimating that Maya was up to her usual behavior.

"Because we can use him. The cover identity of a disgruntled, traumatized ex-Starfleet officer - who happens to be a transporter clone - is perfect bait for..." Maya explained.

"Right. That's been working well thus far," Porter interrupted. Her section was just as eager to eliminate the terrorists involved in the Occultae Umbrae, but they had their own people far more capable than anyone on Kepler.

"This one will happen to have a close personal connection to our chief of security," Maya reminded the dark figure.

"Convenient." Porter fell silent for a few beats. "Do as you wish. We'll create this cover identity..."

"Thank yo..." Maya began.

"Understand that your playthings are not a priority for us. Eventually you must cease playing these games and return to being useful," Porter cut her off. Before Maya could comment, the connection was closed.

|Security Offices, Deck 11

"Doctor Takagi to see you," Singh informed Lieutenant Reynolds as he was heading out for his coffee break.

John suppressed a groan.  "Just what I wanted," he muttered as he pushed himself up from his desk and then headed out to the main Office.  "Lieutenant," he said with a lack of enthusiasm, "a pleasure to see you, as always..."

In comparison to Ms. Porter, Lieutenant Reynold's bitterness felt like warmth. They certainly weren't friends, so Maya didn't expect a friendly greeting. Then again, she had saved him from repeating puberty, so that was worth a smile at the least.

"I'd like to speak with you about something, Lieutenant Reynolds," Maya informed him. She entered his office and waited for him to follow. "It concerns Eugene."

"Ugh," John did groan this time as he turned on the spot and stalked back into his office.  "Look if he grabbed your butt or something that really has nothing to do with me."  He tried not to look at the butt in question as he passed by to reach his chair.  "Unless you want to lay a complaint of course.  But the fact he has my handsome face doesn't make me specifically responsible for him."  Of course it really wasn't that simple when a lot of people would assume they were the same person.  Whatever trouble one caused the other would suffer from.  As if one lot of Reynolds luck wasn't bad enough...  John thought wryly.

As the doors closed, she took a seat on the edge of his desk. "He requested permission to stay here, on Kepler. I'm considering putting my support behind that request."

John glanced at the chair which apparently wasn't good enough and then looked up at the Betazoid's dark eyes.  "Okay I wasn't expecting that."  He admitted.  "Are they giving up on trying to get back?"  He asked curiously.  Temporal Investigations probably wouldn't like that.  Then again did those pencil pushers like anything?

"Given what happened the last time a rift was opened, there is significant risk in attempting the matter again," Maya informed him, truthfully. "However Eugene asked to stay for personal reasons. Apparently you Reynolds lads have a penchant for falling in love."

That brought a slight frown to John's face that he tried to smother quickly.  He had relied on Eugene to keep Cassiopeia safe from her ex-husband but hadn't expected to have to worry about him as well.  "Alright... so, forgive my bluntness, but are you here for my opinion on the matter?  Because I doubt that anything I say would change your mind one way or the other.  And it certainly wouldn't carry much weight with McAllister or any of the mucky-mucks."

"I would like your opinion on the matter. It has considerable weight in this situation," Maya told John, maintaining eye contact. "Enough to tip the scales."

That almost came as much of a surprise as the reason for her visit.  Leaning back slightly, the Chief Security Officer steepled his fingers and rested them on his chin.  "Don't tell him this," John warned, "but from what I can tell we're pretty similar.  People who know who he is have a tendency to assume we're identical but that's not the case; it's the small things that often make us who we are and our pasts have diverged quite a lot at various points."  He looked away from Takagi for a moment.  "The important things though are the same."

Looking back at her he forced a smile.  "So, as much as it bugs me, I would trust him with my life as easily as anyone I've served with for years."  Did that extend to trusting him not to hurt Cassiopeia though?  Not that he was in a position to pick or choose who she was romantically involved with.  But he would always care for her and that didn't stop just because she pushed him away.

"Is it jealousy then?" Maya asked, getting to the heart of the matter. "Not in that deep, rage inducing way... but you do have some level of feelings for the same woman."

"Not this again," John sighed and rolled his eyes.  Sitting forward again, he pushed his chair back a little so he wasn't looking into the Lieutenant's chest and then shifted his attention back to her eyes.  "I care about Cassiopeia a lot.  She's been through an insane amount and still keeps going; that's an admirable quality in anyone."  John shrugged, "maybe we confused our friendship for a few seconds but that's it.  She's like a sister to me.  I love Sarah, my fiancée."  He added extra emphasis on the last word.

Maya was aware that this wasn't a therapy session, so she moved on. "So, ultimately, you're okay with this decision?" she asked in conclusion. "Your duplicate living on the same station, sleeping with the girl who's like a sister to you?"

John frowned at the Betazoid's choice in wording.  "Don't know if 'okay' is the right word... it's going to take some adjustment to get used to him being here all the time.  But I won't get into bar fights with him or anything, if that's what you're worried about.  He fights dirty."  That last part was an attempt to be funny but he doubted it would hit its mark with Takagi.

"As, I'm told, do you," Maya replied with a sly smile. "Something I don't hold against either of you, or more correctly, both of you." She waited for him to catch up. "I've established a cover identity for him that will keep him out of the reach of the meddlers at Temporal Investigations."

"They're still gonna be sniffing around the rift and following any leads they can find about people being turned into children," John pointed out.  He had to wonder how exactly a Counsellor and Medical Doctor had become so skilled at weaving around investigators though.  "I think we need to play ball with them, at least a little, after all the trouble this station has caused the time-space continuum.  Even if it's just to keep them off our backs about how we dealt with the matter."  All of the Senior Staff had been given a brief explanation of how the Science Department, and Takagi herself, had managed to get them all back to normal.  "They certainly won't like that Tillman created a rift to send the entity home.  That's a borderline breach of the Prime Directive."  His smiled implied he wasn't as worried about that as the DTI Agents would be.

Before Takagi could leave, John asked, "what do you get out of playing fairy Godmother anyway?"  He looked her squarely in the eye with a determined expression, expecting an answer.  "And don't try telling me that you're just trying to keep a new couple together," he warned with a smirk.  "Because I might be sick."

