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A Tiny Oversight

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Rear Admiral Holden has established the Expanse Oversight Advisory to oversee Starfleet endeavours within The Expanse and offered up Kepler Station as base of operations for the new committee.

Mission Log:

0 - Henry McAllister, Sha Shan‏ Robertson, Ivan Tillman

  • MD 1, 0900
  • Having taken over part of the Administrative Offices on Deck 10, Hank and some of the members of the newly constructed Oversight Advisory are settling into their new roles as the Representatives of Starfleet in The Expanse. It soon becomes clear that Hank takes the job very seriously and isn't pleased with at least one of the people under his command as EOA Chairman. Ivan on the other hand is more focused on the briefing he is due to give to some of Kepler's crew on the mineral that he discovered, Teslacite.

1 - Rexus Spokar, Nikolas Bakyr, Holly O'Malley

  • MD 1, 1207
  • Nikolas has Rexus meet him so they can discuss what to do about the hologram who has been living in the Trill's bedroom since Gregory Blake disappeared. A plan to allow her access to Kepler's mainframe, and therefore other emitters, begins to formulate and gives Nikolas some interesting ideas for improving station security.

2 - Sven Stevenson, Henry McAllister, Rebecca Rines

  • MD 1, 1120
  • A nervous Crewman beams Rebecca over to Kepler Station where she is met by Hank and the pair discuss the immediate plans for security of the station. Rebecca rather blatantly asks about the command structure of the EOA to which Hank readily explains the convenient nature of some of the choices. It becomes clear that neither are concerned about offending the residents of Kepler if it means improving security measures.

3 - Dex Maidali, John Reynolds

  • MD 1, 1100
  • With orders from on high Dex prepares to depart Kepler for new pastures over a quiet drink with her Chief.

4 - Henry McAllister, Judith Pond, Iari Eolical

  • MD 1, 0925
  • Hank and Iari plan how to handle the lack of Intelligence information left by previous Department Chiefs as they muse about recent events both within The Expanse and without.

5 - John Reynolds, Cassiopeia Yale, Rexus Spokar, Kittiana Novus

  • MD 1, 1232
  • Only recently back on Kepler Station, John gets hold of his favourite doctor and the pair head out for lunch. His attempts to be funny about missing the dramatic negotiations start to worry passers by so he drops the act and Cassi leads them to Zombo's Burgers for lunch. After embarrassing himself over the restaurant's signature style (waitresses, with large breasts, on roller skates) John then makes matters worse by reacting badly to Kitt's assumption that he and Cassi are dating. Rexus and Kitt try to save him by suggesting that the four of them head down to the holodeck after lunch.

6 - Vilgi Morr, Miles Santori, Rexus Spokar, Grey Daughtry

  • -MD 8, 2104
  • Being relativly new to the station, Vilgi does one of the best things for people wanting to make new friends; he heads down to Crazy Eig8ts. There he meets Rexus and the two start to get to know each other over drinks and nine ball.

7 - Maya Takagi, Henry McAllister

  • MD 2, 0635
  • Finding herself returning to Kepler Station, Maya is keen to get to the bottom of her reason for being here. Although some of their goals are the same it's clear from the get go that she and Hank don't see eye-to-eye on a number of issues, especially the current state of Sickbay under the command of Doctor Yale.

8 - Rebecca Rines, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 1, 2042
  • Almost from the moment Rebecca comes to see Hide she's on the war path. As part of her duties on the station she wants to get to the bottom of his involvement in the attack on Parel whether he's been cleared or not. Obviously that doesn't go down well with Hide who is sorely tempted to tell the woman where to go. After managing to keep his temper in check as Rebecca accuses him of being a traitor, Hide lunges at her and strangles her until she stops struggling. Then, just as he's trying to come to grips with what he's done, Hide realises it was all in his head...

9 - Rexus Spokar, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 2, 1705
  • Getting together after their shift, Rexus and Hide shoot the breeze as the latter gets ready to head out. Over a glass of scotch the pair discuss the new arrivals to the station however Hide keeps what happened the night before to himself. Then the discussion inevitably turns to Rexus' attempts to set Hide up with their mutual friend Taylor. A subject that Hide finds amusing given his tastes lay elsewhere.

10 - Rexus Spokar, Rebecca Rines

  • MD 2, 0945
  • Rexus arrives at the Security and Tactical Office to find the new Observer has jiggled the schedule to fit in a meeting with the lower ranks. Rebecca makes her mark on the group quickly and then informs them of her intentions.

11 - Rebecca Rines, Maya Takagi

  • MD 2, 1700
  • While following up on her meeting with Hide, Rebecca finds a kindred spirit in Maya. Having been in her position in the past Maya knows all to well the tricky situation involved in keeping the brass happy while searching for something that may not even be there. For a change Rebecca leaves on good terms with someone and quite possibly a new rock-climbing partner.

