Borg Drone Missing

From Station

Borg Drone Missing

by Caroline Post, News Anchor, Kepler News, filed by Wire

If you haven't heard all the rumors already, you soon will. We have a Borg drone loose on Kepler Station. The drone was discovered shortly after the majority of us came aboard, but it was in some kind of animated suspension or hibernating state, and didn't cause concern to our illustrious Captain Blake.

Discussing it over dinner with a few friends, there was a faction who were all set to go down and destroy it, as well as a faction which chose letting sleeping dogs lie, as the ancient saying goes. Someone, unknown at this time, decided on a third course . . . waking it up. No one knows who yet, but I'm certain the Security team are on top of finding that out for us.

The last report I had from my sources indicated that there might very well be more than one wandering the corridors now. At least one crewman is missing and there are reports of another being attacked. Where is an announcement by the captain, telling us what is going on, separating fact from fiction? Since there hasn't been one, I chose to confront the captain in his office.

Captain Blake confirmed that there is more than one Borg, but refused to comment on how many. He did say, ". . . they're detached from the collective," and indicated there have been no outgoing Borg messages. It's good to know we don't have to worry about the whole collective showing up yet.

More news as it becomes available.