"I'm sure at some point Doctor Yale will grow bored with him," Maya replied straight-faced. "And then I'll have him all to myself." That was certain to make him feel just a little more sick.

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
« Reply #10 on: July 01, 2013, 03:15:15 am »
|Promenade, Deck 9
|1850 HRS, MD 1

A swirling vortex of tiny coloured lights shimmered into existence and then formed into the slender shape of Holly O'Malley.  When she finally manifested the red-headed hologram was sporting a short red dress, with a bow on it, and black stockings and shoes.  Her hair was done up and slightly shorter than she usually kept it.  Looking around at her new surroundings she smiled when her brown eyes settled on her newest friend.

"Sam!"  Holly called as she raised up on her toes and waved at the attractive blonde.

Turning around at the sound of her name being called out, Sam's face brightened as she changed direction to walk back to her friend, giving a small wave as she drew closer. "Looking good O'Malley, hot date with the EMH?" She teased, letting out a wolf whistle for fun.

Holly smiled brightly.  "No," she answered with a soft shake of her head.  "I may have been a little overzealous getting dressed for the karaoke evening."  She admitted.  "This is my very first so I wanted to make an effort."

"Nonsense you look stunning!" Sam reassured her with a grin. "Besides, it's all about having fun tonight, I plan on getting plastered, I've got too many crazy thoughts running in my brain- crap I'm rambling aren't I?" Sam stayed with a grimace, smoothing down the sides of her black dress.

"Aurelia's going to sing y'know." Sam stated as she fell in step with her holo friend. She had told Holly some about what happened at that dinner, and that she wasn't sure where she stood with her old friend now.

Holly threaded her arm through Sam's as they headed into the piano bar.  "Oh," she pursed her lips thoughtfully.  "Well showing your support for her is a good way to help adhere to her wishes, right?"  She asked gently.  "I think that until you've both had time to think things through that's for the best."

"I know, if its meant to happen it will happen." Sam smiled sadly for a moment, shrugged and tried to grin. "So have you met Hal yet?" She asked, switching the subject as they entered the Piano bar.

"Yes," Holly answered with a faint smile.  "I rather abruptly introduced myself earlier today while he and Rexus were installing his core."  She admitted.  "Then later I took him on a slight tour ofthe station.  At least the parts we could get to and I'm permitted to be in..."

"Sounds like an interesting afternoon then." Sam smiled as she looked about the bar and those already gathered. "Right, lets grab a table near the stage but close to the bar." She stated, eyes darting about to locate what she was looking for.

Grabbing Holly's hand Sam tugged her in the direction of a free corner table, ordering something lite to eat along with a beer. "Ok so have you researched these yet?" She asked as the band played a song Sam had not heard before.

"Not really, no."  Holly answered as she materialised a drink in front of herself to blend in a little better.  "There was far too much for me to know where to start."  She pointed out with a soft laugh.  "What sort of music do you like?  Maybe I could work my way from there?"

"Good question." Sam said, her brow wrinkling in thought for a few moments before answering her. "Classical mostly, old earth big band- um I think they called it that anyways; one group was called Glen Miller...I'm odd I know." She smiled as she took a drink of her beer. "I'm more into the actual music being played than the words being sung."

She grinned suddenly, her eyes dancing with silent laughter. "My guilty pleasure music is Country- I used to drive my old academy roommate nuts with it- she was into Rock."

"Country?"  Holly tapped an immaculately manicured finger against her chin thoughtfully.  "I think I have heard one or two songs from that genre."  She nodded when an idea came to mind, "if you're not going to sing then maybe I should... What do you think?"

"Go for it, that's what is great about Karaoke, it's all about having fun." Sam said encouraging her friend. Sam could sing, she just hated the spot light...Stage fright was an understatement with her. "What songs do you know?" She asked, skimming down a list that had been placed on each table of the songs already chosen.

Holly shrugged, "none."  She answered helpfully.  "I wasn't programmed for singing."  Moving closer, she leaned over and browsed the list along with Sam.  "What is that one like?"  Holly asked as she tapped the tracked titled '9 to 5'.

Sam had just taken a drink of her beer as she read the song Holly had asked about., a grin breaking out on her face as Sam glanced up at Holly as she scooted their chairs closer. "Ok, now this is old Country, um I think they called it Rockabilly but I'm not positive on that." Sam stated as she started humming the first few bars to the song lowly.

"Its a faster pace song, but not complicated- just get the twang right and you'll do fine." Sam instructed,"Like this." singing part of the chorus to help her friend out, Sam's long hidden southern twang appearing as she sang barely loud enough for Holly to hear.. "Workin 9 to 5- What a way to make a livin - Barely gettin by - Its all takin And no givin , They just use your mind And they never give you credit, Its enough to drive you Crazy if you let it." she blushed lightly as she finished, downing the last of her beer and waving the waiter over for a refill.

"Why aren't you going up again?"  Holly asked with a genuine smile.  She looked up in thought for a moment and then tried to mimic the accent, "workin', livin', gettin'.  So I just pronounce i's as e's and avoid the last syllable of half the words?"

"Stage fright." Sam said simply, answering Holly's first question then moving on to her second. "Yep, just like that, see? You'll do great." she smiled. "Now, when do you want to go up?"

"Um..." the hologram pursed her lips thoughtfully.  She didn't really understand what Sam meant by stage fright; the stage wasn't going to hurt her.  "Slot 7 is available," Holly pointed to the option on the list and smiled.  "Can you put me in there, please?"

Typing Holly's name into the empty slot, Sam grinned as it was accepted. "There, all set- looks like quite a few are singing tonight."

"Maybe this will become a regular thing," Holly thought hopefully.  It would be great to have something like this to help her integrate into the population of the station.  As much as she liked the friends she had already made, she wanted to get to know everyone.

"That would be nice, that way those who aren't able to make it tonight could come another time." Sam agreed with her,offering the waiter a warm smile as she brought over Sam's refill. "It could become like a contest- department or group against one another." She grinned. "Back at the academy I had this instructor who did that- split us up into teams, the victor winning the 'coveted' trophy." She laughed as she took a drink. "Granted the trophy was a spray painted stethoscope but, yeah- was fun."

