Bradley Halifax

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Lieutenant.pngBradley Halifax

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Engineer
Player: Jeremy


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: (27yo)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11"

Brad tends to have a smile on his face, unless he is very frustrated. His hair almost always gets messed up from crawling around in conduits, but he tries to keep his uniform crisp and clean.


In general Brad is easy to get along with. He works hard and plays hard. The one thing he does have is a temper. When things aren't done right Brad can get angry because there is a possibility of people getting hurt. Brad plays Kal Toh, and likes martial arts and reading. Although he has no ambitions for command, Brad would also like to head up a starship design team.


Brad looks up to his father who worked as a civilian starship builder for over 30 years. His mother Emily holds numerous degrees in everything from temporal mechanics to botany and teaches at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Brad's brother Conor plays professional sports. Brad got his hard working mentality from his father and the technical brain of his mother. He puts work before everything else, which can sometimes be a detriment to his off duty life. Brad has also changed assignments a lot and has grown detached and insular as a result.

Ever since he was a young boy Brad was always taking things apart and putting them back together. He had wanted to be an engineer since as long as he could remember.

Brad was accepted into starfleet academy and passed with flying colors. He immediately gravitated to engineering, but also managed to get a good mix of other disciplines into his plan of study by the time he graduated.

Although starships had always fascinated Brad he went for a desk job position at SCE R&D. He spent some time there helping design the warp propulsion systems on some of the newer ships. When the Diligent Class rolled into production Brad applied to become the Chief Engineer of one of them. He enjoyed the job tremendously, but soon wanted more space to move around and more powerful 'toys' to play with, so he put in for a transfer to the USS Hyphron.

His time on the Hyphron was eventful. Brad ran an efficient engineering room on the larger Nebula Class vessel. The hyphron also gave Brad the opportunity to put his combat training courses to good use. In his first few months on the ship Brad helped thwart a secret Dominion prototype ship and save his fell crew members. When the Hyphron was trapped in the Gamma Quadrant after the wormhole closed Brad tried to find new ways to reuse damaged components and salvage so the ship could keep running even with no supplies.


Father: Eric Halifax
Mother: Dr. Emily Halifax
Brother: Conor Halifax


3 Months with Kepler
31 Aug 2010 - Oct 2010
6 Months with Kepler
31 Aug 2010 - Jan 2011
Treknology Award
Mission: The Fibonacci Man
1 Year with Kepler
31 Aug 2010 - 2011