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Part One of The Fibonacci Man

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Mission Log:

0 - Cole Lockwood, Thomas Stuarde

  • MD 1, 1300
  • Kepler's new acting CO gets an intelligence report from Chief Stuarde on the terrorist attacks that devastated Kepler before its disappearance and reappearance. Thomas asks for, and receives, permission to accompany the Cadet Cruise on the Harbinger.

1 - Vidarr, Violet Matthews

  • MD 1, 1430
  • Violet and Vidarr discuss her breakup with Rexus and her estrangement from Harrison.

2 - Opening - Zachary Eastman, Halley Grayson, John Reynolds, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 1, 1655
  • Aboard the Harbinger, Grayson is diagnosed as suffering from the flu against which all of Kepler has just been vaccinated. John asks Cassi to replace Grayson, who beams back to Kepler.

3 - Halley Grayson

  • MD 1, 1712
  • Kepler's transporter system is suffering from an unknown malfunction. Grayson, still very ill, heads to Sickbay, unsure of what is wrong with him or what is going on.

4 - Sarah Martin, Halley Grayson, Cole Lockwood

  • MD 1, 1720
  • Grayson reports to sickbay. Sarah notices that as well as being ill and unable to recall or understand what is going on, he is a mirror-image of his normal self. While she is working out what to do, a second version of Grayson arrives; Grayson-B is blond and fair-skinned, with lighter blue eyes, and has undergone a complete personality change. Sarah calls Cole and asks him to come to Sickbay.

5 - Vidarr, Halley Grayson

  • MD 1, 1720
  • Vidarr meets Grayson on Deck 10 and notices that he is apathetic, emotionless, and seems disconnected from the world. He is also missing the little finger of each hand. They go to Sickbay at Vidarr's suggestion, as Grayson says he is not feeling well and Vidarr thinks Grayson may have suffered a head injury.

6 - Apres Lana, Jack Rikter

  • MD 1, 1430
  • Lana and Jack discuss the damage to Kepler, the state of the repair effort, and the resources Jack believes will be needed. Lana promises to speak to Cole about it to see that Engineering will have what it needs.

7 - Halley Grayson, Violet Matthews

  • MD 1, 1720
  • Grayson believes that his illness is a result of an enemy from his past trying to poison him, and decides he needs to escape Kepler before that unknown enemy can finish him off. While trying to navigate Kepler's Concourse to go check out the escape pods he believes may be his best option, he meets Violet, and tells her his plans so that she can keep herself safe in case she too is now a target. Grayson makes for his quarters to collect a few personal belongings while Violet, understandably freaked out by his obvious illness and the unusual muddy hazel colour of his eyes, alerts Sarah Martin in Sickbay that something is wrong.

8 - Sarah Martin, Cole Lockwood, Vidarr, Dex Maidali, Violet Matthews, Halley Grayson (A, B, C and E)

  • MD 1, 1725
  • After seeing Grayson-A and Grayson-B, Cole and Sarah agree that the transporters should be disabled. Vidarr arrives with Grayson-C, and Sarah and Vidarr are just beginning to scan him when Violet calls Sarah about Grayson-D, whom she is tailing to make sure he doesn't disappear. Cole mobilises Security to round up Grayson-D and any additional Graysons they may find. Finally, Grayson-E arrives to complete the party, speaking total gibberish.

9 - Sarah Martin, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 1, 0930
  • Sarah clears Hide to return to active duty.

10 - Sarah Martin, Cole Lockwood, Vidarr, Halley Grayson (A, B, C and E)

  • MD 1, 1730
  • After running some scans on the Graysons, Sarah, Vidarr and Grayson-A determine that all four of the Graysons in Sickbay, and most likely the one who has barricaded himself in his quarters as well, are missing brain tissue in vital areas. Cole authorises Sarah to oversee a Science and Engineering team to begin repairs.

11 - Isis Rae, Violet Matthews

  • MD 1, 1602
  • Isis and Violet have some bonding time, and discuss ways in which Violet might be able to help both Cassi Yale and herself deal with the fallout from the terrorist attacks.

12 - Dex Maidali, Violet Matthews, Harrison Matthews, Nurse Avery, Halley Grayson (D)

  • MD 1, 1729
  • Grayson-D is about to leave his quarters and make his escape when Dex, Violet, Harrison, and Avery arrive to complicate matters. Grayson attempts to escape through the vents in the ceiling of his quarters, but Violet gets in; though she fails at talking him into going to Sickbay peaceably, she succeeds in injecting him with a sedative that knocks him out so Harrison, Dex and Avery can take him to Sickbay. Violet is lectured for her irresponsible and risky behaviour.

13 - Halley Grayson (D)

  • MD 1
  • Sedated Grayson-D has a dream in which his brain mixes difficult moments in his past with imagined troubles and new horrors made up out of whole cloth.

14 - Phillip Sheridan

  • MD 1, 0446
  • As he sleeps restlessly Philip relives memories of his time as a MACO almost two hundred years ago.

15 - Dex Maidali

  • Dream Sequence
  • Dex is forced to endure various memories from her past; from dance lessons for the débutante ball, being cut into by a laser scalpel, and finally being trained for her future career in the military.

