Dex Maidali

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CPO.pngMaidali Luisa Velerio Cienfuegos, a.k.a. Dex Maidali

Petty Officer Velerio Cienfuegos

Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Position: Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Player: Elisa


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2356(30yo)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'6"

Between her trim, feminine figure and relatively short height, Dex is often mistaken by drunken bar patrons to be rather slight and an easy target. This small package, however, packs a wallop; Dex has maintained Marine “first class” physical fitness standards even as she has transitioned to Starfleet. On duty, Dex wears her hair in a tight ponytail; off duty, the waves of her shoulder length mane, with natural sun-kissed highlights, can make her appear several years younger. She is usually seen carrying a Type 3D phaser rifle, regardless of availability of the standard issue Type 3E.


At first meeting, Dex comes off as a typical roughneck: jovially aggressive and militarily precise, with a tendency toward raucousness. A closer examination, however, uncovers the purposefulness of this exterior, which despite its use and embedment throughout years of her career, still fail to completely cover up all of the patrician-tendencies of Dex’s upbringing. While trying her best to seem like “one of the guys,” Dex can still at times, even after all these years, let slip the arrogance and condescension of her background. These traits most commonly manifest as a sense of entitlement to question authority or derision at a perceived lack of competence. Needless to say, Dex is quite more adept at gathering friendly acquaintances than close friends, and though her enlisted status is somewhat self-imposed, the “chosen” languishing of her military career has been aided substantially by a trail of less-than-charmed superiors.


Maidali Luisa, c.2374

Although United Earth of the 24th Century had long moved past material wealth, there existed nonetheless “prominent families,” those who had made a name for themselves over a number of generations and thus enjoyed certain status and benefits, both deserved and undeserved. Maidali Luisa was born in 2356 in the oldest city of Earth’s North American continent, Santo Domingo, in the Greater Antilles Archipelago, to the scions of two such families. Her mother, art critic Elizabeth Xaxa Pabon Velerio, was the eldest among three siblings in the latest generation of the Velerio art empire, tracing a direct lineage back to Jonathan Diaz Velerio, the 22nd century cargo baron who used his trading fortune to amass Earth’s largest alien art collection at the time, contributing to many of the oldest off-world pieces now found in Earth museums. Her father, Marc Cienfuegos, was the second youngest son among six siblings, and thus freed of obligations from the Cienfuegos family’s long line of famed musicians, settling instead into a quiet life as a family doctor. It was within these histories that Maidali Luisa spent her childhood, and the experience undoubtedly impacted the young girl. These legacies came with “society life”: soirees in San Francisco, balls in Paris, gallery openings in Johannesburg and boxes at the Shanghai Opera every opening night. Even just a short time of having newly-met friends acting extra nice to her after their parents found out who she was, coupled with her mother’s unrelenting, neverending tirades about the greatness of her ancestors (after two of whom she had received her given names), tested Maidali Luisa’s character pretty early on as to how she would handle the privileges that came with her names. Though she has not shared with many the details of her childhood, preferring to paper over the rarefied conditions of her time on Earth, it is clear that she rejected that life in at least one clear way: by insisting that everyone call her not by her given names, but by her nickname, Dex.

As with most of her generation, the Dominion War was a formative time for Dex; her eighteenth birthday took place right in the heart of the war, not long before the near decimation of the Seventh Fleet at the Battle of Tyra. It was at this point, when the war was going the worst for the Federation, that Dex realized how meaningless the life her family led was. What good was art and music when the Dominion threatened to conquer and enslave the entire Alpha Quadrant? Even her father, a physician, wasted his talents treating bruises and scrapes on a mostly disease-free world while Starfleet officers were having limbs sliced off by Jem’Hadar shock troops. As her parents ignored or downplayed the events happening on the larger galactic stage and preened over her admission to this or that prestigious dance academy, Dex secretly began her application to Starfleet Academy. Her belief that she might gain admittance to the Academy without alerting her parents, however, was entirely naïve; her names were familiar to too many people not to be passed up to some Admiral who ecstatically called Elizabeth Xaxa to congratulate her on her daughter’s candidacy and to assure her that she would be doing everything possible to help facilitate admission. The reception to the call was… less than ecstatic, as Dex’s mother let her know at pitches so high and volumes so booming that one would have thought that she, and not her husband, shared blood with opera soloists. Somewhere between wailing, “Why couldn’t you just be a pianist like your brother instead of wanting to get blown up on the other side of the Quadrant?” and declarations of how this was clearly Marc’s fault, and how she should have known that mad musician blood would lead to one of her children doing something completely insane (“Just look at what happened to Mozart!”), Dex’s mother vowed to her daughter in no uncertain terms that she would do everything in her not-to-be-trifled-with-power to guarantee that Dex would never be admitted to Starfleet Academy. Not wanting to wait to see if her mother would make good on the threat, Dex told her parents, with equally clear wording, what she thought of the lives they led, angrily packed a bag and stormed out the front door of her parents’ home for the last time.

