Apres Lana

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Lieutenant Apres Lana

Lieutenant Apres Lana

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Operations Officer & Second Officer, USS Endeavour
Player: Elisa


Species: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Born: 2 August 2358 (27 y/o)
Place of Birth: Bajor
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Grayish Blue
Height: 170cm (5'7")
Weight: 58kg (128lbs)

Lana is clearly a female Bajoran, with the trademark bony ridges on her nose. Her skin tone is naturally light, but usually a modest tan due to daily ten kilometer "outdoor" runs on the holodeck. On her right ear, she wears a Bajoran earring as a symbol of her faith in the Prophets. Composed of ermanium, the earring consists of a thin silver chain connecting a clasp on the ear's upper cartilage to a larger half-dome button on the lobe, which bears the double triangle and half moon symbol of the Apres family.

During most of her life, Lana wore her red hair short, but in recent years has grown it out to a shoulder length. While on duty, she wears it pulled back tightly in a ponytail.


For Lana, trust is earned with difficulty, but once earned becomes a fierce loyalty. She is not generally disobedient and respects the Federation, Starfleet, and senior officers, but is prone to bias in cases of oppressed or suffering races or populations, and such biases may interfere with her strict adherence to Starfleet regulations. As an officer, she is quick, sharp, and especially helpful in tight situations.

Lana comes off as simultaneously fiery and icy. She often covers her difficulty in trusting or building close personal relationships with an overcompensation of aggressiveness, using her adversarial demeanor to keep anyone from getting too close. This distancing can take the form of competitiveness, sarcastic bantering, or a smoldering glare.

Lieutenant Apres Lana

Hobbies and Interests

Lana is a natural athlete, and spends most of her off-duty time sparring fellow crewmen or holodeck fighters. During her time at the Academy on Earth, she discovered the joy and meditation-like qualities of long-distance running and ran several marathons, including one that tracked the historical origins of the race from Marathon to Athens in the ancient Earth nation of Greece.

Music is a major element in the lives of Bajoran, and among Lana's fondest memories of the Academy were the times she was exposed to the broad and fantastic variety of music from throughout the Alpha Quadrant. While still mostly partial to traditional Bajoran harmonics, Lana has found Klingon battle songs and Earth "rock" music strangely appealing. She owns a deep blue 21st-Century Earth Gibson Explorer electric guitar.


Lana was born in the Batal labor camp on Occupied Bajor. Her father, Aneer, was tolerated by the occupying Cardassians when they believed he was but a smuggler of necessities to the refugee camps. When he ran short on contraband with which to bribe Cardassian patrols, however, he quickly found himself accused of supplying the Resistance and the Maquis with arms and was marked for arrest, trial followed by a guilty plea and execution. Somehow managing to evade arrest, Aneer vanished from the reach of the occupiers, but, unfortunately, also from his family's knowledge. As was the practice during the occupation, Aneer's pregnant wife, Mahea, and two young sons, Korla and Ludan, were arrested and imprisoned at Batal.

The early years of Lana's life were typical: days spent in constant hunger, frequent cuts and bruises from abusive Cardassian guards, and more cuts and bruises from fights with other children in the labor camp, as the young Bajorans' parents were either working the 18-hour shifts in the mines or dead. Still, Lana escaped the medical experiments or mass "reprisals" that occurred at some of the more notorious camps, though she would not learn of many of these atrocities until after her freedom, as the security at Batal was strict and news traveled into the camp only in distorted and small pieces.

In 2369, the inmates of Batal, as well as the whole Bajora, were liberated. Though still young, Lana had already learned great suffering and loss. Only a year before the end of the occupation, her second-eldest brother, Ludan, had been publicly executed in the middle of the camp when he was caught passing messages to Resistance operatives, and the three remaining members of the Apres family were forced to watch.

Great anger and survivor's guilt built up within Lana. Had she come of age a decade earlier, she may have joined the Resistance to slay her demons. But, by the time Lana was old enough to set out on her own, the militia of the Provisional Government was little but a police force. Determined to escape the painful memories, Lana fought her way through a chain of odd jobs with the Provisional Government onto Deep Space 9. Finding that the space station was not yet far enough from Bajor and her troubled memories, Lana took up the hobby of charming off-duty Federation officers, turning these friendships into opportunities for informal lessons, and financing her self-imposed exile with occasional bit work for the Federation. After the better part of a decade playing catch-up with her Federation-born competitors, Lana won a candidate's seat for Starfleet Academy. It was a chance for her to sail into the stars and, perhaps, away from nightmares of Batal.

