Alexandra Shay

From Station

Ensign.pngAlexandria Y. Shay

Rank: Ensign
Position: Intelligence Officer



Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: (28yo)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130lb

Build: slender, physically fit, flexible, light-footed and swift
Distinguishing Features: Disarming, dimpled smile; no visible scars.
Wardrobe consists of dark colors.
Medium length, wavy hair, slightly messy.

General Information

- Stubborn, opportunistic, acts on her own whim, private. Xenophobic.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

  • Doesn't always play well with others.
  • Good at hiding and remaining unseen.
  • Able to move silently, light-footed and well-balanced.
  • Disables locks with a fair amount of ease, and able to do so undetected most of the time; accomplished with retrieving computers records from various computer/alien computer systems.
  • Avoids physical confrontations - having been raised in a Klingon environment, it's the best option - will dodge rather than fight. Capable fighter if she can catch her opponent off-balance or unaware; she cheats.
  • Extremely uncomfortable around doctors.
  • Has issues with trust.

Ambitions: To be left to her own devices.

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Athletic - running, dance and swimming.
  • Academic - solving mysteries, learning about new topics randomly.
  • Random - People watcher.
  • Snickity - a large stuffed toy in the form of a dog, it is the only connection she has to her "first" life with her parents.


Alexandria was born to Bernard and Tabitha Shay aboard the USS Allenton and remained aboard said ship for nearly eight years as her parents performed their duties. For the following two years, transfers lead the family to five different ships as a unit. However, as the talk of discord along the Cardassian boarders bought Starfleet to the point of relocating colonies, (thus giving birth to the Maquis organization) the family unit was split. Her father was assigned to the USS Cambridge while Alex followed her mother to the USS Charybdis.

In her youth, Alex had little contact with other children of her age, but occasionally would encounter an older child to follow around and emulate. This normally required her to be very discrete, as most older children did not want a nuisance girl tagging along with them. From these early years, Alex had become an expert at not being seen.

A second talent developed mostly by accident. Most classify the skill as *hacking,* but Alex saw it differently. Hacking implied devious actions, whereas she was only satisfying her curiosity to find things out. Regardless, she was often punished for getting into secured files. (Which then lead to her ability to get in without being caught. This took longer than anticipated and led to a lot of punishments, but the satisfaction of not getting caught was more reward than the information she pulled.)

Shortly after the Charybdis departed on its mission, they were attacked. Alex never saw the attackers, having taken precautions when the red alert klaxons first sounded. When she came out from cover, hungry and cold, she stood in the midst of a terrible massacre. While returning from Sickbay (where she found her mother to be very dead) with supplies to help an officer who was still alive, she tried to take cover upon the sound of voices.

Too late, Alex was discovered by a boarding party of enormous Klingons. Her utter terror was only managed by a false bravado mask she had practiced when she has been caught trespassing. The Klingons were far more terrifying than a couple of wiry security officers, or even the ship's captain who she'd had to face on more than one occasion.

The Klingons were far more impressed by her, however. Among countless trained officers, a child of ten, alone, stood before them, unharmed and clean. She returned to their ship with them when she realized that they were not responsible for the carnage. Very little remained of the Charybdis; if Starfleet ever found it, it was beyond refit and repair. But even more disturbing was the fact that her sister ship on the mission, the USS Skylla, was nowhere to be seen. Furthermore, all the damage done to the Charybdis was by Starfleet design. There was no illusion; Starfleet could not be trusted, not even by their own peers.

Despite missing her father, Alex felt far more secure with the crew of the Klingon ship. And, shortly thereafter, her worth was revealed. Rather than being a little wretch that refused to partake in fine Klingon cuisine, she was the genius who could maneuver through computers. Working alongside a prominent intel officer, she spent her days learning new tricks and doing some teaching as well.

Several months passed, before the next adventure unfolded. A large station, the Black Nova, completed its construction. Some of the Empire's most elite were to serve on the station, though other rumors existed that the *elite* were trouble mongers and their assignment to the station was to remove them from the circle of influence. This rumor gained ground when the station suddenly disappeared from the Empire.