12 - Nikolas Bakyr, Bridget Shannon, Nelwas

  • MD 1, 1900
  • Trying to find a little relaxation in a part of the station he rarely frequents, Nikolas finds himself the unwilling part of a sales pitch by Kepler's own resident Ferengi. But it soon becomes clear that Nelwas may have more in mind than making a simple sale; he wants to fix the Trill Captain up with a woman.

13 - Rexus Spokar, Nelwas

  • MD 2, 1630
  • While traversing the Promenade on Deck 8, Rexus finds a store designed almost specifically for him; Emporium. The lingerie shop belonging to Nelwas. Inside the Cadet is treated to some advice, both sales and female oriented, by the owner in the hopes of creating a new patron.

14 - Nikolas Bakyr, Elena Perim

  • MD 1, 1129
  • Stopping by the Transporter Room to greet the new Intelligence Chief, Nikolas is rather taken aback by Elena's honesty about her feelings over being sent to Kepler. They find an uneasy middle-ground but only time will tell how things work out.

15 - Rebecca Rines, Elena Perim

  • 1158
  • As her mission to make herself acquainted with the Kepler crew continues, Rebecca finds the new Intel Chief in her office and hopes their mutual background in Security will help them bond. Elena confesses that she doesn't feel her name carries much weight in Security circles but Rebecca dismisses the comment and points out that Kepler provides her with a blank slate. It soon becomes clear the pair share a rather frank nature and the rest of their conversation becomes a little rocky. But as Rebecca talks about her connection to the USS Archimedes, a ship where a friend of Elena's served, the Trill is startled to realise her friend is dead. As first meetings go this could have gone better.

16 - Rexus Spokar, Hideyoshi Shimura, Zombo

  • MD 2, 1725
  • Deciding to hang out somewhere other than Crazy Ei8hts for a change, Rexus and Hide meet at Zombo's Burgers. There they discuss dating and the differences in their methods of choosing someone to pursue. During that discussion Rexus inadvertently labels himself the slut of the group for starting to date Kitt so soon after Violet. They manage to narrow down the possible root of his problem but both decide that going drinking sounds like a better way to spend the night.

17 - Kittiana Novus, Rexus Spokar, Violet Matthews

  • MD 1, 1421
  • After their trip to the holodeck with John and Cassi, Kitt drops Rexus off at his quarters but declines an invite because of existing plans. After teasing Rexus about the various friends he keeps hidden she departs. Just before Rexus can go inside though Violet appears behind him. She confronts him on the fact that he's been avoiding her for the past couple of weeks and gets upset when he accuses her of the same. Eventually they find a balance between him feeling uneasy now they're not dating and her wanting things the way they were before all of that.

18 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Rexus Spokar, Miles Santori, Vaatrik Orta

  • MD 2, 1815
  • Hitting the bar, Hide and Rexus get into the swing of things as a party from the Sol system try to bring the house down. At the same time a Bajoran pilot, Orta, has come looking to unwind. Overhearing Rexus lament his lonely existence in the friendzone, Orta introduces himself to the pair. It isn't long before Rexus and Hide are teaching their new friend the art of drinking while playing darts.

19 - Nilari Shendehor, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 2, 0927
  • What starts off as a visit to Sickbay to deal with a possible flu turns into something neither Nilari or Cassi could have predicted when it turns out the former is pregnant. That might not be a completely impossible thing until it's revealed there are no other Andorians on the station. After toing and froing about how something like this could be possible Nilari reveals that she had been treated for a genetic disorder as a child and that her brother, who was a Geneticist, may be able to help.

20 - Nikolas Bakyr, Phillip Sheridan

  • MD 2, 1136
  • Having been contacted by the team of scientists on Deep Space Seven who are dealing with the Romulan satellite technology, Nikolas calls Phillip into his office to inform him that they need help. It turns out the satellites utilise a Romulan dialect that hasn't been used since the early 22nd century, around about the same time period that Phillip is originally from.

21 - John Reynolds, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 2, 1215
  • Rather pissed off by his morning run in with Rebecca, otherwise known as the Bride of Frankenstein, John makes himself at home at Hide's table in the Mess. Pretty quickly the two men bond over their mutual annoyance at the woman and left off some steam. After finishing their lunch John reminds Hide of the Kenjutsu session they had talked about some time ago so the latter offers to put something together a little more suited to a novice.

22 - Rexus Spokar, Kittiana Novus, John Reynolds, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 1, 1300
  • A double 'non-date' on the holodeck sees Cassi and the others experiencing a canoeing trip along the Waiau River in Fiordland, New Zealand (which John thinks is a planet). However if the doctor thought it would be a peaceful cruise along the water she picked the wrong company. Luckily a slight jump down river to Lake Te Anau, and a tour of the local glow worm caves, proves a much better option.

