David Roberts

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Lieutenant.pngDavid Roberts

Lieutenant David Roberts

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Former Chief Security / Tactical Officer
Player: Shawn


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 28 July 2357
Place of Birth: Cerberus III
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165lbs

David isn't a pretty boy, but he isn't hard to look at either. He stands 5'10" and around 165 lbs, with light brown hair and grey eyes. Though he is somewhat smaller than average, he possesses a well built frame which speaks of steadiness and strength.


Before his required therapy on Vulcan, David was egotistical, short-tempered, brash, aggressive, abrasive, and quick to accuse.

Since his therapy, David attempts to maintain calm and reserved, both on and off duty. However, his all too human heritage sometimes betrays him. He can be at turns Charitable, Chivalrous, Confident, Sociable, Distant and Focused. Some of his ego remains, but it is balanced with the more desirable traits his healing has fostered.


David was born in Reburg station on Cerberus III to Melinda and Richard Roberts. He was the youngest of 4 children.

Both Richard and Melinda were members of Starfleet, serving at the Starfleet research facility in Cerberus, and they were considered to be at the head of their fields.

He had an average childhood, and participated in various school activities including drama and athletics. It was his junior year of High School when the dominion War broke out. His mother and father were immediately assigned to the heavy cruiser USS Revenant, and David was left in the care of his oldest brother and sister.

Lieutenant David Roberts
He had no intention of ever joining Star Fleet, but the war would change that forever. In 2374 Revenant was dispatched to the Tyra System with a fleet of 212 vessels. Like the bulk of that fleet, it would never return, and was declared lost with all crew.

David immediately withdrew his application to Rymark University and submitted an application to Starfleet Academy instead. In 2374 he was accepted to and started courses at the Academy.

David consistently scored in the upper 20 percent of Students in his class during his first semester, and was earmarked by more than one professor for the Engineering course. However, the anger he felt at the loss of his parents made him want to take the fight to the Dominion, and he opted for the Security / Tactical tack instead. Four months later the Dominion War ended. Although it was small consolation to the hot headed young security candidate that he had missed the chance to avenge his parents, the choice was not a poor one. He moved up into the top 10 percent of his class after the change.

David Graduated in 2378, and was posted to the Federation school of advanced tactics. His instructors noted a self destructive rage and wildness in him, and recommended that he attend anger management counseling of his choice. David chose to study Vulcan meditation techniques.

Not surprisingly, it was discovered that the deep seeded anger was directly related to the Dominion war and the death of his parents. David learned to reflect on and allow the feeling to flow through him, without overcoming him, and while he never adopted true Vulcan philosophies, for the moment he seemed to be a changed man. It was then that he received a transfer to USS Archimedes as the assistant chief of security.

David pursued life with a passion that was nonexistent before, and he saw his billet as the opportunity to redeem his past mistakes and make a positive impact for Starfleet. While aboard he was promoted to chief of security/ tactical and befriended then Commodore Geiger. He also began a relationship with the holographic barmaid situated on Starbase 50, Callie O'Malley.

At the time, it seemed his life was on the upswing, but it would not last long. Shortly after his first away mission (which ended with one crew member dead and the 2XO and chief helmsman perceived to be gods, and yet still saw him promoted to Chief of Security) Callie ceased communication. David hoped that shore leave would sort out his head, and he considered pursuing petty officer Mina Rogers while they relaxed and rejuvenated. However USS Archimedes was hijacked with a skeleton crew still aboard, a crew which included Mina.

During the course of what can only be described as a whirlwind of impulsive decisions, David helped the command crew of USS Archimedes steal a Wallace class vessel (USS Valkyrie), rescue some stranded Marines, and track down USS Archimedes. Unfortunately, in the aftermath it was discovered that his former love Callie had her personality transferred into Mina's body. Starfleet Medical and Science had all of the victims of the personality implants shipped to a far away facility, and left the crew of Archimedes to put both their ship and Starbase 50 back in order.

This was likely the final straw for David's recovering mind, and he requested leave from Starfleet, and set off to find Callie/Mina. He had fully expected to return to USS Archimedes and resume his position as her chief of security, however, he found Callie just in time to observe the personality removed and both Callie and Mina die. Devastated by the loss of not one, but two people who he had cared for - he went back into the anger and depression that had driven him after his parent's death.

As his leave stretched longer, Starfleet was forced to replace him aboard USS Archimedes, and he found himself assigned to a myriad of temporary slots, the last of which was transit security aboard the sabre class ship, USS Tribulation. David knew this was not the life he wanted for himself, and he considered resigning his commission altogether. That is perhaps when either fortune or fate took a hand, and placed him in the lounge on Tribulation just in time for Captain Gregory Blake to drunkenly declare he wanted him, which later turned out to mean he was getting transferred to Kepler Station.


Father: Richard Roberts - deceased
Mother: Melinda Roberts - deceased
Brothers: Richard (40), Liam (34)
Sisters: Shannon (38), Elizabeth (32)


Newcomer Award
Hello, My Name is Kepler
Captain's Choice
Darwin's Malady
3 Months with Kepler
24 Feb - May 2009
Players' Choice
Darwin's Malady
6 Months with Kepler
21 Feb - Aug 2009