Ayel Hayle

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PO2.pngAyel Hayle

PO2 Ayel Hayle

Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Position: Assistant Security
Player: Rebecca


Species: Romulan / Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2361
Hair: Chocolate Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8"

Ayel has soft, stunningly beautiful features and looks every bit Human except for her distinctly Romulan ears. She does not have pointed or angled eyebrows. Her hair is thick, long and wavy. Her blood is copper based and so she bleeds green. She appears to age more slowly due to her Romulan blood but to what extent, it is unknown. She is also much stronger than the average human. She has a five inch scar on her right forearm and a scar over her right eyebrow that is one inch in length. Her body is covered in a multitude of smaller scars, all due to her very active and physical lifestyle. Her body is very curvy and she works hard on keeping herself in amazing shape.


She is very passionate about what she does and who she loves. She does not trust easily, but once you get past the thick walls she's built up around herself, she is a great, fun loving and true friend. Her schooling and training has done wonders for her temper though it still leaks out from time to time. That passion of hers can get her into a lot of trouble, especially when her mouth moves before her brain has the chance to stop it. This 'problem' is enhanced ten fold when alcohol is introduced into the mix though 99% of the time she is a fun loving and hilarious drunk.

Despite the fact that she has grown up in the face of racism and hate, she is very comfortable with her body and knows that she is strong, smart, and quite beautiful. She is extremely confident in herself and her abilities. She genuinely feels that she has found her place in life and has finally been able to relax and be herself. She has really opened up in the past few years and has even surprised herself at how easy going she can be. That being said, she does not take her job lightly and knows that she is under a microscope. She has always had to prove herself more so than most and continues to work as hard as she possibly can to do her job right. She is not afraid to stand up for herself and is quite confident that she can and will perform every aspect of her duties and do so as flawlessly as possible.


Ayel had known from a very young age that she was going to join Starfleet. She wasn't exactly sure what she was going to do when she got there, but she knew that being out in space, being a part of something much bigger than she was, was what she was born for. Speaking of her birth, Ayel knows very little about the circumstances. All she does know is what her mother has told her but she believes there is something not being said. Her father's name was Levol of Romulus and her mother, Jessica Bishop, was a Nurse from Earth. As her mother had always told the story, they were very much in love. Of course, it was always a 'nicer' story to tell a child that their parents loved one another than to tell them otherwise. She believed the pretty painted picture when she was a child, but as she got older, she began to suspect.

The story was always very vague, and there wasn't really any special moment when her parents knew they were meant for one another, or, that they were deeply in love, but Jessica always told her daughter that she was special and that she was wanted. What Ayel knows is his name and where he was from, but nothing more other than he was stationed at the same star base as her mother. He was there as an assistant to an Ambassador on business even Jessica wasn't completely aware of.

PO2 Ayel Hayle

Ayel was two when her father 'died'. Though Jessica always told her daughter that he was killed in an explosion, Ayel firmly believes that her father in fact left and is alive, somewhere, to this day. Not long after his death, Jessica left the station, quit Starfleet and moved back to Earth. On Earth, Jessica met Robert Hayle, a businessman. After 3 years of dating, Jessica and Robert married. He accepted and raised Ayel from a child but they never really connected. For as much as he loved Ayel and wanted to provide for her, he just couldn't seem to get past those incredibly pointed ears. Though he desperately tried, he could never truly understand her and it showed. They had a good enough relationship, but it was lacking something. Ayel was lacking something.

She lacked knowledge of who she was. She could live on Earth, study and learn everything about her Human side, but there was nobody to teach her about her Romulan side. She had no mentor. Nobody to teach her from the heart what it meant to be Romulan. Her mother hated this very much and it plagues her to this day.

To try and compensate for this lack of knowledge, Ayel buried herself in documents. She read everything she could possibly get her hands on about Romulus, the Romulan culture and the language. She prides herself on the fact that she knows as much as she does and that she can speak the language, but it is all book learned. She has yet to actually meet a living, breathing Romulan.

Growing up, she faced multiple challenges and may not have dealt with them all in the best way, but it was as she knew how. Her parents put her into martial arts when she was young in hopes that it would teach her how to better focus her angry tendencies into something productive. It did... to a degree, and also provided her with the knowledge of how to really hurt someone who pissed her off. She got into a lot of fights over the years, mostly verbal though quite a few were physical.

PO2 Ayel Hayle

She was only 14 when the Dominion War ended. Too many people she loved died during the war, including a large portion of her extended family from both her mother's and her step-father's side. As soon as she graduated High School in 2379, Ayel went straight into the Academy. Even there she realized that people's phobias of the unknown ruled their fears. Because of her training and the things she was learning at the Academy, she was able to focus a lot of her anger and her emotions into more positive things, but one particular cadet had a way of getting under her skin. After taking dose after dose of his abuse, Ayel snapped and knocked him out.

Facing expulsion, Ayel and the Academy came to the conclusion that it was the best thing for her to move on from the Academy and to take a position on a ship where she could work her way up the ranks if she desired. They saw much potential in the woman if only she could get past her impulses. It was a bit of a wake up call, nearly facing expulsion and since then, she has done a very good job at keeping her emotions in check. She has learned to let it out in private rather than in or on the public.

Ayel takes amazing care of her body, making the time to work out every day. She continues to practice martial arts and is always willing to learn new disciplines. She is extremely proficient in hand to hand combat and is a very good shot. She enjoys reading and drawing. Ayel suffers from terrible nightmares and on a very rare occasion, they are to the extreme that she requires sedation.

Service Record

  • In 2381 Ayel signed up for duty on the USS Exeter. She served there and excelled in her duties.
  • In 2385 she transferred to Kepler station after her very recent promotion to Petty Officer 2nd Class.


Father: Levol
Mother: Jessica Hayle
Step Father: Robert Hayle


3 Months with Kepler
13 Jun - Sep 2009
Newcomer Award
Mission: Rutherford's Fork
6 Months with Kepler
13 Jun - Dec 2009
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Schrodinger's Station
2nd Equal - JP Fest 2010