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Fleming's Stratagem

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With the sudden disappearance of Commodore Gregory Blake and the damage from the past few months mounting up it falls to Captain Nikolas G. Bakyr, the new sheriff of these parts, to bring together this weary crew and make the Station a hub in The Expanse worthy of representing Starfleet's interests.

Mission Log:

0 - Reginald Black, Nikolas Bakyr

  • MD 1, 0834
  • The USS Fairchild-A arrives at Kepler Station to deliver her new CO, other crew members, and much needed equipment. Reggie takes the opportunity to have one last conversation with his old mentor before he Transports over to take command of the Regula-Class station.

1 - Quinn, Nikolas Bakyr, Isis Rae

  • MD 1, 0847
  • The USS Fairchild's Chameloid Chief Medical Officer bids farewell to her former Captain who beams over to Kepler Station to take command. Isis greets the man with a neutral demeanour that leaves Nikolas unsure of her opinion of him. But never the less duty calls so the pair call a department meeting within the hour.

2 - Hayden McGuire, Violet Matthews

  • MD 1, 1200
  • The new Counselor pays a visit to the Treehouse Lounge where she meets the local waitress; Violet. The pair have a slightly confusing start but eventually start off a good conversation about the station and the reception Hayden might have when attempting to approach people in a professional capacity.

3 - Hayden McGuire, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 1, 1400
  • While contemplating her past, and how it has shaped her current techniques, Hayden goes in search of Hide who has been filling in for the previous Counselor. Catching him with only a few moments to spare the pair walk and talk about where to go with the treatment of the crew now.

4 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Phillip Sheridan, Phoebe Paean, Rokal

  • MD 1, 0825
  • After a brief discussion about the origin of tea as the preferred British, and Japanese, beverage Hide calls together the Science Department meeting full of rather interesting personalities.

5 - Nikolas Bakyr, Holly, Bradley Halifax

  • MD 1, 1143
  • After his briefing with the Department Heads the new CO makes his way to his new Quarters where he finds a rather unexpected house guest; Holly the hologram. Unsure what to do about the former Commander's 'wife' for the time being Nikolas decides to worry about it later. Instead he heads down to Engineering to talk about bringing Kepler Station up to standard after everything it has gone through. Including the little gift for the crew that Commander Rae had suggested; real water showers.

6 - Hayden McGuire, Nikolas Bakyr

  • MD 1, 0800
  • As Hayden prepares to depart the Fairchild for her new posting she thinks back to her first meeting with her new Commanding Officer.

7 - Nikolas Bakyr, Isis Rae, Hideyoshi Shimura, Dex Maidali, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 1, 0932
  • The main Department Head meeting takes place and Nikolas attempts to lay down his plan for Kepler while trying to assure everyone that he won't be making large scale changes.

8 - Nikolas Bakyr, Schass, Ka'ar, Maxwell Roessler, Shivani Vilina

  • MD 1, 1126
  • The crew of the Dalliance finally get their meeting with the CO of Kepler, despite the fact it isn't the one they applied for, and are given the good news about possible work and assistance in finding a new vessel.

9 - Hayden McGuire, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 1, 0940
  • Hayden and Cassi get off to a rather rough start as first day nerves and misunderstandings pass back and forward between the two doctors.

10 - Nikolas Bakyr, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 1, 1625
  • As the end of Alpha Shift looms the new Commanding Officer stops by Sickbay to get his mandatory physical out of the way and see how his Acting Chief Medical Officer is going. Thinking that he's here to relieve her of her temporary duties as Department Head a somewhat nervous Cassi tries to sound confident in her new role.

11 - Nikolas Bakyr, Dex Maidali

  • MD 2, 1020
  • Taking the opportunity to perform one of the more pleasant duties himself, rather than wait for a Chief Petty Officer to become available, Nikolas pays the acting Chief Security and Tactical Officer of Kepler Station a visit to deliver the good news; after having been in the works for some time now Dex's promotion has finally been processed.

12 - Schass, Maxwell Roessler, Ka'ar, Shivani Vilina

  • MD 2
  • The crew of the Dalliance discuss how to go about procuring a new vessel when Schass lays a plan on the table. A mysterious uncle can help them procure one in return for the company of Shivani for a week. Something that doesn't sit well with the others.

13 - Maxwell Roessler, Shivani Vilina, Schass, Ka'ar

  • MD 2
  • After searching high and low for Shivani, Bruiser finally finds her in one of the small bars Kepler has to offer. He suggests that they keep looking for a different ship but the Betazoid seems to have other ideas; if she is to go through with this then it will be on her terms. The two primary conditions are that Schass agree to make Bruiser the captain, which he is reluctant to do, and that he find out what it is he's offering his uncle.

14 - Harrison Matthews, Violet Matthews

  • MD 3, 1401
  • Harrison is putting the finishing touches on a something Dex will require during her initiation when Violet stops by to see how he's doing for about the sixth day in a row.

15 - Nikolas Bakyr, Isis Rae

  • MD 3, 0845
  • Just as he promised upon arrival to Kepler Station, Nikolas has been keeping regular appointments with his Executive Officer. Some of which occur in the Mess at breakfast time. Although this morning he is running late and finds Isis already part way through her meal. The reason for his tardiness; a call from Rear Admiral Holden informing him that Kepler will be holding trade negotiations in just under a week.

