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Caroline Post


Name: Caroline Post
Age: Born 2345 (40)
Human Female
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5' 2" (about 1.6 meters)

Player: Susan

Appearance: Caroline looks good for her age, but, of course, it's no so old with some of the cosmetic surgeries and drugs available in 2385, even for humans. She's slender, but not skinny. Her features are not unremarkable, but she couldn't be classified as beautiful. In short, she's average in every physical way.

Personality: Miss Post is generally happy. She's a thoughtful person, but also knows how to have a good time. She prefers to interact with people one on one, or with crowds behind a broadcast screen. Parties are not her thing, though she can have a good time at one by going from one person to another. She tends to look for the best in people, and be optimistic. She's good at drawing people out and getting them to say things they didn't intend to say, but she won't betray a confidence and she never tries to take advantage of human misery for the sake of getting a story.

Background and Family: Caroline Post was born into a family which already had 5 children. As the youngest, she was not babied, but she was protected. Her older siblings are 3 sisters and 2 brothers, all of whom have stayed on the home planet. Her family were original settlers of Mars Colony in 2103, and descendants have remained since.

Because of her family's roots, The Fundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies are required understanding for every member. The emphasis on individual rights has affected her life and her news reporting from the beginning. It hasn't always made her career easy, since there are times when one or another branch of the Federation governing body tends to trample or ignore individual rights, while professing rights for individual cultures.

It was during a month-long family vacation that Caroline met Sam Clement, archaic newspaper publisher. Using an antique printing press, he put out paper copies of news that didn't come through the channels of either government or financial companies which ran most colonies. She ran errands for him, and eventually developed a hunger for the world of news.

Education and Work History: Going to school on Mars, she earned a degree in Journalism and began working for Federation News Network (FNN) on Mars as a desk clerk in obituaries and a news stringer on her own time. One of her stories eventually led to her full-time employment as a late night news announcer. Her love of the original printed word, though, led her to leave that position for one on Luna where she was a full-fledged reporter, researching her own stories. The job paid a little less, but Luna was not as expensive a place to live, and it came out close to the same.

Following that job came several more similar positions, each a small step up in prestige, if not always money. At the age of 40, she was offered the position on Kepler as station Chief for an affiliate of FNN. It was touted as a promotion, and came with a raise and nice enough quarters on the station. No one told her that her budget would be so small that a part-time helper would be all she could afford, or that the station was basically a dead end proposition.

Following her optimistic attitude, though, she's making the most of it, doing her professional best, and believing that it will lead to something one day. At 40, she's beginning to feel a little lonely. She rarely sees her own family, though there are long messages from one sibling or another, from time to time, and weekly notes from her mother. That doesn't take the place of someone of her own to curl up with late in the night, or someone to share her triumphs and despairing times. Maybe she'll find a partner on Kepler.


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