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Major.pngEugene Theodore Reynolds

Major Eugene Reynolds

Rank: Major
Position: Head of Security, Tiberius Station 71
Player: Brian


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 29 May 2355
Place of Birth: Former Harmony Cove Colony (Alternate Reality)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'1"

Eugene has kept up a regular exercise and training routine to maintain a good level of physical fitness without becoming too obsessive about it. Somewhere on his body is a tattoo that he woke up with after a drinking challenge against Navot Maquis members. He likes to keep a neatly trimmed beard because he thinks it makes him look edgier and helps to impresses the ladies. Following his encounter with the psychotic Romulan t'Roth, Eugene was left with permanent scaring on his pectoral in the shape of his name in Romulan script.


Life on Harmony Cove wasn't exactly what you would call idyllic for Eugene for the first ten years of his life. His parents were members of a group that controlled almost everything in the colony. A fact which created resentment amongst many of the colonists who saw the young boy as a manageable target for their frustrations. Whenever he would try to broach the subject with his parents though they would decide that he was the catalyst for the problem and consider the matter finished. His family's situation changed less than two years after Samantha was born though, when a scandal within the highest echelons of Starfleet became public; a number of the Admiralty and starship captains had fallen under the control of parasitic beings intent on taking control of the entire Federation.

Thanks to the swift actions of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, the coup d'état was halted. But not before the public's faith in Starfleet had been irreparably damaged. With little recourse, President Amitra issued a referendum to all Member worlds which subsequently resulted in the complete disbandment of Starfleet. Over a period of months the once great organisation was taken apart and the resources and personnel were either placed under direct government control or privatised.

Such an upheaval caused an inevitable shift in the political spacescape and Federation boundaries were redrawn, sometimes forcibly. A number of colonies, such as Harmony Cove, could no longer be offered the protection they were once afforded as they now found themselves on different sides of the border. This upheaval also provided an opening for small groups like the Maquis to gain more territory. With their cushy lives in upheaval, Eugene's family left their home and his father return to his previous field of employment; salvage. Constantly on the move, they never settled on a planet again. Some aspects of life actually became better for Eugene though; now that Anthony and Catherine had lost their influence over the people around them he was no longer the target of frustration he had once been.

The unrest created by the mothballing of Starfleet continued over the next decade and, despite other organisations emerging to fill the void, life in general became harder for many Federation citizens. Where teenagers Eugene's age would have previously thought to enrol in Starfleet Academy they now had a number of similar opportunities with various military or privately funded groups. When hostilities sparked off again with the Cardassians, Eugene decided to enlist in the military. Feeling that his success would eventually benefit them, his parents were far more supportive than they had been in the past. Samantha, who had always been the most supportive person in Eugene's life, was the one to finally convince him that he was making the right decision.

The Maquis

Upon completing his training Eugene was approached by Brigadier-General William Hart; a ranking member of a covert intelligence organisation operating in conjunction with the Phoenix Institute. General Hart hoped to use Eugene to infiltrate the Maquis, who were known to have connections to the former demilitarized zone. Like an untold number of other Intelligence operatives, Eugene would be placed inside the Maquis to both report on their movements and perhaps even sabotage their efforts to disrupt negotiations between the Cardassian government and the Federation. This meant that as far as the public were concerned, Eugene had failed his training and had been sent packing. However the reality was that he was placed in an accelerated training program for a few months before being introduced to known Maquis agents and left relatively to his own devices until needed.

Eugene undercover in the Maquis

This inevitably led Eugene to some Maquis agents operating on and around Bajor, commanded by Jespen Torel; a former Bajoran resistance member. The group were dividing their attention between the Bajoran people and the Maquis’ main objectives. Here, among supposed criminals and vigilantes, Eugene found the sense of home he had only known with his sister. Unfortunately after about a year undercover, Eugene was captured by Cardassian forces when they raided the Maquis vessel he was working on. Unbeknown to him, it was his information that had led the Cardassian patrols to them as part of an agreement with the Federation. At the time Starfleet couldn't reveal the existence of an undercover agent, leaving John in the hands of Cardassians who believed him to be yet another Maquis rebel. Tortured for information his captors believed he and the others possessed, John was eventually taken to a labour camp on Lazon II where he spent a number of gruelling months. Perhaps the worst of all he was forced to endure was the death of Jespen Torel during a failed escape attempt by other slaves. Finally a joint effort was made Federation organisations and covert teams were sent to a number of Cardassian controlled worlds to liberate as many Maquis and Bajoran prisoners as possible.