Further rumors labeled the inhabitants of the stations as traitors/enemies, though no evidence existed that the station had survived - but no evidence suggested that it was still intact. Parsecs away from its original location, the Black Nova had experienced a mysterious space-time phenomenon. Relocated, and labeled an enemy of the Empire, the command staff opted to establish themselves in their current location, remaining cloaked and hidden.

Nearly self-sufficient, the station passed into legend. For years, the Nova had minimal contact with the rest of the universe. Occasionally, contracting or trading with their questionable neighbors, the inhabitants of the Nova were rarely seen.

Eighteen years after the disappearance of the Nova, the whispers finally drew a collaboration invaders. With the help from the inside, a critical attacks raged across the station. Bombs destroyed large portions of the station killing thousands. The cloaking fields, which had helped keep their anonymity for nearly two decades, were destroyed. Last minute, a Fleet of Klingon vessels in the area managed to save the day. But the damage had been done. Hundreds more had died honorably, fighting during the boarding raids including the commander of the station. As the survivors tried to recover from devastating attack, the first officer made his own arrangements with the Klingon fleet, taking it upon himself to make arrangements for the entire station to be re-absorbed back into the Klingon Empire.

Furious at the news, furious that the XO hadn't even been on the station when the attacks began, and furious that he didn't have the sense to address the issue with anyone other than the admiral of the foreign fleet, Alex Shay and those she fought alongside in the operations center for the previous two days voiced their opinions. Whereas the XO saw it as a privilege to go to the Empire and serve, others saw it as a death sentence - knowing that enemies of the Empire are not treated as heroes, or even as welcome guests.

It was a tense scene, the XO standing off against the intel chief, neither Klingon, but both proclaiming to understand the situation better than the other. With a fleet admiral's hand on his shoulder, the XO laughed at Alex, declaring she could stay back and die if she wished. Alex spit back that the XO could leave and die if he wished.

And so it was. The XO left, taking what officers he could. And Alex stayed, on a dead station, and with the greater number of officers - a small victory. But the Nova was open and defenseless to scavengers. The decision to leave the station was a difficult one, but a better future could be had with the right opportunity. Of those that remained on the station, they sought refuge with the pirates; it was a less than ideal solution, but survival was of utmost importance. Brought before the leader of Purgatory, they were tested to prove their worth to the Pirates and were quickly assimilated into the ranks.

For the next several months, Alex worked at an uncomfortable closeness with the pirate organization. But her most important (unappreciated and unacknowledged) contribution involved successfully negotiating a trade of hostages between the pirates and the Federation. Failure would have meant a deadly war between the two enemies.

At the conclusion of these negotiations, Alex ran into a ghost from her past, Scorpion. She first met Scorpion in her youth. Scorpion was employed for an assassination which he would not be able to complete on his own, but his employer had a solution in the form of Alex and offered her services to take care of the computer security fields. Scorpion's mission was successful. He sent Alex to collect his payment but the funds were short - Alex paid for this miscalculation with a beating that left her close to dead.

When she ran into Scorpion again, she began to shut down from the instant panic. He had not forgotten her skill and shortly thereafter, he sought her out with a proposal to teach at his training facilities. Alex immediately turned him down, but Scorpion was not a man who would take no for an answer; he abducted her. He eagerly confided in her, trying to win her loyalty and Alex appeared to have capitulated, but she could not forget her past and had her doubts over the veracity of Scorpion's story.

She escaped from Scorpion's sanctuary, brushing her hands of the situation and promptly found herself in the arms of the Federation and Starfleet. With her recent success during the negotiations of the hostage exchange, she had managed to bring unwanted recognition to her name. What she didn't expect was a job offer.


Father: Bernard Shay
Mother: Tabitha Shay - deceased
Brother(s): none
Sister(s): none
Spouse: not interested
Children: not interested
Other relatives: probably