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Curieosity Killed The Cat

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A rich deposit of strange minerals has been discovered, on the uninhabited planet Oratt IX, so a research team from Kepler Station has been sent to investigate. Upon arrival though the team soon discover that the uninhabited status of Oratt may have been an exaggeration when definite signs of civilization and possibly even space capabilities are detected. Trouble with their Runabout and sightings of Orion Syndicate Slave ships can only serve to make this seemingly routine exercise anything but.

Mission Log:

0 - Nicolas Bakyr, Phoebe Paean, Rexus Spokar, Kristen Santos, John Reynolds, Ivan Tillman, Angelika Griess

  • MD 1, 1003
  • Some of the crew who will be going on the Away Mission to Oratt IX are being subjected to a lecture on Teslacite by Ivan when Nikolas decides that they've all had enough and suggests anyone who is interested see the scientist after the briefing.

1 - Sha Shan Robertson, Vilgi Morr, Karik, Angelika Greiss, Phoebe Paean, Kirsten Santos, Bianca Shallen, George Campbell

  • MD 1, 1100
  • The various members of the Away Team gather as Sha Shan and Vilgi do finishing checks on the Danube-Class Runabout. Some of them are more excited about the trip, and the other people on it, than others. Once those are completed George gives Bianca the helm and she sends them on their way.

2 - Angelika Greiss, Bianca Shallen

  • MD 1, 1400
  • Bianca is treated to a cup of tea from the young Crewman Apprentice who is eager to learn about life in space from someone a little more experienced than herself.

3 - Angelika Greiss, Phoebe Paean

  • MD 1, 1315
  • After giving up on discussing things with Karik, Angelika decides to try getting to know Phoebe instead. Much to Phoebe's annoyance considering all she wants to do is finish her book and not hear about everything that pops into the Crewman's mind. However it eventually proves useless and the conversation continues until they're discussing getting dirty down on the planet searching for Teslacite samples.

4 - Sha Shan Robertson, Phoebe Paean

  • MD 1, 1629
  • Sitting down to eat some Bun Tom Heo Nuong, Sha Shan introduces herself to Phoebe properly and the pair start talking about their common interests and love life while enjoying two very different late lunches or early dinners.

5 - George Campbell, Bianca Shallen, Kirsten Santos, Karik, Angelika Greiss, Sha Shan Robertson, Phoebe Paean

  • MD 2, 1051
  • Having flown for the better part of a day the USS Karl Benz arrives on the planet Oratt and circles in for a landing. Out the window the passengers are treated to a show of some of the wildlife the various sensor sweeps had been unable to detect. The team disembarks and takes in the sights of the rather tropical continent on the ocean planet.

6 - Angelika Greiss, Kirsten Santos

  • MD 1, 1430
  • Feeling rather nervous about her trip to an unexplored planet, Angelika attempts to get to know the team's Security member in the hopes of putting her mind at ease. Pretty soon the two women are discussing their histories and how they came to be where they are now.

7 - Phoebe Paean, Karik, Angelika Greiss, Kirsten Santos, Bianca Shallen

  • MD 2, 1110
  • The scientific members of the Away Team prepare to depart in search of Teslacite under the reluctant command of Karik who is none too pleased to be responsible for the rag-tag group. Bianca decides to remain with George, Vilgi and Sha Shan instead of joining them. Phoebe finishes her meticulous packing and awaits instructions from the Vulcan who suggests they take the more difficult route as that will offer the better reward.

8 - Vilgi Morr, Sha Shan Robertson

  • MD 2, 0219
  • Discovering the Bolian awake and reading up on the equipment they'll be using in the morning, Sha Shan gets up and joins him. The pair bond over their mutual nerdy obsession with technology and a pot of Bolian tea which the human finds far spicier than she expected. Much to Vilgi's amusement.

