Alcoholic Drinks

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Alcoholic Drinks of the Star Trek Universe


  • Acamarian Brandy: An amber-coloured drink native to the planet Acamar III.
  • AGP (Andolian Grand Premier): Brand name of an Andolian champagne
  • Aldebaran Whiskey: A potent, green-coloured alcohol
  • Altairian Brandy: A blue-coloured alcoholic beverage
  • Alvanian Brandy: A fine and very sought-after liquor
  • Andolian Brandy: A beverage of questionable value
  • Andorian Ale: Beverage from the Federation member world Andoria
  • Arcturian Aizz: A drink that some claim has "certain pleasure-enhancing qualities"


  • Bajoran Spring Wine: A red Bajoran beverage
  • Black Hole: Cocktail beverage, one version of the Black Hole is straight up
  • Bloodwine: The Klingon "warrior's drink" of choice, popular with Klingons everywhere. Drunk warm or cold
  • Breshtanti Ale: An alcoholic drink (pronounced "bresh-TAWN-tee") favoured by certain Klingons


  • Calaman Sherry: A red beverage
  • Cardassian Ale: Beverage brewed by the Cardassian people
  • Chech'tluth: A strong Klingon liquor


  • Denevian Mead: A fermented beverage, likely from Deneva
  • Draylaxian Whiskey: Alcoholic beverage, presumably from the planet Draylax
  • Dresci: A clear alcoholic beverage from Pentarus V


  • Ennanian Ale: Amber-coloured beverage from planet Ennan VI
  • Enolian Spice Wine: A drink worth smuggling


  • Fanalian Toddy: Hot, alcoholic beverage
  • Ferengi Wine: Reddish-orange beverage of Ferengi origin


  • Gamzian Wine: Intoxicating beverage (pronounced "GAMM-zee-un")


  • Kali-fal: Pale, blue-green Romulan beverage. According to Romulan connoisseurs, quality kali-fal has a powerful aroma that forcibly opens one's sinuses well before the first sip. Could possibly be the Romulan name for Romulan Ale
  • Kanar: A thick, brown drink, perhaps alcoholic in nature that is favoured by Cardassians. It has been described as a beverage that is an acquired taste
  • Kandora Champagne: A beverage that Ferengi would be willing to give away as a prize
  • Ktarian Merlot: A dry red Ktarian wine


  • Maraltian Seev-ale: A light green beverage, highly intoxicating and very expensive
  • Modela Aperitif: A layered drink with a red bottom, an orange layer and a blue one poured last
  • Mot'loch: Potent Klingon drink traditionally drunk on the Day of Honour


  • Romulan Ale: An infamous blue alcoholic beverage with a powerful kick, the drink has been banned in the United Federation of Planets since before 2285 and is still not a commonly known commodity. Temporarily not banned during the Dominion War


  • Sapphire Wine: A beverage which resembled the deep blue of the ocean off da Vinci Falls on Gideon Seyetik's terra-formed Blue Horizon world
  • Saurian Brandy: A popular drink, this potent beverage was served in a crook-necked bottle and was a favourite among Starfleet crews by the 2260s
  • Stardrifter: A green, intoxicating beverage


  • Takarian Mead: A beverage stored in kegs
  • Therbian Thrill: A yellow-green phosphorescent liquor distilled from the saliva of elderly Therbian monks on the planet Aaamazzara with a refreshingly acidic taste
  • Tulaberry Wine: Beverage originating in the Gamma Quadrant
  • Tzartak Aperitif: A complex, yellow-coloured drink


  • Vulcan Port: Green-coloured fortified wine from Vulcan that is bottled for at least 300 years


  • Warnog: Klingon ale


  • Yalasat: Wine made from a cactus that grows on the Northern foothills of Zobral's planet
  • Yridian Brandy: The Yridians, a species known as information brokers, are also adept at alcoholic distilling

Unknown if alcoholic or not

  • Alpha-Currant Nectar: A bitter, red-coloured beverage poured into a shot glass said to be priceless among the Gamma Quadrant Wadis
  • Langour: A pale pink beverage (pronounced "LANG-gore") that is highly prized, at least for ceremony
  • Samarian Sunset: A clear-coloured beverage that, when prepared in the "traditional style," erupts into a mid-glass swirl of green and orange when its container is vibrated with a ping
  • Tranya: A delightful orange coloured beverage. Since this drink was first introduced to members of Starfleet in 2366, it has become more widely known

Acknowledgement: Taken from a list originally compiled by Thomas X. Spartan