"I like that idea,"  Holly grinned.  She picked up her holographic drink and took a sip.  "What else did you do at the Academy?  I never experiences that aspect of organic life--or any for that matter--so I'm really interested."  The hologram tried, and failed, to keep her enthusiasm to a minimum.

Pushing her mouth to one side as she stared at her glass, Sam thought for a few moments then spoke. "Well, I didn't really do much other than study- I told you I grew up on a farm right? Well, I was pretty quiet, a bookworm really...Until I was partnered up with Bridget O'Malley as a roommate."

"I like her," Holly interjected with a wry grin.

Sam brought the glass to her lips and took a long drink, her tongue darting out to catch a drop she felt sliding down to her chin as she sat the glass back down. "Bridget was a second year medical to my first- very out going and very much determined that I was going to be too." She chuckled as she glanced at her friend. "Her and Tori about killed me that first year, both seemed hell bent on corrupting me." a smirk appeared briefly.

"It wasn't until Aurelia came that I felt like a part of the group- she has that way about her, y'know? Her and Bridget became an item and we became friends...She introduced me to Drew- Andrew Winslow." Sam sighed. "Anyways, I'm afraid my academy days were dull compared to others, I was president of the chess club, volunteered at Main Medical as an aide and went to a few parties."

"That doesn't sound boring to me," Holly said with a genuine smile.  "I used to be stuck in a bedroom by myself.  That's boring!"

Sam nodded in agreement. "True- you win in the boring earlier life contest." She grinned so Holly would know she was teasing. "Alright, top five academy experiences."

"Getting accepted is number one, I was so nervous and I was going against my mother's wishes despite our family being proStarfleet." Sam said with a soft smile. "Number two- winning the golden stethoscope my second year in advanced surgical studies."

"TPing the flight academy dorms and getting away with it comes in third." A chuckle escaped her. "TPing is taking toilet paper that's on a roll and slinging it into trees, around bushes - its a bitch to clean up and ooo...plastic wrapping shuttle doors shut!" Sam finished off her second beer and snapped her fingers.

"We need another bucket list for you!" She exclaimed with excitement.

Holly listened intently to Sam's animated response and her smile deepened.  She could see that having a friend like Sam would quickly resolve her issues of trying to understand what it was like to be organic and to have a life of your own.  As much as she tried, there really was no way to learn that for herself.  Rexus was great to her, but in some ways he still treated her more like a hologram than a person.

"A bucket list?"  The redhead repeated curiously.  She had come across that in some of her reading; a list organics made that was full of things they wished to do before they died.  Although she couldn't die, her role in dealing with the holographic incident in the Promenade did make her keenly aware that she was not indestructible.  "That sounds like a great idea!"

More people started arriving and Sam caught sight of Nora & Judith and a few other faces she knew as she winked at the waitress who had brought her a whiskey. "So we should start this list tonight- singing karaoke was one of the things, so you can cross that off." She grinned at her friend as the alcohol started warming and loosening Sam up. "Dancing too."

Holly nodded emphatically, "oh yes."  She made a PADD materialise in front of her and started to write those things down.  "I'm not sure I can get into the Hanger bay to put plastic wrapping on Shuttles..." she said thoughtfully.

"Eh, minor technicalities-Not an issue." Sam stated with a flick of her wrist. "I just happen to know a couple engineers, we can work out the why the hanger needs emitters later." Her eyes danced as she recalled a few stunts Aurelia had helped pull off. "One thing though, we can't mess with Security, Aurelia has this wicked way with revenge...yeah, security is a no no."

"From my research, it seems getting arrested is part of the experience."  Holly offered thoughtfully.  But she would differ to Sam's judgement.  After all, she just wanted to have some fun with her new friend, not cause mayhem that could get them into trouble.

"Pfft- again, minor technicalities, I mean yes, we could get caught but that's half the thrill." Sam interjected with a grin. "But again, we have connections that might go easy on us if, if we get caught."

Looking over her artificial beverage, the hologram watched as a man got up to sing 'On Distant Worlds' by Adan Nguyen.  It was a song she had heard once before Gregory had vanished and brought down her mood somewhat.  "Looks like it's my turn soon," Holly said with a smile she tried to put more energy into.

"You're going to be fine, just imagine all the hot guys or girls naked, I'm told that helps." Sam said, trying to reassure her friend. "And remember, it's only a three minuet song, so it will be over quick." She took a sip of her whiskey as she watched the current singer.

Holly nodded thoughtfully as a plan to drag Sam up with her started formulating.  Finally it was her turn.  "C'mon," she said as she stood up and dragged the attractive blonde to her feet.  "You're going to help me have fun!"

"Wha? No! I'm your cheerleader! From afar! I don't do-" Sam protested as she was yanked up then dragged to the stage. "Holly!" She hissed as a microphone was shoved into her hands and some idiot actually pushed her forward with the redhead.

"You'll love it," Holly whispered as the music began to play.  When her blonde friend looked doubtful, Holly stepped forward to take the lead.  Her black stockinged foot started tapping to the beat.  "Tumble outta bed, and I stumble to the kitchen.  Pour myself a cup of ambition, and yawn and stretch, and try to come to life!"  She took Sam's hand and smiled at her warmly.  "Jump in the shower, and the blood starts pumpin'.  Out on the street, the traffic starts jumpin'.  The folks like me, on the job, from niiine to five!"

Her mouth went dry as she refused to look out into the audience, she quickly tried to remember if you could kill a hologram but came up with nothing as her heart raced. Than her darling new friend grabbed her hand and suddenly Sam was right there in the spot light with her.

Leaning towards Sam, Holly sung louder and prouder to encourage her friend to join in.  "Workin' niiine to five, what a way to make a leevin'!  Barely gettin' by... It's all takin' and no givin'.  They just.  Use.  Your.  Mind.  And they never give you credit!  It's enoouugh to driiive you.  Craaazy iiif you leeet it!"

Taking a deep breath Sam closed her eyes briefly and blocked out everything but the microphone and Holly, opening them back up she smirked as she jumped in with the second verse. "Nine to five, for service and devotion. Youuu would think that I... would deserve a fair promotion, Want to move ahead, but the boss won't seem to let me...I swearrr sometimes that man is... out to get meee."

