Faradays Gone By

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Faradays Gone By

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For some people their childhood and early teen years were something to treasure. For others they were times best left forgotten. In both cases though they were long since passed... that is until they woke up this morning to discover a strange occurrence. How exactly did the years melt away and will they ever return to normal?

Mission Log:

0 - T'Vei, Telen

  • MD 1, 0900
  • T'Vei awakens on the morning of her Birthday to find a rather disappointing message from her father, Telen, who makes it clear that he expects her to return from her foolish endeavour on Kepler sooner rather than later.

1 - Nora Reagan, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 1, 0915
  • Nora has just finished tidying her Quarters when Rexus arrives carrying his usual box of doughnuts.