Aaron Ingles

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Ensign.pngAaron Ingles

Rank: Ensign
Position: Acting Chief Science Officer
Player: Chris

Ens. Aaron Ingles


Species: Human/Betazoid
Gender: Male
Born: (26yo)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2"

Of average height and weight. He keeps his dark brown hair short and tends to have a little stubble on his face.

While not overly muscled, he keeps keeps himself in shape. Off duty he usually opts for a shirt and pair of jeans.

His right ear is pierced. It was during his teenage years in an effort to annoy his parents. As such he rarely actually wears an earring.


During his first academy physiological evaluation he was described as being similar to a 'teenager that ate to much candy'. Those that first meet him often describe him as being unprofessional because of his un serious demeanor but he is completely dedicated to his profession and gets the job done.

He has several notations and a few reprimands in his file due to the fact that he tends to joke or toss out a quip any time he feels like it, almost regardless of the situation. He can usually get along with most anybody, but usually keeps a select few close friends while keeping himself closed off to most others.

Ingles in late 2385

He has never been all to successful in the romance department and avoids romantic situations that go beyond simple flirting. However as he gets closer to 30 he is starting to explore the idea of an actual relationship.

He enjoys holo-movies and the outdoors. Fruit, anything with sugar, and steak top his list of favorite foods. He can sing but prefers to keep that fact unknown to most other people.

Despite spending several hours a week in the gym he dislikes most exercise that doesn't involve hiking or rock climbing. He also has a particular distaste for people who treat a situation or problem more seriously then necessary. He also has no desire to take part in the gossip 'tree' that tends to form on most ships.

He has a strong scientific mind and is very good at analyzing situations and data. Ha has a great knowledge of the outdoors from his childhood and from what he learned at the Academy. As the typical half Betazoid he has empathic abilities but tends to not use it.

His combat scores were some of the lowest in his class. His attention span is relatively short and he has a tendency to get bored if stuck into the same task for hours on end.


Aaron Jacob Ingles was born on September 19th 2359 to Hara and Craig Ingles on Earth. His mother was the top aide, and later Chief Of Staff, to the Council member for Betazed and his father was employed by the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson.

His childhood was nothing other then typical. He received average grades in school. During his teenage years he grew tired of his mothers rather privileged status. During his childhood the lavish receptions and parties that his mother would be invited to where amusing but proved to be annoying and a problem during his teenage years. he was expected to go with his parents to each event his mother's boss arranged but most of the time he just wanted to spend time with his friends.

Things came to a head when, during an election year, a reporter got holo-footage of Aaron and his friends after they managed to procure some real alcohol. It was used in a rather unsuccessful and poorly thought out attempt to de-rail the Betazed councilor's re-election bid.

After he mother was more upset that he almost cost her and her boss their jobs instead of being upset that her 17 year old son was caught drinking with his other 16/17 year old friends he grew more and more distant with his family. He soon made the decision to begin pre-testing for Starfleet Academy after one of his friends was accepted into the academy.

Cadet Aaron Ingles

Despite being towards the bottom end of several testing areas he nearly aced many of the Science tests and the academy quickly accepted him as a science cadet. Aaron greatly enjoyed his time at the academy and grew to enjoy the normalcy that his day to day life took on. While at the academy he had is longest relationship to date, dating fellow cadet Jared Pedmen for 7 months. After the two parted ways Aaron was pretty luckless in the romance department and focused more on shoring up his less then stellar scores in some of the classes he found difficult.

He graduated right in the middle of his class and was assigned to a planetary outpost near Starbase 22 as a archeologist. He excelled in this role and rose through the ranks. He eventually rose as high as he could while stationed as small planetary base and was offered positions on several starships. He declined and stayed on the base for his entire Starfleet career. Eventually Starfleet pulled the plug on the base and Aaron was assigned to the USS Audacious in the 4th fleets Task Force 86. Shortly before the Audacious was supposed to launch the ship suffered extensive damage in a sabotage attempt by the Gorn.

He was offered an opportunity to take a position aboard a Starbase in the remote Delta Quadrant. Recognizing the opportunity that position offered he took it and found his self on Kepler Station. In the short month and half since his arrival on the station Aaron has settled in nicely. He has mostly been tasked with working through the stations large backlog of artifacts.

Shortly after his arrival he had a relatively brief fling with a Romulan officer, Z'Tan, assigned to the Tribulation before the ship left dock. He was unable to simply put the fling out of his mind and over time it stirred his desire to have a relationship with someone; leading to Aaron deciding to venture out into the world of dating. However Z'Tan left a rather explicit message for him that made on thing clear: the Romulan wanted to pick up where they left off. Despite having a strong attraction to the Romulan he knew he and Z'Tan would never have a romantic, committed relationship and now has to decide if settle for a purely sexual relationship.

Ingles in early 2386

After the movement of Kepler Station by unknown forces to the Gavarian Frontier the station found itself lacking key science staff. Much to his surprise he was placed as Acting Chief Science Officer with Julia Holzwarth as his assistant. Finally finding a solid purpose to his Starfleet career he dived head first into the position, driven to prove his worth on the station and remove the 'acting' part of his title.


Father: Craig Ingles
Mother: Hara Ingles
Brother: Alex Ingles


Newcomer Award
Mission: Halley's Complaint
3 Months with Kepler
2 October 2009 - January 2010
6 Months with Kepler
2 October 2009 - April 2010