Dashiel Harken

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CMRct.pngDashiel Harken


Rank: Crewman Recruit
Position: Xenobiologist


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 31 July, 2362
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11"


Dash is a focused scientist who tends to make inappropriate jokes in stressful situations. He's a sulky drunk, likely to take things the wrong way. He is also shy around women, but has a very active imagination. The fact that he hasn't had much experience only fuels this. He's not very good at small talk, and tends to talk too much about topics he's interested in. Considering some of his research involves dissecting things, this can be problematic at meal times.

Dash somewhat agoraphobic, the result of growing up on a station in space with walls and ceilings. While his job as a xenobiologist does require him to explore planetary surfaces from time to time, he much prefers to have four solid walls around him when he does so.


Dash was born aboard Station K7 near the Federation/Klingon border, the son of a security officer father and intelligence officer mother. It was never any question that Dashiel would follow in his parent's footsteps and also join Starfleet; he grew up idolizing his parents and their friends and co-workers. His entrance into Starfleet, however, has been made through the Sciences division, and not through officer training. He went to University virtually through the aid of tutors while on K7, graduating with a degree in Xenobiology. He had planned to continue his education until obtaining his doctorate, but was told (and agreed) that Kepler Station was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Service Record

2385: Assigned to Kepler Station as Crewman Recruit, Xenobiology


Father: Mark Taggart Harken
Mother: Audra Hauptmann Harken


Newcomer Award