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Acheron, M Class

Although still host to a number of strange flora and fauna, including a gelatinous life form, the former inhabitants of Acheron seem to have gone extinct. Little is known about these former inhabitants despite numerous archaeological expeditions embarked by Starfleet after their arrival in the Delta Quadrant. What is known, however, is that the original inhabitants were responsible for the construction of the vast crystalline city, dubbed Cyrus by one of the researchers, Marissa Despard.

There are also a vast array of naturally forming hot springs which have become a popular recreation on the holodeck (KS20: Piazzi's Penance).


Following a strict patterning system, the uniform structures which make up the city of Cyrus remained perfectly intact despite whatever cataclysm led to the extinction of its original builders. Extensive scans of the buildings revealed an underground facility which, upon further investigation, revealed a bizarre secret; Cyrus was powered by an array of machines which generated energy from cloned bodies.

Native Species

After arriving on Acheron, the team from Kepler began to explore the city of Cyrus. It was there that they first detected an unusual repetitive pattern which seemed to indicate communication of some form. They soon realised that they were being hunted by some sort of native species with the capability to shift out of phase, resulting in a natural defence against certain frequencies of phaser fire.