9 - Karik, Kirsten Santos, Phoebe Paean, Angelika Greiss

  • MD 2, 1235
  • Even more disorganised than they where when they set off it soon becomes clear that Phoebe is the most prepared of the group. They use the harnesses that she brought with her to scale the rock face down to the rich source of Teslacite that Karik had led them to. Once down there they discover a cave which leads them to an opening into the ocean bellow. Yet again Phoebe is the most prepared and produces a wetsuit. After changing into it she and Angelika head into the water to attempt procuring samples of the alien mineral. The strange aquatic creatures give the poor Cadet a fright but something unseen is lurking deeper still.

10 - Bianca Shallen, Sha Shan Robertson, Vilgi Morr

  • MD 2, 1138
  • While Vilgi works on assembling the equipment needed to examine the Teslacite samples the others bring back, Sha Shan and Bianca decide to work on the sensor problem because without proper readings their job will be made a lot more difficult. The former believes that they can do so by creating a specifically tuned dampening field but before they can get started Vilgi burns his hand on one of the polarized circuits.

11 - Angelika Greiss, Karik, Phoebe Paean, Kirsten Santos

  • MD 2, 1315
  • With enough Teslacite samples procured to meet their needs, the team pack them up and prepare to head back to the Runabout. Unfortunately for them the storm, which had slowly been looming towards them, has arrived and will make the journey treacherous. Despite warnings from the others, Karik orders them all to begin climbing back up the rope. He at least listens to Phoebe's warnings about the samples attracting lightening and tosses them up onto the cliff top. However before they can reach the safety of the cliff top lightening strikes and sends them all plummeting towards the ocean below.

12 - Vilgi Morr

  • Dream Sequence
  • Vilgi dreams of his time on the USS Merlin.

13 - Angelika Greiss, Garu, Kulu

  • MD 3, 0557
  • Angelika wakes up after her plunge into the ocean to find herself in a small, carved stone, room. Just as she is preparing to make her move she is confronted by a strange amphibious alien; Garu. Giving her back her communicator, which it calls her 'magic stone', the alien is finally able to be understood. Angelika does her best to get some answers and soon learns that the aliens have little knowledge of gender or species.

14 - Phoebe Paean, Nuii, Kulu

  • MD 3, 0619
  • Shortly after her colleague awoke to find herself in an alien room the same thing happens to Phoebe. This alien is much younger and soon reveals itself to have been the mysterious creature that she saw back in the cave. Realising that she had suffered a broken arm and ribs, Phoebe struggles to manage the pain while figuring out what has happened. Through a series of questions and odd answers she begins to learn more about her new friend and their way of life.

15 - Garu, Angelika Greiss, Phoebe Paean, Nuii, Kulu

  • MD 3, 0625
  • Finally reunited with part one of their team mates, Angelika and Phoebe discover Kirsten hasn't woken up yet and that Karik was seriously injured. After a strange conversation, in which Kulu realises Phoebe is in pain and offers to help, the duo ask to see the Vulcan. In doing so they also inadvertently introduce the concept of specific terms for genders.

16 - Kirsten Santos, Kulu

  • MD 3, 0655
  • When Kirsten awakens she makes a beeline for her weapon which is sitting on a table across the room. Kulu enters and assures her that they mean her no harm. It explains that her 'brothers' are all awake to which the former MACO requests that it take her to its leader.

17 - Lance Van Eden, Ashara, Isis Rae, Fernando Smith, Maya Takagi, Zachary Smith

  • MD 5, 1302 / 1920
  • The USS Tokyo sets off towards Oratt IX. When they're about three hours away the Senior staff, along with Maya and Isis, attempt to plan their course of action. However it soon becomes clear that the task ahead of them will be difficult due to the strange interference caused by the planet's atmosphere.

18 - Vilgi Morr, Sha Shan Robertson, Bianca Shallen, George Campbell

  • MD 2, 1241 / 1320
  • Left to their own devices at the Runabout, Vilgi and the others take a somewhat lazy lunch break while continuing their work and getting to know each other. Shortly later they're caught unaware by the storm as it buffers the camp site. Making a break for the Karl Benz, they decide to attempt taking off to go in search of the others. Barely in the air for a minute the Runabout is struck and plummets to the ground.