Her nerves were no longer an issue and Sam started to just have fun, her southern accent coming out as she got into the song, their voices blending seamlessly together.  "They let your dream, just watch 'em shatter... You're. just a step, on the boss man's ladder. But you got dreams he'll never take awayyy..." She smirked as she cast a glance out into the audience. "In the same boat with a lot of your friends, Waitin' for the day your ship 'll come in. And the tide's gonna turn an' it's all gonna roll your away..."

The enthusiasm that she could hear from Sam made Holly's smile grow even brighter.  Following the blonde Doctor's lead, she turned slightly and they rested back-to-back for the chorus.  "Workin' niiine to five, what a way to make a leevin'!  Barely gettin' by... It's all takin' and no givin'.  They just.  Use.  Your.  Mind.  And they never give you credit!  It's enoouugh to driiive you.  Craaazy iiif you leeet it!"

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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|The Grand Piano, Deck 8
|1925 HRS, MD 1

“I told you you’d run us late if we both showered,” Kitt said with a grin as she tugged Rexus into the Grand Piano.  People were already singing so she kept her voice low enough that only he could easily hear her.

“That’s why we showered together... to save time.”  The young Angosian smirked.  “Not my fault we took our time in there.”

Kitt laughed softly, “it takes two to tango.”  She pointed out.

“Funny, I would have called it improv.”

“Hey, it’s T’Vei,” the brunette Trill said with a smile as she spotted her roommate.  “And... that’s Kyle Stewart!?”  Kitt exclaimed with an excited clap of her hands.  T’Vei had been worried about whether or not things would work out on that regard but it seemed that the guitarist had been true to his word and come right back.

“Nah, he’s supposed to be on tour, isn’t he?”  Rexus looked unsure.  “What would he be doing back here?”

“It wasn’t a tour, it was a special gig or something.  And it wasn’t supposed to be terribly long,” Kitt answered with a shrug.  “I think it got extended though... dunno.  T’Vei wasn’t very clear.”  Mostly because she had been busy, for lack of a better term, with her new part-Cardassian ‘teacher’.  “Anyway,” Kitt added, looking up at Rexus’ face with a sweet smile, “he said he would come back to see her.”

“Hmmm... good for her.”  The young man bobbed his head in an approving frown.  “Should we say hello?”

“Of course,” Kitt tugged on his arm and dragged him towards the table where T’Vei and Kyle Stewart were seated the Bolian from Operations and another Engineer.  Kitt couldn’t quite remember their names.

“Good evening.”  Rexus greeted as they came near, making eye contact and nodding in turn.  .  “Ensign Robertson.  Vilgi.  T’Vei.  Who’s your friend?”

“Cadet,” Sha Shan replied with a friendly smile.

"Rexus, how come I can't seem to get rid of you for an hour or two." Vilgi responded with feigned annoyance, before offering the pair a friendly grin. "How are you buddy? Nice to see you again Kitt."

“You too,” Kitt replied warmly.  “Are you all having a good night so far?”  She asked.

“Terrific.” T’Vei said with a smile, her hand over Kyle’s arm. “Rexus, this is Kyle Stewart. Kyle, this is my friend Rexus.” she added, introducing the two.

“It’s nice to meet you, Rexus.”  Kyle said as he stood up.  He offered Kitt his seat and then, as he moved around to the vacant one on the other side of T’Vei, the musician reached across to shake the other man’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, too.”  The young Angosian beamed, shaking the guitarist’s hand and sat beside Kittiana.  “Did the waitress already come by for drinks?  It’s my experience that most folk need some liquid courage in them to start singing.”

Kyle refrained from making a comment on the statement since he didn’t want to foist his own views on the others.  “I think this round is mine if you’d both like me to get them,” he offered.  The other three had finished with theirs so there was no harm in getting the next round now.

“I’ll have a Stardrifter, please.”  Kitt replied with a look that said she couldn’t believe Kyle Stewart was going to be buying her a drink.  She glanced at T’Vei and her smile deepened when their eyes met.

“Whisky and cola for me, then.”  The young Angosian stated approvingly.  He was starting to like this guy.  “Thanks very much.”

“One Stardrifter and one whisky and cola,” Kyle repeated with a nod.  “Would you three like the same as before?”  He asked as he stood up again.

"Yeah another ale would be good, thanks buddy." Vilgi answered before glancing sideways.

“I’d like another Gamzian wine, please.”  Sha Shan answered after Vilgi.

“Red or else green, right?”  Kyle checked.

The Vietnamese Engineer nodded with a smile, “right.”

“Red wine please Kyle.” T’Vei ordered.

“Coming right up,” Kyle replied to T’Vei with a warm smile.

"Great night so far, " Vilgi added a little belatedly. "Sha Shan's been up already and did fantastic." He shrugged and grinned as he added. "Okay that was biased, but what do you expect."

“Hmmmm... I should give it a shot, let me see the song lists...”  Rexus muttered.  “Who’s singing next?”

“I’m not sure...” T’Vei said.

“Says that it’s Phillip Sheridan,” Kitt answered as she read from the PADD with the setlist on it.  Handing it to Rexus, she added.  “And Holly is on there.”

“Quite a queue.”  He remarked and then searched for a song to reserve. 

Ethel strode into the Grand Piano, Ethan at her side. She frowned at the crowd, not really wanting to participate in the station moral entertainment.

“See, What did I tell you, packed.” Ethan said leading Ethel to a table. “You may be on the station a while, might as well take some time off from work and relax. At least try to have a good time.”

“Are you going to sing?” Ethel asked a small smile crossing her lips.

“Ah.. no.... no, no, no no.... I don’t sing.” Ethan quickly said, “Trust me, you don’t want to hear me sing.”

“Too bad, it may be the thing to really take my mind of work.” She teased. “Well, since this is all your idea, you can get me a glass of wine.”

At the bar, Kyle was wrestling with the drinks order when the pair came up beside him.  “Evening,” he greeted them both with a friendly smile.  “Here you can go ahead of me if you like,” he offered, “I’m still trying to remember the order.”

“Thanks.” Ethel said, pushing Ethan a head of the guy. “Red wine Ethan.”

“Yeah, yeah,” The bartender appeared and he ordered the wine and a ale for himself.

“Oh, red wine was one of them.”  Kyle remembered.  “You’d think I could remember six drinks...”

