Alexander Winters

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CPO.pngAlexander M. Winters


Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Position: Chief Engineer
Player: Mitchel


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2354 (31 years old)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"

Alex is a bette than average looking guy. Body wise he looks more like a marine than an engineer. He has no distinguishing marks on his body.


When in uniform Alex is confident, outgoing, and sure of himself. He has confidence in himself and his work. When out of uniform he is the complete opposite. He is reserved and quiet.

In general Alex is an easy going sort of guy. He likes to joke and laugh with his friends and those he is comfortable around. He loves his job. He would be happy working on a Ferengi or Klingon ship if it meant he got to be an engineer. There is nothing like the hum of an electrical conduit. He is more than willing to help those in need, even those he doesn’t like.

Hobbies & Interests: Alex enjoys physical activities of all kind. He also enjoys woodworking, and playing the guitar.


Alex avatar.jpg

Alex was born in 2354, the only child of Emilia and Thomas. Emilia and Thomas were both engineers. When Alex was 4 years old his parents were transferred to Starbase 74. It was here that he fell in love with engineering. One day, his father and mother were both on duty at the same time. This usually didn’t happen, but it was unavoidable. So, his father secretly took him to work. That particular day Thomas was assigned to do work in the engineering section of a saber class ship. While Thomas was busy testing various systems Alex wondered off. He moved through engineering and was amazed at what he saw. When his father finally found him he was starring at the warpcore. His father picked him up and Alex looked into his eyes and said. “I want to be an engimaneer daddy.” With those words his father let out a loud laugh. From that day on Alex was completely in love with engineering. The rest of Alex’s childhood was relatively normal.

Alexander Winters Suit.jpg

In 2372 Alex enlisted in Starfleet. He became an engineer just like he always imagined he would. His parents were very proud of him. He was following in the footsteps of his family. Not only were his mother and father engineers, but his grandfather and great grandfather were as well. He made it through enlisted training at the top third of his class. He was top in the engineering program, but didn’t do as well in the rest of his training. As luck would have it his first assignment was to a saber class ship. He stayed on the USS Tom Wolfe as the Dominion War started. He learned one major thing during the war. Just because he was an engineer, that didn’t mean he shouldn’t be prepared for combat. He learned this from an engagement he experienced. The Jem’Hadar had managed to board the ship and made their way to engineering. Three of his friends were killed. He was nearly killed, but the one attacking him got hit with a phaser by a marine. He was lucky to be alive. He started training and working out. He knew he needed to be prepared.

Alex managed to survive the war. He also earned himself a promotion to Petty Officer Third Class. He stayed on the Tom Wolfe and continued to do what he loved. His work became his life. After three years he received another promotion, and then again after four. He was now Petty Officer First Class and the Assistant Engineer of the Tom Wolfe.

Now after three more years of hard work, and not pissing any superiors off, he is once again up for promotion. Thanks to a recommendation by his CO he has been promoted to Chief Petty Officer and Chief Engineer of the Keplar. This is going to be his chance to shine. He had hoped he would get to be on some Galaxy class ship or something. Unfortunately, Chief Engineer is much like Being the captain of a ship. Most will stay with their ship and the only way to get a promotion is for someone to retire or die.


Father: Thomas Winters
Mother: Emilia Winters


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