Alys Snowden

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Blank.pngAlys Snowden


Position: Federation News Service Correspondent
Player: Kestrel


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: February 7, 2362 (25)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 174 cm (5’ 8½”)

Tall with a medium build, Alys has excellent posture and carries herself lightly and easily. She has a lovely smile that is usually employed for one nefarious purpose or another, but her beauty and her charm are the perfect distractions.


Alys loves to socialize. She’s extroverted, talkative and never passes up the opportunity to show off just what a dazzling person she is, regardless of whether or not everyone else in the room seems to care. Getting others to talk about themselves is nearly as much fun as getting to talk about herself, especially if they let any juicy gossip slip in the process. So much of Alys’s life revolves around interaction with people that she gets anxious when she’s forced to be alone without any sort of task to focus on. When Alys is after information for a story, however, she tend tends to forget about playing nice. Most of the time she’ll go at the problem head-on, pursuing what she wants without apology, but she can also recognize when subtly might be better employed to get the desired results. Alys is not above manipulation or deception if she thinks the end justifies the means. There’s not a lot she won’t do to get ahead, as long as no one gets hurt.

Her pastimes include fashion, dance, and being a general nuisance, but Alys also enjoys experimenting with encryption codes, a hobby which she picked up while training to be a journalist, after reviewing accounts of the state of data relay networks during the Dominion War. Creating and cracking cyphers is like playing with puzzles, and it’s somewhat related to her main career, so it doesn’t seem totally useless.

Alys is ambitious and extremely driven when she has a goal in mind. She’s resourceful, especially when she has to use channels not usually available to those in Starfleet. Even though she has very little formal education compared to the crew of a starship, she’s highly intelligent and makes up for her lack of book smarts with practical knowledge and the ability to teach herself what she needs to know. As a result of her experiments with coding and encryption, she’s also become quite accomplished at bypassing those same sorts of security systems within other databases, a skill which the fine and upstanding officers of Starfleet don’t exactly encourage.

While Alys goes after what she wants without hesitation, she’s stubborn and prone to acting out when she doesn’t get her way. She can hold a fairly decent grudge, and few reasons are too petty for Alys Snowden. She doesn’t take her personal relationships very seriously, especially the romantic ones. She treats sex casually, which isn’t a weakness by itself, but she tends to assume that everyone else feels this way and gets exasperated by people she considers too ‘clingy.’ When she’s not set on a particular task, Alys can also be extremely lazy. She’s practically turned cutting corners into an art form, and will never do a job she can get someone else to do for her, especially if the task carries with it no inherent reward.


Former socialite and current Federation News Serivce reporter, Alys Snowden was born in New Berlin, Luna, as the first and only child of composer Torvald Snowden (44) and his wife, Rosalind Burchard (37), a Starfleet officer specializing in diplomacy. Before Alys’s first birthday, the new family left Luna to take up residence aboard the USS Caldecott, where Rosalind spent five years as the first officer and Alys spent five years shrieking in the nursery and putting various objects (tricorders, PADDs, other children’s hair) in her mouth. She doesn’t remember much, but the experience of life aboard a starship with a young child made such an impression on her parents that when Rosalind was offered a teaching position at Starfleet Academy, the family soon relocated. The proximity to Starfleet Headquarters presented a unique opportunity for Rosalind to advance her career on two fronts, and while she lectured on interstellar politics to cadets she also immersed herself in the diplomatic affairs of the Federation. Unfortunately, as it usually did, family became only a second priority.

With hope that his daughter would grow up easier away from the shadow of her mother's ambition, Torvald took Alys back to live on Luna. Her mother would occasionally visit on weekends, but the frequent absences were something Alys had grown accustomed to during her early years on the Caldecott. Her father attempted to fill the void with over-indulgence, giving his daughter everything she desired. With her father being a famous composer and musician and her mother as a Starfleet flag officer with ever-rising career prospects, Alys attended a prestigious prep school and grew up surrounded by influential people. The social circle she was a part of was almost like a different planet in its own right; a world where the only real currency was power and position.

As she grew older, Alys was continually pressured by her mother to apply for admission to Starfleet Academy. Alys, however, had always resented Starfleet for the monopoly it held on her mother’s attention, and wanted nothing to do with the idea. The two were constantly at odds, and Rosalind’s promotions only made the fighting worse. Alys was certainly capable enough, her mother insisted, but what she lacked was discipline. The disagreement was fraught with harsh words and teenage dramatics, and Alys threw herself into her shallow social life out of anger and spite. She stayed this way for years, drifting from party to party, gallery opening to play opening, but there was always something missing.

Her aunt Juliette, her mother’s sister and broadcast editor for the Federation News Service on Luna, suggested another path, one that offered a very different sort of life, but one where confidence, assertiveness and ambition were excellent assets. The young woman didn’t seem at all interested, but Juliette asked an older correspondent who’d just returned from covering the war to speak with her niece for a few hours while she dealt with a meeting. To everyone’s surprise, including her own, Alys took to the idea in a matter of days. It took effort, tears, triumph and years of freelance submission, but Alys Snowden finally earned her place as an official correspondent for the FNS. Her first assignments were based on Luna, but gradually she was granted more duties off-world. She’s been particularly interested in the Orion Syndicate, but hasn’t had the chance to pursue that interest very far in the course of her regular work. She’s recently completed a series of articles on the continued Federation presence on the Ba’ku homeworld and has received her next assignment to cover the Expanse and the recent events concerning its future.


Father: Torvald Snowden, composer
Mother: Vice Admiral Rosalind Burchard
Aunt: Juliette Burchard, FNS Broadcast Editor - Luna


Dream Sequence
Challenge 2: 13th - 20th April, 2012
Subplot Stripe
Mission: A Tiny Oversight