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A Lovelace Ordinary

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A month after that pesky comet passes by, the denizens of Kepler prepare the station for the imminent arrival of the Task Force Commanding Officer. The woman not so fondly referred to as the Ice Queen will be conducting an inspection and torturing the senior staff with a tedious formal event.

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Mission Log:

0 - Opening - Gregory Blake

  • MD1
  • Blake sits in his Ready Room and reflects on events that happened a month ago after the events of Halley's Complaint. The rest of the station are preparing for the imminent arrival of the Task Force Commanding Officer.

1 - Zoey Thomas

  • MD1 0726
  • Zoey misses her sister (who has traveled back to Earth) as her work day starts. She opens a file on Gregory Blake and makes a discovery which inexplicably excites her.

2 - Julia Holzwarth, Isis Rae

  • MD1 0745
  • Julia Holzwarth, a 4th year cadet, arrives at the station and is greeted by Isis who briefly shows her around.

3 - Aaron Ingles

  • MD1 0730
  • Aaron reflects on last month's encounter with a Romulan, then is called to the cargo bay to sort through an assorment of artifacts.

4 - Ling Dessan

  • MD1 0800
  • Ling still yearns for Makani and heads to the arboretum to nurse his wounds.

5 - Julia Holzwarth, Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD1 1000
  • Svetlana heads to Science and asks Julia to take a look at the sensors from the Fighters that had been wrecked by the comet.

6 - Michael Harris

  • MD1 1100
  • After working a couple of shifts straight, Michael takes a nap at his desk. When he wakes, he tries to complete personnel reviews, but gives up and leaves for a bite to eat and a drink.

7 - Svetlana Ivanova, Julia Holzwarth

  • MD1 1005
  • In the turbolift, Svetlana tries to have Julia relax on the military etiquette speak, explaining that the excited puppy response is only going to get her walked all over. Julia doesn't bite and the enter the hanger bay so she can get to work on the fighter's sensors.

8 - Gregory Blake, Ben Tremaine

  • MD1 0805
  • Gregory meets the new Chief of Security and give him a run down of station happenings. Ben tries to get more information, but Gregory is called away to greet another new arrival.

9 - Elizabeth Bassenthwaite, Gregory Blake

  • MD1 0815
  • Gregory meets Elizabeth in the transporter room and takes her to her quarters (a ground unit in the arboretum). While the duo snip at each other, they are interrupted by Gregory's little sister who will be living in one of the tree house units.

10 - Violet Matthews, Van Thurmond

  • Backpost (approx 1 month ago) 1902
  • Violet meets Van as she begins her first shift as a Treehouse waitress. Van gives her a tip on waitressing before she runs off to greet her first customers.

11 - Ling Dessan, Pili Freitas-Drune

  • MD1 1030
  • Pili stumbles upon Ling while taking a walk through the arboretum.

12 - Gregory Blake, Zoey Thomas

  • MD1 0830
  • Zoey seeks out Gregory to chat about his release from mandatory counseling, but he isn't interested in talking with her and does his best to shake Zoey off his coattails.

13 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD1 1500
  • Engineering still has a lot of small fixes to make due to the comet's passage.

14 - Ling Dessan, Pili Freitas-Drune

  • MD1 1100
  • As Pili talks to Ling, he gains an understanding over what happened to his father on Archeron.

15 - Julia Holzwarth

  • MD1 1230
  • Julia eagerly addresses the mystery of the sensor malfunctions in the hanger bay. On last test she runs, the sensor fights back and sends Julia flying.

16 - Ling Dessan, Pili Freitas-Drune

  • MD1 1115
  • Pili plots to pip his father out again.

17 - Gregory Blake, Kennedy Monroe

  • MD1 1130
  • Kennedy seeks out Gregory in order to introduce herself, but meets his sister first. Eva flirts, Kennedy obliviously ignores it, Gregory deflects all ideas of counseling to the judgment of the XO and/or the CMO.

18 - Sean Ecthillias

  • MD1 1135
  • Sean is having a difficult day with the computers and makes a large mess in Ops.

19 - Ling Dessan, Pili Freitas-Drune

  • MD1 1115
  • Pili and Ling discuss the minutia definition of art as Pili plots his father's reconciliation with Ling.

20 - Jack Fletcher

  • MD1 1000
  • Jack wakes from a disconcerting game of poker, ready to face all that is known as Kepler.

21 - Ling Dessan, Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD1 1500
  • Svetlana checks in with Ling to see if there has been any progress with the sensors and getting her two fighters back into rotation.