19 - Vilgi Morr, Bella, Grunt, Sha Shan Robertson, Bianca Shallen

  • MD 2
  • Having woken up in a strange place each of the three Away Team members are given a slightly different story and subjected to a line of questioning by a strange woman and a muscle-bound goon.

20 - Maya Takagi, Alex McDonald, Zachary Eastman

  • MD 5, 2001
  • Reunited with a former colleague from Renaissance, Maya fumes over the ineptitude of Tokyo's Chief Engineer as she tries to get Alex to help her plan ahead. Zach goes against his better judgement and offers up a suggestion which his new-found mentor decides to go with.

21 - Sha Shan Robertson, Lyra, Mustava

  • MD 3, 0834
  • Waking up to find herself undressed and laying in a rather soft and comfy bed, Sha Shan soon learns that she is a somewhat unwelcome guest on the ship. However as much as Lyra seems to detest her presence the Captain, Mustava, seems to have a number of big plans for her in the future. One of which involves ransoming her to the EOA.

22 - Bianca Shallen, Grunt, Mustava

  • MD 3
  • Finding herself dragged into a strange room, Bianca is strapped to a chair and subjected to the rantings of her captor. After refusing to agree that Starfleet has abandoned her she is subjected to punishment at the end of painsticks.

23 - Vilgi Morr, Grunt, Mustava

  • MD 3
  • Just like Bianca, Vilgi is subjected to the same mind games and torture in an attempt to get him to relinquish his belief in Starfleet and the ideals they hold dear.

24 - Garu, Angelika Griess, Nuii, Phoebe Paean, Kirsten Santos, Kulu, Saba

  • MD 3, 0650
  • Garu brings Angelika to a room that looks somewhat like an apothecary where Karik is recovering from the fall. Despite their limited medical knowledge Kulu has managed to stabilise him for now. She is soon joined by Nuii and Phoebe who attempts to assess the Vulcan's condition with her Tricorder. Shortly after Kirsten is reunited with the others the leader of the Oratti, Saba, arrives and informs them of what he believes happened to the others.

25 - Bianca Shallen, Grunt, Mustava, Vilgi Morr

  • MD 4
  • Once again Bianca finds herself in the strange room with the metal chair. She is asked a series of ever increasingly personal questions before Mustava finally asks her whether she relinquishes control to him. When she refuses she is forced to witness the murder of two humanoid aliens. When two children are brought out she relents and tells the strange voice whatever he wants to hear.

     Sometime later Vilgi is dragged back to the same room and strapped into the chair. Unlike Bianca, when he first refuses it is      him who is electrocuted rather than an alien. But then he is subjected to the same horrific sight as a humanoid lizard is killed      before him. Finally the two children are dragged out in front of him and Vilgi too concedes defeat and tells Mustava what he      wants to hear to spare their lives.

26 - Sha Shan Robertson, Bella

  • MD 4, 1120
  • Having thus far been spared the torture her friends are being subjected to, Sha Shan devises a plan of escape. She waits until breakfast is delivered and then uses the tray to pry an access hatch open. Climbing into it she eventually finds the Doctor who had greeted her upon arrival. Her attempts to get the former Starfleet Officer to see reason fail and Sha Shan heads off in search of her friends.

27 - Sha Shan Robertson, Bianca Shallen

  • MD 4, 1154
  • When she manages to locate Bianca, Sha Shan is unable to convince her to leave because of the risk it will pose to the children Mustava threatened. Determined not to let this chance go to waste the Engineer leaves Bianca with a means of escape and then heads back into the access shaft.

28 - Sha Shan Robertson, Lyra

  • MD 4, 1240
  • Lost in the maze of access shafts Sha Shan is in the middle of trying to find her way back to her room when she is transported across the ship by Lyra. Having harboured a grudge against the Vietnamese woman for earning Mustava's favour, she enacts cruel and humiliating torture on Sha Shan for hours. Even when Sha Shan breaks and begs for mercy the Orion continues out of pure spite.