Unable or unwilling to attend Starfleet Academy, and with a heart full of anger at the perceived betrayal by her parents, Dex took her desire to help the cause to the extreme, doing what she imagined at the time would anger her parents the most: enlisting with the Marines. Given the high casualty rates at the time and the shortage of enlisted personnel, it was easier for her to slip through the cracks this time, especially as her second attempt at joining up was much more savvy than the first. She hopped a freighter out of the system and was able to enlist at a mobile recruiting station with less than perfect documentation under the alias “Dex Maidali,” a fictional cargo captain’s brat kid who was ready to kick some Jem’Hadar ass. It turned out that it was mostly her ass that got kicked at first, though boot camp and basic training; although she already brought core strength and agility of her lifelong dance training with her, she was completely unprepared for the grittiness of Marine life, in terms of both the physical filthiness of it all and the coarseness of her new brothers-in-arms. A couple of bar fights caused directly by her demeanor and attitude were more than enough of a wake up call, however, and Dex learned soon enough to cover the more egregious signs of her distaste for rough and tumble day-to-day of being a Marine, and maybe even began to like some elements of it. In any case, by the time she was shipped out to the front, she could curse and drink like any other jar head; Dex just maybe looked cuter while she was doing it.

Sergeant Dex Maidali

If basic training had shown Dex how to act like a Marine, combat showed her how to actually be one. Her official Marine record speaks for itself, and she pulled her weight for the half of a year of war she saw. That she was intelligent and capable was immediately clear, and that she could keep a firing squad from getting themselves all killed was something that she proved pretty early on, earning her a rapid series of promotions, up to Sergeant (E-5) by the time of the signing of the Treaty of Bajor. However, Dex made a bad habit of challenging and even ignoring orders from above that she believed would lead to her failing in keeping her guys in one piece; in at least one instance, she convinced several other sergeants to all “misinterpret” the platoon commander’s orders the same way. As promotion beyond sergeant depends much more upon superior’s Fitness Reports, Dex’s shoot up the ladder stalled. Regardless of her actual combat record, her FitReps became plagued with phrases like “prone to insubordinate” and “demeanor unfit for additional command responsibilities.”

Though the war was over, Dex had little interest in returning to the lifestyle that she had fought to help protect from the Dominion. In spite of entreaties and promises of forgiveness from her parents, via her older brother, Dex declined to rotate back Earth-side, instead seeking out deployments in the weakened borderlands most vulnerable to pirate raids. Extended service in high-risk bases did not, however, change her interactions with her superiors; if anything, it gave Dex more opportunities to question their judgment and piss them off.

Following Romulan overtures toward the Federation following the Shinzon Incident in 2379, the need for Marines began to decline dramatically, and the Corps took the opportunity to tighten up its standards and fitness levels. Part of this initiative at creating a smaller force still able to provide Starfleet with extra on-the-ground firepower when needed entailed closer reviews of the files of current enlisted men, especially those picked up to fill the war shortages. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take too much extra prodding for the Corps to figure out that there was no such person as “Dex Maidali,” and that the now-sergeant had used forgeries to enlist some five years earlier. A formal inquiry was initiated, and all signs pointed toward a court martial and a dishonorable discharge. However, Dex’s platoon commander at the time surprisingly approached her with an alternative solution: take part in a limited “Green to Blue” conditional release program, where she could receive an early discharge from the Corps by agreeing to enlist with Starfleet, which was in greater need of enlisted personnel than the Corps. Though not completely understanding how the situation resolved itself, Dex was able to gain conditional release, and the official inquiry into her enlistment documents was dropped as she was no longer an active member of the Corps. Dex enlisted with Starfleet using her official identity; for some mysterious reason, Starfleet seemed more than happy to write off her previous service under a different name as a “clerical record.” The alias “Dex Maidali” is currently listed as an official alias on her Starfleet record.

Though versatile and sharp enough to pick up one of the more technical or scientific ratings, Dex found herself immediately drawn to Security and Tactical. It was, in her mind, still a dangerous enough galaxy that her proven talent in the field could still be of use. Her transition from Marine to Starfleet was eased by her first assignment to an Ares Class cruiser’s pilot initiative to create a cooperate Starfleet Security/Marine rapid response force against security flare-ups within the former Cardassian Empire. Starfleet seemed to find her demeanor more palatable to their kind of command authority, promoting her to Petty Officer 1st Class following that tour, though not long after giving her more responsibility for the rapid response force, her CO found that her talents were more needed elsewhere, shipping her off to the hinterlands aboard the USS Hippocrates, a Kelly Class Rapid Medical Deployment Craft.

