Benjamin Fuller

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Lieutenant-Commander.pngBenjamin Fuller

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Former Chief Operations Officer

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Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: March 14, 2349 (35 yrs. old)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6' 1"

Mr. Fuller is an averagely sized man with dark hair and eyes, a thick look to his skin, and a square jaw. He keeps his hair short and parts it on the side, in the habit of making himself looking professional. Some fine wrinkles have started to dignify his face as he grows closer to middle age, and an impassive expression can be found on him most of the time.


Benjamin is a man who believes in open-mindedness and mercy. His early life was entirely based around constructing himself as an honest and trustworthy man, and he has a deep preference for offering all people respect and care without prejudice or assumption. Therefore, a friendly disposition and an unaccusing tone are the main elements of his persona, and his presence is inspiring to those who work under him.

However, it cannot be said that Fuller is easygoing, or a pushover. He concerns himself with serious matters as a part of his philosophy, and works diligently at his profession. Fuller works with determination and humility, living by the principle that if his actions do not speak for him, he should not speak for his actions.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Fuller is a natural leader. He is inspiring and hardworking, and is good at keeping the interests of several parties in mind at once while performing his duties. He thinks quickly and has amazing common sense, which is what drove his success through his career.

On the other hand, Fuller is also a workaholic that has a hard time spending his free time. He rarely takes vacations, and usually ends up working in the background somehow, even when he is off his shift. Fuller also has a hard time coping with person-to-person combat. As a lover of peace he despises conflict, but as an imperfect human he always has an easier time dealing mentally with the much less personal starship combat than he does in a personnel combat situation.

Character Interests

Benjamin is a lover of the classics, both literature and musicianship. He had considered being a writer in his youth before he turned to Starfleet Academy. He keeps several volumes of Shakespeare, Hardy, and Gray in his quarters when he goes on assignments, and is an avid listener of Beethoven, Tzaikovsky, and Handel. Benjamin adores tea, especially Earl Grey and other English varieties, and has it often.

As a man of technicality, Benjamin is also fascinated by starships in general, and spends hours poring over designs of ships, old and new, and wistfully enthusing over them.


Benjamin Fuller was born on the Alpha Centauri Colony of Centauri VII on March 14, 2349. As a normal Federation citizen, Ben grew up with space travel as a distant and rare activity that other people did. Until he was sixteen years old, Benjamin hadn’t ever been off the planet Centauri VII at all. A planet is a big place, and the thought of space travel as a necessary part of his life didn’t cross his mind until he took a fateful trip aboard a passenger shuttle to planet Earth. He and his parents went to Earth as a once in a lifetime vacation, and they stayed in San Diego, North America. Seeing the starship traffic, and the floating Spacedock in orbit on his approach, mystified the young Fuller. On their vacation he took a trip North to San Francisco, and visited the downtown area, where the capital of the entire Federation of Planets lay. With one day of seeing the men and women in uniform, and the shuttles and craft soaring overhead, Benjamin was entranced. Later that night he made the decision to pursue a career in the military.

Already an amazing student in his schools on Alpha Centauri, Benjamin was easily accepted to Starfleet Academy, and attended the school at the age of 17. While at the Academy, Fuller pursued his great enthusiasm, science. He found his way into classes concerning stellar cartography and astrometrics, but early in his Sophomore year switched his interest to Warp Theory and Quantum Physics. In school he was a star student, and he graduated in 2370 ranked 14th in his class.
After his graduation, Fuller was awarded with the most sought after posting in the entire fleet--the USS Enterprise-D, Flagship of the Federation. He couldn’t pack his bags fast enough. He was sent to Starbase 231, and picked up by the Enterprise there, en route to Deep Space 9 for refueling. Benjamin spent one wonderful year on the Enterprise as a Junior Operations Officer, surrounded by the most advanced technology and the best and brightest staff in Starfleet. He helped to complete several scientific missions of exploration and discovery, and even got a glimpse of Captain Jean-Luc Picard a few times during formal occasions, or walks through the corridors. Unfortunately though, in 2371 the Enterprise was destroyed in a battle with the Duras sisters. Fuller was one of the survivors that crash-landed to safety on the surface of Veridian III, and walked away from the disaster with a bruise on his left cheek and a scratch on his right arm.

