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The Commanding Officer is responsible for the of his crew and the success of all missions. She or he is also fully accountable for any actions taken by his crew. His or her duties include leadership, making informed decisions as well as interpreting and executing Starfleet rules and regulations.

The Executive Officer is responsible for representing the Commanding Officer to the crew and ensuring the orders from the CO is carried out by the crew. She or he also makes sure that all departments are operation at peak efficiency. Personnel changes, such as transfers, reassignments and new crew, are administered by the Executive Officer. In times of crisis the Executive Officer may take on the role of acting Commanding Officer.

The Second Officer is responsible for taking command of the station when both the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer are off-duty, incapacitated, or otherwise unable. She or he is also a department head, and thus unlike the Commanding and Executive Officers is much less involved in the duties required of day-to-day command.

The Yeoman is responsible for meeting the administrative and clerical needs of the Commanding Officer. The title of Yeoman indicates a specialty rather than rank, and the office can be held by an enlisted crewman of any rating or by a junior officer.

Departmental Numbers

  • Officers: 3 (1 dual role)
  • Enlisted: 5 (Administrative)
  • Civilian: 0
  • Cadets: 0

Special thanks to Elisa of the USS Archimedes for the department and position descriptions