16 - Isis Rae

  • Dream Sequence
  • Years ago on Trill a young Isis Rae came home from school to discover that her mother was under arrest and her brother was dead. She soon found herself a reluctant part of the foster system and all alone in a world of strangers.

17 - Sarah Martin, Dex Maidali, Violet Matthews, Harrison Matthews, Halley Grayson (A, B and E)

  • MD 1, 1805
  • Sarah is inundated with Graysons when Dex, Harrison and Violet bring in the one they managed to recover. As they try to make sense of things Violet convinces Sarah to let her stay, provided she keep out of the way of their work.

18 - Dex Maidali, Vidarr

  • -MD 1, 1800
  • Feeling content in her current role of Acting Chief of Security and Tactical, Dex meets with the new Counsellor for the required session. Much to his surprise, Vidarr finds her quite willing to discuss her past and the lingering thoughts and worries that come with having lived an active military life.

19 - Sarah Martin

  • MD 1, 1930
  • Sarah uses her Chief Medical Officer's Log as a means to work through the problems she and the multiple Graysons are facing as they attempt to uncover the extent of his condition and a means to deal with it.

20 - Violet Matthews, Halley Grayson (E), Sarah Martin, Phillip Sheridan

  • MD 1, 2025
  • Violet attempts to communicate with the Grayson suffering from Wernicke's aphasia. Just when she's about to give up and just keep Grayson company she gets the idea to see if Philip can put his training as a linguist to use in aiding her.

21 - Apres Lana, Arrhae t'Khellian, Charlotte Wilson, Bradley Halifax

  • MD 1, 1900
  • A team from Engineering and Operations are assembled and set out to uncover the technical issue, or issues, that led to Grayson's current predicament. They divide their attention between both the software and hardware elements that make up the Transporter system and hope that whatever caused the freak event will prove to be reversible.

22 - Nikolas Bakyr, Reginald Black

  • Meanwhile
  • Light years away from Kepler Station the man chosen to take over command, Captain Nikolas Bakyr, is catching up with his former Executive Officer and now Captain of the USS Fairchild; Reginald Black. Knowing little of what to expect in his new posting the elderly Trill tries to put his nerves to rest while spending time with his old friend.

23 - Apres Lana, Bradley Halifax, Arrhae t'Khellian, Charlotte Wilson

  • MD 1, 1936
  • It soon becomes clear that a faulty Isolinear chip and an error in the software designed to control molecular reintegration allowed for all five of the station's transporters to activate simultaneously and assemble portions of the whole pattern in each location. Tensions run thin between the regular members of the crew and Lana, as conflicts in work ethic arise, but they manage to put their differences aside for the good of a fellow crewman in need.

24 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Cole Lockwood

  • MD 2, 1028
  • Before Hide has even had a chance to return to active duty, after being injured during the Bajoran terrorist attack, he is called to the Temporary Commander's Ready Room. There, Lockwood informs him of the Chief Science Officer's sudden departure and that he will be filling in for her. Despite his reservations at the idea Hide reluctantly agrees to accept the role.

25 - Phillip Sheridan, Halley Grayson (E), Violet Matthews

  • MD 1, 2247
  • The attempt to to communicate with Grayson-E continue as Violet sleeps peacefully on the floor nearby. With everything she has been through since coming to Kepler sleep was usually much harder to come by for the teenage girl. She wakes up to discover that Phillip has managed to make some headway in creating a list of words Grayson now associates with their English counterparts.

26 - Halley Grayson (B), Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 2, 1812
  • As he celebrates his promotion with a quiet drink in the Treehouse Lounge, Hide is soon joined by one of the Graysons. Unaware of the issue currently befalling the Medic, Hide has no reason to find the slight change in behaviour anything more than what Grayson says it is; an aim to get more fun out of life. After a little convincing they decide to have a picnic on the holodeck rather than stay cooped up inside.

27 - Quinn, Nikolas Bakyr

  • Meanwhile
  • Perhaps the best part of Nikolas' month long journey to Kepler Station is the chance to catch up with so many of his friends and former crew. His former Chief Medical Officer, the Chameloid Quinn, pays him a visit in his quarters that have the Trill convinced his friends are needlessly worrying about him.

28 - Bradley Halifax

  • MD 1, 2124
  • After testing the newly repaired Transport sequence Bradley is convinced that they've managed to stop the accident that happened to Grayson from occurring again. He sets the computer to run a level one diagnostic and sets off to perform his other duties.

29 - Sarah Martin, Apres Lana

  • MD 1
  • Fleeing the madness of Sickbay for a few minutes, Sarah heads down to Engineering where she almost literally runs into Lana. A rather awkward conversation follows as the two discuss the Transporter malfunction and how they are progressing with finding answers. However then Lana brings up an interesting question; if all five variations of Grayson are sentient then can they ethically destroy four to save one?

30 - Harrison Matthews, Dex Maidali

  • MD 1
  • Catching up with Dex just down the corridor from Sickbay, Harrison makes an attempt to apologise for his daughter's recklessness back in Grayson's Quarters and to thank her for being their recently to help Violet through some of the residual feelings after the attack. Dex dismisses the praise and instead offers her opinion on what his daughter is going through right now and how best to help. Taking the advice to heart Harrison decides on a new course of action.