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Handling Player Applications

This is a guide, however we strongly recommend you follow it.


This is of course what most Commanding Officers (COs) hope to do, accept lots and lots of good quality apps. Hopefully you get that great application which meets all of your requirements. For our purposes though you'll have three options and two of them can lead to acceptance.

First off is the one that's perfect. Great, you offer them the post and a rank that you feel is suitable or are able to give out (recommend nothing equal to or higher than your own). Or possibly their second choice of position cause it's not quite so perfect or someone else has just taken that position. If you have an Executive Officer (XO) run it past them for a second opinion.

Accepting After Rewrite / On Condition

The second kind of acceptance is, the app is ok but you feel it needs a bit more work. This is where you contact the applicant and tell them what you like about their application but ask them to expand on or alter some things, providing some suggestions help. Don't tell them that what they have is bad, instead be encouraging and somewhat enthusiastic. It's constructive feedback you want to give here so they will be happy to make the changes and resubmit the application at your request. Or possibly they're inexperienced but have potential and with a little training they should come up to scratch.


Sometimes you'll get apps that you don't feel won't fit in with your sim at all or doesn't show any potential. They might be what some cruelly dub a crapplication or they are superhero-like in nature (they're extremely strong, super intelligent, heroic, nothing gets in their way and they always save the day - boring), or they're a Mary-Sue (character created to enact the applicants fantasies like to have sex with the Captain - also boring and a bit icky).

The best way to go about this is to firstly thank them for their application. Tell them something nice (if you can) about their application but inform them that you will not be accepting them. Try to tell them why (unless it's something like it sucks) and offer them any constructive feedback that you feel may help them apply to another sim elsewhere. Wishing them luck is also a nice touch.


  • Always be polite
  • Offer constructive feedback wherever possible
  • You don't have to accept everyone that applies
  • Ask yourself is this character realistic? Well rounded?
  • Consider requesting they rewrite parts of the application taking into account feedback from you
  • Consider training, some newbies are excellent writers but their applications don't always show it
  • Always, always, ALWAYS be extremely picky when selecting an XO
  • Remember once they are on the sim it's harder to get rid of them later