Daniel Havenborn

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Ensign.pngDaniel Segur Havenborn


Rank: Ensign
Position: Security / Tactical Officer
Player: Josh


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: March 10th, 2355
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"


Daniel’s past is checkered with rough patches but since graduating from the Academy he is generally a better mannered person. He tends to be professional when it comes to his job, although it does depend on the day, but for the most part he enjoys his work except when he had to deal with diplomats, having spent several years amongst them as part of guard details he has grown a strong dislike of them. Daniel is also very focused when it comes to combat, he would gladly lay down his life to complete the mission or make sure that everyone comes back safely.


Early Life

Daniel was born on Earth on March 10th, 2355 to Segur and Audrey Havenborn; he was their first son and as such was practically given whatever he wanted up until his 14th birthday when his brother Jorge was born. After this point Daniel started to cause trouble, he was frequently being brought home by police officers and even a few times by Starfleet Security officers.

Enlisting in Starfleet

Having a knack for getting into fights a City Court gave him two options to turn his life around, either enlist in Starfleet and try to make a difference in the galaxy or serve 15 years in a penal colony. Daniel chose the former and just a couple weeks after his eighteenth birthday he enlisted into Starfleet.

The first couple months of his enlistment was pretty standard, basic training, advanced technical training, etc. However this would all change when the Dominion War started, he along with his training group were fast tracked out of training to help meet manpower requirements. Daniel was sent to serve on the USS Navarre.

Dominion War

During the War Daniel served on two ships, the USS Navarre and the USS Bastion, he did however take Security training courses on Starbase 177 for a few months before being transferred back to the Navarre. However he wasn’t on the Navarre for very long, a month being back and the ship was destroyed, a little over half the crew including Daniel made it off the ship. It took Daniel 3 weeks of recovery due in part to the fact that he lost many of his friends whom he had grown close to over the past two years. He was later sent back to Starbase 177 to take Tactical training courses so he could better serve onboard the next ship he was assigned to.

In mid 2375 Daniel was transferred to the USS Bastion where he served as a Tactical officer, he would serve on the Bastion until the end of the war and a little bit afterwards.

After the War

The USS Bastion had been assigned to border patrol along the Breen-Federation border, primarily to make sure they followed through with the new treaty that was in effect. It was an uneventful time aboard one which the crew and Daniel himself far enjoyed.

After a few months of that Daniel was transferred to Starbase 177 again for Technical and Advanced Weapons training courses. After that he was then transferred to the USS Zanzibar where his biggest challenges yet awaited him.

Time on the Zanzibar

Daniel was assigned to the Zanzibar as part of a Security rotation group, he was promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class and given command of a 4-man Lance, and it would be commanding others that Daniel found more challenging than anything else he had experienced thus far. He had a talk once with his department head and had asked to be reassigned to a non-command position, his DH told him that he knew about his background and according to him all that Daniel needed was someone to show him that he could make a difference in the lives of those under his command, he told Daniel to give it a month and if he was still unhappy then he’d gladly reassign him. The month came and went and Daniel had settled into his role, he had a knack for command, and always made sure that he worked just as hard as the men and women he served alongside. In 2379 the Zanzibar took on another rotation group, this time it was a Medical group, one of whom stood out to Daniel. He began dating one of the medical staff for a few weeks but it didn’t work out the way he had hoped, although that was partly his fault for being an idiot, he hoped that someday he could make it up to her but decided for now it would be best to move on.

After the next crew rotation was completed a problem arose when the Chief of the Boat went missing, Daniel who had been close to the COB was transferred to Command to assume his duties as he was the only one who had had regular contact with him. Daniel settled into life as the Acting COB but after a few months he was finally replaced by a new Senior Chief Petty Officer from Starfleet Command, following this however the XO saw Daniel as potential officer material and sponsored him into Starfleet Academy, however because the Zanzibar was on a critical Diplomatic mission he couldn’t go to Earth to take the entrance exams but the Captain managed to pull some strings and allowed Daniel to take the exams on the Zanzibar. Daniel managed to pass the exams and was allowed to do on-the-job training that would get him up to speed with a first year cadet, with the Department Heads acting as his instructors. Eventually the mission was completed but before they could return home; they along with a dozen other starships were sent to answer a distress call from Jericho IV on the frontier of the Federation, which had come under attack from a Klingon warlord who wanted the dilithium mines on the planet. The Zanzibar along with the small task force managed to drive the Klingon warlord out of the system and eventually he would be brought forward to Chancellor Martok himself to answer for his crimes. During the battle Daniel served as a Tactical Officer due to personnel losses during the first wave of the attack. The Zanzibar finally returned Earth for repairs and Daniel was allowed to transfer to Starfleet Academy to begin his proper training.