29 - Nuii, Karik, Phoebe Paean

  • MD 5
  • Phoebe attempts to research the Teslacite despite the constant interjections of her new Oratti friend, Nuii. The inquisitive child is eager to learn all the new things Karik and Phoebe can teach her and happily agrees to take the Cadet to the surface to work on getting communications through the interference.

30 - Judith Pond, Henry McAllister, Mustava

  • MD 5, 1920
  • Mustava attempts to ransom off Sha Shan only to discover that Hank is unwilling to negotiate unless each of the missing Away Team members are returned to them.

31 - Saba, Kirsten Santos, Kage

  • MD 5, 1030
  • Now that she has recovered from her injuries, and the storm has died down, Saba takes Kirsten to one of his most trusted warriors, Kage, who escorts the Human to the Runabout to salvage whatever they can in the hopes of helping Karik's injuries and perhaps even contacting Kepler.

32 - Sha Shan Robertson

  • MD 5, 2042
  • Now that Mustava knows he can't make any money from Sha Shan he decides to make use of her in other ways.

33 - Mustava, Lyra, Saba, Nuii, Phoebe Paean, Karik, Garu, Kage, Angelika Griess, Kirsten Santos

  • MD 5, 2112
  • Having spent the last couple of days in the peaceful Ocean Priory the last thing the Away Team expected was a Slaver attack. Mustava sends in his Nausicaan muscle to search out the Starfleet personnel he detected in the area. Using isolinear tags, to bypass the interference, they also Transport Oratti back to their ship for future servitude.

34 - Vilgi Morr

  • MD 4
  • Alone in his cell Vilgi is overcome with the physical and mental pain of the last few days mixed in is hint of second guessing himself and certain decisions he’d made, at this low point. He digs deep reminding himself who he is who he belongs to, forcing his thoughts to turn to his shipmates and the details of his surroundings. The possibilities and hope for an escape return with them a reason for him to hang on that little bit longer.

35 - Lance Van Eden, Ashara, Alex McDonald, Frank Martin, Maya Takagi, Zachary Eastman, Fernando Smith, Hana Gable

  • MD 5, 2136
  • As soon as the Tokyo drops out of Warp they begin their descent towards Oratt. Lance orders the deployment of the sensor net and then waits for them to get a clear enough picture to know where they can find a suitable vein of Teslacite for their purposes. Meanwhile in Sickbay Maya and Zach prepare for the arrival of the Away Team.

36 - Mustava, Ashara, Lance Van Eden, Frank Martin, Isis Rae, Alex McDonald

  • MD 5
  • The starship Tokyo enters the planet totally unaware that Mustava and his former Dominion vessel, Vengeance, are lurking nearby. As the crew of the Defiant-class ship prepare their plans to regain proper sensor readings the slavers strike. Ordering a red alert Lance attempts to get a handle on the situation. The interference caused by the electrical energy within the planet's atmosphere leaves Tokyo at a distinct disadvantage, which Mustava increases with the help of his 'Carronades', to almost cripple the Starfleet vessel; killing both the CO and the XO in the process and leaving Isis to literally pick up the pieces.

37 - Bianca Shallen, Vilgi Morr, Kage, Karik, Bella

  • MD 5
  • As the battle against Tokyo wages Bianca takes this as the sign that Sha Shan had said would come. Using the capacitor that the Engineer had given her she manages to short out the forcefield to her cell and escape. She searches for Vilgi and then helps him get free of his cell too. They take stock of their situation, realising that their captors had been repeatedly lying to them, and then discover Karik in a nearby cell. As the trio prepare to depart Bella arrives and suffers a rather harsh attack at the hands of Bianca.

     Karik refuses to allow the pair to be controlled by their emotions and stops had harm coming to the doctor. Something that      Vilgi is none too happy about. Realising that she may be their only means off the vessel, Karik refuses to leave her      behind and instead keeps her close by. As they prepare to head out he discovers one more person who can aid them; Kage,      the Oratti warrior.