23 - Maya Takagi, Cassiopeia Yale, Zach Eastman, Hayden McGuire

  • MD 2, 0900
  • What was intended as a tour of the department quickly terns into an interview of Cassi as Maya tries to feel out the current situation in Medical. Unfortunately that goes slightly better than her dealings with Zack or Hayden, with the former ending up with a assignment due at 0700 Hours the next morning.

24 - Nilari Shendehor, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 2, 1000
  • After letting the news of her pregnancy settle a little, Nilari makes a call to the Phlox Medical Research Institute on Denobula to speak to her brother Galian. Before even letting she or Cassi tell him about the pregnancy the male Andorian informs them that he will come to Kepler and then closes the channel. His odd behaviour sparks Nilari to rethink old question that all of a sudden coalesce into a possible cause for her current condition.

25 - Judd Fitzgerald, Shadowy Woman, Thugs 1 & 2

  • MD 2, 0920
  • Following his run in with Maya in Sickbay a rather jittery Judd decides to dose his nerves with as much alcohol as he can manage. Unfortunately for him that causes him to break protocol one time too many and contact the Shadowy Woman who has been pulling his strings for the past few months. She decides that Judd needs to be taught a lesson, and a reminder as to whom exactly makes his decisions, and contacts two operatives positioned aboard Kepler Station to, quite literally, knock some sense into him.

26 - Zach Eastman, Maya Takagi

  • MD 3, 0655
  • In order to recover from the previous day's screw up, Zach arrives promptly at Maya's door with a completed assignment and then attempts to repair any possible damage his actions may have caused to Doctor Yale's credibility as a teacher.

27 - Rexus Spokar, Elena Perim

  • MD 3, 0700
  • Playing gopher for the Chief, Rexus has his first run-in with the rather unique Chief Intelligence Officer.

28 - John Reynolds, Rebecca Rines

  • MD 2, 0957
  • Far from overjoyed at the news his department has been assigned someone to 'breathe down his neck', John makes no secret of his feelings on the matter despite (or perhaps because of) his previous posting as Assistant Chief of Security on the USS Archimedes under Rebecca. Refusing to stoop to his level, Rebecca plainly states the matters at hand and sets the record straight as to the supposed lack of action by Command.

29 - Kittiana Novus, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 3, 2000
  • Kitt is busy brooding in her room when Rexus stops by for a catch up and an attempt to coerce her into visiting Emporium with him at some point.

30 - Rexus Spokar, Kirsten Santos, Vilgi Morr

  • -MD7, 2145
  • Having seemingly struck out on his hunt for single women Vilgi returns to the bar where he is introduced to Kirsten by Rexus and the three discuss scars and other matters over drinks.

31 - Rexus Spokar, Hideyoshi Shimura, Vaatrik Orta

  • MD 2, 1930
  • As it becomes a little more obvious that Rexus is becoming the third wheel to Hide and Orta, he realises that he has an appointment with Rebecca and bows out leaving the pair alone. Unfortunately for Hide his new Bajoran friend has the misconception that he and Rexus are together which makes their conversation a little confusing until Hide finally clears up the issue and assures Orta he's available.

32 - Maxwell "Bruiser" Roessler, Schass, Shivani Vilina, Nilari Shendehor, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 2, 1015
  • Much to the bemusement of the Dacoit crew, Bruiser receives a call from Nilari and learns of his looming fatherhood.

33 - Rexus Spokar, Violet Matthews

  • MD 3, 1508
  • In an attempt to keep their promise to remain friends Rexus and Violet head to the Promenade in an attempt to find him some swimwear, something that Violet probably wasn't quite prepared for and doesn't plan on repeating.

34 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Maya Takagi

  • MD 3, 1042
  • A plan to seek out the elusive traitor begins to develop between the two former classmates but neither are quite sure they can fully trust the other despite the ground they have made up recently.

35 - Cassiopeia Yale, Elena Perim

  • MD 2
  • Cassi meets Elena, and crosses her off the check up list, during her rounds of the station.

36 - Cassiopeia Yale, Rebecca Rines

  • MD 2
  • Despite her various misgivings about the Security department Cassi embarks on checking Rebecca off her check up list.

37 - Maya Takagi, Iari Eolical, Hank McAllister

  • MD 3, 1330
  • Contemplating their next move in the hunt for the traitor, the three EOA members weigh up the odds of Rebecca's presence working in their favour as opposed to hindering their efforts.

38 - Judith Pond, Nikolas Bakyr, Hideyoshi Shimura, Andrea Carter

  • MD 1, 1300
  • Bringing the Chief and Assistant Chief Science Officers into his office, Nikolas attempts to facilitate a quick and easy take over on Andrea's part so that the department can get back to what they do best.

