Andre Stormgald

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Blank.pngAndre Stormgald


Rank: Civilian
Position: Ship's Captain
Player: Nick


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2348 (38yo)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'1.5"

Andre's confidence is evident in his strong posture. He has a penetrating gaze which can be unsettling or charming, depending on the situation.

His finely toned physique is only hiding the fact that he only resorts to physicalities if the need truly arises, or if she offers herself.


Professional: He is a man of stature. Always astute and aware of the angles. He is shrewd. He maintains a swagger that flirts with arrogance, but never reaches those levels...but definitely gets across the idea that he is in control. Suave, deboinaire, and a smooth talker. It is not unusual to find a Daboo girl or two leaving his quarters.

Private: He is a big teddy bear. The show he puts on is for reputation only. No one would trade with a man that was so refined and dignified as he truly was. His love for the arts is kept hidden, as is his secret obsession with feminine clothing. His backstory is largely made up, and is actually from a rather well off family and good homelife. Reputation is everything though, and he keeps his private persona well hidden.


Born to Sarah and Henri Ferris, Andre is their youngest son, and the daughter his mother never had. At two years of age, Sarah entered Andre in a beauty pageant where he won his first of many crowns. By four years old, she had enrolled him in tumbling and ballet classes. At nine years of age, the family moved to the Hawaiian islands and Andre quickly discovered the joy of the surf. In school, Andre was an average student in most subject and excelled in history classes.

Through his adolescent years, Andre honed the skills he had learned from the pageants his mother made him endure in order to dazzle the girls while gracing the pacific waves. One girl in particular managed to earn the same form of attention back from Andre, and discovered they pleasures of sexual exploration together. This unity produced an untimely surprise in the form of an infant girl. Young love did not endure, and Andre's child has been raised exclusively by her mother.

In his twenties, Andre attempted several different jobs in order to earn a living, beginning in food service, hospitality, guitarist, camp counselor, mechanic, and landscaping. While working as a mechanic, an opportunity arrived to purchase a small supply vessel. It took him an additional six months to pull the money together, and when he purchased the vessel, Andre began a new journey in his life. Now in his thirties, Andre headed into unfamiliar space along with an expansive and changing agenda.

The Dalliance, Andre's Ship
He knew that to excell in the commercial space transportation business he would need a persona that was not what his background afforded. He worked hard at spreading rumours of a man that should be feared and respected. He told tall tales of times that this man had thwarted Klingon vessels, and outrun Federation blockades. Finally, he became the man that he had spread rumours about, when he landed his ship on a backwater planet looking for crew. He stepped off his small cargo ship, toned to the point of being buff, with a swagger that spoke of confidence, and bearing the name of the man that he had spread rumours of secretly. Thus was the 'legend' of Andre Stormgald born. Andre Ferris lived on of course, but almost exclusively alone in his quarters would his old persona be allowed to come forth. Everywhere else, he was a new man...


Father: Henri Ferris
Mother: Sarah Peppin-Ferris
Brother(s): Christian, Gilbert
Daughter: Caiti


3 Months with Kepler
21 June - September 2009 (as Shirina Walker)
Newcomer Award
Mission: Rutherford's Fork (as Shirina Walker)
Players' Choice
Mission: Rutherford's Fork (as Shirina Walker)
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Rutherford's Fork (as Jael Parano)