Upon returning to the Phoenix Institute, Eugene was offered a position in their Tactical division and what he considered to be nothing more than a bribe to keep quiet. He declined, deciding he had lost whatever admiration he once had for the Institute and the Federation as a whole. So instead, he returned to his family hoping to pick up where things had left off. Unfortunately everything had changed; his father had been killed during a salvaging expedition and his mother and sister were living in relative squalor. Taking matters in hand he began applying to other organisations for work and cashed in his payout from Hart to provide his family with somewhere safe to live and pay for Samantha's education. When he finally came clean to his mother and sister about what he had been doing for Phoenix, Catherine branded him a traitor and threw him out. She then severed his final connection to his family by forbidding him from seeing his sister. Eugene took the loss of his sister in his life, on top of the friends he had made among the Marquis, pretty hard and spent the next few months drifting around; spending almost all his time in bars or on dodgy transport vessels. Despite this low point in his life, he always made sure he contacted Samantha as often as possible, while avoiding his mother from finding out, and that she had enough latinum to take care of herself.

Pentallian Foundation

In mid 2375 Eugene was beginning to run out of steam; he was no longer content to just drift around having meaningless relationships, romantic or otherwise, with people he came across between bars. He refers to this as his 'space hobo' period and ended it when he contacted General Hart and, after some wrangling and negotiation, convinced him to find work for him. Begrudgingly the General agreed and put in a good word for him at the Pentallian Foundation.

Following a promotion to Major in 2385, Eugene was tasked with overseeing Security on a research station that Pentallian were constructing, as part of a joint venture with foreign powers and other organisations within the Federation, in a previously uncharted region of space known as The Expanse. Tiberius Station 71, or simply 'Seventy-One' as it was known, quickly became a hive of scientific activity and Eugene found himself dealing with a wide spectrum of unusual events that might have normally seemed outside of his purview. While accompanying a team to (2433614) 2386 KA, a small planetoid within three days travel of the station, Eugene found himself facing an enemy both stronger and much more ruthless than he could have possibly anticipated. Calling herself t'Roth, the Romulan beat and tortured Eugene until he was finally rescued by his colleagues. Unfortunately she somehow managed to escape and the team returned to Tiberius Station where Eugene underwent emergency medical treatment and recuperation.

To make matters worse, his friend and colleague Doctor Cassiopeia Wood, had been killed in a bar fight while he had been away, leaving behind a deadbeat husband and two young children. The situation never sit right with Eugene and a little digging lead him to believe there was more to Cassiopeia's death than the evidence collected by his department suggested. In fact, he became certain that her death had in fact been a murder in disguise. Planned by none other than her husband; Christopher Wood. Unable to find anything more than circumstantial evidence though, Director Kabu'La and Commander Caine forced Eugene to drop it. As much as it pained him to do so he capitulated until more evidence surfaced.

Kepler Station

Returning to active service, one of Eugene's first big assignments after his recuperation was to head up an investigate into reports of strange, almost magical, occurrences aboard numerous merchant and civilian vessels within the Expanse. The events included everything from localised spatial anomalies (in the form of doorways leading back into rooms) to the crew of a Klingon freighter waking up one morning as children. Needless to say the cause, or causes, of these events was made a top priority. A survey team stumbled upon a strange entity that seemed to have been in range of each event as they occurred so Eugene was dispatched from Tiberius Station with a team of scientists. They followed the entity into a nebula cluster where a tear in the dimensional barrier between their timeline and an almost identical one had been created. Eugene was confronted by a version of himself, on board a Starfleet Runabout, who had been investigating similar readings to those caused by the entity. Deciding that they needed to work together, he and Second Lieutenant Ethel Scott beamed through the rift and into this parallel universe. Once there, the two teams worked on solving the puzzle of the spatial anomaly. They discovered a method for reversing the process that had originally created it and set about doing so. However as the Starfleet team attempted to beam he and Ethel back to their ship the process overloaded the system and almost killed them both. When they awoke it was on the wrong side of the now completely sealed rift (KS17: Rosen To The Occasion). With no other options available, Eugene and Ethel returned to Kepler Station with their counterparts until a method of returning them to their own dimension could be devised.

