Arrival of the Eclipse

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Arrival of the Eclipse

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Two months after the the events of Maynard's Fright, new crew and civilian contractors arrive on Kepler. Meanwhile life carries on for the Keplerites.

Eclipse Coming Aboard – Summary

The U.S.S. Eclipse docked with Kepler Station, bringing Lt. jg. Lantiq Shand and Capt. Joshua Broas aboard the station for a bit of shore leave. The Eclipse brought some much-needed supplies on her trip to Kepler, including some Scotch for Commodore Gregory Blake and a young girl they found when they boarded a ship. The little girl (later known as Becca) gave Blake the scare of his life, and Broas decided to take matters into his own hand, sending Ens. Noah Fichera with Becca to Sickbay. In Sickbay, Becca gave Dr. Sarah Martin a scare as well, and Sarah insisted that she could not take custody of Becca. Unfortunately, the Eclipse left before that definite message reached the command deck.

Sarah reported that the Eclipse was trying to leave the girl, which sent Blake into another fit. She called Dr. Cassi Yale to Sickbay, letting the pediatrician examine Becca while Martin went to check on Blake. Martin found Blake in his bathroom with a bottle of Scotch, a phaser and a whole bunch of flowers, and gave him an ultimatum—he would see Counselor Kennedy Monroe or else. In the meantime, Dr. Yale examined Becca and began to interact with the girl, learning her name and the fact that she was very frightened of both doctors and security officers—but Becca continued to refuse to speak.

Concerned about the little girl’s identity and who might be after her, Sarah sought out the help of Chief Petty Officer Catherine Sawyer in order to help discover the little girl’s identity and home without alerting anyone—particularly Starfleet Intelligence. The Eclipse also brought Cadet Rexus Spokar aboard. The young and very green cadet immediately broke his nose upon boarding Kepler and found himself in Sickbay under the care of PO2 Halley Grayson. As a tactical officer, he reported to John Reynolds and revealed the emerald shade of his greenness. Staff Warrant Officer Roman Ditando also arrived on the Eclipse to take up his station as Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer. The former marine reported to Lieutenant Reynolds, and had his physical completed by Kennedy, with no small amount of flirtation. He was also present in the tactical staff meeting when Spokar presented an argument for increasing Kepler’s weaponry. Roman, in addition with Dex, suggested bringing a little Marine discipline to the tactical department, which John approved. Rexus eventually made his way back to Sickbay in order to have his physical examination done, again by Petty Officer Grayson.

Afterwards, Roman and Dex put the security department through their paces. Not satisfying the marines, Roman and Dex then entered the holodeck to jump out of a perfectly good shuttlecraft while discussing how to deal with Rexus in order to mold him into an officer who wouldn’t get all his enlisted men killed once he graduated. Meanwhile, Rexus ventured into the Treehouse Lounge, where Violet caught his eye. Later, Rexus wandered into Chief Petty Officer Thomas Stuarde’s office, where Thomas began to have some of the concerns Roman and Dex were sharing about the cadet’s inexperience. Thomas had his own problems, meeting with Kennedy over the nightmares that had resulted from his experience with the Borg, which had been brought back up by the duplicate Kepler from Maynard’s Fright.

Also arriving on the Eclipse—the new owner of the Treehouse Lounge, Cardassian and former Obsidian Order operative, Ruatha L’mir. He, Rexus and Petty Officer Dex Maidali, newly transferred from the U.S.S. Hippocrates, shared drinks and got to know one another. Later, Violet, the Treehouse Lounge waitress, suggested to Dr. Yale that a party should be held in order to increase morale; Violet finally took this suggestion to Blake, sweet-talking the commodore into ordering people to attend the party. Ruatha seems to be settling in to his new role as bar owner and sympathetic ear.

New arrival Jad Raynar also disembarked from the Eclipse and immediately found himself in a bar brawl. He ended up in Sickbay with Sarah. The suspended marine subsequently hit on the doctor as she repaired several broken ribs, and she blackmailed him into seeing Dr. Monroe for a psych eval, offering a station tour in return. However, John Reynolds saw this, and ramped up his battle for Sarah’s affections, bringing a trolley of pastries and sweets in order to curry favor with the medical staff. An awkward conversation ensued, which caused Sarah to go running to Kennedy’s office looking for a sympathetic ear and advice about how to proceed with that relationship.

New Bynar additions, Petty Officers Blue and Yellow also arrived, making their shuttle pilot look at them askance.

In the meantime, Cassi ran into John and finally spilled the secret she’d only told to Kennedy—she’d been raped in the Delta Quadrant by a member of Kepler’s security staff and was pregnant. Though she refused to reveal the identity of the perpetrator, John began to wonder who might be responsible and started looking for advice. He stopped by Sarah’s quarters and gave away too much information, leading Sarah to conclude that Cassi was the victim he was trying to help. Knowing he could only help as much as Cassi would let him, he tried to simply be there as a sympathetic ear. Gorn merchant S’lithik Grathis arrived on station, bringing goods to satisfy a number of different tastes. John met him at the station, and Roman and Rexus completed the customs check, and met with Thomas in the lounge where the two of them had a good laugh over Rexus and commiserated over how to turn him into a good officer.

Meanwhile, Dex was working on making Rexus into a good officer by putting him through his paces in the holodeck, which wore the cadet out, leaving him to look forward to a time when things were going to hopefully calm down…

…he thinks.