16 - Hayden McGuire, Dex Maidali

  • MD 1, 1300
  • Making the most of her first day Hayden stops by Security to meet more of her new colleagues. Unlike her earlier encounter with the acting-Chief Medical Officer this meeting proves much more successful and both Hayden and Dex come away from it feeling confident about working together.

17 - Shivani Vilina, Schass

  • MD 2
  • Suffering from a telepathy induced headache Shivini struggles to find sleep when Schass makes it clear he has no intention of letting her weasel out of their agreed time together. Reluctantly the Betazoid offers to renegotiate the terms and finds the Orion more keen than she possibly anticipated.

18 - Cassiopeia Yale, Robert Yale

  • MD 4
  • Feeling even more awash in a sea of emotions today Cassi decides to seek solace in the past and activates a program on the Holodeck designed to represent her childhood home. There she finds comfort in the embrace of her father and the recent troubles she has endured, at least temporarily, melt away.

19 - Rexus Spokar, Infinia Spokar, Rahzda Spokar

  • MD 4
  • Combining the Homefront program with the security sensors Rexus creates a 'real time' representation of Deck 8 in the Holodeck and contacts his family back on Angosia III. Almost straight away he is reminded of why exactly he left in the first place as his mother begins embarrassing him, much to his sister's amusement.

20 - Harrison Matthews, Hayden McGuire

  • MD 2, 1029
  • Striving to rebuild his career and reputation after the disaster the past six months have been Harrison pays the station's new Counselor a visit. The session starts off about as badly as the suspended Assistant Security Chief expected and 'spirals around the drain', as he puts it, when Hayden keeps coming back to the same points.

21 - Hayden McGuire, Harrison Matthews

  • MD 2, 1045
  • Finally Harrison and Hayden begin to make some progress and attempt to discover the reasons behind what happened, after the news of Violet's death, that lead the Asian man to the predicament he now finds himself in.

22 - Hayden McGuire, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 2, 1300
  • Picking up from where their conversation the day before left off, Hayden has been given access to Hide's record in order to provide him with the treatment he is required to undertake by Starfleet. The pair of them discuss the nature of the sessions and how they relate specifically to the attack Hide suffered while serving on the Draco.

23 - Violet Matthews, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 4, 1545
  • Shortly after his communication back home Rexus heads to the Treehouse Lounge to unwind. He and Violet chat while she goes about her duties and both appreciate the fact their relationship has returned to a point where they can relax around each other and just be friends. Although for the Tactical Cadet friendship is more of a temporary port than a final destination.

24 - Rexus Spokar, Haccordus Spokar

  • MD 4, 1635
  • Rexus is working on a special project when he receives an 'audio only' communication from his father. Using techniques he learnt from Hide, Rexus tries to carry out a civilised conversation with the older man despite his frustration. Haccordus makes a point of reminding his son, in a fairly frank fashion, that he does not expect Starfleet to be a career for his son and that the whole endeavour is little more than padding his resume for life back on Angosia III.

25 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 4
  • Interrupted by the door chime in the middle of a yoga move Cassi expects to see Violet, since they had settled their differences back at the party, but is instead greeted by Rexus carrying a box. Within the box is a sprinkled covered cake prepared with blue frosting saying 'Happy Unbirthday' which he brought specially for Cassi. The two friends unwind with some chit chat and Cassi finally has the chance to complain about a few things that have been bothering her for the last couple of days. However all thoughts of bad first impressions flee Cassi's mind when, out of the blue, Rexus decides to pick up their dance from slightly over a week ago. Then just as suddenly as it started Rexus calls it a night.

26 - Rexus Spokar, Holly Blake

  • MD 4
  • Acting a little like a crazed stalker Rexus appears at the Commanding Officer's window and carefully tosses pebbles to get the attention of the occupant inside. Not Captain Bakyr's attention of course, but that of the hologram living in his bedroom. As best she can the hologram opens the window and the Cadet comes inside to present her with a rather thoughtful gift; a hologram of her missing husband.

27 - Nilari Shendehor, Shivani Vilina, Maxwell Roessler

  • MD 4, 1701
  • Deciding that she had waited long enough since the attack on the station, Nilari goes in search of Bruiser to ask him out. Instead she finds the Dalliance's Engineer who mistakes the visit for a professional one. As soon as Shivani learns the real reason she can't wait to help find Bruiser and watch his reaction.

28 - Nilari Shendehor, Maxwell Roessler

  • MD 4, 1947
  • A couple of hours, and quite a few drinks, after their impromptu date began things seem to be going well between Bruiser and Nilari. A debate about pointless appendages soon leads to the topic of Andorian anatomy which is a subject Nilari knows a thing or two about and is more than happy to teach the large human about. Jumping him right there in the bar the two eventually make their way to her quarters where they continue getting to know each other a lot better.

29 - Dex Maidali, Harrison Matthews

  • MD 2, 1500
  • The newly minted Chief Petty Officer receives the traditional gift of a Charge book from her Sponsor, Harrison, along with a more personal tradition that had been passed on to him when he was first raised to Chiefdom.