38 - Karik, Kirsten Santos, Kage, Angelika Greiss, Phoebe Paean, Nuii

  • MD 5, 2140
  • The members of the Away Team find themselves under attack, alongside the Oratti, by Nausicaan enforcers working for Mustava. As they attempt to move deeper into the Priory the attacking forces begin shooting them with isolinear tags in order to beam them directly to the ship. Karik soon finds himself struck as he attempts to aid Kage and Kirsten in fighting the Nausicaans. Meanwhile Saba hands his daughter to Phoebe while he deals with the safety of his people.

39 - Karik, Kage, Vilgi Morr, Bianca Shallen, Kirsten Santos, Guard One, Guard Two, Phoebe Paean, Nuii, Lyra, Sha Shan Robertson

  • MD 5
  • Nearing their goal of the Vengeance's transporter, the assembled prisoners are reunited with Phoebe and Nuii as well as countless other prisoners taken in the assault. As Vilgi works on unlocking the command codes, so they can proceed with their escape, they are confronted by Lyra who has Sha Shan following along meekly at the end of a leash. Making the most of Karik being distracted, Vilgi takes a painstick and uses it on the female Orion. Exasperated with the vengeance that seems to be clouding the mind of his team-mates, Karik performs a quick mind-meld on Lyra to learn the command codes. He then subdues her with a nerve pinch and leaves it to the others to contact Tokyo.

40 - Alex McDonald, Isis Rae, Phoebe Paean, Karik, Vilgi Morr, Bianca Shallen

  • MD 5
  • Using the small sample of Teslacite that they beamed up, Alex searches for a method to stop the effectiveness of the Carronades that Vengeance is using to cripple their ship. At the same time Isis receives a surprise communiqué from Phoebe and the others which turns the tides of the battle; they have the command codes and can use them to lock out Mustava's use of the transporters and manoeuvring thrusters.

     With Isis' permission the shields are lowered and the team beams safely across to the Starfleet vessel. Realising that he has      lost his advantage, Mustava takes his leave of the battlefield but not before Isis warns that she will thoroughly enjoy hunting      him down.

41 - Zachary Eastman, Maya Takagi, EMH Mark XII, Isis Rae, Bianca Shallen, Vilgi Morr, Sha Shan Robertson

  • MD 5
  • Feeling a little overwhelmed by the influx of injured personnel, Zach activates Tokyo's Emergency Medical Hologram otherwise known as Niscar to aid he and Maya. The EMH quickly assesses the situation and, after determining that Zach is a Medical Cadet and not in need of medical care, she gets to work. As the flow of patients increases Niscar sends a copy of her program to the Mess Hall to begin preparing to move the minor cases there and free up Sickbay for more pressing medical needs.

     Instead of more injured crew members, when the doors open again, the members of the Away Team enter Sickbay and both      Bianca and Zach are surprised to see the other. Without hesitation the dark-haired pilot buries her head on Zach's shoulder      and lets the tears that had been building run free while Vilgi attempts a quick explanation of their time on Oratt.

42 - Maya Takagi, Isis Rae, Mustava, Ashara

  • MD 5
  • With confirmation from Vilgi, Maya informs Isis that the Away Team are safely on board and they can depart. Following immediately on the heels of that communication Tokyo receives one from Vengeance. Mustava is unaware that he has lost the upper hand and continues to gloat while Isis assures him that his act of war will not go unpunished by Starfleet or by her in particular. Before he can continue with his pompous posturing Isis cuts him off and, once she's informed that weapons are restored, orders them to open fire on the Orion's vessel. An action that causes Mustava to reluctantly order a retreat.

43 - Nikolas Bakyr, Henry McAllister, S. R. Wesson, Sarah Martin, Elena Perim, Iari Eolical, John Reynolds

  • MD 7, 1702
  • The station's Senior Staff assemble to discuss the imminent return of Tokyo with the missing Away Team members. A vague plan is set in place however the question of what to do about Mustava remains unanswered.

