Else Reisman

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Lieutenant-Commander.pngElse Reisman


Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Former Chief Science Officer


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 29 May, 2351
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1.8m


She finds herself creating awkward moments when in social situations and tries to avoid them because of this, although she tends to engage herself every now and then. She usually regrets it in the end, though. She spends much of her time alone and finds herself feeling sorry for herself more than she'd like, and for better or for worse she's become the model existentialist.

She creates her awkward situations by talking too much about the most trivial of things. She finds a lot of interest in things that most people don't think twice, or even once, about; when she starts up, those around her find themselves at a loss for words. On occasion, though, somebody will take notice of what she's saying and she'll brighten up.

She might be labelled as somebody who's pessimistic or just a really down person with a bleak outlook on life. Else, though, doesn't see herself this way. While she recognises and accepts her depression, she takes medication, she calls herself a realist. One of her sayings about optimism is that there is no sense being positive and being let down all the time; if you're never expecting anything good to happen, when it finally does you'll appreciate it more.

Else tries to avoid conflict whenever she can. Although she is skilled in winning arguments and getting her way, she doesn't like fighting. Instead of fighting with somebody she will often just nod and pretend to agree, but one thing she is horrible at is hiding her expressions. She doesn't restrict her expressions or attitude when somebody is annoying her. It's not that she doesn't try to, it's that she doesn't realise that she's even doing it.

In a professional role, people can always count on her mental ability, intelligence and honesty. She excels at problem solving and taking an authoritative position because she doesn't concern herself with how others might think of her.


Else was born in Innsbruck, Austria to an average family. Her father had a simple job running an apple orchard and her mother stayed at home to raise the children. Else is the second child in her family, after her brother George and two sisters Anna and Juli.

Growing up Else had plenty of friends and she got along well with everybody. She always did well in school, but was never a straight A student. By the time she got to high school she realised that all of the friends she'd had weren't actually the great friends she thought they were. It wasn't that they were rude to her or anything, but she found herself as being more of a 'wallflower' than anything else. She didn't have a core group of friends, even though she was invited to her fair share of parties and get-togethers and found herself with much to be desired. Even though she tried her best to show people who she was, she wasn't really compatible with anyone. She wasn't asked by anyone to prom, either, and she chose not to go.

Else's next youngest sibling, her sister Juli, was the best friend she'd ever had. They fought all the time, though, but she was as best a friend as Else could find. She also got along really well with her mother father, to which her brother George found himself jealous by and he tried to avoid Else whenever possible. After high school, Else didn't know what to do with her life. She had always found herself interested in sciences and history, and people. She didn't like sociology or anthropology, but she loved watching people and making note of what they did.

For three years after her high school graduation, she studied English in London, England where she perfected the language. She speaks so well now that her German accent is very hard to find, but not impossible. It wasn't until Else was 21 that she made the choice to go into Starfleet. It was partly on the advice of Juli. Juli convinced her that her best bet for a future of happiness was to explore the stars with Starfleet. She knew that Else loved people of all walks of life and her love of exploring the unknown, science or not, and after a few weeks of suggesting she was convinced.

After a year into the Academy, Else learned something that changed her life. When she returned home to Innsbruck she was walking by the dining room where George and Juli were setting the table alone, before a family reunion to celebrate Else's Academy success. She overheard George thanking Juli profusely and she decided to eavesdrop. She discovered that George had bribed Juli to convince her to get rid of her somehow, so he could get their father's orchard business. George was sure that Else was going to be given the business because of her inability to find something even two years after graduating high school and for her being, what he thought, was the favourite. If she convinced her to leave, George promised he would set her up with his best friend who also happened to be Juli's biggest crush. Juli came up with the idea to send her off to Starfleet as that was as far as one could get. Else ran out of the house in tears unnoticed. At dinner she ate in silence and her father announced that he was handing the business down to George.

Upon her return the Academy she was traumatised that she'd been misled and betrayed by the person she considered closest in her life. She found herself sulking around for months with thoughts of uncertainty. Else found herself asking whether she was even meant for Starfleet, as most of things she and her sister talked about were all a big sham. Her roommate sought counselling for her and she was diagnosed with clinical depression, but she was also re-convinced that Starfleet was, in fact, the right path for her.

Else's first assignment was aboard the USS Seaforth as assistant chief science officer at the age of 26. She graduated, abnormally, with the rank of lieutenant junior grade due to her performance. She served many roles over the following two years on several ships, serving in the same position. When she was 28, Else was assigned to the USS Carleton where she continued to serve as the assistant chief of science. After two years her commanding officer and her own immediate superior, the science chief, promoted her to lieutenant. Five years later when she was 34, Else was reassigned as chief science officer of Kepler Station and was promoted to lieutenant commander.

Service Record

2372: Enrolled at Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
2377: Graduated Starfleet Academy with rank of Lt. JG
2377: Posted to USS Seaforth as assistant chief of science
2378: Posted to USS Lunenburg
2378: Posted to USS Clyde
2379: Posted to USS Pyrenees
2380: Posted to USS Carleton, promoted to lieutenant
2385: Posted to Kepler Station, promoted to lieutenant commander and chief of science


Father: Henrik Reisman
Mother: Paula Reisman
Brother: George Reisman
Sister: Juli Reisman
Sister: Anna Reisman


Newcomer Award