Starfleet Academy

Because of Daniel’s time on the Zanzibar and his training onboard he was allowed to jump a year up provided he pass specific tests which he did, although he barely passed the First Contact Regulations Test. With that completed Daniel began life at the Academy as a second year cadet and he quickly settled into the way of life. Daniel was generally much older than most of the second years and because of that he was generally put in charge of field tests when they required a leader. During his third year he began, with the approval of one of his instructors who received a small bribe, underground poker tournaments, credits of all kinds were allowed, replicator credits, transporter credits, and even gold-pressed latinum for the “high roller” cadets.

This went on for roughly most of his third year but would come to an end just six weeks before he would be promoted to a fourth year. Academy Security had managed to crack the cipher system that Daniel and his professor had come up with, Daniel along with a dozen other students were caught as well as the instructor involved. Daniel and the students were reprimanded and confined to quarters for the remainder of their current year and the instructor was let go, rumor also had it that he was cashiered from the service and was sentenced to 6 months in a penal colony. With the reprimand still fresh in his mind Daniel decided that he should just go back to being an NCO but with the help of several Academy friends they helped him understand that as an officer he could make much more of a difference.

During his fourth year he served on the USS Venture Star as part of his Cadet Cruise. He managed to impress the CO enough that he nominated Daniel for Valedictorian; however Daniel did not get voted as Valedicatorian, Kellar of Vulcan managed to win that. Daniel graduated with the Class of 2386 eighth of two hundred sixty four. Daniel then served on the USS Venture Star for 3 months before being assigned to an escort detail on Deep Space Nine.

Present Day

After his tour on Deep Space Nine was completed he was selected as a replacement officer for Starbase Kepler, he boarded a transport and began his tour on Starbase Kepler in 2387, he is currently still aboard.

Service Record

  • 2373 - Enlists in Starfleet shortly before the Dominion War breaks out, is assigned to the USS Navarre, a Saber-class starship which sees frontline action against the Dominion.
  • 2373 (Late) – Promoted to Crewman 2nd Class.
  • 2374-2375 (Early) – Re-assigned to Starbase 177 to attend Security specialist training for 5 months, promoted to Crewman 1st Class, re-assigned to USS Navarre afterwards. USS Navarre destroyed during Operation: Swift Strike, 26 of 40 crew recovered, Daniel amongst them. Spends 3 weeks recovering from injuries sustained. Transfers to Starbase 177 to undergo Tactical specialist training.
  • 2375 (Mid)-2377 (Early) – Assigned to USS Bastion, a Centaur-class starship, as a Tactical specialist, promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class. Serves on USS Bastion until end of the war. USS Bastion is part of the fleet that takes Cardassia Prime.
  • 2377 (Mid)-2378 (Early) – Re-assigned to Starbase 177 to undergo Technical specialist training and Advanced Weapons training for the year.
  • 2378-2382 – Re-assigned to USS Zanzibar, a Nebula-class starship, promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class (2378), promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class (2381). Serves in the Security Department as a leader of 8 Lance, generally assigned protection/escort details. Briefly dates Kara Xetan in 2380, relationship ends badly. Inter-Departmental Transfer to Command Department (2381-Mid), serves as Acting Chief of Boat for 4 months until replacement arrives. Is recommended for Starfleet Academy training, but because of Zanzibar’s current mission has to remain on the ship, begins entrance exams on Zanzibar and passes, begins on-the-job training for basic SFA courses. USS Zanzibar participates in Defense of Jericho IV (2382-Late), a Human Colony on the frontier of the Federation, assume role as Assistant Chief Tactical Officer for 2 months. USS Zanzibar returns to Sol System for repairs after Battle of Jericho IV.
  • 2383-2386 – Attends Starfleet Academy but is allowed to skip first year due to on-the-job training while on the Zanzibar. Begins as a 2nd Year Cadet, in his 3rd year is reprimanded for running underground poker tournaments, but is let off easy due to Academy Security finding that one of the Professors was in on it. 4th year takes Cadet Cruise on USS Venture Star. He is one of 4 graduates that is nominated for Valedictorian but loses to Kellar of Vulcan, graduates in 2386, 8th of 264, majoring in Security with a minor in Tactical. Serves on USS Venture Star for 3 months before being transferred to Deep Space 9 as part of Security detail for a Federation Diplomat.
  • 2387 – Is re-assigned to Starbase Kepler as a replacement officer, assigned as a Security Officer.


Father: Segur Havenborn (68)
Mother: Audrey Havenborn (65)
Brother(s): Jorge Havenborn (18), Lucas Havenborn (16)
Sister(s): Emily Havenborn (16)


Grrr Ribbon
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance (as Riley Segur)
Newcomer Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance (as Riley Segur)
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance (as Riley Segur)
3 Months with Kepler
7 Jan - Mar 2014
6 Months with Kepler
7 Jan - Jun 2014
Simulation Cup
Outstanding Star Trek Sim - 2014