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USS Harbinger Departs for Planetary Exploration

by Caroline Post, FNN News Anchor, Kepler News

The purposes for Kepler Station's location in this part of the Delta Quadrant were many. One of them was to establish a scientific presence in the quadrant. Earlier today, the USS Harbinger departed with several scientists and the Chief Medical Officer to begin the first science mission. The mission begins only two days after most of the scientists arrived on Kepler via USS Discovery.

Ensign Makani Freitas
I recently spoke with Ensign Makani Freitas, xenobiologist, with a specialization in marine life forms, for this trip. He told me, "I’m hoping to learn more about general xeno-evolution from the species we encounter. Maybe I can help further our understanding of genetics and bio-diversity by cross-referencing some of the unique genetic markers I can find out here.”

In addition, Jon`a and Marissa Despard are along on the voyage. They are archaeology and anthropology for the group. They were recently on Malchus IV, where they studied the finds of an ancient civilization, and where Marissa Despard was in charge of the dig. The Despards hope to decipher some of the puzzles surrounding the people and civilization which left behind the huge crystal buildings left behind on the classified planet.

Dr. Fenella Zuribel is a well-known botanist in the Alpha Quadrant. She has studied many plant species throughout that section of space. Dr. Zuribel looks forward to the possible discovery of a new biome, and to studying the plant side of it, if she does.

CMO Lt. Liesel O'Brien
The final scientist included in the mission is our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Liesel O'Brien. The doctor said, "This is an exciting trip for me. My specialty is xenopsychology, and I look forward to working with the other scientists to coordinate our facts and theories. Psychology sometimes ties together groups of people who are millennia apart. It will be interesting to see what humans of the Alpha Quadrant have in common with these people from the Delta Quadrant. I'm confident we'll bring back new knowledge, and begin to decipher the mystery left behind on this planet."

In addition to the scientists, a small group of Marines, under the command of Captain Justin Shard, were aboard Harbinger when it left. Lt. Svetlana Ivanova will help the scientists by doing fly-overs, and that will increase security, as well. The remainder of the fighter pilots will be here protecting Kepler Station, as well as the majority of the Marines.

We wish the crew and passengers of USS Harbinger a safe and successful journey.