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Faradays Yet To Come

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Life has barely had a chance to return to normal when various residents of the station begin seeing flashes of possible futures. With no way to know if these glimpses are real, and will indeed come to pass, each must come to grips with the various paths their life could take and decide whether to hide from the future or embrace it.

Mission Log:

0 - John Reynolds, Aurelia Juarez

  • MD 1, 1232
  • Finding himself back in his proper body, complete with a regenerated eye, John attempts to get up to speed on everything that Aurelia has been dealing with in his absence. Realising that she is close to being overwhelmed by the strain he orders her to take the day off and assures her that anything needing her attention can wait until later.

1 - John Reynolds, Sarah Martin-Reynolds, Samantha Martin-Reynolds, Andrea Martin-Reynolds

  • MD 1, 1250
  • Just moments after Aurelia leaves him alone John is surrounded by a bright, white light and finds himself once again faced with a loss of control over his body. Fearing the worst, a reoccurrence of Species 0013, John is surprised to witness himself doing paperwork. After some time his office door opens and a slightly exhausted Sarah Martin enters with her cat and luggage in hand. John watches as his body embraces her tightly and they spend a few tender moments together before he finds himself back where he started, like nothing had happened. Confused and mentally exhausted, John collapses in an emotional heap alone.

2 - Nora Reagan, Judth Pond, Sarah Pond-Reagan

  • MD 1, 2247
  • As they lay in bed together discussing the misunderstanding over their looming holiday, Nora watches in horror as Judith suddenly blacks out. But to the Yeoman, the experience is quite different; Judith is shown a glimpse of a future where she and Nora have started a family. Their infant daughter Sarah is doted on by her two loving mothers.

3 - Austen Toran, T'Vei

  • MD 1, 2300
  • A new arrival to the station makes herself know to T'Vei rather quickly as she picks up on the part-Vulcan's recent sexual awakening and decides to take this opportunity and have a little fun.

4 - Judith Pond, Nora Reagan, Samantha Grayson

  • MD 1, 2300
  • Following the strange vision she had in bed, Judith is taken to Sickbay where Samantha runs some tests and then decides to keep her in over night for observation. Whether or not this vision is more than a hallucination remains to be seen.

5 - T'Vei, Vince Montrose, Beatrix, Wally, Regan

  • MD 2, 1830
  • Attempting to meditate and find a calmness that has been eluding her as of late, T'Vei becomes the latest person to receive a vision of the future. She finds herself on a small vessel, named Zeona, in the midst of a hunt for a man with a bounty on his head. Beaming over to the runaway's ship, T'Vei subdues him and is about to beam back when the vision abruptly ends.

6 - Samantha Grayson, Takumi Delacroix, Aurelia Juarez

  • MD 2, 0445
  • Before Sam can manage to get through much of her medical reports and paperwork she finds herself dozing in her chair. Finding herself in a slightly different Sickbay, in a different time, she discovers that she is not only married to Takumi but is four months pregnant with their son. When she is woken by a hypospray she finds herself face to face with the part-Vulcan himself and is flustered and anxious to get away. She tries to process the whole thing by talking to her old friend Aurelia but the Security Officer is less than helpful.

7 - T'Vei, Austen Toran

  • MD 3, 2200
  • Two days after they first met, T'Vei appears at Tori's door and tentatively announces herself. Tori quickly takes control of the situation and instructs T'Vei in what she expects from their time together and insures the part-Vulcan that it will be an extremely pleasurable experience.

8 - John Reynolds, Samantha Martin-Reynolds, Sarah Martain-Reynolds

  • MD 2, 0001
  • Once again John finds himself viewing a glimpse of a possible future... This time however his daughter Samantha is a disgruntled teenager who isn't impressed by her parent's insistence that the current fashion is too revealing. It soon becomes clear that her real problem has more to do with her concern for her sister, who is suffering from an illness, and the desire to spend time doing regular sibling activities.

