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Creating a Character

Important note: Above all else we want the characters on Kepler Station to be entertaining while remaining realistic. If you are unsure whether your character is realistic enough this test may help.

Who is this new character that you are creating? That's a really good question. You have to know your character very well if you are going to write about them.

A good way to find out what we’re looking is to check out the characters we already have. That should give you an idea of what information to include in your character's bio, what kind of characters we’re after and what personality types we’re lacking.

Now ask yourself does your character have a solid background? What did they study, where did they grow up, what kind of childhood did they have, what are they interested in? These are very important questions because all of the answers will help define your character. And remember your character will need to live up to what you have written in that bio. They will act and react to any situation based on what kind of person their bio says they are.

Imagine two characters. One had a happy sheltered childhood and the other came from a violent and lonely one. These are two extremes but how do you think they will behave and act when they meet a new person or when they aren't having a good day? Will one be more trusting of people and optimistic about their life while the other is distrusting of strangers and spiral into depression? What about your character, what would they do?

Remember that your character has a life of their own. They are their own person. They might have started out with some traits, habits, interests or even family background as you but I know you realise that they are not you. Anything can happen to them and you're not exactly in outer space right now like they will be. So you'll need to use your imagination and turn them into an individual. Someone who has slightly (or wildly) different ideas and opinions from you. Who knows where they'll end up - they might even surprise you!

After you have been accepted on the sim, your character will experience their fictional lives, be affected by the sim's plot, maybe fall in love, get married, injured or lose a loved one. After these things happen you should update your character's bio to record this information so other players can better understand your character and how they have grown - especially any new players that join up after you.

Please note: Your character’s initial start rank will be determined based in part on their age and experience and what is available on the station (complement limitations), as well as the quality of your sample post and bio. Please consider realism (or whatever passes for it in Star Trek) when first creating your character.

Species that will not accepted be on Kepler

In the Star Trek universe, there are several species that are too powerful, or would be very unlikely to be on a science station (with so many civilians on board). So we have a list of species that we don't allow on our sim. These are:

  • Non-Humanoid Species (Horta; Tribbles, etc. Brikarians are allowed)
  • Q
  • Borg (ex-Borg may be acceptable)
  • El Aurian
  • Breen
  • Androids
  • Jem'Hadar or Vorta
  • Founders/Changelings/Shapeshifters (this includes Chameloids)
  • Xindi and all variations thereof
  • Suliban
  • Bynar
  • Species indigenous to the Delta Quadrant (Exceptions may be permitted in right circumstances)
  • Species 8472 (Humanoid or not)
  • Exceptionally powerful telepaths
  • Full blooded Romulans (just because)

Original Species

We welcome original species, but a detailed description of the culture and abilities is required and accepting the player's character is at the discretion of the Commanding Officer. An original species is not something that should be entered into lightly, as it involves the creation of a complete culture. But they can be quite fun!

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