44 - Fernando Smith, Isis Rae, Ashara, Hana Gable, Kage, Bella, Lyra

  • MD 5, 2129
  • As Fernando gives Isis the grim news of their current condition, Ashara and Hana head down to the Cargo Bay to detain the two prisoners taken from Vengeance. While they're there Isis arrives to get a quick update from Karik as to the situation down on the planet and how they can facilitate the return of the thirty-odd Oratti people that beamed over with the members of the Away Team.

45 - Angelika Greiss, Mustava

  • Unknown
  • Angelika awakens in a cold and dark room to a mysterious voice warning her of what is to come.

46 - Sha Shan Robertson, Bianca Shallen, Vilgi Morr

  • MD 6, 0219
  • Three of the survivors from the Oratt Away Team console each other after their ordeal and try to make sense of everything that has happened. They hope that together they can get passed the horrors they witnessed and return to their normal lives.

47 - Zachary Eastman, EMH Mark XII, Maya Takagi, Vilgi Morr

  • MD 5, 2155
  • As Zach's concern for Bianca bubbles to the surface Maya tries to put Vilgi's mind at ease.

48 - Angelika Greiss, Mustava

  • Unknown
  • The torment Angelika is being subjected to intensifies.

49 - Karik, Phoebe Paean, Merax, Saba, Kirsten Santos, Kage

  • MD 5, 2213
  • Despite orders given by Isis not to continue collecting samples Karik plans to use the opportunity provided by returning the Oratti people to the planet and gather as many samples for future examination as possible. Phoebe does her best to change the Vulcan's mind but with the arrival of another scientist, the Denobulan Merax, puts an end to her efforts.

50 - Angelika Greiss, Mustava

  • Unknown
  • Mustava finally finishes the corruption of Angelika who has been stripped of her connection to Starfleet and transformed into a mere shadow of her former self.

51 - Maya Takagi, Isis Rae

  • MD 5, 2210
  • Having taken command of the Starship Tokyo after the deaths of both her Captain and Executive Officer, Isis does her best to get a handle of the situation and keep the crew from falling to pieces long enough to get the Defiant-Class vessel back to Kepler Station. Maya pays her a visit to request permission to examine the natives for injuries and to express her concerns about letting Mustava get away.

52 - Isis Rae, Saba

  • MD 5, 2249
  • Isis receives an unexpected communication from the crashed USS Karl Benz, which was thought to have been abandoned since the crash a couple of days prior. The communique turns out to be from Saba, the leader of the Oratti people, who wishes to discuss the matter of procuring Starfleet protection for his people. Unwilling to make a stand on the matter one way or the other, Isis offers to pass the request up the Chain of Command on the amphibian's behalf.

53 - Karik, Phoebe Paean, Kirsten Santos

  • MD 5, 2300
  • Despite the late hour, and the ordeal they have been through, three members of the Away Team are down on the planet trying to organise the handover of former Oratti prisoners when orders come down from Tokyo to secure the Runabout so that no one else can utilise Federation technology like Saba has already done. Feeling this is a job best suited for Security, and not a scientist, Karik passes the job along to Kirsten.

54 - Lee Tamahere, Nikolas Bakyr, Isis Rae, Saba, Kage, Nuii

  • MD 7, 1758
  • Finally, after losing several key Officers, the USS Tokyo-B limps back to Kepler Station. Worried about a number of issues, not least of which an unstable Warp Core, Nikolas orders the vessel to remain at a safe distance until Engineering can take proper a look. He then meets with his Executive Officer for a very quick debrief before Saba, Kage and Nuii beam over to begin formal discussions on gaining Starfleet protection. Unfortunately the Oratti soon discovers that the process will be far from short. However Nikolas does offer to accommodate the three of them until a time when this matter can be resolved.

55 - Maya Takagi, Alex McDonald

  • MD 7, 1300
  • The former Renaissance members take some time out after the ordeal to discuss recent events.