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Nina senicar 1248861791.jpg

Rank: N/A
Position: Emergency Medical Hologram (Mark XII)
Player: Jake


Species: Hologram (appears Human)
Gender: Female
Activated: 2383
Haircolour: Brown
Eyecolour: Brown
Height: 5ft 9in


Like most EMH’s this is a problem area. The mark XII is an improvement but still comes across as icy as the Mack I at first simply by nature of the task assigned to her. Patching up the crew and getting them fighting fit is still the number one priority of her programming, especially in view of the type of vessel she serves on, however as the EMH on this ship is designated the primary medical personnel. Some improvements have been made with regard to her treatment and particularly ‘bedside manner’ of patients who develop long term illnesses and suffer crippling injuries that require long periods of time in sickbay.


Activated in 2383 during the final phase of the Tokyo’s construction, the team involved was slightly taken a back at her appearance, a quick check of the programming and installation logs, indicated a young male cadet had been given the task. The technician assigned was about to correct this when an patient came through, a slight error with an EPS diagnostic had caused some nasty plasma burns. On observing the reactions of the male engineer while being treated and the fact that the basic mechanics of the program hadn’t been altered, he decided to let it pass. The ship was therefore launched with a unique EMH.

Service Record

The Tokyo was assigned to patrol the area occupied by the communications post close to the Klingon border, to give them an extra level of protection. A pair of Birds of Prey from a rouge house started harassing a number of comms posts, the Tokyo confronted them. The Tokyo managed to force them into a retreat, not before one got a lucky shot that overloaded an EPS conduit which blew out across a number of sections on deck two causing numerous casualties, more than the medic’s could handle. EMH ‘Niscar’ was activated and proved her worth, even the direct, slightly-icy, manner proved its worth, treating three patients with complex injuries successfully and quickly, so they were back on shift with in the week.

Her next notable activation was about a year later, Tokyo was now attached to Starbase 76 towards the interior of the Federation, during a patrol Tokyo answered a distress call from a small freighter. The occupants were suffering from an unknown infection. They were transported directly to the Tokyo’s infirmary, which was subsequently sealed and ‘Niscar’ activated with the task of caring for them while the Tokyo rushed them back to SB76. Unfortunately the virus seemed to bypass the transporters containment systems and found its way into general circulation, even the life support safety protocols were unable to prevent it from spreading. It did so rapidly and ‘Niscar' found her self in the unique position of having to research and develop an antidote, to prevent the ships crew and passengers from dying, also for having to do so alone. As well as working on an antidote, the crew reported a noted improvement in her personality as she kept them comfortable in the mean time.

This has led to a standing joke on the Tokyo, ‘The EMH only cares when you’re at deaths door.’

During the Tokyo’s last patrol assignment the ship's medical department found themselves a person down due to a staffing issue somewhere along the line. The result was having the EMH ‘Niscar’ active for at least four to six hours a day, dependent on the situation at hand. This tour assignment was in the gamma quadrant, protecting the colonies and installations Starfleet had established out there, slightly more risky given the nature of that area of space. The ship was involved in frequent skirmishes with opportunist and piratical-types, all of which left the medical in high demand. Both of those circumstances combined meant that this was the first tour that the EMH spent any sort of time with the crew. Although it did little to change her personality, she began to grow accustom to the crew.