Catalina Jayce

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Catalina Jayce


Rank: CPO
Position: Intelligence Chief
Player: Hutch


Species: Sargosian
Gender: Female
Born: 2332
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'6"


Sometimes closed off Cat is usually professional on duty, which can be a hard manner to break through to get to know her. Like a lot of her race the war in her home system had a profound effect on Cat and she does at times have trouble forming friendships (due to high casualty rates she has very few long term friends left). She tends to hide behind jokes and a flirty attitude to avoid revealing who she really is.



Catalina was born into the latter part of the Sargosian / Satagosian war, as part of the Jayce family, to two third regeneration soldiers. As early as four years old she displayed an aptitude for problem solving and code cracking, an ability which was fostered in the young Cat and as soon as she was old enough she joined the 95th Wildcats, the regiment of her clan. At twelve years old she saw her first battle, a trench attack. It was nearly her last and she still carries the scars of that battle on her left calf.

A determined young woman Cat's natural abilities were quickly spotted and capitalised upon. Her early abilities with codes and cyphers was sharpened and she added explosives and munitions manufacture to her growing list of abilities.

It was these abilities which brought her to the attention of Warlord Seren Trahern, a second regeneration Warlord from another clan. With code-crackers who could read Satagosian at a premium Cat's abilities were traded for heavy munitions and in 2347 she transferred termporarily to Trahern's command. Knowing she was fast approaching the age she would need to complete her required births for the clan Cat set her cap at Seren, something unheard of for a Gesan class soldier. However, recently into his second regeneration Trahern had required births of his own to consider and in 2348 a daughter, Lara Trahern, was born to the pair. Unfortunately Seren Trahern was killed shortly afterwards, a death which rocked the young Catalina who had fallen in love with her Warlord lover.

Cat returned to her own clan in 2350 and with a promotion to Kelat class warrior came a new role. She was reassigned to infiltration control and began analysing reports sent in by infiltrations gangs like the one lead by her brother, Devlyn Jayce.

She remained with the 95th until 2368 at which point she was promoted to command of her own infiltration unit. However this one was quite different. Cat had to infiltrate her own people and uncover a mole. She was sent in undercover to the 75th, Wildcats, with information that their Warlord, Aerynn Vann, was a double agent for the Satagosians. The information was bogus, a fact Cat quickly discovered and followed the trail to it's source, a Lead Warrior within the 75th who wished to replace Vann as Warlord.

The traitor was swiftly dealt with but Cat remained with the 75th at the request of Aerynn Vann. Setting her sights high again, in 2360 Cat gave birth to a daughter by Aerynn, making her one of the few sargosian women to have children fathered by two Warlords. She was promoted by Aerynn to Lead Warrior shortly afterwards.

She returned to her own clan in 2362 when her brother Devlyn was badly injured and took over his unit whilst he was recovering. When he returned to active duty Cat became the unit's primary handler, a vital role which contributed to the units many successes.

Due to her heavy schedule Catalina was slow to complete her mandatory births for her clan. It wasn't until she was prompted by clan elders before the midsummer festival in 2364 that she realised she'd better get a move on and sort it out. However she didn't need to worry overly much. As a proven mother of two girls, with an excellent lineage of her own she recieved many offers, finally settling narrowing her selection down to three warriors. None of them became the father of her son, Setan who was born in 2365. That honour went to charming and cocky Setarn class warrior Saarday Vann, half brother of Aerynn, who had singled her out because of her DNA. She hadn't considered anything less than a lead warrior but the young Saarday quickly wormed his way into her affections. The pair are friends to this day.

When the war ended, born soldiers like Catalina and her older Brother Dev were no longer required in the new, more peaceful, society so both joined Starfleet. Unlike other Sargosians Cat was not routed into either special operations nor the marines instead being recruited for Starfleet Intelligence.

She is an incredibly effective undercover operative with the ability to switch into an entirely different character as and when required. She actively maintains and works at at least three different identities in line with her role. Because of this ability Cat was assigned to undercover operations with SFI until the outbreak of the Dominion war. The role of infiltration appears to be a talent shared by all the Jayce siblings.

When war broke out all hands were needed on deck to so to speak so Cat was reassigned to mainstream service and transferred to the USS Sentinel. Here she was reunited with fellow Sargosian, Aerynn Vann, former lover and the father of her second child (Elis Vann). The pair entered into an on-off relationship depending on who-ever else either one was seeing that frankly perplexed the other crew.

At the end of the war Cat returned to full time undercover service until two of her undercover identities were uncovered and she became ineffective. At that time SFI decided she needed a break from undercover work and reassigned her to Kepler Station.

Service Record

  • 2332: Catalina Jayce born
  • 2344: considered physically mature enough to serve, joins 95th Wildcats as a Denar Class Soldier. Injured in her first attack, nearly dies.
  • 2346: promoted to Gesan Class soldier.
  • 2348: Daughter Lara Trahern born
  • 2350: promoted to lowest Warrior class - Kelat
  • 2355: promoted to Setarn Class warrior.
  • 2360: Daughter Elis Vann born, promoted to Lead Warrior on return to the front line.
  • 2365: Son Setan Jayce born
  • 2367: The Sargosian / Satagosian war ends. The warrior-caste are obsolete. What remains of the Sargosian people are relocated to the New Sargosia colonies, most warriors remain only long enough to complete any remaining required births before joining Starfleet, Catalina amongst them.
  • 2368-2373: Starfleet Intelligence Operative
  • 2373-2375: Dominion war. Serves on the USS Sentinel as Intelligence Officer.
  • 2375 onwards: Starfleet Intelligence Operative
  • 2385: Reassigned to mainstream service, assigned to Kepler Station.


Father: Sarel Jayce
Mother: Marta Trahern
Brother(s) Seren Jayce, Devlyn Jayce
Spouse: Single


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3 Mar - Jun 2009
6 Months with Kepler
3 Mar - Sep 2009
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Mission: Halley's Complaint