“Ha, six? You’ve got a work out there. How are you going to carry all of those drinks back with only two hands.” Ethan said with a chuckle.

“You can help.” Ethel put forth, taking Ethan’s ale from him. “I’ll hold on to this.”

Kyle grinned, “that would be appreciated, thank you.”  He told the poor man with the bossy girl firned before offering his hand, “I’m Kyle by the way.”  At least the rumours of the residents of the station being friendly seemed to be fairly accurate.

“Ethan.” he answered Kyle back then sighed. “I guess you better come up with the list of your drinks if i’m to help you.”

“Ethel.” She said, taking a sip of the wine.

“That’s cute,” Kyle offered, “a couple with matching names.”

“We’re not a couple!” Ethel shouted, then tried to compose herself. “We’re siblings.”

“Oh man,” Kyle slapped his forehead, “I’m so sorry.”  He laughed awkwardly.

“Don’t poke the bear.” Ethan warned, then got a cold look for Ethel.

Kyle smiled but it quickly faded when he looked at Ethel.  “Let me make it up to you,” he offered.  “I’m sitting over...” he looked back and pointed to his table, “there with some friends.  Why don’t you come and join us and I’ll buy you both a drink to apologise?”

“I don’t -”

“Sounds good.” Ethan cut Ethel off. “She’s a bit of an introvert and needs to meet others.” Another cold look could be felt at his back from Ethel.

“Look who’s talking.” She said.

“Well I’m new here,” Kyle said in the hopes of defusing a sibling squabble, “so you can both consider it charity work if that helps.”  He grinned and then waited for the verdict.

“Whatever.” Ethel said indifferently. “You two get the drinks, i’ll met you at the table.” and walked away with Ethan’s ale.

Kyle gave Ethan an apologetic smile as they attempted to gather half the drinks between them.  “Your sister reminds me of mine,” he offered helpfully.  Although he didn’t point out that Joan was only eleven.

“Oh?” Ethan said, barely managing to hold onto the drinks in his hands. “She’s... she can be pretty stubborn.” he found himself saying.

Managing to traverse the distance from the bar back to the table, Kyle offered the others a sheepish smile.  “So it seems I can’t remember six different drink names,” he explained.  “But Ethel and Ethan here saved me so I thought we could invite them to join us?”

"More the merrier, hi Ethan, hi Ethel, nice to see you both." Vilgi greeted them both as he stood, "we're gonna need a few more chairs, one of you take mine, I'll snag a couple." He said and weaved away, returning quickly. "There we go, all sorted." Sliding one of the borrowed chairs next to Sha Shan. "There's a set list with song options if you want." He suggested, glancing up and across the table he took the opportunity for a bit of ribbing., "but Rexus is hogging it at the moment so who knows when you'll get a look."

“I don’t think we’re going to be singing.” Ethan said quickly before Ethel could hint otherwise. Reclaiming his ale, the dark haired Ensign took his seat, more than happy to just be a bystander.

“You’re no fun.” Ethel said with a mock frown. “Good to see you again Rexus.” She darted her attention to the cadet she remembered fondly while she was a child. She wondered if he would recognize her now that she was back to an adult.

Rexus peered over his tumbler and furrowed his brow.  Seeing that the woman in question was generally over his upper limit of dating age, he began searching his memory for job related acquaintances... then he recognized that impish grin. 

“Uhm.... you’re older now, right?”  The young cadet hazarded a guess.  “Doctor... Scott?”

“Bingo.” Ethel said with a wink. “I’m glad to see you again as my normal self, I wanted to thank you for... entertaining me as a ten year old and to apologize for my childlike behaviour.” She sipped her wine.

"You say that now, I'll give it a couple more songs and you'll be itching to get up and have a go." Vilgi half called across the table to Ethan with a grin. Not the subtlest method, but it was worth a shot. He lent over and half whispered to Sha Shan. "Fancy helping with a conspiracy challenge? Getting Ethan Scott on stage singing?"

Sha Shan looked at her boy friend curiously but didn’t have a chance to answer before the man in question did.  “I’m not going to sing.” Ethan said with seriousness. “I have no desire to sing in front of this crowd. Just... count me out.”

“Sorry Vilgi, Ethan is still a bit shy about embarrassing himself. I might try, if the mood strikes, or if I recognize any of the songs here.”  Ethel said. At least she remembered Vilgi from tour of the Science modular. With him and Ethan and now Rexus, maybe she will enjoy herself.

"Ohh I think you'll find something. The list is huge. Cultures, decades even centuries, they’re In there somewhere." He answered nodding his head towards the PADD with the lyric library on it.

“There are some pretty good options in there,” Sha Shan agreed helpfully.  “I’m surprised there isn’t some Klingon Opera in there,” she added with an amused grin.

Periodically glancing to the stage, Vilgi spotted his name and the host waving the mic around for someone to take it off his hands. A quick gulp of ale. "My turn." He said as he slipped off.

“Go get ‘em!”  Sha Shan said encouragingly as she stood up.  Grabbing the Bolian, she pulled him into a kiss and then sent him on his way.  “I’m looking forward to this as much as he is,” she told the others as she sat down.

“I think we could tell,” Kyle whispered to T’Vei with a smile.

T’Vei smiled and fought back a giggle, whispering a “shh” back at Kyle.

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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|The Grand Piano, Deck 8
|1946 HRS, MD 1

Walking straight up to the mic on the stand Vilgi waited until the first piano note sounded and grasped the body of the mic and part of the stand as he started the first line "She got ooooout of town on the air tram, bolric bound. Took allllllllllll except my naaahame."

He bounced his head on each note "Another alien on booooollllllway. Well, some thins in this world you just can't chhange. Some things you can't see until it gets too late." He slaped a few cords on to an air piano at this point before wiping the mic of the stand for the chorus, where he made a slow bobing walk across the little stage.

"Baby, baby, babbbbyyyyy when all your love is gone, Who will saaave me from all I'm up against out in this world." Holding the mic in one hand he slaped and other few air cords onto an air piano as he walked back. "And maybe, maybe, mayyyyybbe You'll find something that's enough to keep you But if the bright lights don't receiveeee yoooou. You should turn yourself around and come on home."

