Bonnie Evans

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Lieutenant.pngBonnie Evans

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Former Assistant Chief Science Officer


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2349 (36yo)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue Grey
Height: 5'5"

Although Bonnie is rather short, she is more than happy with the way she looks. At the moment she has medium long curly hair, though it is known to change in both physical length and colour every once in a while. Her bedroom blue eyes make her a rather.

Description attractive female. Her nose piercing is a remnant from her old lifestyle, but she hardly wears it, since Starfleet would not allow it. She has several small tattoos, though her uniform and most of her off-duty clothes conceal them.


General Overview: At first glance Bonnie appears to be a strong young woman with a friendly personality. However, at times she feels insecure and needs to be reminded she is indeed strong. She is quite social and likes to listen other people opening up to her. However she’s often not sure what to say in these instances, and when it comes her time to ‘open up’ she finds an excuse not to. Enjoying puzzles she is passionate about solving them and always looking for new mysteries.

Strengths & Weaknesses: She is self-confident and likes to get the job done. Although she doesn’t look it, Bonnie is quite skilled in combat. She is a good listener, though a poor advisor. She is loyal to the uniform and has excellent adaptive skills. She can sometimes be a bit too curious for her own good. Because of her history with Klingons she tends to dislike them.

Ambitions: Start a family before turning forty. Explore the universe. Sing with a live band in front of a live audience again

Hobbies & Interests: Bonnie has a strong soprano voice and one can often find her singing in her quarters or in the holodeck. She also enjoys sparring on the holodeck, keeping her fit. She only uses the holodeck for ‘useful’ purposes and enjoys reading a book a lot more than playing out holo-novels. Finally she loves food, both cooking and eating or drinking.

Languages: Federation standard, Latin, Welsh


Born in 2350 in the Welsh coastal town of Aberystwyth, Bonnie is the second of four. She has a brother four years her youth and two sisters, one a year younger and the other three years older. As a child she loved her home town. It was small enough to have peace and quiet, yet big enough to have all the necessities a child needed. She enjoyed playing on the beach with her friends and sisters, as well as singing songs about wildebeest and dangers.

At the age of twelve, she was touring France in a school choir and later she took singing lessons and was lead singer of the school´s band. When returning home from France, Bonnie realized Aberystwyth wasn't as good as she´d always thought it to be. She wanted to travel the world, see new places and started to hate her home. The remaining years of school were hell to her. She wanted to move out, do new things, yet everything and everyone tried to keep her where she was. When she turned fifteen she got her first tattoo and had her nose pierced at the age of sixteen.

Three weeks after turning seventeen, she moved to San Francisco and enlisted as a Cadet at Starfleet Academy. She hardly ever returned home, though she did receive many visits from friends and relatives in her new home at Starfleet. While in the Academy Bonnie started snacking. She always loved food, but her mother’s cooking prevented her from gaining too much weight. Living on her own changed this and she went from a normal to a firmly build look. During her Academy years she discovered she didn’t only like flying, she was quite good at it. Bonnie majored in Flight Control and took a Science minor.

In 2371 she graduated and was assigned to the USS Annique, a small Steamrunner class explorer, under the commander of a Xander Van Ballthrowen. Serving as helmswoman, the first two years came and went without any surprises, but in 2373 things started happening fast.

At the start of the Dominion Wars, the Annique was called back from her exploration mission and pushed into the frontlines. During her first mission in the war, defending a Federation outpost from Dominion attack, her chief died in action and upon recommendation from the new Chief, she was given the now vacant post of Assistant chief helmswoman. In the following missions Bonnie changed from being open and very social to closed and unattached. After losing so many friends in the war, she decided it was better not to do the effort of making new friends, when two missions later, they would all die anyway, putting her through the same pain again and again.

In the heat of the war, the Annique was paired with the USS Berky, a Galaxy class, and four Klingon K'Vorts, in order to destroy a Cardassian military base in the Kelrabi system. The mission went as planned and the base was destroyed, but on the way back to Federation space, the team was ambushed by a large group of Keldon class warships. Outgunned and slightly outnumbered they decided to make a run for it. However, the Berky took some hits during the raid on the base, and was too slow to outrun the Cardassians. But where Van Ballthrowen decided to cover the Berky, the Klingons, simply cloaked their ships and ran. Cursing the Klingons for everything that was bad in the universe, Bonnie, who had taken the helm when the chief had fallen ill in the opening hours of the mission, bravely charged the group of Keldons. Outnumbered over three to one, the two Federation ships, knowing they wouldn’t stand a chance in a fair fight, made a run for a nearby asteroid field, hoping their agile ships would have the advantage. Knowing the only way to navigate an asteroid field is at full speed, Bonnie charged in, keeping a close eye out for the enemies, who were stupid enough to follow them. The small Steamrunner didn’t have much problems with the field, but for the larger Galaxy class it wasn’t all that easy and the Keldons managed to catch up with them. The battle didn’t last long, they managed to take out three Keldons, with a bit of help from an enhanced tractor beam and a couple of asteroids, before the Berky was destroyed. Still outnumbered and now heavily outgunned, the Annique took a heavy beating. Five minutes from a warp-core breach, the captain ordered to abandon ship, hoping some would survive and escape the Cardassians. Fortunately just before giving the order, a group of twelve Vor’cha cruisers decloaked and easily dispatched the remaining Cardassian ships. With the threat of the Cardassians gone, Van Ballthrowen gave the evacuation order, and of the 200 crew, a mere 96 survived the battle to witness the destruction of the USS Annique. Later they discovered the crew of the three Klingon ships had been bragging about how they destroyed the military base and survived an ambush while their Federation allies had been destroyed. Ever since, Bonnie tended to … dislike and distrust Klingons.

Her next assignment was the USS Falcon, an Akira class vessel. Due to the war, and the lack of decent veterans, she was promoted to Lt. Jg. and her request to transfer to Science was rejected. Since she lacked the strength to fight of a Cardassian or Jem'Hadar in hand-to-hand combat, and she had gotten into a couple of fights, Bonnie became quite adept with a phaser rifle. Though she received her share of injuries, none were permanent or life threatening and she sat out the rest of the war on board the Falcon.

She enjoyed life on the Falcon, and decided to take Captain Lavrijsens offer to become the Falcon’s Chief Helmswoman, even though her main wish was to make the switch to Science. Here she remained for four more years and slowly started to open up once more. Bonnie made new friends, something she hadn’t done since the early days of the war, and even found a lover in a young Vulcan, T’Pek. This relationship ended when Bonnie realized she needed a more emotional partner.

In 2380 she accepted a transfer to the USS Akkerman, an Excelsior class refit. Here she served as a Science Officer and picked up on her Scientific Studies again. She started to remember why she picked Science as a minor in the Academy and after receiving her doctorate Bonnie was made Assistant Chief Science Officer, a post she would hold for the next three years.

Service Record

  • 2367 – 2371 Starfleet Academy
  • 2371 – 2373 USS Annique – Ensign – Helmswoman
  • 2373 – 2374 USS Annique – Ensign – Assistant Chief Helmswoman
  • 2374 – 2376 USS Falcon – Lt. Jg. – Assistant Chief Helmswoman
  • 2376 – 2380 USS Falcon – Lt. Jg. – Chief Helmswoman
  • 2380 – 2382 USS Akkerman – Lt Jg. –Science Officer
  • 2382 – 2385 USS Akkerman – Lt. – Assistant Chief Science Officer


Father: Patrick Rhys Evans
Mother: Catherine Roderick
Brother: Connor
Sisters: Heljä, Sharon