It was not until she reached the Academy that Lana discovered that she had natural talent, even amongst the cream of the Federation’s crop. She had not realized, for example, the difficulty of the entrance examination until later overhearing fellow cadets complain of the trials. Yet Cadet Apres had grown up in an environment where standing out meant beatings, or worse, and enthusiasm was a forlorn dream to be shattered upon waking. So it was that Lana, although a good student, seemed to meander through her years at the Academy, disappointing more than one professor who saw through her facade of unconcern but could not encourage her to pursue her coursework more passionately. It took all four years for her instructors and counselors to fully bring Cadet Apres’s passion and aptitude out into the public.

Their gateway for helping Lana shine, it turned out, was combat, both curricular and extra-curricular. Cadet Apres’s entire, impressive collection of demerits was comprised from those issued for disorderly conduct, including her very first demerit, earned when she misunderstood the intentions of an awkward Bolian attempting to ask her on a date (the Bolian spent the afternoon in the infirmary and Lana spent the evening in the brig). In her final two years at the academy, she was captain of the kickboxing and Brazilian jujitsu teams.

Lieutenant Apres Lana

Despite her aggressive nature and physical prowess, Cadet Apres purposely chose not to pursue a career as a Security Officer. The Cardassians at Batal left a general distaste in her mouth for those who made a career roaming perimeters with disruptors. To this day, Lana cannot help but prejudge armed Yellow Shirts as thugs, a bias that she struggles to control.

Lana's purpose in joining Starfleet was to be able to keep moving for the rest of her life, never having time enough to stay still to think. Thus, she had taken almost exclusively coursework that she believed most applicable to the operation of starships, and her broad and general knowledge led her to request assignment as an Operations Officer. Lana’s above average performance was sufficient to find her request fulfilled with a dream posting aboard the USS Sidi Bouzid, an Excelsior Class explorer. Putting her career above all else, she excelled as a logistics officer, and her tireless work ethic was appreciated aboard the large capital ship. She was awarded her full pip as soon as she was eligible. However, though Lana was on track for another rank promotion in a few more years, the competition for further departmental promotion aboard the Sidi Bouzid was much less merit-based. Networking and relationship building with senior officers (a.k.a. brown nosing) was not Lana’s strong suit. Two more years on the ship was enough for Lana to see the nepotism and favoritism written on the wall. Holding onto the dream of complete freedom, a ship with no guide by her own will, Lt. JG Apres made a rather unusual request for a posting aboard the Nova Class science vessel, USS Archimedes.

The Archimedes had, before and during her time aboard, acquired a reputation as a “cursed ship,” and the high casualty rate resulting from frequent encounters with dangerous anomalies and hostile forces in no small part contributed to the opening of positions in Lana’s department. With a small crew and high turnover, there was no room for bias, and competency, paired with a penchant for survival, was the ruling order. She was promoted repeatedly and unorthodoxly, becoming a member of the senior staff as Acting Chief Operations Officer after only a year, and whilst still a Lieutenant Junior Grade. During this time, Lana became involved with an older junior officer, Assistant Chief of Tactics John Reynolds. Although he helped her overcome some of her inability to trust others, and was instrumental in helping her reconnect with her surviving family, it went against Lana’s deepest psyche to let herself be tied down by anything or anyone. Her service under extreme circumstances and extended experience as a department head made her an attractive candidate for Chief Operations Officer postings aboard larger vessels. And so she took one, leaving the Archimedes and Lieutenant Reynolds behind.

Service Record

  • 2376-2380
    • Starfleet Academy (Cadet 4 - Cadet 1)
    • Starship Operations & Logistics
    • Ranked 35th in Graduating Class
  • 2380-2384
    • USS Sidi Bouzid (Ens - Ltjg)
    • Operations Officer
  • 2384-2385
    • USS Archimedes (Ltjg)
    • Operations Officer to Chief Operations Officer
  • 2385 - Current
    • USS Endeavour (Lt)
    • Chief Operations Officer & Second Officer


  • Father: Aneer, b. 2335, Missing, Presumed Dead
  • Mother: Mahea, b. 2335, Bajoran Ministry of Trade
  • Brother: Korla, b. 2351, Major, Bajoran Militia
  • Brother: Ludan, b. 2354, d. 2368


Challenge 2: 5th - 12th May, 2011
NPC Award
Mission: Honey, I'm Holm!
Treknology Award
Mission: The Fibonacci Man
Logical Thinking
Challenge 4: 1st - 8th September, 2011