During a mission that took the Hippocrates into the Gavarian Frontier, the crew was exposed to a form of polywater intoxication, distinguished from previous incidents of the phenomenon by a predication toward aggression and violence among those affected. As a result, the Hippocrates opened fire and did severe damage to a civilian ship. With the assistance of Eva Blake, Dex was able to take control of enough of the ship's system to stop the intoxicated crew from doing further damage. Kepler Station crew aboard the USS Harbinger responded to the scene, and Dex was able to assist Chief Sec/Tac John Reynolds in taking control on Environmental systems and knocking out intoxicated crew with gas. Dex was briefly intoxicated due to her assistance of Reynolds, but was quickly cured.

Reynolds, who had served briefly on the Hippocrates with Dex, recognized her skills from the polywater incident as the sort needed aboard the frontier station, and submitted a request that the petty officer be transferred to Kepler Station. The request was approved.

Dex was first security personnel on the scene when a temporary wormhole transported Lieutenant Bradley Halifax from the Gamma Quadrant to Kepler Station, in the midst of a mandatory party at the Treehouse Lounge. Dex participated in the interrogation, which confirmed that Halifax was not a threat, but did not resolve the mystery around his appearance.

Not long after Halifax's arrival, Kepler Station fell victim to a catastrophic terrorist attack, leading to the loss of many brave Starfleet officers and enlisted crew. Led by Lieutenant Kathanara Hough and alongside Cadet Rexus Spokar and Petty Officer Phillip Sheridan, Dex assaulted and helped retake control of the terrorist-fortified Command Centre, ultimately rescuing Commodore Gregory Blake and Violet Matthews, who had been taken hostage by the lead terrorist.

After the terrorist attack, Chief Sec/Tac John Reynolds appointed Dex as Assistant Chief Sec/Tac, given Chief Warrant officer Ditondo's indefinite leave of absence, and Dex filled in temporarily for Lt. Reynolds while he recovered from serious injuries suffered during a training exercise gone wrong. The station's new CO, Nikolas Bakyr, completed the necessary paperwork for Dex's promotion to Chief Petty Officer.

Dex in evening wear, Tombaugh's Garden

Service Record

  • 2374: Enlisted, UFP Marine Corps, Private, 1st Expeditionary Force, 7th Battalion Force Recon. Promoted to Private First Class. Promoted to Lance Corporal
  • 2375: Promoted to Corporal. Promoted to Sergeant. Reassigned to 3rd Regiment, 1st Battalion Peacekeeping Force
  • 2379: Official inquiry regarding validity of enlistment documentation launched. Granted conditional release via “Green to Blue” Initiative. Official inquiry suspended due to lack of relevance
  • 2380: Enlisted, Starfleet, Petty Officer 2nd Class. Assigned to USS Brajii as Special Weapons Operator. Participates in joint Starfleet/Marine Cardassian Occupied Zone Rapid Incident Response Strike Force Pilot Initiative (COZRIRSIPI)
  • 2385: Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class
  • 2386: Assigned to USS Hippocrates, Security Crewman
  • 2386: Assigned to Kepler Station, Security Crewman
  • 2386: Appointed Assistant Chief Sec/Tac
  • 2386: Promoted to Chief Petty Officer


Father: Marc Cienfuegos, Family Medicine Physician, Earth
Mother: Elizabeth Xaxa Pabon Velerio, Art Critic/Collector, Earth
Brother: Jorge Marcial Velerio Cienfuegos, Composer/Pianist, Earth


Newcomer Award
Mission: Maynard's Fright
3 Months with Kepler
23 Jun - Sep 2010
6 Months with Kepler
23 Jun - Dec 2010
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Freud's Hostage
Combat Medal
Mission: Freud's Hostage
2nd Place JP Fest
Argument / Disagreement
Challenge 1: 5th - 12th May, 2011 (as Apres Lana)
NPC Award
Mission: Honey, I'm Holm! (as Apres Lana)
Dream Sequence
Challenge 1: 4th - 11th June, 2011
1 Year with Kepler
23 Jun 2010 - 2011
Treknology Award
Mission: The Fibonacci Man (as Apres Lana)
Logical Thinking
Challenge 1: 1st - 8th September, 2011 (as Apres Lana)
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: The Fibonacci Man (Continued)
Players' Choice
Mission: Fleming's Stratagem