He sliped the mic back to its stand at this point. "I got a hooooole in me nooooooow I got a scar I can talk about.She keeps a picture of meeeeeee in her apartment in the city. But some things in this world Man, they don't make sense. Some things you don't leave until they leeeeeeave you And then the things that you miss, you say."

As the tempo and guitar riff kicked up, Vilgi grabed the stand and pushed it forward droping down on to a knee and went for the big chorus. "Baby, babyyyy, babyyyyyy when all your love is gone. Who will saaave me from all I'm up against out in this world And maybe, mayyyyybe, mayyyyyyyybe You'll findddd something that's enough to keep youuuuu. But if the bright lights don't receeeeeeive you. You should turn yourself around and come on hooooome."

 The bolian swung back up and started short sharp bobs of his head mostly in time with foot taps and with the gutar riff, gesturing to those in the audience to help with the words in brackets. 
"Let that city take you innnnnn (come on home)
Let that city spit yoooou out (come on home)
Let that city take you down, yeah."
For god sakes turn around."
Total lost in enjoyment Vilgi took to wadling around the stage playing a bit of air guitar for the solo. Dashing back to the mic just in for the last part.

"Baby, baby, baby when all your love is gone. Who will save me from all I'm up against out in this world. Yeah well, maybe, maybe, maybe. You'll find something that's enough to keep you. But if the bright lights dont receive you. Well, turn yourself around and come on home. Yeah, come on home Baby, baby, baby, baby Come on homeYeah, come on home Baby, baby, baby, babyCome on hooooomeeeeeeee." He finished with a huge grin and hoped off the stage bounced back to the table, still grinning.

“Wooo!”  Sha Shan stood up and wolf whistled as the others started clapping.

Kyle grinned and clapped as the Bolian took his bows.

T’vei clapped with the others, impressed by the Bolian’s voice, though smiling at his enthusiasm that spread to his on stage performance. She didn’t know if she could match him.

Ethel gave a hearty laugh at the Bolian’s performance, he certainly sang without a worry in the world.

Before Vilgi could sit down, Sha Shan leapt from her seat and took him by the hand.  “I love this song,” she said as Warpdrive Baby started to play, “let’s dance!”  It was more of a demand than a suggestion as she towed the Bolian after her.

The bolian shrugged and grinned, "a bit cheesy but i ain't passing up a wirl on the dancefloor." as he allowed himself to be dragged to the bit of dance floor that had been left for that purpose. Vilgi slipped his hands on to Sha Shan’s waist, as he took a minute to figure out the rhythm and time. "Good night so far?" He half commented, half questioned.

“It’s been fun,” Sha Shan answered with a grin.  “Still early, but I’d say their karaoke evening is a success.”

"Yeah I'd say so, that was such a rush up there." Vilgi enthused. "I think we added to the eng/ops work hard, play hard reputation, which I have no problems with." He admitted with a shrug "I'm thinking of keeping an eye open for free slots, I wanna do that again."

Sha Shan nodded, “sure!”  There were quite a number of people on the list, but they seemed to be getting through them pretty fast so it wouldn’t have surprised her if a lot of the patrons went up again.  Especially now that people had started getting up to dance.

"A duet maybe," he ventured before an idea hit him as he caught a glance of the table. "Ohhh or a group thing. We've got a nice bunch of guys and gals at our table, some not so keen getting up, might be less intimidating in a group."

“That’s a good idea,” she agreed.  “When we get back we’ll book a slot and see who’s keen.”

The bolian leaned in and stole a quick kiss before adding. "Now this is a good partnership, you and me."

“Of course,” Sha Shan replied with a grin as she leaned against him.  “But we have to use our powers for good, and not mischief.”

"Awwww and I was just starting to get all giddy and playful." He countered with a grin. "But I promise to keep the mischief down, save it all for later." He added with a bare hint of suggestiveness.

“Maybe a little mischief now and then can’t hurt,” she answered with an amused smile.  Left to his own devices she wasn’t sure what sort of things Vilgi might get up to.  The glimpse of him as a ten year-old had shown her that he had an affinity for pranks.

"Hmm time for plotting them." He mused aloud before changing tack slightly. "Nice little group that’s formed around our table isn't it. Probably should have snagged a few of them up to dance, but you caught me by surprise."

“You can dance with them if you want,” the Vietnamese woman assured him with a small smile.  “As long as you save me the slow ones.”

Kyle stood up and offered T’Vei his hand.  “Would you care to dance?”  He asked with a broad smile.

“Yes. I would.” T’Vei answered, taking Kyle’s hand as he lead her out to the dancefloor.

“I feel obligated to warn you,” Kyle said as he looked down at his feet, “that my dance moves aren’t even remotely close to my singing ability.”  Looking back up into T’Vei’s beautiful face he laughed softly and added, “it could be dangerous for passers by.”

“Well, it’s a good thing your band is all about singing and not the cliched dancing boy bands.” T’Vei answered, feeling confident as she kept Kyle’s gaze locked with hers. “You’ll do fine, relax and focus on me. As for danger, i can handle myself.”

Kyle’s smile deepened, “I feel safer already.”  He assured her.

T’Vei felt herself blush as the two began to circle around the room slowly. T’Vei resting her one hand on Kyle’s shoulder, the other in his hand. So far, Kyle hadn’t stepped on her feet, that had to be a good sign.

As nice as it felt dancing with T’Vei, Kyle was still nervous about screwing up and either trodding on her feet or directing them into another couple.  But focusing on her bright, kind eyes was helping.  “You’re a great dancer,” he told her before glancing down at his feet.

“Thank you, it just so happened that dancing was one activity my father did not frown upon.” T’Vei said. “So I had more practice at it.”

“Well I’m glad,” Kyle replied as he squeezed her hand tenderly, “because I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be than right here.”  He leaned in to kiss her just as he managed to step on her foot.  “That went so much smoother in my head...” he laughed.

The moment was ruined by Kyle’s lack of grace as he tried to kiss T’Vei only to step on her foot. Things became worse when T’Vei accidentally knocked her head against his during the confusion. “Maybe you should stay off the dancefloor after all.” She teased, a smile coming to her face.

