Catherine Sawyer

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CPO.pngCatherine Sawyer

Chief Petty Officer Catherine Sawyer

Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Position: Computer / Systems Engineering Specialist
Player: Ben


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: (45yo)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'5"

She may be slightly shorter than she'd prefer but she makes up for it with a lean and strong body. Having spent years in Starfleet's Corps of Engineers she has the body of an engineer who's used to manual labour. Her skin is pale, almost a milky white. Her facial features are somewhat delicate, with a strong jawline and framed by a good amount of long, red hair. While she might not be as young as she once was, she continues to stay in good shape through regular exercise.


Catherine grew up with five older brothers and no sisters. Normally she'd have been branded a tomboy had she not still had a fascination with all things feminine. She enjoys the power her body has over men and uses it when necessary. She's quite outgoing, sociable and loves drinking with friends. She exudes confidence without being obnoxious. Her rivals may say she's conceited; she won't deny that she loves being the centre of attention, but she won't go out of her way to seek it out if she isn't. She refuses to date men under forty, but exceptions to her rule have always, frustratingly, happened from time to time. She's professional, but isn't constrained by it. She is quite known for her lewd humour and cusses like a true sailor.


Catherine Louise Sawyer was born to Laura Lynn Davis and Ronald Earl Sawyer. Laura was a writer/poet and her father, Ron, was a structural engineer at Copernicus Fleet Yards, Luna. They led a quiet life living between Copernicus and Tycho City over the course of her childhood.

Being the youngest of six, Cat grew up being surrounded by her brothers. She spent most of her childhood trying to be, 'just one of the boys'. She joined the same sports as them, learned to rough house like them, hung out with their male friends, drank with them, and got into the same sorts of trouble. Her brothers protected her, and in turn Cat learned to be independent and strong. She was quite close to them and it hurt her greatly as, one by one, her oldest brothers left home to start their own families only to see them on family holidays, and eventually, only through digital means. She did however form a strong bond with her brother, Caleb, who was only two years older. They've stayed in touch on a regular basis and even try to find time to visit each other.

Cat's interest in Engineering began early. Her father was a structural engineer and was always full of stories from the Fleet Yard. She was always pulling things apart to see how things worked, and by the time she was seven she was reconfiguring optical data networks in their home. Her interest held through high school and on her seventeenth birthday, after an intense round of arm wrestling with her father over it, she was allowed to enlist in Starfleet.

She had a hard time adjusting to academy life. She was getting along fine enough with her fellow crewman recruits at Starfleet Technical Services Academy, but she was finding it difficult to adjust to leaving home. She'd never been off Luna for more than a few days during family outings to Earth and she suffered from severe homesickness. She excelled at her studies despite feeling lonely and soon found her love for computer systems.

She spent many additional hours of personal study learning not just how computers worked, but how they communicated. During one class assignment she shocked her instructors when she presented a completely original idea for the design of a new navigation system. The assignment wasn't worth much in terms of marks, but her instructor, Lieutenant Atwood, was an engineer for Starfleet Corps of Engineers and saw the potential in the design. Catherine won a Kliever Citation for it and upon graduation was scooped up by the SCE.

She spent the first five years of her career stuck on an asteroid. The team she was assigned to was tasked to build a large communications facility. For five long years, they built modules and expanded arrays while living in cramped, and crowded living conditions but she learned a lot about installing optronic systems. After the work was completed, her team was reassigned to Deep Space 4 where she bored herself to death with routine systems repair and the occasional damage control stint. Thankfully in 2369 she was allowed to attend several training courses at Starfleet Academy.

In 2371, Catherine sat a Fleet wide exam and after a review of her peers she was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and was assigned to Starbase 81, a partially built Stardock class station. She lead a small team dedicated to installing, upgrading, configuring, repairing and maintaining the entire Optical Data Network for the station including the ODN relays, the matrices and devices that had need of ODN service access. She remained on Starbase 81 for most of her career and in 2382 she was given permission to attend an intensive three year program at Starfleet Academy which included Leadership training, Damage Control operations, and starship/station systems engineering.

Her goal is to achieve her Warrant soon and her desire to eventually one day earn her commission is what drove her to volunteer to have S.C.E send her to Kepler Station to administer and repair their ODN and station wide computer systems.

Service Record

  • 2357 – Enlisted, attended Starfleet Technical Services Academy
  • 2358 – Promoted Crewman
  • 2358 – Assigned to Isolinear Optronics Systems Specialist, S.C.E. Beta Division. Asteroid Facility
  • 2364 – Promoted Petty Officer
  • 2365 – Assigned to DC/Systems Repair Specialist, S.C.E. Beta Division. DS4, Mobile Operations.
  • 2369 – Attended two year program in ODN administration and Isolinear Programming
  • 2371 – Promoted Chief Petty Officer
  • 2371 – Assigned Optical Data Network Administrator, Starbase 81
  • 2382 – Starfleet Academy
  • 2386 – Assigned to Kepler Station


Father: Ronald Earl Sawyer
Mother: Laura Lynn Davis