9 - Judith Pond, Austen Toran, Aurelia Juarez

  • MD 2, 1610
  • Much to her annoyance Judith finds herself in the Turbolift with Tori, who almost instantly attempts to cause a rift between her and Nora. Realising that Tori is more interested in controlling Nora than actually loving her Judith decides that she needs to find a way to wrap things up between the pair of them so they can all move on.

10 - T'Vei, Takumi Delacroix, Astra Delacroix

  • MD 4, 1445
  • Takumi makes another appearance in a vision of the future, this time as T'Vei's husband. The couple are living happily on the U.S.S. Ark Royal with their young daughter Astra who has a tendency to sneak into her parent's bed. T'Vei chastises Takumi for letting it happen again when her daughter assures her there was a good reason. Telling the young girl that she should be brave, T'Vei gets out of bed revealing that she is pregnant with her second child.

11 - Vilgi Morr, Sha Shan Robertson

  • MD 1, 0515
  • Having been restored to his normal self, Vilgi is excitedly celebrating when he Sha Shan wakes up in the other room. She comes out to the living room to find the Bolian stuck in a tiny jumpsuit and then leads him back to her bed before helping him out of it. They decide the moment is right to take their relationship to another level.

12 - Nora Reagan, Austen Toran, Judith Pond

  • MD 2, 0900
  • While Nora and Judith make their way home from Sickbay they encounter a blast from Nora's past; her former fiancée Tori. Right away the sparks start to fly as the part-Cardassian attempts to goad Nora into digging up old issues. Finally Judith gets fed up with seeing the woman she loves being antagonised and takes her home.

13 - Kirsten Santos

  • MD 3, 0800
  • Kirsten is offered a view of a future where she is sent to the planet Aslillon as part of a bomb retrieval squad.

14 - T'Vei, Kittiana Novus, Samantha Grayson

  • MD 2, 1917
  • Kitt arrives home to find T'Vei in the midst of a seizure and orders an emergency transport to Sickbay. Samantha manages to stabilise her but won't know what caused the issue until she performs further tests. A rather nervous Kitt settles down to wait and is relieved when T'Vei finally wakes up with no idea of how she ended up in Medical.

15 - Judith Pond, Nora Reagan, Sarah Pond-Reagan, Jack Williams

  • MD 2, 1810
  • Surprising her girlfriend with a meal cooked in the nude, Judith plans to tell Nora about her encounter with Tori in the Turbolift, and the subsequent dinner invitation, but gets somewhat distracted. As she enjoys the attention Nora is giving her Judith suddenly finds herself once again the witness of future events. Her now adult daughter, Sarah, wakes her from an improvised nap and then the pair leave Starfleet Academy campus in search of somewhere to have lunch. On the way they encounter a young man who leaves Sarah flustered and her mother amused.

16 - Maya Takagi, Samantha Grayson

  • MD 1, 1200
  • Answering the request to perform a house call, Samantha arrives at Maya's Quarters to find her understandably fatigued by her encounter with the entity. They discover that the alterations were more to do with manipulating the individual's DNA rather than a localised temporal field like had originally been theorised.

17 - Zachary Eastman, Maya Takagi

  • MD 1, 1640
  • Worried that his mentor might not be faring so well after last night, Zach arrives with some flowers to cheer her up. Unfortunately for him Maya is still sharp enough to call him on his recent medical exploits in Sickbay. Although he tries to keep T'Vei's identity confidential Zach does admit that he broke regulations by administering a contraceptive injection without a Doctor present.

18 - John Reynolds, Sarah Martin, Zachary Martin

  • MD 2, 0249
  • Despite the late hour, John needs to talk to Sarah after his latest vision. After reluctantly switching from Doctor-mode to fiancée-mode, Sarah listens with interest as John explains the vision he has had of their future children. The news that their youngest daughter will have an incurable illness is disheartening to Sarah but John's faith in her helps dull the pain.

19 - Samantha Grayson, Takumi Delacroix

  • MD 3, 1900
  • Samantha decides to follow Aurelia's advice and tell Takumi about her vision.