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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|The Grand Piano
|1950 HRS, MD 1

Aurelia waited as the MC approached the stage. He greeted everyone with a smile, and said. “Thank you very much, Petty Officer Morr, and now ladies and gentlemen, we have Lieutenant Juarez who’d like to dedicate this next number to anyone who’s ever had love, so close- so close to them, and then watched it walk away.”

Her hand stilled as she reached for her tumbler of whiskey, swallowing hard, Sam looked to the stage than at Holly. "I think maybe I should go-" she started to say as the red head cut her off mid sentence.

“You can do this,” Holly said gently.  She moved closer and patted Sam’s hand.  “You survived going on stage, right?”  The hologram asked with a grin.

Sam bit down on her bottom lip as she put her emotions in check, giving her new friend a nod and clapped with the others as Aurelia took the stage.

Everyone clapped, and Aurelia approached the stage the lights went down. She stood by the microphone and looked at everyone in the crowd. There they all were, practically a quarter of the station shoved into the Grand Piano. Nora looked at Aurelia up on that stage and gave her a thumbs up. Aurelia’s eyes surveyed the crowd once more, and then she found Samantha and turned to the band.

Looking right into Aurelia's dark orbs, Sam smiled softly at her as the tough as nails security officer turned to the band. "She's beautiful." She murmured softly.

Holly nodded, “she is.”  She didn’t have the experience to offer the support that Sam really needed but maybe just being there for her would help.

Taking the microphone in her hands, she let her shawl down, to reveal her halter dress, it was a simple gown, in a simple shade of burgundy. Her hair was down, and she sang softly.

“You’re in my arms, and all the world is calm. The music playing on, for only two...”
She closed her eyes, with one hand on her diaphragm. “So close, together and when I’m with you... So close, to feeling alive-”

Sam's gaze never faltered as she silently watched from her seat, her facial expression of calmness was disappearing though, as she struggled to keep her emotions together. "Imma going to need harder liqueur Holly." She stated softly, her accent seeping out into her voice.

Holly took Sam’s hand and squeezed gently in an attempt to offer more support.  She didn’t know what alcohol actually did to an organic person but would make sure that Sam got home safely.  Even if she had to take her to the one bedroom that she could physically enter.

Sam glanced down at Holly’s hand gripping hers and gave her friend a shaky grin as she squeezed back, not trusting herself to speak.

Opening her eyes, Aurelia carefully walked down from the stage into the audience. “As life goes by, romantic dreams must die. So I bid my goodbye, and never knew...” Aurelia looked over toward Samantha and then looked away as the tears started to flow.  “So close was waiting, waiting here with you and now, forever, I know-”

When Aurelia looked over at her once more, Sam’s resolve crumbled, she couldn't handle seeing Aurelia cry, no matter the reason, her own tears, once held back, were now spilling down her cheeks as Sam batted them away with the back of her hands, the words to the song penetrating deep within her.

Putting an arm around her friend, Holly produced a holographic handkerchief and passed it to Sam.  She didn’t know what else to do... Her programming hadn’t been designed to deal with such emotional issues.

Clutching the handkerchief, Sam glanced at Holly as the hologram put her arm around her, "thanks my friend." She whispered, slowly pulling herself together, she could do this, she had agreed to give Aurelia all the time she needed...But dammit this song made her want to cry, grab her and kiss her senseless all at the same time!

“All that I wanted was to hold you, so close... So close, to reaching that famous happy end.” Looking the crowd over. Aurelia kept singing. “Almost, believing, this one’s not pretend and now you’re beside me and look how far we’ve come...”

The music played up, and she continued.

“So far, we are... so close- Oh how could I face, the faceless days? If I should lose you now, we’re so close, to reaching that famous happy end, and almost, believing, this one’s not pretend and let’s go on dreaming, for we know we are.. so close, so close... And still so far.”

When she was done, the crowd clapped, the MC came on and thanked Aurelia. “Thank you Lieutenant Juarez, and now ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the Grand Piano, we’d like to play a little number, so if you brought a friend, a significant other, c’mon down to the dance floor, this one is for you.”

Using the change in atmosphere as a cover, Holly helped Sam to her feet and then they headed for the bathroom.  It wasn’t until she was already inside that the hologram thought to check that there were emitters installed.  She supposed that Medical Emergencies happened in bathrooms as well.  “How are you doing?”  Holly asked as she ran another photonic handkerchief under water and then dabbed at Sam’s eyes lightly.

Sitting her clutch purse in the counter, Sam took a shaky breath as she pulled her emotions in and straightened her shoulders. "I'm ok, it just caught me off guard, I used to listen to that song sometimes and...Yeah, I'm ok." She stated, opening her purse to pull out some makeup to fix what she had messed up.

Dabbing the concealer under her eyes, Sam quickly fixed her mascara and  tossed everything back into her clutch. "Thanks Holly, c'mon, let's go dance." She said, her voice back to normal as she grabbed her friend’s hand, her feelings for Aurelia back in check as she decided to just have fun tonight.

“Okay,” Holly agreed readily.  She was concerned for Sam but would keep a close watch on her as they enjoyed themselves.  Organics could be awfully resilient sometimes.

Pulling Holly thru the crowd, Sam sent Judith and Nora a tight smile as they past by their table and once they reached the dance floor, She turned to Holly. "Crap, I totally forgot to ask if you knew how to dance, let alone ask if you wanted to." Sam sighed as she looked at the redhead apologetically  "Wanna dance? With me? I mean there's Hal over there I think and of course others..."

Aurelia politely tapped Holly on the shoulder and then looked at Sam. “May I?”

“Uh...” Holly looked at Sam for any cues on how to answer but found nothing helpful.  “Of course.”  She said finally as she stepped aside.  “I will be right over there if you need me,” she told them both, so that it didn’t seem too obvious she was offering Sam an escape line.

Sam stood there, in shock, for what seemed like eternity, before snapping out of her haze. She really needed to stop with the drinking...Sam gave Holly a nod and looked to Aurelia. "You sounded wonderful up there." She said softly.

Taking Sam in her arms, Aurelia danced with her. “Samantha.” She started to say and looked at her best friend, then she giggled. “I. I just, wanted to say, you look lovely tonight.” The music played into a decrescendo and Aurelia used it, she pulled the young doctor in and whispered. “I want to love you, but there’s just so much I need to sort, before there can be an us.” She told her and then spun her and brought the blonde back into her arms. The music built up again. “I want to say this is our happy end, but this would be a lie, because I don’t know my heart right now. Yes, I have feelings for you- but right now... I need time for me.”