That proved to be rather easier said than done though and the pair soon found themselves with the prospect of being trapped here permanently and facing interrogation by Lt. Commander Henry McAllister of the Expanse Oversight Advisory. Following protocols established after encounters with alternate members of Deep Space 9's crew, the EOA Chairman sought to insure the incident with the rift had not been some elaborate attempt at espionage. After finally managing to convince people of their innocence, both Eugene and Ethel were granted temporary lodging until their transdimensional issues could be resolved (KS 16: Maxwell's Dozen). Eugene was determined to find a way to make himself useful but Kepler Station already had a Reynolds running Security and didn't really need another. That is until the Doctor Cassiopeia Yale from this reality learned that her ex-husband was setting up an art gallery on the station. Although she was significantly different from her counterpart, someone he had known since arriving on Seventy-One, Eugene had spent enough time with this Cassiopeia to consider her a friend in her own right and want to help. After John talked them out of Eugene's original plan to escort Christopher off the station without a vessel, he ended up becoming one of her de facto bodyguards along with her best friend Violet Matthews. Over the next couple of weeks they spent a lot of time together and quickly developed a deeper connection. This culminated in a kiss which both he and Cassiopeia decided could keep happening.

Literally becoming a babysitter when the entity came to Kepler and altered one third of the population to adolescence, Eugene found himself unsure of what his future might hold without the ability to return home. It soon became clear this uncertainty was affecting things with Cassiopeia as well. She was struggling with the thought of Eugene eventually, and quite suddenly, having to leave if a means to return to his home reality was discovered. After talking about it honestly, and admitting that turning his back on a way home would be difficult, Eugene also made it clear that choosing to leave her would be just as hard, if not more so. He ended up coming to the conclusion that he wanted to remain with Cassiopeia in this new reality regardless of whether he could return home in the future (KS18: Faradays Gone By).

In order to achieve this he approached Lieutenant Maya Takagi who, at that time, was in temporary command of the station and asked for her help. After giving it some thought, she offered him a deal; in exchange for performing duties for her she would set up a cover identity that allowed him to assimilate into life in this reality. A short time later he was presented with a cover identity as a clone of the 'original' John Reynolds, created in a transporter accident during his time in a Cardassian labour camp.

Setting off that very same day on the first of Maya's errands, Eugene was tasked with working alongside the Bounty Hunter, Sorok in retrieving the Vengeance from the black market world of Egul II. Along with the young part-Vulcan, T'Vei, they were successful in their mission and set a course back towards the station. However things took a rather unexpected turn when Eugene learned that Cassiopeia had been kidnapped amidst the chaos of an emergency evacuation. Maya gave them what little information they had on the Romulan freighter involved and the Vengeance set off in search of them. To say Eugene took the news badly was an understatement; he was distraught and let his frustrations nearly get the better of him as days of searching turned into weeks.

Finally they made a breakthrough, thanks to one of Sorok's contacts and the careful work of two of the station's Cadets, and narrowed the kidnappers down to Kraldal system within Ferengi space. When they tracked the vessel down and attempted to board three Andorian escort vessels arrived in an attempt to retrieve the unborn hybrid children Cassiopeia was carrying to term. Narrowly managing to fend off the Andorians while Sorok boarded the freighter, Cassiopeia and the other two people kidnapped with her, were retrieved and they once again set course for the station (KS19: Boy Who Cried Wolf).


Father: Anthony Eugene Reynolds (Deceased)
Mother: Catherine Ann Turner
Sister: Samantha Marie Reynolds
Other: John Reynolds (Doppelgänger), Theodore Eugene Reynolds (Grandfather, Deceased)


Cosmic Stripe
Mission: Rosen To The Occasion (Spatial rift)
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Faradays Gone By
Heartfelt Moments Award
Mission: Faradays Gone By
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Faradays Gone By
Grrr Ribbon
Mission: Faradays Gone By
Grrr Ribbon
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Combat Medal
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Combat Medal
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Big Damn Hero Medal
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Subplot Stripe
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Cute Stripe
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Heartfelt Moments Award
Mission: The Scopes of Justice or Fine Jung Cannibal
Facepalm Pin
Mission: The Scopes of Justice or Fine Jung Cannibal
Cute Stripe
Mission: Lewis' Bond
Cheesecake Award
Mission: Lewis' Bond