Deacon Caine

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Commander.pngDeacon Caine

Rank: Commander
Position: Former Executive Officer


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: (38 years old)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10"

Muscular build with tribal band tattoos on both arms. Wears his hair longer than he should but not past the shoulders.


Deacon is dedicated to his work and takes his job seriously, sometimes to seriously. He expects nothing but professionalism from those he works with and usually reacts rather harshly to anyone who he feels isn't giving it their all.

Both on and off duty he is very competitive and is considered to be aggressive in his approach to most things. While not on duty he can usually be found engaged in some sort of challenging physical activity. He prefers the outdoors as often as possible but when that's not possible he prefers the holodeck and or gymnasium.

An ambitious individual Deacon wants his own Command some day.


Deacon was born to Gyorge and Eliza Caine in 2347. He is the youngest of 3 brothers. His father Gyorge served and retired from the Starfleet Marine Corps. while his mother was an educator and found work where ever they were stationed at. Growing up in a military family Deacon quickly became adjusted to frequently moving and having to adjust to new surroundings. As a child Deacon stayed out of trouble for the most part and excelled in his studies. He was always into sports which contributed greatly to his competitive spirit and his aggressiveness.

Deacon was closer to his middle brother Jarrod whom he admired greatly. Deacon took it hard when Jarrod was killed in an accident with his oldest brother Darren, in fact Deacon still blames Darren for Jarrod's death and seldom speaks with his oldest brother.

When he was old enough Deacon joined Starfleet Academy much to his father's delight. His time at the Academy were some of the best years of his life, he made many new friends, some of which he has kept in contact with since graduation. During his academy years Deacon also met his first true love and suffered his first broken heart which to this day makes him still a little gun shy of committed relationships.

After the Academy Deacon served in many different assignments and had a tendency to volunteer for assignments that took him closer to unexplored regions of the universe. Deacon also had a habit of volunteering for the more dangerous assignments, part of that was for the thrill while the other part was for the advancement of his career.

Deacon’s first assignment out of the Academy was as a Security Officer onboard the USS Hood. He considered being assigned to the Hood a stroke of luck since it was assigned to patrol near the Neutral Zone. He learned a lot from this assignment and thoroughly enjoyed playing cat and mouse with the Romulans, on occasion they even worked in cooperation with the Romulans.

Hard work and dedication landed him his next position as the Asst. Chief Sec./Tactical Officer onboard the USS Argentine, an Akira Class starship. Shortly after being assigned to the Argentine war broke out with the Dominion. The Argentine saw it’s share of action during the war, wanting to get in on more of the action Deacon jumped head first into Strategic Operations where he was more involved in planning strategic strikes against the Dominion and Intelligence gathering which he did until the end of the war. After the war he continued to serve on the Argentine where they were heavily involved in the relief effort to Cardasia and other worlds that had suffered at the hands of the Dominion.

After his tour on the Argentine Deacon took an assignment on DS5 as an Asst. Chief Strategic Operations Officer. DS5 was his first station assignment which he found to be an interesting change of pace. On one occasion Deacon and a small team were in a runabout monitoring Breen activity and communication, Starfleet Command had felt it a good idea to keep up with what the Breen were up to since the end of the war. Deacon and his team had been on the fringes of Breen space when they were detected by a Breen warship, they spent several days playing hide and seek in an asteroid field. With no chance of outrunning or outgunning a Breen warship Deacon powered down the runabout and hid inside a crater of a large asteroid for four days before the Breen finally gave up looking for them. When they finally returned to DS5 they had been listed as missing, each member of the team received a commendation for their efforts and ability to avoid capture by the Breen.

Deacon finally left DS5 after several years when he took a position as Chief Security/Tactical and 2nd Officer on the USS Mirage, a Sovereign Class starship. The Mirage had been given orders to explore the Delta Quadrant, an opportunity that Deacon couldn’t pass up. The Mirage spent most of it’s time charting new sectors of space in the Delta Quadrant and making First Contact with a lot of new species. It was a good experience but not as much action as Deacon had hoped for so when an opportunity became available to serve on a Klingon ship as part of the Officer Exchange Program Deacon jumped at the opportunity.

The IKS Khitomer had been assigned to patrol near Dominion space in the Delta Quadrant. Deacon took a position as the Weapons Officer and 2nd Officer of the Khitomer, after six months on board he found himself as the First Officer after the original First Officer failed in his attempt to honorably relieve the Captain from command. Deacon considered his time on board the Khitomer as one of the best assignments he’d ever had. Spending a lot of time under cloak and deep within Dominion space gave Deacon an adrenaline rush that he’d never felt before, not even during the war.

When the Khitomer was recalled to the Beta Quadrant Deacon looked for an opportunity to stay in the Delta Quadrant. Learning of an opening for an Executive Officer on board a Federation Space station in the Delta Quadrant Deacon quickly submitted his candidacy for the position and was accepted. He currently serves as Executive Officer of Kepler Station.

Service Record

  • 2365-2369: Starfleet Academy
  • 2369-2373: Security/Tactical Officer USS Hood
  • 2373-2377: Asst. Chief Sec.Tactical Officer USS Argentine
  • 2377-2380: Asst. Chief Strategic Ops. Officer Deep Space 5
  • 2380-2383: Chief Sec/Tac. (2nd Officer) USS Mirage
  • 2383-2384: Weapons Officer/Executive Officer IKS Khitomer
  • 2385-  : Executive Officer Kepler Station


Father: Gyorge Caine (SFMC Retired)
Mother: Eliza Caine
Brothers: Darren, Jarrod (Deceased)


Newcomer Award