Aingeru Hertou

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USS Fenris:- Crew Manifest

Aingeru Hertou

Position: Commander



Aliases:  Fordon (Thought to be his real name by most), Eightball, Nix, The Butcher of Shylkoer III, Lorvon Wirton, Francine Baker (don’t ask)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2345 (40yo)
Hair: Black, Very short
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'

He is attractive in that rugged mountain man sort of way. His wears his hair very short and he seems to have a constant five o’clock shadow. He has a muscular body that is fairly hairy. He has a tattoo of an eightball on his left shoulder. He also has a strange tattoo on his back. It seems to be a mix of Earth tribal and Klingon design. It is obvious that he has had a hard life. His dress is, as he would put it, “whatever I damn well feel like.” He tends to wear a leather jacket, t-shirt, pants, and boots. Though he has been known to wear whatever he needs to get the job done.

He has no idea what his real voice sounds like anymore. He usually uses an English accent, but may change it on a whim.

Smoking a strange herb called Aocabut


He is usually cocky. He knows he is good at what he does and it shows. He enjoys taunting those he views as opponents, though he views nearly everyone this way. He can also be a stubborn ass when he feels like it. He can be a bit of a ladies’ man, but he never sticks around after. He is always in control, even when it looks like he isn’t. He is slow to trust and quick to anger. He cares about nothing, except where he gets his next meal and next lay.

Under this exterior hides a softer gentler side. He cares way too much, but is afraid to show it. He is a bit of a philosopher. Only someone he views as a good friend can see this side of him.


Birth:  He was born and subsequently orphaned on Earth in 2340. Who his parents are and why he was orphaned is unknown. He doesn’t even know if his parents are alive, not like he cares.

The truth, which is only known to the highest ranking officers of Starfleet Intelligence, the former CEO and board of EFE Pharmaceuticals, is that he was born the product of a top-secret cloning and genetic modification program. The program was based at a secret facility near New Berlin on Luna. His genetic parents, a mishmash of DNA samples, were all top agents in SFI and chosen for their ideal qualities. The program was created in an attempt to make a super agent. It produced 10 offspring before its eventual termination due to lack of progress and funding. The program seemed to produce no real success. The surviving offspring were placed in the care of senior members of SFI. Aingeru was place in the care of Captain Weston Hertou and his wife. They were incapable of having children of their own. The Captain named him. The Captain was then assigned to Starfleet Headquarters where SFI could keep an eye on the boy.

Childhood:  Captain Weston Hertou and his wife cared for and loved Aingeru like their own son. He grew up with the knowledge of being adopted, but was told that his adoptive parents had no knowledge of who his parents were. Life for the young Aingeru was quite normal for a child living in San Francisco at the time. He excelled in all areas of life. He managed to outpace all the other children. His childhood was a happy one. One major thing that managed to influence his life was the discovery of fencing. At the age of ten his adoptive father introduced him to the art of fencing. This began a love affair with the blade. By the time he was twelve he was the top rated youth fencer on Earth. He won several championships before reaching his teen years. Along with fencing he got involved in more physical sports like wrestling and judo. He was also top rated in these sports, but didn’t compete as much in them.

Teen Years:  At the age of thirteen Aingeru had drawn the interest of a special school. The Edelman Academy Preparatory School was designed to be a fast track to command, and claimed to be a gateway into Starfleet Academy. His adoptive father had instilled a sense of patriotism in him, and when the school came calling there was no hesitation. It was here that he met his first love. The girl was plain and homely. She was smart and pure. Basically, she was the complete opposite of what he went for now. Unfortunately, she met an untimely demise due to a shuttle accident. He was never the same after this. He was never able to love again. He never had a real girlfriend all through school. There were girls sure, but mostly he just used them for sex. In an attempt to hide from his feelings he used school and sports to cover up the pain he felt for his first love.

Aingeru once again quickly climbed to the top. He easily outscored students that were two years his senior. He continued his love affair with the blade expanding into all types of ancient Earth blades, and even the Klingon blades such as the bat’leth and mek’leth. He was popular among most of the students. Even those that didn’t like him wanted to be around him, if just to be near the spotlight. The rest of his school days were uneventful. He graduated with top honors and was valedictorian.