22 - Julia Holzwarth, Michael Harris

  • MD1 1430
  • Michael's plan for sleep is interupted when Julia checks into Sickbay with a broken collar bone, among other injuries. Julia wakes amid the repairs and insists on trying to complete her assigned task, but the nurse drugs her.

23 - Van Thurmond, Violet Matthews

  • Backpost (about 1 month ago) 0250
  • After a long day of work, Van escorts Violet back to her quarters. Along they way, they learn a bit more about each other.

24 - Gregory Blake, Michael Harris

  • MD1 1200
  • Michael meets up with Gregory as he's eating lunch and is introduced to Gregory's flirty sister.

25 - (Thomas Harper) played by Svetlana Ivanova, Ling Dessan

  • MD2 1030
  • While working on fixing the fighter, Ling and Thomas discuss the accident that put Julia in Sickbay.

26 - Julia Holzwarth, Ling Dessan, (Thomas Harper) played by Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD2 1040
  • Julia returns to the fighter deck despite Sickbay's orders not to, but her resolve to finalize her findings is tempered by her body's need for recovery and Thomas winds up having to take her home.

27 - Kennedy Monroe, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD1 1045
  • Cassi has a bit of an attitude with Nurse Patty. The nurse decides it's time to get someone else involved in her harassment of the doctor and implores the counselor, Kennedy, to help her out.

28 - Ben Tremaine, Isis Rae

  • MD1 0815
  • Ben reports to Isis to relieve her of her security duties and receive the latest department reports.

29 - Aaron Ingles, Z'tan

  • MD2 1055
  • Aaron receives an explicit message from Z'tan.

30 - (Eva Blake) played by Gregory Blake, Elizabeth Bassenwaite

  • MD1 1400
  • Elizabeth stops by to visit Eva in private. The idle chit-chat is preempted by Eva asking the Admiral straight-out what she wants. Elizabeth is looking for a way to manipulate/control Gregory; Eva tells her to cry.

31 - Kennedy Monroe, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD1 1600
  • Kennedy meets with Cassi as per Nurse Patty's request. She's unprepared for Cassi's candidness, and her determined resolve to live in denial.

32 - Zoey Thomas, Elizabeth Bassenwaite

  • MD1 afternoon
  • Elizabeth is hunting for dirt on Gregory and attempts to get it from his assigned (but no longer mandatory) counselor. Zoey's youth sours Elizabeth even further (if that's possible), yet Zoey's professionalism manages to hold up against Elizabeth's grueling attitude.

33 - Gregory Blake, Elizabeth Bassenwaite, Isis Rae, Ben Tremaine, Michael Harris, Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD1 1900
  • One by one, officers arrive to the Treehouse Lounge's private event room for a required dinner with the visiting Admiral. The captain's yeoman stands guard to ensure the setting remains undisturbed while Gregory greets his senior staff. Most everyone congratulates him on his newly-acknowledged-but-a-month-ago-received promotion (except for Isis, who already knew, and Svetlana, who actually does but Gregory mistakes it for a sneeze.)

34 - Van Thurmond, (Eva Blake) played by Gregory Blake

  • MD1
  • Eva flirts with the bartender and places an order he cannot refuse. Several fades intimate chocolaty, sexual deeds.

35 - Julia Holzwarth, Violet Matthews

  • MD2 1630
  • Julia wakes from disorienting dreams to discover her stomach hasn't forgotten its need to eat. She heads to the Treehouse lounge and places an order with Violet while also seeking friendship.

36 - Ben Tremaine, Ayel Hayle

  • MD1 1500
  • Instant lust is to be had when Ayel walks into the Treehouse and sets her sites on the new Chief of Secuity. Her interest does not go unnoticed and is equally returned by Ben. They share their meal time, then head out for a walk...

37 - Aaron Ingles

  • MD1 1125
  • Aaron returns to his office only to have his assistant poke fun at him for being caught with a sexually explicit communication. The computer has answers from the items Aaron has been working on, but mostly, it creates more questions.

38 - Van Thurmond, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD1 1625
  • Needing a break from women nagging at her, Cassi heads to the Treehouse lounge where she peaks the bartender's interest. She opts to reschedule her dinner with the counselor in favor of spending some time with Van - just as friends.

39 - Ben Tremaine, Ayel Hayle

  • MD1 1515
  • A lot of mental kicking and slapping goes on as Ben and Ayel try to learn more about each other. Their impromptu date is interrupted by a call to Ayel about one of her friends and Ben finally remembers his presence is requested at the Admiral's dinner - but not before they kiss and form a bond of passion that leave Ayel extremely turned on.

40 - Cassiopeia Yale, Van Thurmond

  • MD2 1730
  • It is not a date... just dinner between a couple of people who are trying to make a friendship. (But, it depends on who you ask.)