Aehallh Trio

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The Aehallh Trio is a name given to three mercenaries who played a role in the plan to Doctor Cassiopeia Yale and the unborn genetically engineered babies she was carrying to term (KS19: Boy Who Cried Wolf).


A former member of the Romulan Intelligence service, Tal'Shiar, Cassius was diagnosed with terminal cancer prior to being approached by tr'Rot in mid 2387. Utilising the false identity of a Vulcan named Rifat, he travelled to Kepler Station under the pretence of receiving treatment; instead his task was to keep an eye on their target and await the signal to make a move.


Claiming to be a famous smuggler, the Boslic pilot was originally hired to handle the Veranal-Class freighter they would make their escape in, her role in the plan was adapted when the impending asteroid strike provided them with a much simpler method of abducting Cassiopeia Yale. Unfortunately for Jirin, she was abandoned by her team and, after hiding our for a while as a Medtech amidst the post-collision chaos, she was discovered by Cadet Rexus Spokar and subsequently interrogated by Lt. Commander Isis Rae (KS20: Piazzi's Penance).


Kavel was a Boslic 'Soldier-For-Hire', however his extreme behaviour and less than desirable appetite had caused a steady decline in work; this was part of the reason that he originally signed on with tr'Rot. Some time after Cassius had established himself on the station as Rifat, Kavel arrived and began assembling the necessary equipment to build the bomb which would provide them with a distraction as they escaped with Cassiopeia Yale.

His sloppiness resulted in Lieutenant Iari Eolical and Cadet Zach Eastman stumbling onto his hangout in the Medical Module so he was forced to kidnap them to avoid alerting station security to his presence. This would turn out to be his downfall though as it inevitably led to tr'Rot allowing Layla to shove him out an airlock.