Dianna Fabray

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PO2.pngDianna Fabray

Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Position: Former Flight Controller / Pilot
Player: Jenny


Species: Betazoid/ Human
Gender: Female

Born: (25yo)

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'4"

Her blonde hair is worn past her shoulders with a slight curl. Her eyes are warm and an almost black dark brown, and her smile is quick to appear. She has a small tattoo of three dots along her left collarbone.

She stands about 5'4" tall and is slightly built with graceful muscles.


Dianna has a sarcastic humour. She tends to be self-deprecating at first. Still waters run deep. She is a little awkward, socially, but tends to be a positive person who doesn't look down on anyone's faults, including her own. She is a passionate advocate for mental differences.


Dianna was born in Canada, Earth to a betazoid schoolteacher mother and mechanic human father. When Dianna was little, she didn't interact with children her own age very much. They would come up to her wanting to play, and she would act as if they weren't even there. She was late walking and tended to avoid eye contact. Her parents were worried and took her to a doctor. When Dianna was 4 she was diagnosed with mild Asperger's Syndrome. Her mother became her champion, taking her to occupational therapy and play therapy and vocational therapy. In the two years before her mother died and many years following, Dianna made progress socially through therapy. She sometimes comes across as stilted or awkward, and tends to carry on one-sided conversations. She sometimes misreads the other person's reaction, or fails to notice it at all. She is sometimes uncomfortable with being touched.

Dianna tends to have narrow focused interests, the earliest of which being flight: the history of human flight, the mechanisms of flight. She knew the history of human flight at 6 years old and talked about it incessantly.

When she was 6 years old her mother died, so Dianna was raised by her father. "Raised", however, is a relative term - her father chased women and drank and left Dianna mostly to her own devices. Dianna doesn't volunteer any information about how her mother died unless she is pressed - her mother's death was recorded as a suicide though Dianna believes that her mother wouldn't have done that. Dianna doesn't drink alcohol, after seeing its effect on her alcoholic father she has no desire to find out whether she would fall into the same trap.

Dianna did poorly in grade school but when she made it to high school she decided that she wanted to do well. She was an intelligent girl and when she put her mind to it she raised her grades, graduating first in her class. Around this time she also started researching her Betazoid roots, and resumed contact with her maternal grandfather, who tried to teach her to use her empathic abilities. This was hard, however. It took a long time to click with Dianna, and while she can learn of someone's emotion by feeling it, she is very disconnected and is often unaware that she's feeling someone else's emotion, or what to do with that information. She knew she wanted to fly from her early focused interest in flight.

After high school Dianna joined Starfleet Academy and started studying to be a pilot. She worked hard and found that being free from her father's house agreed with her - for the first time, she had a good friend. Her friend got caught pranking a teacher in the Academy and was severely punished which caused Dianna to realize how important her schooling was to her, which meant that Dianna left the pranks behind though she still has a rather mischievous sense of humour.

Dianna took ballet training from the age of 4 until she finished high school, though due to her own clumsiness and her father's unreliability she never made it to the professional level. Her mother got her involved as a child to increase her motor skills, and it helped a lot with adding grace to her movements.

Dianna also has studied Earth forms of martial arts, her favourite being karate. She has good reflexes that serve her both in piloting and in fighting. Her grandfather taught her how to use her empathic abilities, but she was raised human and prefers not to use them unless she has to. This is largely due to the fact that she just isn't a very good empath.

Dianna served aboard the USS Hippocrates before being transferred to Kepler Station.


3 Months with Kepler
22 March - June 2010