Looking into Aurelia's brown eyes, Sam nodded understandingly. "Then take all the time you need, I'll wait." She sighed softly. "You're my best friend Relia, And I can't lose you, so you take all the time you need and I'll be here, whenever, wherever, you are ready to be more."

Aurelia pulled the doctor into her embrace and kissed her slowly. “I will always care about you, Samantha...”

The kiss surprised her, but she didn't stop it as she responded in kind, Sams arms somehow coming up around Aurelia's neck, resting lightly on her shoulders as they kissed, their bodies swaying gently with the music.

The song was starting to near its end when Aurelia parted and headed back to her table.

Sam stood there, slightly dazed, before her brain and anger kicked in. She brushed past Holly and ran after Aurelia. No way did Aurelia get to kiss her like that, sing that damn song and just walk away!

Grabbing her hand, Sam yanked, pulling the security officer to a private corner before she spoke. "What the hell are you smoking? You you...No! I'm not Bridget or Ben or whoever else you've been with! You can't tell me you need space then kiss me like that!" She backed Aurelia up against the wall. "I love you." She said abruptly before leaning in and capturing Relias lips with her own, pouring all the emotion coursing through her into it, for once not being the shy one.

Taken aback by Samantha’s brazen actions. Aurelia responded, or at least her body did, holding Samantha against her for a moment and then she broke away. “This... is, ugh, its just not good timing. Sam.”

"Bad timing? Really? Ya think so?" Sam shot back at her, her accent slipping out. "If people waited for good timing Aurelia, than nothin' would get accomplished, wars would not be won, battles wouldn't take place..." She closed her eyes for a second, then reopened them, her blue eyes staring into Aurelia's brown. "I've waited before for 'good timing' Aurelia, and let me tell you, it never comes." She stepped aside, giving her room to pass if she chose to.

Looking at Sam, she sighed and blinked away the tears. “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

Glancing away briefly, Sam bit her lip, moving completely out of Aurelia's way now. "You know where to find me, but Aurelia?" She finally looked her in the eyes. "Don't wait long, I'm only human, we don't live forever."

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Re: Boy Who Cried Wolf
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|Sector 1757
|USS Sigmund Jähn
|0817 HRS, MD 2

Petty Officer Alok Huak-Cal lightly tapped his clawed fingers on the console and banked the Venture-Class Scout ship around towards the next area they were going to scan.  This was a long and boring process but the Aurelian was still pleased for the chance to stretch his wings, so to speak.  Being in Flight Control on a station like Kepler could be rather boring.  Unless of course you were one of those unlucky few to have flown missions and not come back like poor George Campbell.  It was almost enough to have the yellow-feathered pilot wish he had become a Historian like many of his species.

Still, he was only forty-seven so that left him with plenty of time to change careers and still spend a good five or six decades living safely in a library somewhere... Pass.  He decided this work wasn't so bad after all.

So far the planetary debris had been following the predicted path but soon they would pass close to an outlying Class-T planet on the border of Cardassian space and there was no way to be sure whether or not the gravity well of the gas giant would alter the course of the asteroids enough to pose a problem.  He shifted awkwardly on the chair, which hadn't been designed to accommodate his wings, and then decided that sitting here uselessly was a waste of time.  Especially since he could spend that time catching up on other tasks while he waited for the computer to alert him when the sensors detected anything of note.

|Some Time Later...

Alok tossed the PADD containing a letter home onto the passenger's seat and raced toward the cockpit as the beeping emanating from the sensors intensified.  "I'm coming, I'm coming..." he muttered, his beak clicking irritably.  Tucking his large wings in as best he could, the Aurelian pilot sat down and brought up the display.  "Crap!"

|Kepler Station
|Ops, Deck 10
|1036 HRS

The Command Centre, or Ops, was at its usual level of activity for this early into Alpha Shift.  Captain Nikolas G. Bakyr was making rounds, greeting each of the various staff manning the centre for the day and being brought up to speed on any developments cropping up during Kepler's night cycle.  Life had managed to return to normal in the three weeks since most of the command structure had been rendered useless by the entity.  Steps were being taken to ensure a repeat was unlikely but, without a candidate for Second Officer, the male Trill wasn't sure how much assurance they had that it couldn't happen again.  How did you plan for something so outside of the normal parameters?

"Captain," the Grazerite Operations Officer looked up from the Communications console and fixed her brown eyes on him.  "I have the USS Sigmund Jähn on audio only."  She informed him, her bovine-like snout flaring anxiously.

Nikolas turned towards the young Ensign and tried to offer a reassuring smile.  "Thank you, Ranor-Guja."  He knew that rumours of the debris field coming this way had been spreading and hoped that the Venture-Class scout ship had some good news for them.  "I'll take it in my Ready Room."

"Aye, sir."

Strolling into his office, the Trill waited for the door to close behind him before pressing the button on his desk-mounted view screen as he sat down.  "Please tell me you have good news, Mister Huak-Cal."  He adjusted his uniform and tried not to let himself get caught up in the anticipation like some of the junior officers.  Whatever was coming their way they would deal with it.

=/\= I'm afraid not, Captain. =/\= The Aurelian responded solemnly.

Nikolas sighed and leaned his elbow down on the table, propping his chin on his hand.  The Science Department had been fairly on the ball with this but there had still been the hope that Kepler would be clear of the planetary debris.  "You're certain, Petty Officer?"

=/\= Yes sir. =/\= Huak-Cal answered simply.  =/\= I witnessed part of the course correction myself.  As predicted the Class-T planet exerted enough pull to divert the largest mass of asteroids directly toward Kepler's current location. =/\=

"Very well," the male Trill avoided sighing again.  "Return to the station at best possible speed... we may need every available pilot to facilitate an evacuation."  They had a plan for this eventuality but it would be safest to avoid unnecessary risk to the residents of the station.

=/\= Aye, Captain. =/\= Alok replied to his mammalian Commander.

Once the channel had been closed Nikolas tapped his comm. badge, "Bakyr to Senior staff.  Report to the Briefing room in thirty minutes."

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