Cole Lockwood

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Commander.pngCole Lockwood

Basic bio for this PNPC - will be added to as he is fleshed.

Rank: Commander
Position: Acting Commanding Officer
Player: Sarah


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2350 (36yo)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Grey

Height: 5'11.5"


Cole is a career officer. He is motivated by opportunities that challenge him while advancing his career within Starfleet. He is driven and competent while being friendly and approachable. He can however be quite opinionated on some matters but is willing to consider all angles and opinions of those he trusts.

Service Record

  • Enters Starfleet Academy
  • Graduates from Starfleet Academy and assigned as Flight Control Officer on USS Samurai
  • Becomes Captain's Yeoman as part of a command mentoring program
  • Promoted to Lieutenant JG and made Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
  • Transfers to USS Prometheus
  • Promoted to Lieutenant and made Chief Flight Control Officer
  • Transfers to Starbase 81 as a Strategic Operations Officer
  • Promoted to Chief Strategic Operations Officer
  • Transfers to USS Phobos as Second Officer
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • Transfers to USS Endeavour as Executive Officer
  • Promoted to Commander
  • Temporary transfer to Kepler Station as Acting Commanding Officer