Elliot Finnigan

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Ensign.pngElliot ‘Jaxx’ Finnigan

Ensign Elliot Finnigan

Rank: Ensign
Position: Engineer
Player: Gypsy


Species: Half-Klingon
Gender: Female
Age: Her exact age is unknown to her (see Background), but she appears to be in her early to mid twenties.
Hair: Long, dark, wavy, and very typically Klingon (much to her own annoyance)
Eyes: Blue (her mother’s eyes)
Height: 5'9"


At this time in her life, Jaxx is now unfortunately at odds with herself, and struggling through a constant internal battle of adjustment – woe betide you if you get caught in the crossfire.

The girl placed into that penal colony at such a young age was not the woman who walked out again. An endless inner fight now rages in her attempts to leave behind the paranoia and survival instincts that were conditioned into her there and once more reclaim the playful relaxed nature that existed in some manner before. For now, she finds it extremely difficult to trust, and even when she tries to relax she finds what she considers as ‘normal reactions’ tend to offend. As a result she tends to avoid social contact, preferring to just keep her head down and do her job.

As a result of cleaning up after a drug addled mother for so long and then surviving on her own with frigate crews that were less than morally sound, Jaxx learnt how to look after herself pretty effectively. She became accustomed with 'playing a role', a character which was selected and adapted to get her the best out of whatever situation she found herself in... After a time of getting past her walls, Elliot could seem playful and easy-going, intense and volatile - but whether this is a product of her mixed heritage, or simply a rough-and-ready upbringing is any ones guess.

Elliot is by no means cultured, very much hailing from 'the school of life'. She will probably say the wrong thing, at the wrong time, to the wrong people and then regret it passionately afterwards. She has a mouth on her, simply because so does everybody she has ever met – It was how you kept people in their place. She will act without decorum or grace, and is unladylike – partly due to emulating those around her when growing up, but also simply because men lasted longer in her environment and were less likely to draw 'unwanted' attention. You try being a 16 year old girl in a prison colony, see how you like it…. Some habits are hard to shake, but she's trying.

Regarding the Klingon side, Jaxx certainly has the temperament, even if she doesn’t realise this is so. She is strong willed and will never take no as an answer. Of course this can also be a weakness, but it also means that she has about as much perseverance as one person can have. She is used to working in extremely high stress situations, having spent much of her life on her back under an engine trying to get the damn thing engaged while the ship was rocked by torpedo fire, hull breaches, gravitational instability or all of the above... She's a jack of all trades - can fly a bit, knows a bit of mechanics, knows a few languages, knows how to stop a bleeding wound. Up to starfleet standards in all areas? No, not at all. But if you haven't got the one part you need to get something working she's most certainly your girl...


As a child, Jaxx had spent the best parts of her life bouncing from barely functioning broken down cargo frigates to cobbled together transport ships, station to station, through warzones, trade disputes, and piracy - and those had been the simpler years....

Given the nature of her birth, what chance did she really have? Born to a cargo ship's whore of a mother who was out of her mind on stims most of the time and drunk the rest, and a Klingon 'father' who was only present for the night of her conception, Jaxx learnt to fend for herself quickly. At age eleven she ditched her mother and old crew, switched ships by intentionally becoming lost aboard a mercenary space station before stowing away on a frigate bound for gods-knew-where.

As one can imagine, with this background education tended to go by the way side. But, despite the lack of formal training, a practical education was still rendered by this lifestyle. Jaxx's 'cultural' upbringing consisted of her learning early on how to swear, describe engine failures (that usually included the words 'blow up' and 'any second') and order a drink in most basic languages.

She'd picked up what she could in terms of skills and more traditional educational topics from various crew members over the years as they passed through, but the majority of her knowledge was practically based.

The cold truth of it was that on the class of ship she had been brought up on, with the people she had been around, you made yourself useful or you got put out the airlock, regardless of whether you were six, or sixty. There wasn't enough food to go around, the ships were constantly falling apart (with a little help towards total destruction from frequent pirate attacks) and frankly if you made the cargo deadline, or even arrived at the station with the ship in one piece that was counted as a success. Jaxx's strengths lay in jerry-rigging mechanics, making the ships' systems work without parts that they technically needed to run... A skill set that kept her alive.

At the mere age of 16 the social circles she moved in resulted in her being incarcerated on a mining penal colony without any prospect of release. (Her crime to be discovered through play). The law in that particular region of space condemned people with a brazen regularity simply to add to their non-paid work force, laws and regulations were ironically not enforced with a high regard for morals.

Those years there were not something she would talk about - but the one silver lining was that it was on that desolate moon that she would strike up an unlikely friendship with the then M.I.A. Starfleet Commander 'Miles J. Anderson' - a friendship that would go on to change the course of her life.

A few years into her prison sentence and the colony was all but forgotten and eventually disbanded due to civil war. Those years had woken her up to the need for change in her life, and with the encouragement and a recommendation letter from the Commander she had befriended, she eventually achieved a background-based scholarship to Starfleet Academy. Given her lack of formal education or knowledge of terms the initial entrance exam was slightly altered - despite this she found it grueling, but thankfully on her second attempt she was granted entry based upon her skill and ingenuity in providing practical off the cuff solutions to problems, quick thinking and her fervent desire to better herself.

Starfleet Academy did not exactly run smoothly for Elliot. Obviously her past and previous incarceration at such a young age had massively affected her psychologically and she initially found rules and restraints extremely hard to come to terms with. Add to this her stinted communication skills and the reaction conditioning that prison life had worked into her and she spent a lot of her early Academy years on the cusp of being thrown out. An incident of fighting with other students saw her placed on probation, a following altercation with a staff member increased this to a suspension pending an enquiry, and likely expulsion. Again, another wake up call for Jaxx, who finally realised that if she truly wanted to escape her old life, she had to start reinventing herself.

It took an admission of complete guilt, a public apology, agreeing to see a Councillor twice a week, along with vows of dedication and commitment to change before Starfleet Academy's disciplinary board finally decide to give the troubled girl one final chance - the allowance made due to her background and the conditioning it had placed upon her reactions. Thankfully this second chance and demonstration of trust was just the catalyst Jaxx needed, and she finally used the opportunity wisely.

Despite this rocky interpersonal aspect to her schooling, to give her due credit she did prove that she wanted to be at the Academy academically. What she lacked in the basic knowledge held by other students, she made up for in practical experience, having learnt about space by being OUT in it rather than books – a history not easily rivalled. In many cases she knew the principles for things in practice (for instance thermal dynamics, and orbit degradation) but not their official terms or the units they were measured in. She worked hard, studied late into the night, took sessions for extra credit - indeed her perseverance bordered on obsession. She managed to graduate by the skin of her teeth, much to the surprise of some of her tutors.

The years had been hard, but she had survived. And that was all anyone could hope for out there on the edge.

Service Record

Crew aboard various frigates (both transport and less reputable) since childhood. Now as a graduate of Starfleet Academy she has been assigned to Kepler. Her transit assignment a three month posting in Engineering aboard the USS Constance.


Given that she only knew her mother, and ran away at age 11, Elliot’s family tree is mostly unknown:

  • Mother - Laura Finnigan (Status unknown. Presumably drunk or dosed herself to death by now).
  • Father – Klingon – Unknown.
  • Brothers or Sisters? Quite possibly.


Newcomer Award
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
3 Months with Kepler
29 Apr 2012 - Jun 2012