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PO3.png#FFFF00 and #0000FF

Rank: Petty Officers 3rd Class
Position: Science Technician and Engineer
Player: Jerry


Species: Bynar Pair
Gender: 1 Male, 1 Female
Born: (16yo)

The male Bynar #0000FF, otherwise known as "Blue", is never far from his twin sister #FFFF00, known as "Yellow". Both are small in stature like most of their race but agile. Blue is commonly garbed in the color blue as it is his name and Yellow similarly yellow, their clothing, including their uniforms(Blue being Science Blue, and Yellow being Operations/Engineering Yellow) are made of a color shifting material that is an extension of their communication. When speaking in unison agreement or cooperative effort their clothing shifts from their prospective colors to that of a combined green color.


"Blue" #0000FF, was a more inquisitive in nature being a almost debonair socialite and #FFFF00 "Yellow" is more reserved and observant she prefers to watch and "collate" the data her brother is gathering from his 'socializing'. When she finally becomes more open she uses that data to the tiniest detail.


They were born on Bynaus, in the Beta Magellan System, just before a star from their planetary home system went nova. They were spirited away to safety while their parental donors took part in the capture and use of the U.S.S. Enterprise D to save their computer core from destruction from the resulting electromagnetic pulse from resulting from said supernova. They grew up being taught of the fact that the crew of the Enterprise and Starfleet chose to help them and not pursue any retribution for their illegal confiscation of a Starfleet vessel. It was this fact that led them to their desire to volunteer to serve among the members of their saviors.

"Blue" #0000FF, being the more thoughtful became interested in the Sciences of the universe seemingly fueled by the very fire of the supernova that nearly consumed their precious computer core and pursued a career in the Science department. Where as #FFFF00 "Yellow" was more intrigued by the technical side of things, became an engineer. At a young age she all but consumed any and all data on the Galaxy class vessel known as the U.S.S. Enterprise D and all declassified mission logs and scientific publishings of its engineer Geordi LaForge. She actually has a crush on him a point her brother loves to torment her with.

Their superiors have discovered over time that despite their different job and field focuses that when a problem arises it tends to be best to allow them to work together on it. When they do, they become a near perfect fusion of the possibilities of a Science officer and an Engineering Operations officer. They are capable of an incredible amount of computer related work in this manner, though they still do work separately on numerous non crucial occasions.


3 Months with Kepler
5 Aug - Nov 2010
6 Months with Kepler
5 Aug 2010 - Feb 2011
Red Shirt
Mission: Freud's Hostage