39 - Maya Takagi, Isis Rae

  • MD 3, 2145
  • Over dinner the pair briefly discuss their current standing, and how Maya's new assignment will affect them, before the conversation turns to the fact that the Away Team hasn't reported back yet. Something that doesn't sit well with Isis. Maya's suggestion is plain and simple; tell the Captain that she wants to send a team to check in on them. A slightly more complicated matter though is keeping Violet and some of the other residents of Kepler from assimilating Maya into their little clubs and book groups.

40 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Zach Eastman, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 3, 1301
  • Hide is sent down to Sickbay, by the new Chief, to transfer some bio samples into cold storage spaces that Andrea procured from Medical since the lack of a module has left them stretched for space.

41 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Vaatrik Orta

  • MD 2, 2110
  • After leaving the bar Hide and Orta get to know each other better in Hide's Quarters.

42 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 3
  • Rexus drags a rather reluctant Cassi shopping and then uses emotional blackmail to get her to agree to accept a dress. They then head to the Holosuits for some dancing but things go slightly awry when a hologram named Butch sets his sights on poor little Cassi.

43 - Stephanie Evens, Rebecca Rines, Rexus Spokar, McCully, Lee Tamahere

  • MD 2, 2000
  • Rebecca puts some of the Security and Tactical Department through the Kobayashi Maru.

44 - Rexus Spokar, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 3, 0735
  • Checking in with Hide, after parting ways the night before, Rexus is determined to uncover how his friend's night developed. This eventually leads to the revelation (at least from Rexus' perspective) that he had previously been on Hide's radar before Orta came along.

45 - Rebecca Rines, Maya Takagi

  • MD 3, 1902
  • Responding to an invitation from Rebecca, Maya finds the Security Observer on a holographic mountain top. A bout of rock-climbing soon turns into a impromptu counselling session as the two women attempt to get a feel for one another.

46 - Iari Eolical, Vaatrik Orta, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 3, Evening
  • Spending some time watching the patrons of the Treehouse Lounge, Iari is quickly joined by an overenthusiastic Ferengi with high hopes. Unfortunately his ambitions are spoiled by Orta who inadvertently gets caught up in an accidental drink spill and then takes it upon himself to insure Iari can leave if she wants to. There they discuss their past while Iari searches for a new dress to wear. Once that's sorted out they head off in search of some fun (after a slightly awkward encounter with Hide).

47 - Kittiana Novus, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 4, 1003
  • In an effort to get to know Rexus' friends a little better Kitt arranges to meet Cassi at I Can't Believe It's Not Jum'ja. There she has to face the harsh reality that what she and Rexus want might not exactly be the same thing.

48 - Nikolas Bakyr, S. R. Wesson

  • MD 4, 0940
  • The new Chief Engineer reports for duty and Captain Bakyr gives him a breakdown of the less than ideal circumstances down in Engineering and Ops.

49 - Rebecca Rines, S. R. Wesson

  • MD 4, 1025
  • Rines appears in the new Chief Engineer's office looking to recruit an ally on the station, but a disagreement over Starfleet Command's involvement with the department's schedule leaves them both with bad impressions. Wesson challenges Rebecca to appeal to the Captain if she is unhappy with his answers.

50 - Rexus Spokar, Violet Matthews, Kittiana Novus

  • MD 5, 1200
  • At long last the new girlfriend meets the ex-girlfriend.

51 - T'Vei, Jon'a Despard

  • MD 3, 1025
  • As an old resident of Kepler Station arrives via shuttlecraft he meets a young half-Vulcan venturing out on her own to forge a life for herself.

52 - Nikolas Bakyr, Rebecca Rines

  • MD 4, 1051
  • Rebecca pays the Captain a visit in order to discuss her plans for rooting out the traitor in Engineering, beginning with a series of interviews that Lieutenant Wesson has already turned down. Despite not wanting to step on the new Chief Engineer's toes Nikolas decides to approve the idea and wishes Rebecca all the best.

53 - T'Vei, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 4, 2345
  • During her first night shift at the lounge T'Vei has a rather literal run in with Rexus.

54 - Rexus Spokar, Vaatrik Orta

  • MD 5, 0950
  • Performing his various duties, as self appointed security inspector, Rexus heads to the Hanger where he bumps into a familiar face; Orta. The pair start plotting a boys night out again but it quickly grows into a potential party.

55 - Elena Perim, Rebecca Rines

  • MD 5, 1135
  • A meeting between Rebecca and Elena starts off rocky, with the Intel Chief already coming into it with a set idea of the type of person she would be dealing with, and then escalates into a battle of the wills. When Elena leaves she offers a cryptic warning that has Rebecca wondering what to expect when their paths next cross.

56 - Vaatrik Orta, T'Vei

  • MD 4, 0830
  • Swinging by the Treehouse Lounge in a rather adventurous mood, Orta meets the new bartender and lets her decide what beverage he should try tonight in an attempt to expand his horizons.

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