Billy Vanger

From Station

PO2.pngBilly “Mac” Vanger

Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Position: Former Engineering Crewman
Player: Jia


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2350
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'10"

Left arm is entirely sleeved in tattoos, including a heart enclosing the name Gerda with an arrow through it; right arm is about 75% sleeved in tattoos; left cheek has a narrow pink scar running from the eye line to the jaw, looks a bit like someone laid his cheek open with a scalpel, claims it happened in a bar fight and he has no memory of who did it, because he was drunk at the time. He's an Irishman through and through and handsome in a bluff, dangerous sort of way.


Genial and likable when he isn’t drinking, Billy “Mac” Vanger has an easy charm and generally presents a solid first impression. But like the man said to the shoe salesmen when returning his purchase, it looked good when I bought it, but it doesn’t wear well. On the plus side, he’s a hard worker and almost a genius in his area of engineering expertise. He can do things with worn out equipment and mismatched parts that most men wouldn’t dream of trying.


Married almost eight years to his brother’s high school sweetheart (it’s a story in itself), he’s been in the service for going on 17 years and been up and down the enlisted ranks several times. He answers to the name “Mac” though his given name is Billy. He tends to turn nasty and insubordinate when drinking and this has resulted in him being busted down several ranks on more than one occasion. It’s a race to see if he’ll get in his twenty or he’ll get in trouble again.

On the plus side, Billy is utterly loyal. He’s a hard worker and good at his job by a large margin. On the negative side, he’ll chase anything in skirts, loves to get drunk, and has a volatile marriage in which it’s a tossup as to whether he or his wife is the more abusive partner. But he’s close mouthed about his relationship with Gerda and would deck anyone who dared utter a word against his lying, psychotic bitch of a wife (as he fondly thinks of her).


Wife: Gerda Zsu Vanger