Benjamin was devastated by the destruction of the Enterprise. His star posting was gone, and the greatest symbol of the Federation’s majesty was smeared across a forest in disgrace. His superiors, seeing his distress, sent the young Ensign to Earth for debriefing. He was held there for three months for psychological evaluation During this period, he was put to work on Earth Spacedock, and generally kept busy.

After his formal debriefing period, Fuller was given a new assignment on board the USS Einstein, an Ambassador Class ship. While it was no Enterprise, Benjamin was pleased with his new posting. His ship was conducting routine exploration in the Beta Quadrant, and opportunities were high to make a name for himself as a scientist and an engineer. Benjamin devoted himself to his work, and was soon being recommended for Away Missions regularly. In 2374, after three years aboard the Einstein, the Captain promoted Fuller to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Almost immediately following his promotion, the Einstein was called back to Federation Space, as the Dominion War started to get more and more severe. After a brief visit with his worried parents on Centauri VII, Fuller went with his ship to the Second Battle of Chin’Toka. In this terrible battle, the Einstein was destroyed by Dominion forces. Benjamin was a pivotal factor in preparing over 40% of the ship’s population for evacuation, and most of the crew survived in escape pods becaue of his efforts. Upon his return to Earth, Benjamin was awarded the Bronze Star for his display of valor and leadership in the face of danger, but he was only one of several hundred officers to receive similar medals that day.


Steeled by the excitement of war, and the need to do something about the Dominion Invasion, Fuller was quick to request assignment to a new ship as soon as he could. He was sent to the USS Lexington, a Nebula Class vessel in the Alpha Quadrant, and was given the post of Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer, much to his surprise. The Lexington was one of the 1200 ships sent to the Battle of Cardassia, the final conflict of the Dominion War. Benjamin spent the entire battle running doggedly about the Lexington's corridors, ensuring that damage control teams were being applied correctly. Following the end of the war, Benjamin was promoted by his Captain to Lieutenant.

After the Dominion War, life began a downward spiral of boredom for Benjamin. Without the excitement of having a concrete and tangible enemy, he descended into a humdrum of monotony. After three more years serving aboard the Lexington, he requested a transfer, and was eventually sent to the USS Atlantic, which was being captained by a familiar face from his youth: Ashby Marcher. He served as Chief of Operations there for three years, and became fast friends with Marcher. The Captain became a source of counseling for Fuller, and eventually he pressed Benjamin to move away from starships close-to-home, and seek a more risky post so that he could recieve merits on his way to command.

Finally, when Benjamin was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, he decided to listen to Ashby's advice. He was transferred to Kepler Station, deep in the Delta Quadrant, as Chief of Operations; hoping to once more find the adventure he'd had in his youth.

Service Record

2370 - Graduates Starfleet Academy; granted rank of Ensign
2370 - Assigned to USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D; Junior Operations Officer
2371 - USS Enterprise destroyed; transferred to Earth for extended debriefing
2371 - Assigned to USS Einstein NCC-23500; Junior Operations Officer
2374 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Commanding Officer
2375 - USS Einstein destroyed; awarded Bronze Star Medal
2375 - Assigned to USS Lexington NCC-65401; Assistant Chief Operations Officer
2378 - Promoted to Lieutenant by Commanding Officer
2381 - Transferred to USS Atlantic NCC-57203; Chief Operations Officer
2383 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Starfleet Command
2384 - Transferred to Kepler Station SB-909; Chief Operations Officer


Father: Eric Fuller
Mother: Jane Fuller