Alorr Grant

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Lieutenant-Commander.png Alorr Grant

At a formal dinner celebrating his promotion to Lt. Commander

Rank: Lt Commander
Position: Officer in Charge
Player: Dorian


Species: Human/Deltan
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Grey
Height: 6'1"

Alorr is a tall man, and aside from his baldness looks almost exactly what you would expect of a human his age to look like. He is, however, less creased and perhaps better looking than the average human. This, coupled with his lack of hair, is a trait inherited from his Deltan mother.


Alorr at first seems to be an easy going man (once you get over the initial dose of Deltan pheromones). He is friendly, somewhat informal in his manner, and has a wicked sense of humour. Despite the fact that he comes across as unprofessional to some, Alorr has gained a reputation for being able to pull together a crew of diverse personalities into a loyal and cohesive unit. His manner seems to naturally smooth over any personality clashes, and his wit and humour can often avert a disaster before it happens.

Despite his warmth of personality, Alorr takes his duties as a Starfleet officer extremely seriously. He doesn't tolerate any breaches of rules and regulations. While he expects his crew to have an input, he also expects that they will accept his decisions as their superior and follow orders to the letter. He also takes his Oath of Chastity seriously, but as he is only half Deltan, this only applies to those he is serving with directly. Alorr is a very sexual man, and will pursue physical relationships with other beings given the right opportunity.

On shoreleave


Both Alorr's parents were officers in Starfleet, and served aboard the same ship. Despite the prevailing attitude among the Deltan species that humans are not a sexually advanced species, and despite her vow of chastity, Alorr's mother began a sexual relationship with her human crewmate. Shortly after Alorr's mother Lelia discovered her pregnancy, her lover was diagnosed as being mentally unfit for duty, and was sent back to Earth for medical care. Once Lelia's pregnancy was no longer able to be concealed, the affair was exposed and she was dishonourably discharged from Starfleet. She returned to her homeworld to give birth to and raise her son.

At the age of four, word was sent to the young Alorr that his father, Liuetenant Corbin Grant, had died while in care. Alorr was always aware of who his father was and had been. His mother felt it was her duty to foster some affection for his human heritage on the young boy, so he grew up immersed in Deltan culture, but with a comprehensive education that encompassed Terran science, history and literature. Alorr developed an early fondness for stories involving explorers, and this tendancy eventually grew into the desire to follow the footsteps of his parents into Starfleet.

The way proved somewhat difficult, as Alorr was soon made aware of the misconduct of both his parents. He was, however, determined to succeed where they had failed. He took his Oath of Chastity almost too seriously, only losing his virginity at the age of 30 on a visit to his home planet. Eventually, recognising that as a half Deltan his sexual appeal was less than full members of his species and taking into account an exemplery service record, the severity of the Oath was lessened and Starfleet allowed Alorr to pursue sexual relationships within Starfleet. The condition for this being that the other party must not a be a crew member of the same vessel Alorr serves on.

This allowed Alorr a much better balance between his urges and his duty, and he became a lot less uptight than he had been with the members of his crew. His superiors definately took notice, and Alorr was moved from helm and minor command positions through the ranks and eventually given command of a small medical supply ship. He has served as helmsman on several ships of different classes, notably including a short stint on the USS Enterprise. Right now, Alorr is where he wants to be. He always intended to pursue Command as a career, and every new posting takes him further towards his goal of commanding a large exploratory vessel.


Father: Lieutenant Corbin Grant (deceased)
Mother: Lelia