Emileen Carlisle

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Second-Lieutenant.pngEmileen Carlisle


Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Position: Marine Fighter Pilot
Player: James


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2359 (26 years old)
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Height: 193 cm

Emileen has natural beauty but she doesn't work to maintain it or have time to dwell on it. In other respects, due to the physical demands of her job she maintains a high level of fitness.


Emileen is an extrovert and tends to react without thinking. Professionally, this trait has been a blessing and a curse. In the air, she's a confident pilot and will want to fly anything put before her. Some instructors have said that she has a natural understanding of flying. However, her eagerness has placed her in tight spots and her critics say this weakness will probably get her killed.

On the ground she also lives at full throttle and enjoys the military social life. She is often found at the centre of the crowd telling a tale or encouraging others. She can't stand and do nothing. Uncharacteristically for someone so extroverted, she doesn't discuss her private life or family background. When pressed about the issue, her usual response is that the past is the past and should be left alone.


Due to a computer systems error, this officer's record has become partially corrupted. We are endeavoring to fix the error as soon as possible.

Records indicate Emileen is from Proxima and spent her first year at the Academy's Beta Aquilae II Annex before transferring to Earth to complete her studies. Her transcripts show that she originally intended to be a science officer, but her poor performance in her foundation courses led her to choose a different specialty track.

Upon graduation, Emileen was assigned to the Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron were she learned the finer points of flying two-seaters. The early model Peregrines used by the unit were large and ungainly beasts requiring a heavy hand. Emileen insisted on treating the craft like fighters, much to the consternation of her RIO and her commanders. After advanced training, she was assigned to VMA 542 AKA 'The Tigers'. These were quiet months of filled with routine duty flying culminating with the squadron's annual detachment to Pacifica for operational training and sun tans.

In 2383, her career took a different turn and she was selected for Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) course. This involved weeks of crawling through the undergrowth getting muddy, dirty, and tired. The course allowed her to experience her job from a different perspective and gave her valuable insight into the effects of aerial fire control. When she returned to squadron, she helped develop better targeting procedures based on her experiences. Towards the end of her time with the Tigers, the unit began to transition to hoppers in the Air Mobile role. This new tasking did not excite her very much and she requested a transfer.

Emileen's unique experiences qualified her for the position of Assistant Starfighter Detachment Commander aboard the USS Venerable. Unfortunately, this assignment was an unhappy one. Despite the vessel's exploratory mission, she wasn't given many opportunities to fly and didn't mix well with the crew. A chance meeting with her instructor from MFATS resulted in a job as a test pilot for Cerzka Aeronautics. Evidently her brand of flying and gung-ho attitude made her ideal for the job. However, like many ideas, the experimental aircraft in question was dire and should have stayed on the drawing board. In 2385, she returned to the comparative safety of operational flying with the marines.

Shortly after arriving on Kepler, Emileen was sent along with a detachment of marines to provide close protection for a science expedition of the planet Acheron. Emileen later led the evacuation of all non-essential personnel from the planet when the environment proved hostile.


Newcomer Award
Mission: Rutherford's Fork
3 Months with Kepler
4 July - October 2009