Ben Tremaine

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Lieutenant-JG.pngBen Tremaine

Rank: Lieutenant JG
Position: Chief Security / Tactical Officer
Player: Dave

Lt. JG Ben Tremaine


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2355 (30yo)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Height: 6'

Close cropped dark brown hair, rugged looks with a square jaw, scar on right forearm from a childhood accident ( his brother hit him with a tree branch during an argument ), piercing grey eyes.


Ben is quiet and professional, never raising his voice even in a crisis. He can come across as tight lipped and laconic, but this is more due to the fact that he is wary around others. With people he knows and trusts he displays an easy going dry and sometimes sarcastic wit - directed at himself just as often as it is at other people. Family is important to him, as is the oaths he took as Starfleet Officer.


Ben was born and grew up on the Federation outpost world of Panora II, a colony world on the edge of the Cardassian De-Militarized zone. His father, Donald is a structural engineer and his mother, Rachel is a school teacher, and his has two younger sibling's - a brother, Jake and a sister, Hannah.

Ben felt the pressures of being the 'oldest' when growing up, particularly in the rough and tumble environment of a frontier colony, and would often escape into the wilds - hiking, rock climbing, camping and swimming for hours, and if he could, days in the mountains and tree covered hills above the settlement in which his family lived.

As the settlement grew, it became a frequent lay-over point for Federation Starships patrolling the De-Militarized zone, and the teenaged Ben would sit around for hours chatting to and listening to the stories of Starfleet crewmembers on Furlong. It suprised no-one when he expressed a wish to enter the Academy.

Academy life was something of a culture shock for Ben, moving from the rural slow pace of Panora to the hustle and bustle of San Francisco was a jolt, but with time he adjusted, throwing himself into his studies and participating in the Academy Parisi Squares team. He sometimes exhasperated is instructors and lecturers with his straight-forward approach, which would cause some to label him as 'inflexable' while others admired his dedication to his beliefs.

Ben graduated in the top third of his class, and was posted to Colony support operations aboard the Federations' Hawking Station in the Ramata System before joining the USS Tecumseh as part of her security detail. He has now been posted to Kepler Station.


Father: Donald Tremaine
Mother: Rachel Tremaine
Brother: Jake Tremaine
Sister: Hannah Tremaine


Newcomer Award
Mission: A Lovelace Ordinary
3 Months with Kepler
6 December 2009 - March 2010
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Schrodinger's Station