Starfleet Academy:  Aingeru took the entrance exam and passed the first time with flying colors. He entered Starfleet Academy in 2358. Here he continued his success. He managed to stay out of trouble, for the most part. Trouble for him usually involved a jealous rival and a fight. It almost seemed like he breezed through the academy, at least to those that hated him. There were inquiries and accusations of DNA manipulation but SFI managed to squash those before they ever saw the light of the day. In 2362 he graduated at the top of his class with multiple degrees.

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Starfleet Intelligence:  Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy Aingeru was immediately scooped up by SFI. This was a dream come true for him. His adoptive father was in SFI and he was honored to be following in his footsteps. SFI placed him into a special top-secret advanced training course immediately. It was obvious they had plans for him. Here he met his mentor, Commander Lorson. CMD. Lorson was a gruff and stogy old sod that didn’t give anyone an inch. Lorson took an instant liking to Aingeru. Perhaps it was because he was such a good student, or maybe it is the fact that he didn’t take shit from him. Lorson is where he got his cockiness from. He learned that a good agent will cover up every emotion they can, and cockiness was one of those things that people usually overlooked. Lorson retired the same year Aingeru completed the training. They kept in touch, even to this day.

He was assigned all over the galaxy performing secret tasks that the public would never know about. He was responsible for the taking of life and the theft of various items. He became SFI’s dirty little secret. He was an assassin, a spy, a thief, and terrorist. His missions were always black book and if he ever was captured he didn’t exist. He wasn’t proud of his actions, but he managed to convince himself that what he was doing was necessary. Sometimes it was just easier for Starfleet this way.

Dominion War: The dominion war was a time of change for Aingeru. He was deemed to be more valuable placed in a Klingon regiment. He spent the majority of time fighting the Jem’Hadar, but from time to time he would be sent on missions that were more suited to his skills. His name quickly became feared and respected amongst the Jem’Hadar and Klingons. His skill with Klingon blade weapons was enough to earn the Klingons’ respect, but when you added to it the number of Jem’Hadar he killed he became a welcome addition. They were particularly impressed with his strength. He had many victories in the war, and he actually felt as though he was finally doing some good for once. The end of the war brought with it a sadness in his heart. He found that he would actually miss his Klingon compatriots. He stayed in contact with them even to this day. The end of the war also brought with it the continuance of his previous life.

Post Dominion War:  A year after the war Aingeru was back to his work. Somehow it just felt hollow. The war was a real thing with real consequences to his actions. He received a new mission. This mission didn’t seem any different than ones he was given before. He was to exterminate a mole. He pulled the mission off flawlessly. He came to find out that his adoptive father and mother were the targets. They were being eliminated for attempting to inform the Federation of the project that brought Aingeru into existence. He managed to discover a padd detailing everything. He was furious, and after escaping an assassination attempt he left Starfleet. He completely turned his back on everything he ever knew.

Post Starfleet:  Aingeru found himself taking over an old cover he had assumed during his time in Starfleet Intel. He had rejoined the Orion Syndicate as Fordon. Fordon was a well known enforcer among the syndicate. He managed to pick up where he left off, but this time he seemed to be rawer, more unleashed on those he set himself against. He didn’t see how this work was really any different than that he did for SFI. He killed and stole at the whim of his masters. The only real difference was that now he was considered one of the bad guys. He led this life for seven years slowly working his way up the ranks of the syndicate. By 2383 he had become a major player in the syndicate, and yet he felt so empty inside. One day he just vanished, leaving no trace of where he went to.

Massacre at Shylkoer III:  He had traveled aimlessly for about a month before coming across the colony of Shylkoer III. It was a humanoid colony of the Urlyts, their first off-world colony. The colony had become very sick, and the Federation wasn’t going to do anything. They were hiding behind the Prime Directive. At the insistence of the people of the colony, he killed them. When he was done the entire colony was destroyed and not a single living thing was left. He had done it because they wanted him to, and because they were in so much pain.

Delta Quadrant and the Ferengu:  After doing the deed he managed to slip through the gateway before anyone was the wiser. He found his way into the territory of the Ferengu. The Ferengu were a strange reptilian like race that had the appearance of snakes. They had similar ideals to the Ferengi. The Ferengu had just recently changed from the cast system, and their government was having a hard time keeping control. This was the perfect place for Aingeru to hide out. He attached himself to a local merchant as a body guard and general muscle. This is where he was up until a few weeks ago when he was betrayed by his employer and imprisoned. He was captured by his employer in an attempt to secure a place amongst the new government that was establishing itself.


Adopted Father: Captain Weston Hertou
Adopted Mother: Rose Hertou

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